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Monday, June 29, 2015

It's Back! Summer Heat

The summer heat is on! Today's meme highlights those moments that uptick our pulse or make us swoon when we read them. As all desire begins in the mind, here's an opportunity to make us want...your book.  In comments, share a sexy, sensual, sizzling, or scorching snippet 200 words or less.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page. Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

The Arrangement by Tara Neale

She closed the door to their room and turned. Directly into the bare, wet chest of her husband.

She swallowed past the lump in her throat as she took in the view of bronzed muscles that rippled and played beneath what she knew from that night was impossibly hot skin. She did not know what she was thinking. Problem was she was not thinking at all as she reached up to feel the soft steel once more.

The growl from his throat brought her back to reality. "Sorry," she whispered. "I shouldn't have," she mumbled as she stared at the carpet. Anything to keep from looking at the one thing that tempted her beyond all reason. "I should go make you something to eat," she said as she turned to head down the hall.

The arm about her waist stopped her. "Why shouldn't you, Jill?" he whispered just behind her. "Why the hell shouldn't we both?" His hand moved up to cup her breast. She blushed as she realized that she was bare beneath the thin cotton of her favorite sundress. His fingers discovered that fact as they toyed with her nipple through the barrier.

Erin OQuinn said...

From just-released HUNTER'S POINT. Laird Rory and special constable Alex are in an isolated annex next to Montrose Lighthouse:

Rory walked to the open door and closed it. “There’s one thing about this house I especially like.” Alex joined him with a small smile and a quizzical brow.

“It locks from the inside.”

“Not here, Rory.”

“You started it, Alejo. So why the foog not?” Before he could protest, the large Scot slid the latch, then embraced him, pushing him against the wall, finding his open mouth with a flickering tongue.

He was immediately aroused but turned his head away. “Be-because I’ve promised to be a guardian here, damn it. Rory, don’t—” Sinking to his knees, his tall lover unzipped and lowered his Levi’s far enough to nuzzle and nudge his cock with his downy beard, while large hands massaged his butt cheeks. Alex felt his mouth sucking the skin on his inner thigh, just below the balls, and he opened his stance a little in mute acceptance and a surge of pure fucking pleasure.

Rory had always been able to turn him instantly from a clear-eyed cop into a stammering idiot with no more than his tongue and fingers. It was clear from the man’s dedicated attention that he loved the cock he was sucking and the man whose thighs he turned to water.

Alex laced his fingers through Rory’s short thick hair, gripping and releasing in time with his body’s needs. Head back, mouth open, he leaned against the wall and moaned into the dust specks, making them leap and jump in the filtered light.

OmniLit (PDF and ePub formats)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From The Adonis Touch - second novella in my series set on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Romance with a touch of mythological fantasy!

“Close your eyes and trust me, Katarina. I wish only to help you understand.”

His manner of saying her name added to the surreal nature of their surroundings, and Katie closed her eyes, giving herself to the moment that seemed totally divorced from real life. Before her misgivings appeared, she felt the touch of his hands on her shoulders.

As she waited immobile, his fingers moved down her arms until he held both her hands for a second. Katie shivered as his hands then moved to her back and his fingers danced tiny circles from shoulders to the edge of her buttocks. She gasped at the desire coursing through her whole body, wanting nothing more than to press herself against this man and know fulfilment. At the touch of his lips, she parted her own and drowned in the intensity of his kiss.

Then he drew apart and she opened her eyes.

“Do not waste the rest of your life and love in unnecessary fears,
my dear. Come, our partners will be waiting for us.”

After he allowed her to slip into the pool first, Katie turned and watched as Donas executed a perfect, noiseless dive and joined her. The sudden coolness woke her from the delicious dream-like sensations she had experienced. Had she imagined that kiss, his touch?


Susan Macatee said...

R rated excerpt, a continuation of the prior week's excerpt for Civil War romance, Confederate Rose.

His lips touched hers again, and she boldly deepened the kiss, wanting to taste him thoroughly. She reached under the tail of his shirt, running her hands over the moist skin of his chest. Together, they pulled the garment up and over his head, exposing the sprinkle of chestnut hair and fine muscles to her hungry eyes.

"Ye're a fine figure of a man, Mr. Hart."

Katie's statement brought a smile to his face. "And what have you to show me, Katie Rose?"

Heat rose in her cheeks. Even though he'd already seen her naked, this was the first time she wanted to show him all of her. Kneeling, she lifted the hem of her shirt. His smoldering gaze told her he liked what he saw.

He helped her toss the shirt aside. Tentatively, he reached out, molding his hand to her breast. "Fits my hand perfectly."

Having his hand on her in that way sent heat to her core. Moisture pooled between her legs. He angled toward her, suckling her nipple, and she arched toward him.

"Alex," she said, "I want to see all of you."

His eyes ablaze, he stood, sliding out of his drawers.
"Ye're magnificent." She couldn't help but stare at the hard planes of his body and his throbbing need.

Taking her hands, he helped her to her feet. Releasing the tapes, he slid her drawers down until they pooled around her.

His heated gaze roamed over her, and the urge to touch him overwhelmed her. She reached for him, stroking his smooth hardness while her insides coiled, ready to explode.

Part of Civil War boxed romance set, Whispers in the Wind.

Erin OQuinn said...

Ha! I see much eroticism in that one line, "a perfect, noiseless dive..." This is good, Romy. :~D

Sophia Ryan said...

6 DAYS OF YOU, by Sophia Ryan

Snowbound over fall break, two heartbroken strangers find warmth and comfort in each other. Before it’s over, they’ll have to find the courage to face the love rising from the ashes of their blazing week of sex.

“Although the events are focused on the span of six days, the author packs in plenty of surprises for the reader, and the chemistry between the two characters is well developed with a nice bit of heat added.” – 4 STARS, THE ROMANCE REVIEWS

My finger working her pussy was making her writhe in pleasure, but I wanted my mouth there. “Baby, I want to taste you. I want my tongue in your pussy.”

“Yes,” she pleaded, the tip of her tongue darting out lick her lips. Swallowed hard. “Yes.”

I shifted back and pulled her panties down her legs in one swift motion, tossing them to the floor. I leaned in, spreading her already spread legs, and looked at her pussy.

A hunger I’d never felt before rushed over me, and with elation I moved in to take my first taste of her sweetness. I nibbled her along the top of her mound, and steadily, gently, downward, down her swollen wet seam.

She inhaled a sharp breath and arched into me, pressing her pussy closer to my mouth.

Encouraged, I speared my tongue between her folds, parting her, opening her to my hungry mouth. I licked her slit to clit, swirling my tongue over her little pearl, and she moaned, eyes closed, clenching her fingers in my hair.

The sounds coming from her mouth embedded into my body, into my cock, and I couldn’t think about anything but getting her to the top.

Wild Rose Press
Other Sophia Ryan Books

Catherine Kean said...

Here's an excerpt from my newly released medieval romance, A KNIGHT'S SEDUCTION, Rated PG:

With each quickened breath, she inhaled his scent, the smell of leather strongest, the hint of soap less intense, and most tantalizing of all, the earthy masculine essence that was uniquely his. Her head swam with both anxiety and anticipation.
His finger pressed to her lips, silencing her. “No more questions. I am finished talking about me.” His hungry gaze settled on her mouth.
He wanted to resume their discussion about kissing.
With a sideways jerk of her head, she dislodged his finger. Still, though, she felt the weight of his skin pressing to hers. “W-what you want, I—”
“What I want, I take. If you learned naught else about me, you must have understood I am that kind of man.”
“You are going to kiss me,” she whispered.
“Even if I am not willing?”
“Even if I have already had the perfect kiss?”
”Especially if you believe that.”
His face was barely a breath from hers. She pressed back against the hard stone, expecting the brutal and unrelenting crush of his mouth. Instead, the tip of his nose brushed hers in a gentle, teasing caress. Loose strands of his hair tickled her face.

Sophia Ryan said...


Sarah Marsh said...

Eve's Rescue: Coalition Mates 3

Sexy teaser:
Eve was sweating now, her hands grasping at Kai’s back to keep from reaching out to replace Roan’s hands with her own. Kham was still thrusting slowly against her ass, the pre-cum his cock had leaked making it a smooth glide in between her cheeks. Every time his fat tip paused and swept over the sensitive entrance to her ass she shuddered at the decadent tease of his movements. His hands had come up from her hip to massage at her breasts, and he was nibbling at her neck as he watched Roan stroke himself. All three of them were now groaning and though Kai had been quiet, she could feel the tension in him as he tried not to rub himself against her. She was almost completely out of control now. She slowly lifted her leg to drape it over Kai’s hip, bringing her now sopping pussy into close contact with his extremely hard cock. It was so hot, and all she wanted was something to fill her up. One stroke and she would be coming again. She whimpered in relief when she felt the spongy tip of Kai’s cock slip slowly up and down along her pussy a couple of times, then finally notch into her.

blog link:
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Tamara Hunter said...

Excerpted from PAINTED PASSION, Rated R-17:

Carlos lifted his head. “Don’t hold back your response.” He returned his attention to her breasts. His mouth, hot and insistent, kissed each nipple, lightly biting then soothing each one with wet swipes of his tongue. Over and over he teased her flesh.

She moved against him, wanting to feel him inside her. She floated, suspended somewhere between anticipation and satisfaction. He was the master painter. His hands slid over her as if they were fine sable brushes, learning what made her whimper, gasp and beg.

He shifted, bringing his thighs between hers, sliding her legs farther apart. He lowered his body onto hers in slow, agonizing degrees.

The touch of his erection against the spot where she wanted him caused her hips to wind in slow circles against his.

Driven by a passion she’d never experienced, she ground against him. Each touch, each kiss was leading her on a journey. Each time he thrust his hardened length against her, he propelled her faster and quicker toward the precipice.



Piper Denna said...

From "Confidential Craving" in the JUST DESSERTS anthology (22 stories, $0.99 at all vendors for just 1 more week):
“What could be better?”
With a soft giggle, she held the paper to her chest with her right hand and put her left hand on his sleeve. “Oh, you’d be surprised.”
“Tell me.” He leaned toward her slightly, not wanting to move his arm and cause her to pull her hand away. “Tonight, over dinner. I’ll have the documents ready for you to pick up.”
Her brilliant green eyes widened and her lips opened just enough for him to see her little pink tongue.
Darting out, teasing his cock…
Christ, but he was a horny bugger. All this talk of sex didn’t help one bit.
“Dinner, documents, and I can pay you.” She didn’t pose it as a question so much as her terms.
She held out her hand as if they’d closed a deal. “Done.”
“Done.” By night’s end, she’d be done, alright. He intended to do her so good her head would spin.

Andrea Cooper said...

The Guardian - PG13

Black clouds made the hour seem later than it was. Kaden came towards her, then rain fell so hard and fast they were soaked in moments.
She was too overjoyed to run inside the cabin. Instead, she shouted and laughed. Kaden swept her up into his arms and swung her around. Her black hair loosened from the movement and the rain.
When they stopped spinning, both of their clothes clung to them. His muscled chest, arms, and legs made her want to run her hands over them. To remove the barriers between them. Maybe just once. A night for her to cherish. I know his lovemaking will be better than even his cooking. She blushed hot with the thought.
Their breath came in gasps and she could not tear her gaze from his full lips when his arms felt so right around her.
He dipped his head and brushed his lips against hers, sending shivers of desire coursing through her.

Coming soon: Pre-order

Elise Covert said...

This is from my erotic romance novel, Linked Circles. The sequel comes out at the end of July.

He took her chin in his hand and leaned in to kiss her goodnight.
And like a match to gasoline, their fiery passion burst back to life. He pushed her back against the door. His hands grasped hers and brought them up on either side of her face as he devoured her mouth, seizing her lips. Her breasts, aching, pressed against his chest as he leaned in. He wouldn’t let her go this time, she could tell. She could feel the swell of his arousal pressed against her hip, feel the hunger in him as his fingers tightened around her wrists and he secured her beneath him. His power seemed to rise around them both, enveloping her as well as him. She whimpered with her need for him. Her knees began to give way, but it didn’t matter. He had her.
There was a honking from the street outside and Jack jerked his head back from her. “Damn cab!”
Nic panted and he looked back at her. “You okay?”
“No.” She shook her head. “I’m not okay. You are amazing.”
He smiled. “When can I see you again?” he asked.


Jude Knight said...

A Baron for Becky

“A bath first, I think. I have one large enough for two, my dear, and it shall be waiting, piping hot and perfumed. You shall stand by the fire, Becky, where it is warm, and I shall be your maid. Or perhaps not quite, for would a maid, as she loosened and removed your stays, brush your arms with feather-light touches? Would she gently and tenderly caress your lovely thighs as she rolled down your stockings, running her fingertips up, oh so softly, almost but not quite to your most secret treasures?. Would she, when she lifted your chemise, cup your beautiful breasts and run a thumb over your nipples?

"They tighten and pebble. Is it the cold, Becky, that makes them so hard? Let us have you up and into the bath, then.

“Now your turn. I have gazed upon your glories. Lie back and soak up the heat, and I shall disrobe for you. Will you be pleased with what you see, I wonder?

“You are lying in the bath, all relaxed in the hot perfumed water, waiting for me to serve at your pleasure. Picture me at your feet, dear Becky, soaping my hands. We shall order you your own soap, the softest, finest soap money can buy, and you shall choose the perfumes to scent it with, but tonight, we shall use mine."

Releases 5 August. Buy links on my blog.