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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Heat!

The summer heat is on. Today's meme highlights sensual, sizzling, and scorching moments that make us swoon when we read them. All desire begins in the mind. Make us want...your book!  In comments, share a snippet no larger than 300 words.

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E. Ayers said...

From CAMPAIGN my newest River City novel.
Available at Amazon

She collapsed onto his chest and listened to his heart. Her body quivered. She didn’t want to lose her grip on him.
“Ryn, we shouldn’t have--”
She covered his mouth with her fingers. If she couldn’t talk, she didn’t want him ruining what had to have been the most glorious feeling.
He moved her hand away. “What we just did was dangerous.”
She smiled and snuggled tighter to him. She’d never felt anything so phenomenal in her life. Her breasts still tingled and he still filled her. It was then that she knew deep in her heart, it wasn’t what, it was who, and she didn’t want anyone else ever again.

Rose Anderson said...

The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book1) ~by Rose Anderson
Here Ash and Livie surrender to the desire that's been building.
Pausing to find the right key to fit into the lock, she said, “I have to file some paperwork before I head home to my—” and Ash surprised her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. Her sentence ended breathlessly, “—dog.”

His lower half pressed firmly against hers, effectively pinning her up against the door. With palms flat against the glass on either side of her head, he braced himself and kissed her again, sliding his tongue hungrily between her soft pink lips. And there they stood, each lost in the wonder of what the other made them feel, oblivious to the cars speeding past the clinic. The next she knew, her shirt and bra had somehow hitched up and bared her breasts to kisses that traced their descent in a fiery path down her neck and left a glorious wash of desire in their wake. There was no mistaking the warm female scent that declared she wanted him as desperately as he wanted her. Just as his head dipped to draw her pink nipple into his mouth, a truck driver’s horn blared as the big rig passed. The spell broken, they jumped apart. Ash looked far more startled than she. Mortified, Olivia quickly covered herself with fumbling hands. Apparently backlit by the lights within the clinic, they’d put on a good show.

He licked the taste of her from his lips and smiled at her endearing attempt at modesty. After so many years alone, controlling himself was difficult. As much as he craved to lose himself in her, this was not the place for their first joining. Wrapping his arms around her once more, he summoned his willpower, and whispered warmly at her ear, “Oh Livie, I would have you now, but not here for others to see.”
Find wherever books are sold. Sample here:

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Rosemary Gemmell said...

From The Adonis Touch by Romy Gemmell, the 2nd novella in my Aphrodite and Adonis series set on Cyprus.

His voice, his deep blue eyes, his curving firm mouth, all beguiled her and Katie forgot about Mike and her inhibitions as she took his hand and he helped her from the pool.

Once they were standing together, Donas dipped his head and kissed her hand. “Few get the chance to see the beauty behind the surface. A few steps and we are there.”

Holding his hand, Katie carefully stepped beside him on the narrow ledge. The rushing water gradually quieted until they stood on a recessed ledge behind it. Katie gazed at the iridescent curtain, bright with star-like bursts of light. Then she noticed the recess was more cave-like than at first sight.

A small measure of sense returned to Katie once she had appreciated the magical waterfall. She was completely alone with this attractive stranger and the cave seemed a threat in some way.

“You are uneasy, Katarina. Forgive me. Your friend is not far away with Dita. We mean you no harm and only wish you much happiness in love.”

Katie turned to look into his eyes. Not exactly reassured, for some reason she still trusted him, believing his unexpected sentiments. Who was this man? And the woman, for that matter? A wild notion stirred at the back of her mind, a memory of the ancient past.
Shivering, unable to think clearly enough, her other senses heightened as her powers of reason reduced.

Romy Gemmell:

Maggie Le Page said...

A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING, a romantic comedy with plenty of sizzle!


The sauce, thickening now into golden brown nectar, enticed me. Taste me, taste me. My finger hovered over the
pan. My mouth watered. A glance Matt’s way—not looking, all good—and I quickly touched forefinger to spoon.

It was a food quality check, that’s all. Nothing to do with my sweet tooth. I closed my mouth around the sauce-tipped finger. My taste buds whooped with excitement. God, this sauce was miraculous.

I dipped the spoon back in the pan, blew to cool it, then swiped a healthy finger-load. I withdrew my finger, opened my mouth—

Matt’s hand closed around my wrist.

I started, looked up, blushed.

His eyes danced. “Couldn’t wait, huh?”

“Quality control.” I composed my expression into one of serious scientist.

“Ah. And the quality is adequate?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll tell you in a minute.”

I tried to raise my finger to my mouth but, instead, it headed away from me and straight towards Matt’s mouth. I slitted my eyes at him and pulled harder. He smiled, but still my finger continued inexorably in the wrong direction.

“That’s my finger,” I said.

“That’s my sauce,” he countered.

My finger approached his lips. A pulse leapt in my throat.

“I stirred it,” I said.

“You certainly did.”

Since I couldn’t get my finger to my mouth, I’d have to bring my mouth to my finger. I moved my head closer. His eyes met mine over the top of my finger. Sauce trickled down towards my palm. He smiled, then closed his lips around my finger and sucked.

I gasped. Was instantly wet, hot, and ready. The spoon clattered into the pan.

His tongue trailed up and down my finger with seductive intent. He released my moist, sexed-up finger and moved on down to my palm, his tongue claiming every last sweet calorie.

I dragged in a raggedy breath. “Well? Is the quality adequate?”

He looked up. Held my gaze with his dark, dark eyes.

“Oh yeah.” My finger stood to attention between us. “The quality is more than adequate.”


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James D said...

Here goes - from DREAM STUDENT...

Sara’s holding Brian’s hand, they’re right outside her room. Sara’s just aware enough to realize this is as much a memory as it is a dream. The night is replaying itself for her, and it’s better than any plain old dream could ever be.

She’s holding his hand and turning the doorknob. She hears his voice, asking hesitantly, “Are you sure?” She doesn’t answer with words; she simply opens the door, leads him inside, and locks it behind them.

Fast forward: she’s on the bed, arms wrapped around him, kissing him and then breaking into giggles because she can still taste the chocolate from their dessert. She can feel herself melting into his arms when he caresses just the right spot on the back of her neck.
Skip ahead again: she’s leading him along, encouraging him every step of the way. Unbuttoning her sweater, pulling off her top, and watching his eyes go wide when she asks him to take off her bra.

And then a little later, there’s her voice, tinged with surprise: “Wow. I’ve never been anybody’s first time before.” She remembers thinking: This is how I wanted my first time to be, slow and romantic and exploring each other, really and truly making love.
The moment of truth: she lies back, feels his weight on top of her. Where he’s been tentative and careful and happy to let her take the lead so far, she feels the exact instant that he stops thinking and worrying, the precise moment that he finds that strong, confident place inside himself and just loses himself in the moment.

And at the end, the feelings are all she has: his body and hers, and the sounds she makes: first gasps and then low moans, and finally a shout of pleasure.

Afterwards, quiet time, Sara drifts off to sleep, holding Brian close and feeling his heart beating, feeling it come into rhythm with hers.

She takes the pieces of memory and plays them over and over again; no room for any other dreams–or nightmares. For one night, at least, everything’s right with the world.

Catherine Kean said...

This is from my award-winning medieval romance DANCE OF DESIRE (c) Catherine Kean:

“Rexana, let me kiss you. I crave you, as a dying man craves life. I hunger for your glorious taste. Your lips pressed to mine. Your soft body curved against me.”

As he spoke, her eyelids fluttered down. Then, as though catching herself surrendering, her eyes flew open.

Satisfaction curled through him. So, she wasn’t immune to his gilded words, the flowery romance of a noble courtier. She wanted a civilized seduction. Slowly, carefully, he shoved away from the wall. “Did you know, love, that you taste of violets?”

“Violets?” Her gaze widened, even as her fingers flitted up to her mouth.

“Aye.” He stepped closer. “Sweet, ambrosial, like the finest nectar. When we kiss, your taste floods my tongue. I am the honeybee, drunk on your essence. I taste . . . bliss.”

“Bliss?” Her fingertips brushed over her lips.

“Exquisite bliss,” he amended on a whisper. “The sweet passion consumes me. Torments me. Devours my sense of reason. I roar inside with wanting you.”

She half moaned, half sighed. Her eyelids slipped closed. She swayed slightly against the table, and he quietly crossed the space between them. He halted before her. Close enough to catch her in his arms. Close enough to claim his prized kiss.

Her lashes fluttered. “Milord—”

“Kiss me, Rexana.”

Lynda Bailey said...

This snippet is from my upcoming release, Shattered Trust, which will be out in a week - Yea!

Kate concentrated on breathing. In her nose. Out her mouth. Soon the rival feelings melded together. She stopped being able to tell where one started and the other ended.

Her pulse beat a peaceful rhythm in her chest. A whirlpool of kaleidoscopic colors whisked around behind her lids, catching her in the vortex. Spinning her. Lifting her.

It was a wholly foreign feeling, this being perched on the verge of something…she didn’t know what. It might be awful, or it could be glorious. Pressure built low in her womb. Her breasts filled with blood, tightening her nipples to throbbing buds. A deluge of warmth whooshed through her body. It pooled between her legs. Made her wet and achy…down there.

Her conscience demanded she halt this. This wasn’t right. It was sick. Twisted. She flung her prissy morals to the side.

The prickly spines traveled up her stomach to the underside of her left breast. They pressed roughly into her tender flesh.


Her head dropped back as her mouth opened on a pained gasp. The discomfort lessened, and she immediately missed it.

“What’s your color?” Anxiety tinged Liam’s words.

“Green,” she replied without hesitation.

“Talk to me. Tell me what you’re feeling.”

She swallowed. “I…I feel…lost. I want…”

“What do you want, kitten?”


A hoarse groan answered her plea. Sudden barbs assaulted a distended nipple. She cried out from the shock, but instead of retracting, she gave herself over to the pain and arched into it.

Oh, dear Lord…so glorious.

The pain transformed into ribbons of pleasure spiraling through her body. The heaviness in her belly increased. Her muscles clenched.

No buy link - obviously - but you can check out my website...

Thanks for the opportunity!

Linda McLaughlin said...

This snippet is from Rogue's Hostage, historical romance, a captive story set during the French & Indian War.

He had just removed his jacket when someone knocked on the door. Opening it, he was stunned to see Mara. "What is it, madame? Is something wrong?"

She bit her bottom lip and glanced quickly around the room. "Is Alain here?"

A pang of disappointment shot through Jacques. Would she never seek him out? Her hair was unbound, a golden cloud spilling around her shoulders. She looked like a woman meeting her
lover, and he found it impossible to keep the chill out of his voice. "Alain is on duty."

"Good. Then we will not be disturbed."

To his complete amazement, she walked into the room, barred the door, then turned around and removed her shawl. He caught his breath when he saw that she wore the blue silk. He stared at
her cleavage as his stomach twisted in a hard knot of need. It was a struggle to keep his response under control. Swallowing hard, he said, "You were able to mend the dress, after all."

She smiled a bit ruefully. "Not as well as I'd hoped, but I wanted to wear it for you one last time."

Jacques shook his head to clear it. Was he asleep and this episode some strange dream? He walked toward her and lightly touched her arm. She was real. Dear God, this was no dream.

Caught between disbelief and enchantment, he wondered why she had come to him. "To what do I owe this visit, cherie? Dare I hope that you were lonely for my company?"

She made no reply, just pulled his head down, her hands tangled in his hair. Gently, she touched her lips to his in a tentative caress. He stopped trying to still the spiraling desire in his loins.

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Michele Drier said...

SNAP: All That Jazz

He stripped her jeans down and stopped. She hadn’t gone shopping but she was wearing matching bra and panties that she’d picked up in Paris a few months ago. She’d kept this one apricot silk and lace set apart, waiting for a special occasion and there wasn’t any more special than now.
She watched Nik’s eyes as they grew dark with lust and longing. “Do you like this?” she said waving at her lingerie.
“Oh, yessss...” He gave a slight hiss and leaned over to pin her to the bed with such a deep kiss she lost her breath again. His hands found the front closure of her bra and with a flick it fell away. Not letting her lips go, his hands brushed a path to her nipples and when he pinched them, she moaned against his mouth. He moved then, edging his way down her body, licking and kissing until her skin was on fire.
His mouth covered her and he licked and sucked until she felt an orgasm building. “Wait, wait,” she gasped. “I want you inside me.”
He didn’t raise his head, but kept the pressure on until she came, crying out, “Oh god, oh Nik,” as the waves washed through her.
As she lay there willing her heart to stop pounding, she felt him move and watched him through heavy-lidded eyes as he stripped off his shirt, pants and boxer briefs. “As you can see,” he said, “I intend to be inside you. For now, for later and forever.”
He was glimmering and seemed to be surrounded by a halo of light. He climbed back on the bed, put his arms under her thighs and holding her, slowly entered her.

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Alison Henderson said...

From UNWRITTEN RULES, a sassy, sexy romantic suspense:

“Come here.” The words hung between them in the still night air.

“I’m fine where I am.”

“I’m not. I need you closer.”
“I told you before—”
“I’ll be a perfect gentleman and keep my hands where you can see them.” He tapped his fingers on the rim of the spa.

Did she dare? Go on. Do it. Her pulse fluttered. She glided through the water like an otter, stopping just beyond arm’s reach.



“I want to kiss you.”

“With your hands up there? That won’t be easy, even for you.”

“I don’t need my hands to kiss you. Of course you’ll have to do most of the work.” Challenge glittered in his eyes.

His proposition tantalized her. Emboldened, she drifted closer. “Close your eyes.”

He did as she ordered and waited. She touched his lips with a kiss as soft as dandelion fluff. When he tried to respond with more pressure, she floated out of reach. He stilled, and she returned, warming his cheek with her breath. Then she pressed a kiss to his earlobe.

He growled and gripped the side of the tub. Her breath caught in her throat. Had she pushed him too far? What was it Grandma Li used to say about teasing a dragon?

But Carter didn’t roar, and he didn’t bite. He waited.
Just one more. Then this madness must stop.

She returned to his lips and allowed herself a long, slow kiss. He met her halfway, and she didn’t back off. But kissing was difficult with nothing to hold onto. Before she could stop them, her hands grazed his ribs. The muscles tightened beneath her fingers, and she sucked in a sharp breath. She shot out of the water, snatched her robe, and wrapped it around herself with shaking hands. She’d come so close to risking everything.

His eyes flew open. “What are you—”

“No complaints. You got what you wanted.” She silently cursed the waver in her voice. She needed to stay strong, now more than ever.

“Not even close.”

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Jane Leopold Quinn said...

He laced his fingers across her flat stomach and, with his thumbs, purposefully traced the elastic line of her panties stretched well below her belly button. That's my girl. Sexy dress, sexy panties.

She wrapped her hands tightly around his wrists. Her stomach trembled in and out with nervous, rapid breaths. That she responded so easily to him was a huge turn on.

He hadn't told her that he'd be gone soon or that he didn't know for how long. He wanted her but had no right to seek a deeper connection than a one-night stand. He wished things could be different, but they weren't. Leaning closer, he nudged her hair back with his chin, nibbled kisses along her shoulder and up her neck to her ear. He felt her every gasp reverberate through his body and loved that her reactions to him were so powerful. He'd played nice all afternoon, acting the perfect gentleman when all he really wanted to do was slide his aching cock inside her hot, tight pussy. Time to see if she felt the same way.

Holding firmly with one splayed hand over her belly, he slid the other one down, around her hip to palm her ass cheek through the thin material of her dress. He felt her stomach jerk but couldn't hear if she moaned because fireworks had started exploding in the air above them. Slipping his hand further down, he trailed under the skirt to touch skin. Bare flesh. Her soft thigh. Curving around it, he brushed a thumb over the silk covering her pussy. Her nails dug into the hand on her belly, but it wasn't sending him a message to stop.

From Soldier, Come Home

Beverly Ovalle said...

This man, however, touched something inside of her, reminding her of her dreams and of the boy that had led her unknowingly on so many adventures. Now he was bringing her one more dream, the one she hungered for: arms to hold her and a heart to merge with her own.

He’d come to her again last night as she drifted off. Alainn could feel him near. His hand skimmed her face, gently pushed back her hair. Her body arched, hungry for his touch. The brush of his hand, the heat of his skin… She burned as he traced her curves.

He loomed above the bed, and the silver of his eyes gleamed like moonlight as he stared down at her. His mouth descended. That kiss took her breath: the feel of his lips as they shaped hers, soft and determined. The trace of his tongue demanding sweet entrance sent a wave of heat throughout her body. She yearned to deepen the kiss. She didn’t dare.

Alainn felt the hint of his smile against her lips. His approval sent a wash of heat through her body. He moved, his tongue swirling along the edge of her ear, slipping down her throat. He nipped at her collarbone, soothed the sting with a touch of his hot mouth.

Alainn stretched her neck, aching to feel more of him. She started to slide her hands up his sides toward his back, wanting to pull him to her, but he moved back out of reach. Her arms fell, despairing. Would she never learn?

He stepped forward. His hands reached for hers, grasped her wrists. He raised one of her hands and then the other, kissing each in turn. Raising her arms above her head, he stepped back.

From: Touched by the Sandman

Jules Court said...

Some heretofore-unknown primitive instinct kicked in. Next thing he knew, he had her pressed against the wall and was returning her kiss like he was the pizza man in a movie with a dubious soundtrack. She bit his lip and he could almost hear the boom chicka boom. Without intent, he found himself grinding his lower body against her. She moaned.
“Wait a minute.” His voice was raspy and he was breathing heavy. “This might be going a little too fast.”
“Shut up.” She reached down and grabbed his ass, pulling him back against her. He didn’t fight. It was where his body wanted to be, even if his brain knew it to be a terrible idea. He imagined he could feel the heat of her body right through his jeans. He could probably jackhammer a hole in the wall right now.
Her hand reached around and popped the button on his jeans. It suddenly seemed like the best idea ever. She was brilliant.
“Oh my God, Becca,” he heard himself moan.
“Becca, are you okay in there?” Kirsten’s voice was coming closer. “Becca?”
He jumped back and turned around to see Kirsten standing in the doorway, smirking. “So, giving Becca a little sexual healing?” She punctuated her words with a wiggle of her eyebrows.
Becca’s face was as red as his felt, but she didn’t shrink. “Can you give us a second?” she asked Kirsten.
She was attempting to brazen it out. He liked her style.
“No health code violations in my bar, please. Besides, I thought you would want to know your brother is about to come back here,” Kirsten said.
“Shit.” Becca reached up to smooth her hair. Multiple strands had escaped confinement. She had that tousled sex bomb look. He’d definitely just been blown away. She looked at him. “You might want to...” She gestured toward his fly.
“Oh.” He buttoned up.

From: Rescuing Love

Sylvie said...

"Come on in." J.T. appeared from a doorway to the left. He clasped both hands on the doorjamb above his head and looked down at her with curiosity and a sexy stare. He was hatless, and dark locks of hair with reddish highlights, like mahogany, tousled across his forehead.

He had a rumpled, relaxed look. Quite some approach. Obvious, but effective. She resisted, with a tentative smile.
Twice he scanned her legs, and a grin cracked his lips. His languid brown gaze stroked each curl framing her face before flirting with her eyes, tempting them with unspoken lusty promises.
Arrogant, masculine, he exuded sexuality. He dared her, excited her. And she disliked him for it with a passion.
When his stare lowered to her chapped lips, recognition must’ve struck. His lazy grin turned into a hard grim line.
"It's you."
"It's noon," she said.
"Yesterday you looked like a delinquent boy."
"And today?"
"You don't," he accused.

Gilli Allan said...

Thank you exquisite Quills for giving us the opportunity to post an excerpt.
This is from FLY OR FALL.
For the second time today we were in intimate proximity, but on this occasion there was a disturbing expanse of tanned flesh pressed close to me. Somehow, despite having seen him in this state of partial undress often enough in the past, I’d always avoided dwelling on the sight. Now it was irresistible. I could smell his skin, see the glint of sun on his long limbs, and the silky line of ruddy gold hair which descended from his navel, down into the open V between stud and fastener of his cut-offs, disappearing into the shadows beneath the zip.
‘Come on,’ I attempted a businesslike tone. ‘I’ll put some ointment on those grazes.’
He slowly knelt and then lay back down on the rug, face cushioned on his folded arms again. Tentatively, afraid it might hurt, I began to swab the wounds on his shoulders, upper arms and elbows with antiseptic. Then I smoothed arnica into the contused areas. As my hands followed the slopes and planes of his back, roving far wider than any visible injury, I became enthralled, loving the texture of his warm skin. Neither of us spoke.
Across his shoulders beads of sweat caught the sunlight. Even as I noticed it a tiny droplet began to run, sliding towards the deep crease where the deltoid and the trapezius muscles anchored to the scapula. A sudden and powerful urge exploded in my head, dazzling me with its intensity; I closed my eyes, fighting the temptation to stoop down and run my tongue along that tantalising, salty crevice. Profoundly shaken, I knew I should walk away, but the desire to stay here and continue to touch him was stronger, even, than the fear of losing control.

Author page:
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