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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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E. Ayers said...

E. Ayers

He looked about as out of place as she felt in a small town. Delicious thoughts of Cody Montgomery ran though her mind, but too many years in the fashion industry taught her that the good-looking men were either gay or players, and the players didn't play with women like her.

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Rachael Slate said...

From Trancing the Tiger (Chinese Zodiac Romance Series, #1) by Rachael Slate:

He’d told himself to take things slow…but this was slow, right?


James D said...

From DREAM HOME (book #7 of the Dream Series)

Oh, my God, I’m not even starting the job for four months! How can I have an enemy already?

Jana Richards said...


“I have a punching bag,” he said, his eyes on the road ahead.

“Excuse me?” she said, confused.

“When I can’t get things or people to do what I want them to do, or when I’m just plain pissed off, I go down into my basement and beat the hell out of Bozo the Clown.”

Jana Richards
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Jude Knight said...

From Farewell to Kindness

He would need to be very discreet, of course. Mrs Forsythe’s reputation must be protected. But just the touch of her fingers in the dance set him on fire. He simply had to try for more.