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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tickle Us Tuesday,

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that will bring a smile, incite a giggle, or
make us laugh out loud. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Margaret Fieland said...

From Broken Bonds:
Nidrani shook her head. It grieved her heart to find Orodi hurt like this. "How are things with you and Keth?"
"The same." Orodi stopped walking to gaze at Nidrani. "All we do is kiss and hold hands. I want more, but Keth won't do anything else until he finds out who the other two are, the ones we're supposed to end up with when we swear rolor."
"You're young, chyissi…”
Orodi smiled at the endearment but protested, “You were young when you swore with Imarin, Ardaval, and Shojani. Younger than I am now.”
“And look what happened to us,” Nidrani said. “You have plenty of time before you need to form the kind of commitment rolor involves."
"I don't want to swear rolor right away, but I do want more than kisses and hugs." Orodi frowned and started to walk again. "The spirits sent me dreams, too. I recognized our third, but Keth claims he hasn't."
"I doubt Keth could manage to keep something so important from you. If you've discovered the third, he will soon enough."
"He'll still manage to drag his feet."
"I'm hardly in a position to give relationship advice," Nidrani said. "Have I met this mysterious third person?"
Orodi nodded. "Yes, you have. It's Darus."
"You don't have to wait for Keth in order to approach Darus yourself." Nidrani shook her head. "You have your own life and your own choices. Consider what you want, and not simply what's convenient. You don't have to wait around and let someone else choose for you." Nidrani sighed. Excellent advice. She really should consider it herself.

Joyce said...

I love the Aleyni culture you describe in this and your other stories. This is a great scene.

Margaret Fieland said...

Joyce, glad you enjoyed it.

Kristen Ethridge said...

From my February release, The Cupid Caper:

Kinley smiled, a touch of mirth taking over her entire face. “Well, then, it’s time you lightened up, Dr. B. You know what they say—you only live once.”

Oh no. He’d been YOLOed. “Um, thanks, Kinley.”

“You’re welcome, Dr. B. I’ve gotta go deliver the rest of these. Later.”

She ducked out of the room as quietly as she’d entered, leaving Luke alone with a closet full of chemicals and an envelope full of haiku.

He didn’t know which would kill him the fastest.

He flicked the offensive envelope a bit with his finger. He didn’t really want to find out what lurked inside.

“Five-seven-five. YOLO.” Luke pushed his hand through his hair again. “No-LO.”

Determined not to open the small red rectangle, he pushed it even further to the side. It dangled precariously over the wastebasket.
One more little nudge and he’d be hai-through with this haiku business.

“Wait. You got a Cupid Caper poem?” Amanda Marsh’s jaw dropped a little as she took in the scene before her.

“It’s a haiku, I hear.” Luke felt a little better about the skeptical look on her face. They both seemed to share the same opinion of the mail.

Amanda rolled her eyes, the gentle green in the middle edging out the duskier shades around the edges. “You didn’t send this to me, did you?”

Luke opened his mouth to say the first thing that came to mind, then stopped himself. No sense finding out if the rumors about red-headed tempers were true. He stopped himself, eyes locked on the woman in front of him. She wore a cotton knit shirt with a neckline that grazed the collarbone. Trim and tailored, the shirt fit and flared along every curve.

The fact that it was the same Valentine red as the envelope in question sent off his own internal siren. He needed to get a grip before the English teacher—or anyone else who might walk in the room—realized he was checking her out.

“Well, did you send this to me?” He averted his eyes downward and flicked at the envelope again. It fell into the wastebasket, landing atop the pile of crumpled papers with a satisfying slap.

“Of course not,” she bit out with lightning speed.

“Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

Buy link:

Danita Cahill said...

Excerpt from my romantic suspense thriller, Mist. Available in both eBook and paperback.

Mom and I pause behind the church. Megan coos. We are three generations of women, here, together, to put another generation to rest. Mom and I gaze over a small field, clumpy with sea grass.

Megan babbles. It sounds like she’s saying “Mama.”

“Did she just say what I think she said?” Mom asks.

“It sure sounded like it.” I hold Megan out so Mom and I can both look at her. We smile and admire her with awe as if she could be a female baby Einstein. Judging from her hair, which sticks up all over, she could be.

I smooth the billowy blonde puff down with my fingertips. The breeze immediately lifts it back into genius mode.

ML Skye said...

Today, I'm sharing a brief exchange from A Magical Affair, by my alter ego Skye Ritchey.

I'm including the blurb for a little set-up.


A mansion sitting atop a wellspring of magic lets Romy, Heath, and Stacie live out their fantasies. Heath loves the opportunity, but he really wants one thing—for Romy to give up control and let him call the shots.


A very satisfied Stacie smoothly rolled onto her side, one foot reaching over to graze Heath's leg. "Well, Heath." A small shudder went through her. "That certainly surpassed my expectations." Her hand dropped to his shoulder, her fingers trailing over the play of muscle on his bicep.

Heath angled his head toward her. "Mine, too." He snagged her lips for a kiss, then cupped her cheek. "How long will the transformation last?" His mouth grazed along her jawline.

Stacie chuckled. "Vivica assures me I'll be back to normal as soon as I exit your suite."

Heath met her gaze. "It's incredible, isn't it? I mean, geez, Stace, you're one hot, uh… older woman."

Stacie waggled her eyebrows and nudged his shoulder. "I think the term you're looking for is cougar, Heath." She made a fist on his chest and propped her chin. "And seriously, if I look this good ten years from now, I want a repeat performance."

Heath barked out a laugh. "Stace, if you look as good in a decade—and you will—you'll have any hot, young stud you want." He eased out from under her and sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the mattress. "By then, you won't wanna look twice in my direction."

Stacie snorted and rose up behind him, draping her arms over his shoulders. "Don't sell yourself short, Heath. Like I said, Romy's got excellent taste."


I hope you enjoyed!

Available here:

Silver Publishing


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Thank you for reading.

Margaret Fieland said...

Love this! too cute.

Marie Lavender said...

From UPON YOUR RETURN, a historical romance:

Her arms encircled his neck and one exposed white thigh was thrown across his belly, which was thankfully hidden by his breeches. She felt like an imbecile, all safe and warm and curled against a complete stranger.

Her cheeks flushed and she stammered, “I-I'm sorry...” She tried to pull away, but he grasped her waist. “Grant,” she pleaded.

“I don't mind at all, Fara.”

“Oui, but I do!”

“I see...but, you forget who started it.”

Her face might as well have been stained red for his teasing remarks were not helping the situation. “I know. I said I was sorry.”

“Now, there's no need for apologies, love. I am at your mercy, if you please. Please?”

For a moment, she almost took him to task for presuming she was that kind of woman. But, his eyes still laughed at her. Faltering, she slugged him on the arm. “You beast! Now let me go, I demand it!”

Seeming reluctant, he released his hold on her and watched as she gradually slid from the bed to gather her clothes to her bosom.

She was careful not to make any jarring movements as her head still ached a little. “Is there not some other place I may change my clothing?”

He laughed, a deep rumbling sound. “No, unless you want to stun my crew into submission...”

Her jaw tightened in response and she chose to ignore him. “Then you will look away like a gentleman whilst I change.”

He sighed and closed his eyes. “There's nothing like having a young woman around to revive oneself fully,” he said softly.

“I would be eternally grateful if you'd cease teasing me.”


“Oui!” She checked to make sure he wasn't spying and then hastily changed. Considering she had no nursemaid to aid her, she surprised herself with her speed.

Rosemary Morris said...

25th February

Tangled Love
Rosemary Morris

Astonished and relieved by such an unexpected change in her fortune Richelda opened her mouth to speak, but her mongrel dog, Puck diverted her attention when he bounded in and sniffed the small, [pedigree dogs.
‘What a horrid creature, why do you allow it in here?’ her aunt shrieked while her lapdogs drew closer to her skirts.
‘Puck is harmless,’ Richelda replied while thoughts of her future filled her mind. She snapped her fingers. ‘Lie down, sir.’
Aunt Isobel cocked her head to one side like a lively popinjay. ‘Dear child, come and kiss me.’
Richelda crossed the room to plant a kiss on a plump, rouged cheek.
Aunt Isobel fluttered her fan. ‘Oh dear, you have a sorry complexion, Niece,’ she tittered. ‘You should avoid sunshine. Anyone who remembers me when I first came to court can confirm my complexion was perfect, but to look at me now you would not think so.’
Her bereaved aunt’s preoccupation with appearances at such a time surprised Richelda, but although she thought rouge did not improve her aunt’s complexion, she minded her manners. ‘Your skin is still flawless, Madam.’
‘Sweet child, you know how to please me.’ Aunt Isobel simpered. ‘Turn round. Your horrid garments will not do. They are only fit for a bonfire.’
Furious, for Aunt Isobel must know of her poverty, but not wanting to offend her with an impertinent reply, she controlled her wrath. ‘Some elderflower wine?’
‘Elderflower wine! How…how countrified.’

Tangled Love is available from: MuseItUp Publishing – Amazon – Barnes and Noble – Smashwords – Omnlit – Coffeetime Romance and elsewhere.

Denise said...

Consoling Angel, an award winning YA, time travel short story

My life couldn’t be more complete. As we reached the apartments, I slowly got off the bike, surprised at myself that I had done this. Ordinarily, I’d never get on a motorcycle. James leaned over and caressed my cheek. Before I could open my mouth to tell him what was to happen to him, he gave me a quick peck on the lips. I couldn’t let James walk away, not now.
Something in me grasped his wrist; my breath caught in my throat. I no longer cared about the rain. I must have looked like a drowned rat to him. “I have to tell you something,” I blurted as I waited for his reaction.
James smiled, then chuckled as he caressed my face. The rain was preventing me from seeing clearly. “Sweetheart, it’s raining and you’re soaked. I hope this is important.” Pulling him toward me, I faced him. I could change history. I could have him live out his life as he was meant to. If I couldn’t save my father, I could save him.
“In the future, when you become famous, please be careful. Remember this: there will be a day that you are off to a race. You will not see a car until it’s too late. James, please promise me. It could mean your life.” I must have sounded like a complete and total idiot to him. Geez! I think I watched Back To The Future too many times. I sounded like Marty talking to the professor about his impending death.
Chuckling, he shook his head, expelling the rain off his head and onto me. Laughter erupted between us as I covered my face. He then cupped my face, kissed my forehead. “Are you sure you’re not an angel? I cannot promise anything, but baby, I can promise I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll pick you up here and you can ditch your responsibilities. Ride with me.”


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Mardi Maxwell said...

Sharing from my new release: JACKSON'S SUB (The Doms of Club Mystique 2).

She held her hands out indicating his length then circled her fingers and looked through them at Addison before giggling. “Damn, I couldn’t stop staring at it and Jackson, the big idiot, thought it was funny. So, why was Cade punishing you?”
“Damn, sorry. You still mad at Cade?”
“No, I guess not. I enjoyed last night too much but I’m not telling him that.” Sending Jenna a sly look, she winked at her. “Besides I took Remington out this morning for a ground pounding ride.”
“You’re kidding? Really? That works?”
“As long as you wear the right jeans so the seam hits you in just the right spot. Then all you have to do is lean forward a little and pick the right trail. Then ‘yeehaw, girlfriend’ those jumps can really be spectacular.”
They were laughing with tears running down their cheeks when the back door slammed and the five brothers plus Thor, Ben and Mac trooped their way. Jenna looked at Addison and told her right quick, “I think I’d like to learn to ride.”
“We’ll start your lessons in the morning.” Addison reached down, picked up her bikini top and put it on then slipped her sunglasses over her eyes. “Here come the party poopers,” she told Jenna as she lifted her glass to her lips.
“Oh, I don’t know that I would call them party poopers,” Jenna told her. “I like to think of them more as event planners.”

Buy at

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Babette James said...

From SUMMERTIME DREAM, my spicy contemporary romance.
Kindle now on sale at Amazon

You could extend your stay.

That would complicate his work schedule more than he had already by squeezing this trip into his calendar. But...

Taking the time isn’t out of the question.

No. He wasn’t giving up his vacation. He needed to keep focused. Unforgettable kisses notwithstanding, Margie wasn’t a temporary fling kind of girl. Heck, he wasn’t even a fling kind of guy. He was….

How about hopeless? In a rut? Come on, when are you going to loosen up and live a little?

No. Friends and hands off was the only option.

“I can help. If you’d like. I’m not working at the moment.”

Relief jolted him. “Thanks, that’s very nice of you, but I don’t want to impose.” Yeah, actually, he did. If he had to beg, borrow, or hire her.

“My volunteering’s not you imposing. You need help and I don’t go back to work until August. I have plenty of time.”

“You’ll brave the bats, mice, and spiders?”

Her smile bloomed. “Well, I can’t promise brave, but I’ll try to grin and bear it and not freak out too much. I may be a fraidy-cat over silly things, but I am very organized and come from a long line of expert spring cleaners. Plus, you’ll be there to protect me from the creepy crawlies, right? Also, you’d be giving me a thrill to poke around through the house and its history that’s intrigued me all my life.”

His heart just warmed up. Yes, he could hire someone, but the opportunity to spend more time with her was irresistible. He grinned. “How can I say no to giving a pretty woman a thrill?”

She giggled lightly. “Great. It could be fun, you know.”

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Margaret! I enjoyed reading your excerpt this morning, too. It made me curious about the story world you've created.

Rose Anderson said...

So many wonderful snippets this week. I've had a few laughs and smiles. :)