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Monday, January 5, 2015

Wash Line Monday!

Our Monday meme shines a light on apparel. From Regency to Steampunk, and everything in between, we dress our characters to reflect the story we want to tell.

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that describes what your heroes, heroines, or bit players are wearing. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Bea LaRocca said...

Jackson had obviously just gotten out of the shower. The scent
of whatever soap he’d used lingered in the air, damp strands of his jet
black hair curling against the brim of his Stetson. He wore a plain,
white, cotton tee that stretched tautly over his muscular chest, and
what looked like a brand-new pair of blue jeans. Jake’s gaze drifted
lower, settling on the crotch of those jeans...

Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War romance, The Christmas Ball.


She drew in a deep breath. “Doc Ellison, I’ve longed to do this ever since I first set eyes on you.”

She reached up and circled his nape with her hands, drawing his face to hers. Standing on her toes, she kissed him.

He stiffened for a moment. This wasn’t right. But her sweet lips on his, sent his own tingling and he couldn’t resist her no matter how hard he tried. He wrapped his arms around her back, drawing her close.

She murmured in satisfaction, her moans urging him on. He deepened the kiss, pressing his body against hers. Her lips parted to give him complete access to the velvety inside of her mouth.

He hardened in response to the softness and scent of her body. His impulse was to undress her, so he could feast on her woman’s body under the male clothing. His breath hitched and he pulled away a bit.

She reeled, her eyes opened wide. Apparently she’d been as affected by the kiss as he. He reached out to steady her, then his fingers grazed the buttons of her sack coat. She stood stock still, as he slowly loosened each button, then slid the coat over her slim shoulders. She shrugged out of it and let the garment drop to the ground behind her.

Of their own accord, his fingers reached for the buttons of her shirt.

Rose Anderson said...

From The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Eluwilussit book 2) by Rose Anderson An assortment of regalia at a Native American adoption celebration.

Olivia had never seen such regally dressed men. Especially stunning was Eric Hole-In-The-Day, who wore black and white. Long fringe, ribbons, and black-and-white beaded panels covered him from head to toe, along with feathers that could only come from eagle and vulture. As a veterinarian, she knew only permit-carrying Native Americans were allowed feathers from raptors. The birds were protected by law and anyone possessing any part of the bird was slapped with hefty fines or jailed. As eagles were held sacred by the indigenous peoples, the strictly-enforced regulations had exceptions. In her area, eagles were occasionally electrocuted on power lines. Because he possessed a permit, John had an arrangement with the utility company. Any eagle carcass they came across was brought to the animal hospital to be skinned. The skin, with feathers intact, was then shipped north to the reservation.

The older men wore traditional post-settlement costumes of ribbon shirts and turkey tail bustles and some wore ankle rattles made of deer toes. Each man carried a wing fan or two, or a rattle and a fan. All wore head pieces of fur and feathers in several styles. Old Edgar wore an otter skin hat, the tail of the otter heavily beaded and running down his back. In contrast, several of the younger men, Jo included, wore fancy costumes consisting of wide shoulder pieces and bustles adorned with bells, colorful ribbons, and goose feathers dyed orange, yellow, red, and blue.
John too wore a ribbon shirt and beaded panels along with hair feathers and bustle. Knowing his wife found him attractive when he danced, he purposely lingered where she sat with Livie before moving on to dance the circle with the others. The women came out next, dressed in beautiful fringed shawls, the jingles on their dresses adding another layer to the rhythm of the drum.
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Allie Kincheloe said...

The bartender came her way. Her eyes went straight to his chest and she had to crane her neck up to see his face. Towering well over six feet, his shirt stretched taut across his muscular frame. Tattoos poked out from beneath the rolled sleeves of his plaid shirt, but his broad shoulders threw shadows across his arms and kept her from making out their design. Holy scorching hotness.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From Regency intrigue novel, Dangerous Deceit by Romy Gemmell

Once Lydia had stepped into the gown, Agnes arranged the neckline carefully across Lydia’s shoulders and stood back to scrutinize the result. “Yes, Miss Lydia, the bruise is covered, but only just!”
“Good, no one is likely to see it then. I shall keep my shawl across me as much as possible and refuse all offers to dance.”
“Oh, Miss, you know how you like to dance. And I don’t think the young lads will allow such a pretty girl to remain seated, if you don’t mind me saying so!”
Lydia stared in the mirror at the surprisingly elegant figure she made. The taffeta was of palest green, simple yet fashionable, with short puffed sleeves, a low rounded neckline and a graceful skirt that fell from a high waist. Lydia admired the shade she had chosen with the help of her mother’s dressmaker. It was a welcome change from the colourless gowns of the past two years when she’d just come out, and she saw how the auburn lights in her thick dark hair now seemed more noticeable.


D'Ann said...

I love this! Fun!

From The Cowboy's Baby:

The doorbell jolted her out of a light sleep filled with a beautiful, dark-haired boy with green eyes. She glanced at Eve, who was still sleeping. Good, she needed her rest. Hoping the insistent buzzing wouldn’t wake Eve, Cat hurried downstairs. Maybe the Sheppards had changed their minds and had come to claim Eve.
Peering through the glass door, Cat gasped.
Tanner Burke.
Not the boy she remembered but a full-grown man—a very sexy man. Wearing a black Stetson, a cardinal red Carhartt coat and Wranglers that made her swallow hard. Why was he here? And why was she wearing sweats and no makeup? She smoothed her hand over her short hair and opened the door with shaking hands.
For a minute, he just looked at her. She fought for words and finally managed, “Ta—Tanner.”
“Cat?” His hands rested on the shoulders of a lamb. Or at least a little girl dressed as a lamb. A young woman holding the hand of a devil with crooked horns, stood beside him. His wife? Were these his children?

Anonymous said...

From SANGUINARY, an urban fantasy by Margo Bond Collins:

Taking a step closer to the body, I dropped down and sat back on my heels, leaning sideways a bit to peer more closely at a small flutter that caught my eye. I started to drop one knee to the flagstones, but the dark gray pantsuit I wore was new from Neiman Marcus and had been out of my price range, even on sale. I didn't want to risk tearing it. It wasn't the best choice for a crime scene, but I'd been out to dinner when I got the call—the second time I'd bailed on a date for this case.

I doubt I'll hear from the guy again. Just as well, really.
. . .

This victim's ragged, bloody fingernails suggested that she had tried to resist but obviously failed.

The red dress she wore would have originally matched the color of the relatively scant splashes of blood surrounding her, but those stains had dried to a muddy brown, the same color as the writing on the paper caught in her hair.

Her clothing suggested that she'd been at the opera that evening, though the manager, roused from her bed, swore that the building had been cleared and empty when she left.

One black, high-heeled pump lay several feet away, toppled over onto its side, the heel broken, as if she had stumbled out of the shoe when it failed her as she ran from a pursuer.




Jean Joachim said...

Eden Wyatt picks a sexy dress to tease Major Tom Davis in Dangerous Love, Lost & Found. Here's the snippet:
"Eden searched her closet for the right dress. Then, she spied it, hiding in the back. A little dark purple, silk one with a halter neck and a skirt that stopped mid-thigh. She pulled it out and tried it on. It had generous armholes that revealed a bit of her breasts. No bra with this baby.
A saucy smile curled her lips as she pictured the expression on the major’s face when he saw her in the sexy number. He’s a goner, for sure. She giggled. For the first time in a long time, she missed having a close, single friend. Her old high school girlfriends would approve. She heard her best friend Katie’s voice in her head—Make him chase you until you catch him."
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Janice Seagraves said...

Matrix Crystal Hunters-SF Romance
A zeeman suddenly appeared near the complex. Seeing them, he stopped, turned quickly and plucked a leaf from a nearby bush. He began to study it, whilst giving Maya quick, sidelong glances.
Bobby nodded toward the male. “There’s your stalker, right on time.”
“Damn,” Maya muttered, turning to stare at the zeeman. He was tall and dressed in the brown robes and tan under tunic traditionally worn by the natives. His long, gold braid hung down his back. “I thought I’d got out early enough this time.”

Michelle Roth said...

Check out my latest release, In Full Bloom:

Evan Connolly gets far more than he bargained for when he buys a florist shop, building and all. What he didn't realize? It comes complete with a gorgeous, feisty tenant..


Her eyes never leaving his, she reached to the zipper under her arm and drew it down. Sliding the straps of the dress off her shoulders, she pushed the dress slowly down her body until it fell to the floor. Stepping out of it, she kicked it aside. She stood before him now in a black strapless bra, matching thong, fishnet thigh highs, and heels.

Her breathing was rapid as she waited for him to speak. Finally he said, “I don’t even have words…”

Reaching out, she grabbed the buckle of his belt and pulled him toward her. Repeating her earlier request, she said, “Touch me, Evan.”

Quickly closing the remaining space between them, he lowered his mouth to hers. The kiss started out gentle, but quickly grew out of control. He nipped sharply at her lower lip, then stroked his tongue over it to soothe. His hand slid up her rib cage to cup her breast, squeezing it. Taryn sighed against his lips and pressed herself into his palm, clutching his shoulders.

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Rita said...

First date in Hunter’s Heart. A Navy SEAL romantic suspense.

Her Nissan turned into the lot and without any input from his brain, his legs had him strolling to the car. He opened the door and tanned legs swung out. Sandal-covered feet hit the gravel.
“Hello.” She stood, gracing him with a perfect smile as she wrangled her very short skirt into place.
“You look great,” he said. Actually, she was stunning. The times he’d seen her before she’d looked good, very professional. Suits, not much makeup, and hair slicked back into a knot at her neck. Now it was loose, down to her shoulders and curly. A breeze swirled her hair and she turned her face to the wind and pushed back the curls. The light scent of sea and salt coming from the water, mixed with her scent creating a provocative aroma reminding him of the islands. He stopped his eyes from rolling over her rocking body and kept his gaze on her face.
Celia lifted her shades and he noticed she wore more makeup than she had for the interviews.
“Thank you.” Her blue eyes gave his body a down and up. “You look great. The beard looks nice trimmed.”
Damn, she noticed. If that was a sign she was into him, he’d take it.
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Anonymous said...

From Royal Regard:

He put on his new, bottle-green superfine jacket, pleased he had worn it this morning, even with no expectation of Bella’s visit. Though the tailor said it set off his eyes to perfection, it made him peevish to set such store by the depiction; he had never before been vain. Since he had met Lady Huntleigh, however, the obsequious little man could sell him anything by describing how it set off his powerful shoulders, or eyes green as jade, or tresses of gold. No, that wasn’t quite true. When the man said ‘tresses,’ Nick had thrown him out.

He adjusted the yellow waistcoat that matched his tresses, then tugged his sleeves over the tiny white lawn ruffles that stiffened his cuffs. Looking into the gilt-framed mirror above the fireplace, he re-tied his queue with a green silk riband, then straightened the Mathematical knot Blakeley could achieve with a cravat in mere minutes, but Nick couldn’t if he tied knots around his neck until he choked to death.

Barnes and Noble:

Anonymous said...

Jeff's grandmother from Catriona's Curse

I turned as an elderly woman entered the room. Tiny, well under five feet tall, she probably didn’t weigh over eighty-five pounds. Her well-groomed hair might have been the same color as her daughter’s in years past, but it was now dyed a bright orange. The color, combined with the lime-green pants suit she wore, might look garish on someone else but she looked elegant. She wore a strand of matched pearls around her neck and a single pearl stud graced each ear. She compared favorably with the celebrities who frequented the hotel I managed in Los Angeles



Calisa Rhose said...

From a current WIP- Redesigning Sassy. My hero is watching his heroine after an unfortunate accident that left her without clothes briefly so she was forced to make do. I hope you enjoy.

Xander eased to a stop in the middle of the street and watched the woman in the ridiculous dress, flop hat and gigantic movie star shades cross the street. Then he pulled to the curb and shoved the truck into Park. As she got to where he sat he smothered a chuckle despite the recent shock of seeing her in his town again. The dress he’d borrowed from Monty’s ma suited the woman now wearing it. Okay, so maybe it just suited his needs, but he was fine with that, too.
He leaned out the window as she neared. “Need a ride?”
With barely a glimpse his way Sassy retorted, “Not from you.”
“Must be hell traipsing all over town in those gawd-awful stilts.” Another fabrication he refused to acknowledge the truth of. If he did, he’d admit Sassy could wear a burlap sack with holey loafers and turn heads in the good way. Those sparkly leprechaun-green shoes just added to the incredible affect. Okay, maybe leprechaun was going too far but he needed something to force her to a safe distance. “Where do you even find something that hideous?”
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Calisa Rhose said...

Normally regency or historical dressing comes off so boring to me.This made me chuckle. Well done weaving the humor and disdain in like a setting attribute. His feelings of vanity almost feels like it's own character.

Calisa Rhose said...

LOL I love this. He sounds heavenly to her plain appearance.

Adriana said...

Scott takes Traci shopping for something to wear when riding a horse...

Traci turned to determine whether the jeans were okay in the back. Peering into the mirror she saw Scott look quickly away. Had he been checking the fit of her jeans? It sure looked like it. Was that a blush she saw creeping up the back of his tanned neck? Traci’s lips curled up. Looked like the jeans fit fine.
Traci admired the pale yellow long sleeved shirt with indigo ribbing over each breast pocket. Nothing in her closet at home came close to that.
“You look stunning, ma’am, if I may say so,” said the middle-aged store clerk who had been a big help. Batting her long eyelashes, she added, “I think your man thinks so, too.”

Detour Ahead (Riders Up Book 4)

Carolina Valdez said...

From Amen To Love, my gay romantic suspense, which just hit the All Romance eBooks Best Seller list. Dr. Bond Bergstrom is a retired Navy SEAL. Over his objections, Security Agency owner Rory O'Shea has just been hired by the hospital to protect him...

"From now on, security goes first, Navy," O'Shea said.

It felt like a jab, and for a moment, Bond's foul mood wanted to respond with a sarcastic, "After you, Army," but it was petty and childish. Instead, he stepped back and motioned the Irish American ahead of him. As he passed Bond, he noticed the expensive cut of slacks that fit well, but weren't tight over his butt or thighs. Black suede ankle boots crossed the threshold. He walked with the smooth, purposeful and energy efficient gait of a Delta Force operative trained in Special Warfare tactics.

Yes, Bond admitted, he had cleaned up, and nicely. This was a businessman, not the gay hustler trolling for sex he'd first seen. The contrast between this O'Shea and the man outside Newton's made his head swim for a minute. Twins perhaps? He pulled his thoughts together and wondered where this Rory concealed his weapon. Without one, how did he plan to keep Bond safe?

Joan Reeves said...

LuvU4Ever, a Romance Short Story, by Joan Reeves, published on Christmas Eve. Available at Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords. Only 99cents.


Once, life had been a bowl of cherries. Now the cherries were gone, and life was the pits.

Noelle pressed her forehead to the cold glass and stared at the snowflakes drifting past the hotel window. By the time she left this room, her marriage would be over.

Her life would be over because she couldn't imagine life without David. Yet, she couldn't imagine staying with him either. Not since nine little words had destroyed her world.

"I told you never to call me at home."

Leave? Stay? What was she going to do? She had plenty of ideas ranging from tying him naked to the bed and walking out, leaving the door wide open for the world to see, to sleeping with another man and making sure David knew about it. Let him see how it felt to be betrayed.

Get a little payback first?

By the time David walked through the door, expecting his girlfriend, Noelle hoped she'd figured out what to do.

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Kim McMahill said...

BIG HORN STORM: Niki couldn’t see Robert Mitchell Blackburn II, known to friends and family as Deuce, but his deep voice gave away his location. No doubt his tall muscular frame stood just inside the barn door, concealed in the shadows. Even though he was hidden from view, she could describe every detail of his unruly hair peeking out from under his beat-up and sweat-stained straw cowboy hat, the scrutinizing look in his hazel eyes, his tanned complexion, and the scuffs on the heels of his boots where his spurs had worn on the leather. Dark stubble would shadow his chin and above his lip, and his sleeves would be rolled up on his denim shirt. She hated the fact that not only could she see him clearly in her mind now, but she could picture him just as clearly nearly every day of her life no matter how hard she tried to keep him out of her head.

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Babette James said...

From KISSING KATIE - His Girl Next Door Book 1

Katie, all grown up. Still his Katie, but holy shit, had she grown up nice.
Still reeling from surprise, Matt kicked himself for not instantly knowing Katie by her happy run and shout of his name. He’d been lost in thoughts of the past, and before he could focus on the now, she’d plastered herself around him in that enthusiastic hug. Her soft curves had hit him in all the right places and intellect had been momentarily derailed by an out-of-the-blue punch of pure lust.
Lust. For Katie? For his once upon a time best friend forever? He blinked.
Katie. Same sun-streaked toffee brown hair. Same pretty, bright blue eyes, but no longer hidden behind thick glasses. Same cheerful, dimpled smile, but she’d undergone the same torture of braces as he had. No longer a gawky, reed-slender slip of a girl, she’d filled out real nice—
Heated guilt rushed over him at how part of him was busily considering how nicely her breasts would fill his hands.
He shook his head. Katie, with breasts.
Katie had always just been Katie, his best friend. Now there was no ignoring she was all woman. Her sleeveless, summery dress hugged trim soft curves and long tan legs, and the deep V of the bodice discreetly emphasized her perfect breasts. Pink painted toenails peeped out from the silly bright flowers decorating her sandals.
Katie had breasts, and he was standing dumbstruck with a hard-on for his former best friend, praying she didn’t notice.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for saying so! He is kind of a doofus where the lady is concerned.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

From Room at the Inn a short story in the Christmas Anthology 2014 by Victory Tales Press.

The coat slipped from her shoulders to meet his hands and Helena shivered.
"I'll get the fire going and you'll be warm in no time."
"Thank you," she murmured and wrapped her arms around her body to conserve heat.
He hung the coat on the peg by the door and turned back to speak to her only to have his words die in his throat. His eyes beheld her slim figure dressed in a dark skirt that fell to the arch of her thigh just above the knee and a silken blouse with billowing sleeves that seemed to follow her curves, as it flowed to the bow, resting casually against her hip. He was staring and didn't care.
She reached up and pulled the knit cap from her head. He watched the tawny hair tumble down her long neck, across her shoulders, to sway across the middle of her back, creating a golden halo around her head. Sexual awareness shot through him as if he was a randy sixteen-year-old back in high school. She held out the hat. He took it.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love that she can tell how the pants fit by his blush... so sweet.

Anonymous said...

From Finding the Dream:

Jessica stepped toward the door and had her hand raised to knock, when the door opened.
"Are you done arguing with yourself?" Eric asked. He stood there in a t-shirt with cut off sleeves and a pair of running shorts. Jessica focused at a point just above Eric's shoulder, trying to avoid staring at his broad shoulders and perfectly cut arms. The man was built, which she seemed to notice more and more every time she saw him.
"What? Oh, yes. I got something for Sophie," she said, pointing at the bag.
"Why don't you come in? She's changing. You look nice."
Jessica looked down at her lemon yellow suit and said, "Thank you. I was at church."
"We just got back ourselves."

Barnes & Noble:


Linda Swift said...

"Thank God for the turned over collar." Philip smoothed the stiffly starched edges and adjusted his wide tie. "Greatest invention since Fulton's steamboat."
"Yes suh." Black hands buttoned his fitted vest with the speed of long practice.
"Damned wonder those stand-up chokers fashion forced on the well-dressed male didn't sever the jugular vein."
"That's for sure." Philip's complaint brought a low chuckle from the man who now stood holding his cut-away coat.
He slid his arms into the sleeves and it settled in place, seams aligned perfectly on his broad shoulders. "Thank you, Elijah."
Philip Elliot Burke surveyed himself in the pier glass of his dressing room with the same intensity that he studied bugs under a microscope. Finding no fault with the well-tailored tan jacket, neatly creased pin-striped trousers, and white linen shirt and tie, his eyes moved to thick black hair that refused to conform to the straight part he had so painstakingly made. He brushed at it impatiently then stroked the line of his neat mustache with satisfaction. He had grown the mustache since he'd been away these last few months and he liked the air of sophistication it gave him. A look befitting a respected surgeon, which he was on the way to becoming in only one more semester at Harvard.
from This Time Forever, Civil War novel, available at Amazon and Smashwords (SW Coupon Code HA67M) 2.99 through Jan. 15th