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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Seven!

Today's meme highlights a 7-sentence snippet from your novel. In comments, share seven enticing sentences to make us hungry for more. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Peggy Jaeger said...

by Peggy Jaeger
release date 9/23/15 the Wild Rose Press

“Have you ever been friends with a girl before?” she finally asked.
“Yes. Friends.”
“Have a beer and shoot some pool friends? Or the
kind with benefits?”
She laughed out loud, shook her head and grinned.
“Have you ever been friends with a girl without having sex mixed into the equation?”
“Not since I was sixteen,” he admitted and then felt his neck heat.“Why?”

Erin OQuinn said...

In this passage from SPARRING WITH SHADOWS, a foot massage morphs into something else:

He watched Michael’s face as his own fingers began a slow dance on his rigid flesh. He saw the large man shut his eyes and heard him whisper, choking out words that sent another flame chasing up his arse, “Take me, love.”

And he did. With palms and fingers and tongue and lips, Simon sank into a rapturous dance that held all the secret longing and passion he’d ever in his life felt for another human being. He knew Michael was a man of huge capacity who would accept even the roughest kind of sex play. Incapable of that, he merely licked and stroked, suckled and feasted until the monster erupted, and Michael’s voice was a roar of release.

He tasted the pungency of the seed, and he swallowed it.

gay romance mystery 2
Post-steampunk PIs with an attitude.

Laurel Richards said...

Snippet from A Stellar Affair by Laurel Richards (@Laurel_R_books):

How could she be attracted to someone she didn’t trust? It was Jack’s job to deceive her, but he acted so nice. She doubted he held Tarrin or Slade in his arms and tried to comfort them the way he did her.

It seemed like maybe he was trying to have it both ways. He needed to be the good, friendly Jackson Deimos who repaired the broken victims of the universe, but his own people required him to be the cunning precept who protected them. Ardra couldn’t even fault his motives. She didn’t want to see anyone attacked, even if they were supposed to be the enemy.

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Laurel Richards website:

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From The Aphrodite Touch by Romy Gemmell - romance and mythology on Cyprus!

“Ah, one glance from your eyes, sweet Aphrodite, and the youth is awakening at last.”

They stood on the highest step of the ruined amphitheatre and watched as Jamie and Carla walked arm in arm to their car. Already, Aphrodite knew they had reached a new level of closeness, for a short time at least.

“They are a handsome pair, Adonis. Perhaps we might enjoy a small flirtation with them before they leave the island.” She smiled into his eyes, knowing he took little persuasion. “We should take a swim tomorrow.”

“So long as we are careful with their fragile human feelings."


Anna Durand said...

Excerpt from Intuition:

The weight of her ardor bore down on her, shortening breaths, flaming over her skin. His eyes transfixed her until she felt herself spiraling down into their depths, but instead of recoiling, she reveled in the sensation. Join with me, he'd offered, and oh did she want to.

His lips explored hers with a beguiling tenderness. He savored her taste, just as she savored his. Her body yielded to the ravenous fire and everything else, the entirety of the universe, vanished from her perception as they plunged into a pocket world of their own.

He scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom.

Available from
My website

Janice Croom said...

Death of an Island Tart

I hesitated at Terrence’s door. I was the one who'd messed up; what would he think when he saw me? I knew what I wanted him to think. Like Charlene said, ‘This outfit was the ribbon on a package designed to be unwrapped.’ Let the unwrapping begin.

I knocked. When the door opened, Terrence wasn’t the one standing there.

Death of an Island Tart available on Amazon

Janice Croom web site

Jana Richards said...

This is from HOME FIRES, a WW2 novella:

She whirled around to glare at him, her eyes blazing. “No! I’m not a child! I don’t have to be molly-coddled and baby-sat. I spent six years in a war zone, hiding in bomb shelters, never having enough to eat. I worked in a hospital treating blitz victims with wounds so horrendous grown men would gag to look at them. I faced those horrors every day. Sometimes things were so bad I thought I couldn’t go on. But I did. Because I had to. And I’ll face things here too. So don’t tell me to give up because I won’t!”

Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Jude Knight said...

From A Baron for Becky

A nightshirt! He hadn’t realised he even owned such a piece of attire. But he felt the need to reassure her she was in no danger of being forced to endure his attentions. Indeed, when his ardour rose at the touch and smell of her, just the thought of the horrors she had been through was enough to shrivel him again.

Slowly, it dawned on him that he had fallen in love with his wife. Fallen in love with her, been severed from her, and missed her like a lost limb. It was too late now. If only he had told her! He couldn’t force the words on her now, when he had hurt her so badly, and she so clearly regretted marrying him.

bluemistlizzi said...

A Long Trail Rolling
Lizzi Tremayne
She relaxed the death-grip on her shashka, removing its tip from Xavier's throat. Her gaze met his smooth cocoa eyes fringed by long, black lashes, crinkles of laughter showing at their corners. Aleksandra's bronze-skinned benefactor had the look of a dark Spanish lord.

'The vixen has teeth,' Xavier said with a grin.
Aleksandra gave him the ghost of a smile, then frowned at his hands still upon her. White scars crisscrossed his right one, and his knuckles. He let go of her and stepped back from her side.

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