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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday 13!

All across the internet people play a Thursday meme called Thursday 13. We'll play too!

In comments, tempt us with
a snippet up to thirteen sentences long. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

E. Ayers

Max extended his left hand to her. "Need some help?"

She took his hand and pulled herself upright, but yelped when her foot touched the floor. She hopped for a second as if to find her balance. "Thank you, sir, but it’s really not polite to walk into someone’s house."

"I didn’t walk in. I live here."

"Oh, who are you?" she asked through clenched teeth.

"I’m Maxwell Hutton."

"Are you Mr. Hutton’s son?" she asked still trying to balance on one foot.

"Please sit, Ms. Harris. Yes, I guess you could say I’m Mr. Hutton’s son, but more precisely Maxwell Hutton, the third, died six years ago. That leaves me as the only Mr. Hutton.

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Berengaria Brown said...

As soon as the band returned to the stage he took Edward out onto the dance floor and held him tightly. Edward was only a few inches shorter than him, and once he took his boots off, likely they’d be the same height. He liked that they were so evenly matched. Everything would line up perfectly in bed.
He gripped Edward’s ass, massaging his tight little butt cheeks as they danced, and deliberately brushed his body over that lovely rigid dick. So many delights soon to be unwrapped. When the music ended he asked, “Is your car just in the parking lot here? Can you follow me to my condo?”
“Yes and yes.”
Basil held Edward’s hand as they walked to his car. “Mine’s the candy-apple red Ford over there,” he said.
“I might have guessed it wouldn’t be white or silver,” said Edward.
Basil laughed. Already Edward was showing his sense of humor and coming out from behind that wall where he hid his personality. “Wait until you see my condo. You’ll love it.”
“I do like our uniform. It’s wild, but—I don’t know, friendly and welcoming perhaps, as well as appropriate.”
Basil hugged him. “I knew you were perfect for me. You see beneath the surface to what is really there. Hurry up and get in your car.”
"Sunshine Yellow Days" (MM) "The Paint Store Boys" Book 1 by Berengaria Brown Buy link:

Kris Bock said...

Whispers in the Dark, by Kris Bock

What had I gotten myself into?
I closed my eyes. Yes, I was driving, but a moment of distraction seemed safe enough, since I hadn’t seen another car in half an hour. Even the jackrabbits and rattlesnakes were hiding in the shade, leaving the road clear of everything but rocks and ruts.
I was starting an adventure. I had to remind myself of that—an adventure. I wanted to be here. I wanted to get away from the city, the classroom and office, the people. You couldn’t get much farther away than this, a tiny cluster of seven-hundred-year-old ruins in the Four Corners area of the Southwest. I had found the middle of nowhere.
As I had wanted, I reminded myself.

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Victoria Adams said...

"Chelsea." Kendall nudged her friend in the ribs. "Is that one of your dad's guys?"
"Who? Him? No way. He's just a hockey wannabe. Ooh. Check the two getting out of the cab." Chelsea giggled. "I love the day before training camp starts. It's guy heaven."
Kendall placed her finger on Chelsea's chin, pushed right and said, "Check the butt on that one."

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Ally Shields said...

Eternal Fires (Guardian Witch 7), the series finale, by Ally Shields

“A super crow,” Doc Onway muttered, sounding exasperated. “What’s next?”

Exactly. Ari disconnected. During her conversation with the doctor, the bird hadn’t moved from its position on the fence. It was at least as large as a condor, and the murky haze around it wasn’t put there by nature. The creature cocked its head and stared at her. Witch fire tingled in her fingertips, but she calmed the magic and tightened her grip on her handgun.

Ryan turned to look at her.

“It isn’t a coincidence that a flock of crows is called a murder of crows,” she said darkly. “They have a bad reputation. Their minds can be bent to evil by someone with the ability to call and control them—a werewolf, a witch or wizard, even a vampire."



Susan Macatee said...

From short paranormal romance, Dreaming Josie.

"...Are you telling me she was a ghost?"

Dr. Wyler threw up her hands. "That I can't say. But we can get to the bottom of your dreams."

"Through hypnosis?"

She studied him. "Does that concern you? Because if you're not open to it…"

"No. I want to get to the bottom of this. I can't function anymore. I really feel like I’m losing it." He pushed a hand through his hair.

Michele Drier said...

From SNAP: The World Unfolds, Book One of The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles

We were dancing to a slower number when he pulled me close, too close for just a dance, and said “I’ve looked for years.” It was such a cliché that I choked.

“If that’s your best line, I need to buy you a book,” I said, once I’d stopped laughing.

“I don’t know, it certainly got us beyond talking business,” his brows went up. “I’ve watched you for the last few weeks and figured I’d have to play the humor card. I would like to get to know you better, on a more personal level, on a level level,” and he gave me an odd closed-mouth smile, almost a smirk.

It was flattering and warming to have someone as dishy and talented as Jean-Louis express interest. I could hear my mother’s voice, Don’t get involved with someone prettier than you; they know it.

The evening ended with a kiss on the cheek when the limo dropped me, and I planned to drop any involvement. He was clearly prettier than me.

Donna Cummings said...

LORD RAKEHELL'S LOVE -- a Regency novella, with a man who was late to his own wedding. . .

"How did I make such a mess of this?" Simon slumped down in a nearby chair. "It started so perfectly. As though it were decreed by the gods themselves. I swear I fell in love with Georgiana at first sight." He sighed. "Or maybe it was that delightful moment when she mocked my flirtation skills—"

"If I ever have that dreamy quality to my voice when describing a woman I want to bed—"

Simon scowled at his best friend.

"Wed," Hugh amended. "A woman I want to wed. March me to the most public spot in Hyde Park and aim my own duelling pistol at my heart."

"I am an excellent shot, but even I am unable to make a direct hit on an invisible target."

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

From Passion/Retribution/Love - out now!

Liz is being held hostage by Sam's enemy...

If she died, could she do it with dignity and would that even matter? She found Sam's face in the crowd, their eyes locked. He was so beautiful, the sweet and sensual memories came back to her. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

She gagged but was too frightened to moan. She wanted to scream and never stop but was too terrified to make a sound. She lost Sam in the crowd. Her gaze flicked desperately from face to face. It looked like a scene from a movie. A scene out of a nightmare. Surely this many people could save her. She struggled, testing his hold.

Dominguez tightened his arm across her throat, the gun's mouth lethal on her forehead.

Jane Leopold Quinn -

Charmaine Gordon said...

Charmaine Gordon excerpt from:Help Wanted
Excerpt: Sally has just signed a big contract with her boss Lance. They’re having lunch to celebrate.

"A rainbow of sails on the river billowed with the wind as a race began, each sailboat displayed different colors; cheers from the east side echoed across the always cold water.
Strictly business, Sally reminded herself, and pheromones be damned, she concentrated on the menu and avoided eye contact with Lance on this gorgeous day outside under an awning on the wrap- around deck.
She ordered pancakes and they arrived right away; his smoldering gaze heated the syrup as she poured more than enough to drown the large perfect pancake on her plate.
“Sally, ever since we met I can’t get you out of my mind; I’m not sleeping or eating.”
“Lance, I’m just a middle aged woman at the beginning of a new phase in my life and that doesn’t mean I’ll make the mistake of pushing someone away who has loved me for thirty five years.”
“All right, you’re mine, Sally, in business because I don’t want anyone else to grab your talent before we have a chance to work together.”
Relieved brunch ended, Sally rose, bumped into Lance on the way up and found herself wrapped in his powerful arms, their lips together. She didn’t break away until his tongue, like a heat seeking missile, plunged into her mouth and then she pushed him away with “No.”
Sally must find another woman to pawn off on her infatuated boss. She finds a beautiful doctor at the Veteran’s Hospital in River’s Edge when she brings Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause to entertain the wounded vets. Chapter eleven in the book is one of my faves.

You’ll cry and laugh at this totally true part of the story. My friend, Judy Audevard, is the director of this fine organization that, with their Therapy dogs, does so much good to heal returning veterans at West Point and other venues.

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SueBee said...

Fall For You, Book 1, The Madison Falls Series by Susan Behon

The bad news was that her chance at wowing him with her frilly, green sundress had bit the dust. The good news, obviously, was that Reed hadn't let go of her yet.
She looked up to see that he was covered in powdered sugar too. Nothing to do now but brazen it out.
“Hi, Reed.”
“Hello, Sophie.”
Reed stared down at her with such a serious intensity that she began to stammer an apology. “I...” was all she managed to get out before he pulled her tighter, dipped his head, and pressed his lips to hers.
Okaaaay. this works too.
His lips were soft and hot and moved against hers with such precision that she wanted to climb him like a tree for greater contact. He pulled away, licked his lips, and murmured, “You taste so sweet.”
She gasped out, “I'm pretty sure that's the sugar.”
Against her lips, he breathed, “No, it's you. It's all you, Sophie.”
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Mari Christie said...

La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess


As Kali sang slow, ancient ballads of tenderness and yearning, twisting her limbs in the steps of the mujara, she allowed the drape of the sari to drift over his legs, his shoulders, his face, his throat, never following with the weight of her flesh. She slid her skin, even her fingertips, only against the cool water of the loose, translucent silk, but kept herself between Rook and the few candles lighting the room, so he could always see the outline of her slender form, sinuously inviting his touch, moving away any time his hands twitched.

She lifted her knee and bared foot over his shoulder and shook the bangles circling her trim ankle, leaving him to only envision her inner thighs behind his head and still never touching him. He couldn’t help his mouth moving to taste the smooth skin of her calf, inhaling the scent of sandalwood, the trace of jungle rain. Her sharp intake of breath was like food to him, though she quickly moved to tantalize from a few feet away.

She hummed the haunting melody as she removed each pin from her hair, letting them drop onto the Turkish carpet, arms drawn up, full breasts and hardened nipples moving with each breath beneath the silk. Not one strand of her coiffure fell out of place until the entire thick length dropped to her waist like an ell of heavy satin. She moved toward him again, letting her long hair trace across his shoulders, fall around his face as though holding at bay the world around them, filling his senses with forests and spices and the music of mysterious ancients.

His jacket disappeared under her hands, fingertips dissolved his waistcoat buttons, vanished the complicated knots of his cravat. The feel of her nails on his chest, opening the ties of his shirt, made him choke on the force of his desire. She ran her fingers through his hair, into the hollow of his throat, over his shoulders, down his arms. She tugged the shirttails from under his waistband, over his throbbing cock and heavy bollocks, one slow inch at a time.

He found himself rubbing against the inside of his trousers, unable to keep his hips from following after her touch; when she traced her fingernail against his straining erection, the contact was so delicate and swift he would have missed it if not for the shuddering forced through the rest of his body.


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Rachael Slate said...

From Trancing the Tiger (Chinese Zodiac Romance Series, #1) by Rachael Slate:

He’d waited an eternity for this, for an ally of true worth. The Dragon spirit that had chosen her for this task was bound to make an appearance, especially in front of one of its own.
He stepped forward, extending his hand. “I’m Li Sheng.”
She bit her lip and stared at his hand, then tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear before reaching forward.
Her ear.
Her pointed, furry ear.
His breath whistled in and he jerked his hand back before it made contact with hers. The animal’s form had cloaked Lucy for the briefest of moments, but it had been enough.
The Rabbit.
The f*cking Rabbit.
Tiger growled low and deep, and Sheng didn’t bother masking the spear of disappointment lancing through him.
She wasn’t the one.


Maggie Le Page said...

From THE TROUBLE WITH DYING by Maggie Le Page - chick lit suspense.


This is Day Six—and what have I got to show for it? A best friend who isn’t; an ex-husband who wants me dead; a missing gran; a Death Council watching my every move. And still no way back to my body.

Standing by the bed, Nate does a full-body, accompanied-by-grunts stretch. His back clicks in a couple of places. As well it might, since he’s just spent the night sleeping down in the guest lounge—which I’m pretty sure is not equipped with beds.

He stretches again, and his tee rides up, showing . . . Don’t look, don’t look.

Too late. My pulse picks up.

I sneak another peek but the abs are gone, hidden beneath his tee again.

He runs his fingers through sleep-rumpled hair, and I swallow.

Sheesh. I’m in big trouble if even his wake-up routine has me hot.


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