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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday Blog Party! #blog

Are you an author who also blogs? It's a terrific way to show just how versatile your writing is. Today's meme highlights our blog posts for the past week. In comments, share your blog topics along with your blog link so visitors can go read them

Why not scroll through the participants and do some visiting yourself?  Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

This week my blog post was in the form of a weekendcoffeeshare, tagging that sits you down to coffee with friends. Like Exquisite Quills, it is a fun way to get your voice to new friends.
All such posts are supposed to begin with "If we were having coffee ..." and then you go on to have your friendly share.
Today's title, "Violating My Own Rules" is a reference to my blog header where I say I write "about lots of stuff like cats & books & food but not shoes."
Ah, but THIS TIME, "I gotta talk about the shoes ..."
It's a fun homage to my talented wife and a tiny peek into the secret world of dancers. Please visit, like, & comment,

Kryssie Fortune said...

This week, I posted on Saturday Spanks. My new erotic novella includes spanking and more.
WARNING - This excerpt is hot and explicit

Barbara White Daille said...

Thanks for the invitation to the blog party!

My blog is The Daille-y News: The Daille-y News (Blog) and is part of my website.

Right now, I'm participating in a blog exchange of romantic ideas for your summer. My guests have included authors such as Linda O'Connor and Marianne Rice.

Upcoming this week are Tina Gayle and Stacy Juba. I hope you can drop by to say hello to them.

As of August, I go back to "regularly" scheduled programming, which means all kinds of posts: guest bloggers, teasers and snippets, Wednesday Wisdom, blog-only giveaways, and of course, writing news and other general blog posts.

Check out yesterday's weekly wrap-up for Spotlight news and a very fun Throwback pic!

Hope to see you over there.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi All...this past week at my TITLE MAGIC blog I feature:

Volcano's Angelic Forecast Headlines ... this is a new version of what was Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast

THEN, a blog titled ~Montana and Knights Templar In North America~

LASTLY, My Sexy Saturday ~ RED LIONESS TAMED ~ erotically splendid for him

Augustine Sam said...

My blog, AuthorSuite, is about books, wisecracks, poetry, and news review. Being a journalist, some of my posts are current affairs & news commentaries. My current post is "Willful Ignorance & the Danger of Populism." Yes, it's about politics, and politics is like sex, it fills people with euphoria, expectancy, and a shallow, reckless acquiescence that’s akin to madness. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Read it here: