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Friday, July 31, 2015

First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Peggy Jaeger said...

by Peggy Jaeger
release date 9/25/15

He should let her sleep.
She looked so relaxed, so content in sleep. Her hair had fallen across one cheek in disarray as she lay on her side, her hand tucked under her chin. A small sweet smile clung to her lips.
She looked all of twelve years old. Innocent and young.
But she hadn’t looked like a child when she’d come unglued in his hands, or again when he’d been inside of her. No, then she’d looked like a fully ravished and ravishing woman. One who had taken his breath away and stolen his heart.

Erin OQuinn said...

Today I'm promoting SPARRING WITH SHADOWS, the second of four Gaslight Mysteries featuring a couple of 1920s PIs with an attitude. Here, the men are entering a "Molly house" or gay tavern, the meeting place for certain covert ops.

Paddy’s may have been named after a saint, but this rough tavern was the spawn of the devil. Simon saw groups and eddies of men, plastered together, as though seeking to become one flesh, dancing in a large circular area. The gaslight seemed to come from the ceiling, and the music from hornpipes and accordions seemed to swell from the floor, from the depths of hell itself.

Victoria Adams said...

Red Tulip - only using 1 line
"When was the last time you were offered the gift of a red tulip?"
Red Tulip
Victoria's Pages of Romance

A.H. Scott said...


Pammy wore a pink neon latex dress; short enough to show the other clubbers that she got her hair color from a bottle and not birth. And, neckline scooped to reveal those very perky and well paid for pair she was ever so proud of.

Sliding past all the other night crawlers standing there huddled like malnourished sheep to slaughter, Pammy brushed against the Thursday night man on the door, Oscar and was let inside.

All those outside could get their kicks from a quick blink of metered lights of varied colors and boomin’ bass.




A.H. Scott said...


It was at this moment in 1761, when Pepon's fate changed for the better. Lieutenant Arrieyenne spoke to Edgar DeSaviage about Casanova's imprisonment and release in 1758. Manon Balletti, one of Giacomo Casanova's great loves, procured his freedom with a pair of diamond earrings in 1758.

The fabled lover had received mercy from a long prison sentence at the bequest of a beautiful woman. And, this is the story which followed through the years.

Preparing his office for the cleaners, Lieutenant Hugo Arrieyenne and guard Edgar DeSaviage emptied out desk drawers onto the floor, revealing several varied sized items, including a small canvas satchel.




A.H. Scott said...


Nylons had already been placed over the armrest of a dark brown chair lined with velvet, as my shoes were neatly situated next to it. As for my panties, they were in good company of a folded, black skirt on the seat of that chair.

Redwood sliding doors opened, leaving only his silhouette against curtain of illumination. Turning around, he coupled the doors once more and approached with nonchalance as an accessory in darkness.

Poker player was what I had never been in my life; yet, I pretended to be one as he moved closer. I didn’t want him to pick up on my wobbliness in this moment. Lightly, our lips met.



Sophia Ryan said...

6 DAYS OF YOU by Sophia Ryan

The morning after having the best sex of my life, I woke up in Daryl’s arms, my nose pressed into the sleepy heat of his skin. I smiled, remembering what we’d done, all night long. Remembering what he’d whispered into my hair after our first time—“You make me happy.” He made me happy, too.

Snowbound over fall break, two heartbroken strangers find warmth and comfort in each other. Before it’s over, they’ll have to find the courage to face the love rising from the ashes of their blazing hot week of sex.

“Daryl and Lily find each other and oh man if that was the best love making. Seriously I was like... Holy gees! Wow! And Wowsers!” –GOODREADS REVIEW, 5 STARS

Wild Rose Press
Other Sophia Ryan Books

Kate Hill/Saloni Quinby said...

Candlelight flickered, mingling with the moonlight that shone through the rectangular windows of the small church in London. It was ten minutes past midnight and May, wearing an elegant burgundy gown trimmed with black, stood beside her soon to be husband, Blair.

She could scarcely believe the turn her life had taken since meeting Blair and she’d never imagined that she would marry a man like him, or that such a man even existed.

Scarlet Nights: Hungry Novice
by Kate Hill

Anne Stenhouse said...

Daisy's Dilemma by Anne Stenhouse

Daisy turned over in her bed and sat up abruptly.
“Reuben,” she breathed the word onto the night dark air. With an impatient thrust she pushed aside the bedding and tipped her weight over the edge. This was another hopeless dream of his return, and she was cross with herself for believing it again.
Only, there was music. Haunting melodies hung suspended in her memory and she could not quite convince herself it was a trick played by an exhausted brain. Her head played fewer tricks in recent months, but since she’d begun to notice Reuben among the summer visitors at concerts and across the park or the crowded shopping streets, vivid dreams had come again.

Daisy's Dilemma is available from many online stores. Here's amazon US UK CA AU

Janice Croom said...


There are some days I’d love to bottle up and save: the day I graduated summa cum laude, the days I married and divorced my ex, and if everything worked out, today.

Ever had a boss you'd happily kill?
Somebody beat her to it.
Death of an Idiot Boss
Available on Amazon

Amazon Page Idiot Boss
Janice Croom web site

Rochelle Weber said...

“Excuse me. I’m sure this’ll cover my food, and someone needs to clean the ladies’ room.” Kristen Jensen addressed the manager of the restaurant, proffering twenty dollars, her face hot. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in her life, as she made her way out of the restaurant with her coat hiding her soaking-wet size 4X sweats.

Jude Knight said...

A chapter beginning from more than half way through A Baron for Becky.

Becky marked time by Before the Day Aldridge Came, and After. Before, she had been shut off from the world by thick, wavy glass. She could barely see or hear without diligent concentration.

Released this coming Wednesday, it tells the story of a fallen woman and the two men who conspire to help her land on her feet.

Jana Richards said...

Hi! Here's the opening from ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID, Book 3 in my Left at the Altar series:

This was it, definitely. She'd never be a bridesmaid again. She really meant it this time.

Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Melody Jerva said...

Ella's Gifts
The first 3 lines from chapter 5.

The Mozart flowing gracefully through the air would have been calming, if not for the sight that greeted Rett early that Sunday morning. When he walked into a small art studio on the east side, he couldn't take his eyes off of the scene. Intermittent flashes from the forensic photographer swept through the room.