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Friday, April 3, 2015

*NEW TODAY!* First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with
the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Iris Blobel said...


“My Mum is dead.”
Somewhat startled by this statement, Emma peeked over the
reception desk into beautiful green eyes that belonged to a cute
little girl with brown curly hair and a freckled button nose. She
couldn’t help but smile. There was something in the girl’s eyes that
held a hint of mischief and curiosity, as well as some sadness, and
Emma was drawn to her instantly.

Rose Anderson said...

Loving Leonardo by Rose Anderson.

Carlo Posateri shrugged his cloak back on his shoulders, the thin wool gone heavy from absorbing the September fog. Few people would be out on an evening like this and there was a word to describe many who were — Ladro. It was a perfect night to make deals with a thief.

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Erin OQuinn said...

My favorite series, The Gaslight Mysteries, opens thus (HEART TO HART):

Michael’s life began all over again on Monday. The rain that had been threatening for weeks finally banged Dun Linden with bare fists just as dawn broke, pummeling and pounding, leaving everyone a little off balance. Setting the banner line for the day’s newspaper edition, he’d looked up from the linotype into the most arresting pair of eyes he’d ever seen.

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Sessha Batto said...

From one of the stories in my anthology Sex Ray Specs:

The tapestry of his life was etched in flesh, stark black lines on pale skin slashed with scars. Each silvery trail had its mate, words of remembrance and warning. His meditation writ by the loving marks of many masters.

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Erin OQuinn said...

My skin prickles as always, Sessha, reading your words. Promise of peril.

Stephanie Queen said...

from Small Town Hot Shot Bride

"An Audrey Hepburn look-alike would not have been Tammy’s top pick for best friend material, but all these years later, what was done was done. Since kindergarten, when they were both silly and cute, Tammy and Julie had forged a sisterhood of shared secrets, crazy boy crushes and foolish rebellions. Now at the advanced age of twenty-four, with their bond more than superglue strong, Tammy felt the strain of her best friend’s absence."

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Veronica Scott said...

"Nick gathered them into a tight group at the Level A corridor to the casino. Edgy, hyper alert, he took nothing for granted after the encounter with the band of looters in the hold. Walking past corpses in the corridor was probably traumatic for the civilians, but Nick advised his companions to stay focused on the task at hand."

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Rachael Slate said...

From Trancing the Tiger (Chinese Zodiac Romance Series, #1) by Rachael Slate:

I can’t let her die alone.
Her father’s words haunted her mind. Lucy crumpled the red envelope in her hands, one hot tear sliding down her cheek.


J Hali Steele said...

From Love Me Madly, Dirty Rotten Vampires 2

Heat has a smell. Magical and as sweetly perfumed as an exotic night-blooming jasmine, warm air whispered around him, gently brushing his face with butterfly-soft wings. Keeping his eyes shut tight, Split Kryder embraced the scent, allowing it to render him helpless, exposing memories buried deep a long, long time ago.

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Helen Henderson said...
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Helen Henderson said...

Magic imprisoned Dylan’s soul, but not his will. Love released both.

A Friday First from Imprisoned in Stone.

Maerva opened eyes to a darkness, not only of her room, but of the soul. The sense of a presence held her motionless, even though she knew no entry was possible through the closed door or shuttered window. Air whispered over her skin as if someone touched her cheek. A breath later, the impression of an intruder vanished.

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Joan Reeves said...

First 3 Sentences from Chapter 1 Cinderella Blue: Love means never having to say, "You're under arrest."

Andie Luft peered through the bridal veil, searching for the slimeball photographer who had ruined her day. She just hoped she saw Lombardo before he saw her, but looking through the white tulle was like watching television with the cable disconnected.

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Jana Richards said...

Here's the first three lines from HER BEST MAN:

"Do you Brad, take this woman Sarah, to be your lawful wedded

Will Marshall waited expectantly for his brother's "I do" along
with the bride and the guests assembled in the church. A few seconds passed, and then a few more, and still Brad remained silent.

Jana Richards
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Kaye Spencer said...

These are the opening lines from "The Comanchero's Bride", coming later this years to Prairie Rose Publications as a second edition novel expanded from the original novella length.

The whispered word swept like wildfire through the uneasy crowd. Music and dancing dwindled as people stared at the group of men newly arrived at the Día de la Independencia celebration.

Babette James said...

Here are the first three lines of my contemporary romance Summertime Dream.
On Sale for $0.99!

The Fourth of July in Falk’s Bend, Missouri, made pretending nothing ever changed almost possible, Margie Olsson decided. All it took was a dollop of stiff determination and a generous application of wishful thinking.
Even the arguments remained the same.
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Charmaine Gordon said...

Help Wanted by Charmaine Gordon

Strictly business, Sally reminded herself, and pheromones be damned, she concentrated on the menu and avoided eye contact with her boss, Lance on this gorgeous day outside under an awning on the wrap- around deck.

She ordered pancakes and they arrived right away; his smoldering gaze heated the syrup as she poured more than enough to drown the large perfect pancake on her plate.
“Lance, I’m just a middle aged woman at the beginning of a new phase in my life and that doesn’t mean I’ll make the mistake of pushing someone away who has loved me for thirty five years.”

Thanks, Rose.

James D said...

I wake up thinking of the color white. All I can figure is that I must have been dreaming about–well, what I overheard my father say last night. I can’t remember precisely what was going on in the dream, but it’s really not that hard to guess.

from chapter 10 of DREAM STUDENT (Kindle) (audiobook)

Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War time travel romance, Erin's Rebel.

Erin Branigan had finally found the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, he'd died over one hundred and forty years ago.

On a warm, sunny day in mid-June, she stood in a small, church cemetery in a rural area outside Mason, Virginia.