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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Peek!

Time to talk up your most recent release or current work in progress. In comments, share a sample just
one to six sentences long.

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E. Ayers said...

Another Creed's Crossing Historical Coming Soon

E. Ayers

"Did you know I am considered a dirty Mexican?”

Ingrid giggled. “Forgive them for I, too, thought you were Mexican and you are dirty.” She waved her hand in front of her face. “You smell worse than a dead animal that is rotting in the sun.”

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L.M. Brown said...

This is from a paranormal WIP that is not firmly titled yet. I am toying with Forget Me Not, My Love, but could change my mind a hundred times before it is done.

He stared out the window eagerly and a few minutes later Ethan emerged with a coffee in his hand. One coffee in his hand and no bagels. For a few seconds he thought perhaps there might be an explanation other than the obvious one. Any reason would be better than the truth. Ethan walked down the street not sparing a glance for the club or the window where Caleb watched.

Caleb stayed at the window until Ethan was out of sight, then he broke.

No buy link, obviously, but here is my website.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Part of one of the short historical chapters from The Highland Lass when Robert Burns first speaks to Highland Mary.

“Forgive my lack of manners. I am Robert Burns, Esquire, of Mossgiel Farm.” And he is sweeping me a fulsome bow.
Now I know he is teasing me but in a friendly way, and I smile in response.
“I am Mary Campbell, sir, lately from Argyll.” And I sink into my best curtsey.
He laughs appreciatively at this and continues to walk beside me, asking me about my family home.
And so it begins…


Maggie Le Page said...

This snippet is from my latest release, THE TROUBLE WITH DYING by Maggie Le Page, a suspenseful chick lit read.


I’m watching this man touch Faith-in-the-bed but, ventriloquist-style, I’m feeling it all. This must be how it is for babies when they first work out the baby in the mirror is them.

Only way more sensual.

Then I remember Gran and my body heats again, but this time it’s in a totally un-sensual, frying-with-embarrassment way. She’s witnessing all of this--worse, is probably reading my mind as it happens. I blush so hard even my bones are burning.


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Mari Christie said...

From La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess, available for pre-order.

The Earl of Birchbright, or as Kali knew him, the Vikanṭa, looked nothing like her imaginings. Her mother had described hair like cinnamon, skin smooth as river clay, chest broad as a water buffalo, arms like a baobab tree, thighs strong as a bullock.

This man was tired and bent as a mangrove, hair white as a Brahmin’s shawl, face furrowed like an elephant’s hide, limbs spindly as a rattan palm. The only part that recalled Rohana’s musings were his eyes: the deepest blue of a peacock’s breast, fierce as a tiger stalking a gazelle.

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Erin OQuinn said...
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