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Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Release - Passion/Retribution/Love


 The background

Several years ago, I tried a NaNoWriMo.  NaNo is write a 50,000 word book in a month.  It's usually held in November of every year, but now there are NaNos in other months.  I divided 50,000 by 30 days to get 1,667 words to be written every day to meet the goal.  In NaNo, you write flat out without any self-editing.  JUST WRITE!  I finished with 2 days to spare.  Whew. 

 The inspiration for this was the cutest coach house I passed by every day on my walk.  I love dollhouses and although this was a full size house, it was still tiny but just the right size for one person.  So, I had a home, now I needed characters.  A Chicago actress and a Chicago cop seemed interesting.  Then I had to brainstorm names.  I tend to come up quickly with names so Sam Bolt and Liz Aspen were born. 

After expansion, the book became Undercover Lover and was published by Siren.  I have the rights back, renamed it, and gave it a new cover.

 Here's the blurb for Passion/Retribution/Love:  Free spirited actress Liz Aspen can't resist masturbating to the fantasy of her gorgeous, hunky next door neighbor. If he were only there in the bedroom with her, she wouldn't need Mr. Fake-Nine-Inch-Cock. Sam Bolt, loner and secretive undercover cop, gets an eyeful when he accidentally spies on his neighbor from his window to hers. It's a shame what she's doing to herself—when he could do it much better!

Their lives entwine when he saves her life, but she's in further danger when his past meets his present. Sam hates the pain he's caused, but can't stay away from her. He craves the promise of a normal life with a soft, willing woman like Liz who doesn't have to fight torturously dark demons. Addicted to his powerful lovemaking, Liz finds him as compelling as she is confused by the mystery of what he's not telling her.

Will she still love him when he finally tells her the whole truth? Can Sam accept that his past actions don't need to destroy a future with a woman who has proven her strength—emotionally and physically?

Liz has been taken hostage by Sam's enemy.
She survived the danger inside her house but
now they're outside the front door
surrounded by cops and emergency workers…

      "Enough of this chit chat. We're coming out. That SUV'd better be in position, or she's dead right now, right in front of you." Dominguez slid his left arm around her neck and squeezed, forcing her toward the door.

Liz jerked and fought, afraid of passing out, this time from the pressure of his arm around her neck. Flashing stars danced in her vision, and she couldn't get a deep breath. Dominguez held her upright, because he needed her as a shield. He opened the front door, and before stepping out, transferred his gun from the hand at her neck back to his right hand.

The bright lights blinded her. She turned her head away. Giant spotlights shone glaringly on the house. A dozen police cars, fire engines, and ambulances, all with their lights flashing, dotted the street. A helicopter droned ominously above them. If she'd been scared before, this was worse. Soon everything would be all over. Either she'd be dead now or dead later out in the country. In no way did she believe he'd let her go.

The police ranged haphazardly in front of them, the SUV close, driver's side door yawning open and waiting. She did not want to get in there. Closing her eyes, she prayed whatever happened would happen fast. He held the gun to her temple. The cold metal felt savage against her skin. She was defenseless with her hands taped behind her back.

Open your eyes, Liz. Look at me. Look at me, baby.

In her head. The words were in her head. At first they didn't mean anything, just low sounds beneath all the other noise.

Look at me.


Liz, baby, open your eyes.

She cranked her eyes open a slit, saw the thick arm cloaked in dark wool imprisoning her neck. Her lashes lifted, she let her gaze roam under the level of the lights, the cops, the cop cars, back down to the arm restraining her. These might be the last things she ever saw… A strange peace took over. It was out of her control.

Look at me, love. Look away from him. Look at me.

She didn't think she could be any more terrified. If she died, could she do it with dignity? Did that even matter? Sam. She found his face in the crowd, their eyes locked. He was so beautiful, the sweet and sensual memories came back to her. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

She gagged but was too frightened to moan. She wanted to scream and never stop but was too terrified to make a sound. She lost Sam in the crowd. Her gaze flicked desperately from face to face. It looked like a scene from a movie. A scene out of a nightmare. Surely this many people could save her. She struggled, testing his hold.

Dominguez tightened his arm across her throat, the gun's mouth lethal on her forehead.

There, she found Sam again. The blades of the helicopter still thwapped overhead, and the police radios still squawked. Everyone waited for Dominguez to make his move. She wished something would happen. Just to get it over with.


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