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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Rose Anderson said...

Loving Leonardo (book 1)~by Rose Anderson An award-winning polyamorous adventure romance series with a touch of art history.

Even the blind could see that Luca Franco possessed an innate animal magnetism, but when he smiled the world tilted on its axis.

Find wherever books are sold. Sample my love stories on Smashwords. Visit my blog:

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps, Monsieur le Duc, you have forgotten I am married."
"Perhaps, ma petite. you have forgotten I am French."

from Royal Regard, a Regency romance available at all major online retailers. Links, sample chapters, and direct sales available at my website,

Maria (MM Jaye) said...

"Staying was a mistake."
"How come I don't feel it?"
"Because you don't know what's coming next."

From Fate Accompli, a contemporary romance in a Greek island setting, available at Amazon in both a Clean & a Spicy version:

Thanks for the opportunity and greetings from Greece!
Maria (MM Jaye)

Anonymous said...

ACK! My eyesight and fingertips are failing me. Please excuse the typo(s). They don't appear in the book. ;-)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From Victorian novella, Mischief at Mulberry Manor by Romy Gemmell - mystery and romance for Twelfth Night!

“The brother and sister are very interested in contacting those unrest spirits who should have long departed this world,” Richard Carmichael whispered to Maryanne as she started to rise, “and it is one of the reasons for their visit here.”
Hearing the open amusement in his voice, Maryanne glanced at his face and was relieved to find his expression matched his scathing tones. At least one sensible voice could be relied upon to keep them focused on the real world.

Abbie Carlisle said...

He started the car and slammed it into reverse, skidding across the path as he pulled up beside the back of the house. He opened the passenger door and called out for her to get in.
She stared at Elijah, unable to move, terror rooting her to the spot.

From Elijah's Vow, a paranormal romance set in the north west US. Available at Amazon

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Abbie Carlisle said...

Website edit :

Allie Kincheloe said...

“Anyone ever tell you how stunning you are when you are mad? Your eyes are sparkling and so damn expressive. Sweetheart, you’re really making me forget that we need to be just friends.”

Sean's Sweetheart, a contemporary romance. Available now at most online retailers, including Amazon:

Visit my website:

Kelley Heckart said...

In The Bear Goddess, my hero is a centaur who can take human shape. Thanks for letting me share my snippet.

Raising one eyebrow, he asked, “Why are you giving me that questioning look?”
She raised both of her eyebrows. “When were you going to tell me you are a centaur?”
He crossed his arms over his wide chest. “Never.”

M.C. Hana said...

"You just saved my life, and all you want to do is die?"

- Valier, from Moro's Price, M/M erotic romance space opera

author site:
Loose Id buy link:

Adriana said...

“It wasn’t your fault, either. It’s hard to explain. I lost control of the horse. And then I got into a terrible place, and I lost control of myself.” She smiled weakly. “But I’m alive. I’ve survived worse.” Traci squeezed his hand. “Please don’t blame yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“So are you going to tell me about it? Somebody hurt you badly.” His fingers curled into a fist.
Detour Ahead

Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War romance, The Christmas Ball.

Dawn was fast approaching as Sara and the men with her scurried to secure as many wounded as they could before full daylight. She had no doubt the Rebels would resume fire then and all of them would be lost. She fingered the pistol tucked into the belt of her coat.

Victoria Adams said...

I missed all these little daily memes - glad they are back :-)

From Book 1 from Circles Trilogy - Dancing in Circles
"Have you seen the new guy? We're talking stud material." Tricia sighed as she texted and walked with her friends down the school hallway then said, "That body...that face...those eyes."

Sophia Ryan said...

Dirty Little Secret
Sophia Ryan:

“This is the line, Angel,” Nick said, his throat moving hard to swallow whatever was making his voice rough. “Once we cross it, there’s no stopping; be sure.”
“I'm standing in front of you in nothing but my panties with my hand in your pants. Does it look like I want to stop?”
His hand slid into my hair and cupped the back of my neck, his thumb gently brushing my cheek. “I need to hear you say it. Tell me what you want.”


Anna Durand said...

A snippet from the steamy paranormal romance Reborn to Burn (Reborn, Part 2) by Anna Durand

"You're much sexier than any nurse I've ever met."
"Yeah sure. I bet you say that to all the formerly mummified girls you meet."

Available on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, All Romance, and Smashwords. Visit for more info.

Lynn Crain said...

A snippet from my sweet romance, A Viennese Christmas by Lynn Crain

“Really? I would have thought your business associates would call you Amanda. Now your intimate contacts I expect call you Mandi.”

Available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords.

For more on Lynn Crain books, visit and for more information.

Ayla Ruse said...

Here's a snippet from A Reckless Gift, a short erotic romance by Ayla Ruse (this is after the elves play a game of strip-darts)...

"Do you remember the terms of your bet?"
Oh, no. "You won... most?"
"Who's wearing less right now?"

More of A Reckless Gift:

More of Ayla Ruse:

GK Parker said...

This is a snippet from my just released historical novel, Ashes & Ice, set in 1888 New York City. It's available on Amazon and at the publisher's web site.

"Stealin’ it, you mean." Moira brushed a limp strand of red hair off her sweating face with the back of her hand. "Give it to me, then, if you got it."
"Paid for the medicine. I ain’t crazy enough to steal from Alice. She’d turn me into a toad."

Find it at

Rose Anderson said...

I'm glad to get them up and running again. We're going to have a great year on EQ.