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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Snippet Sunday

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet One to Four sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Anonymous said...

Snippet from "Passion's Last Promise", book 4 in my Club Aegis series, currently on pre-order, available on 19 July 2016:

The steaks wouldn’t take long. She liked hers rare, but Simon’s preference was one of life’s many unknowns.

Time to beard the lion in his den. If only she had a chair and a whip to hand.

Christie Adams website

Amazon author page

Thanks for the opportunity to post!

thefensk said...

This snippett is basically what The Fever is about:
He told grandpa ‘ya gotta follow the devil and look for the table, then turn around and you’ll see the why of it.’ That’s what he told grandpa ... remember it ... I know it don’t make no sense, but it ain’t supposed to until you get there. You just have to keep searching until it does make sense ... a fortune, that’s what I’m giving you, a fortune.” Slim coughed for half a minute, exhausted from his exertion.
Available for FREE all month!
Details and links:

LindaRae said...

The Epiphany of an Explorer by Linda Rae Sande

“Do you always gawk like that?”

The voice was definitely feminine. Definitely alluring. And quite possibly that of a siren. Having read Homer’s epic poems, Harry was well aware
of what a siren was capable of doing. Luring a man first to her
and then to his death beneath the ocean’s waves.

He realized he might actually be willing to drown should this one call him into the water.

gemwriter said...

From new release A TAMING SEASON: A Love at Lake George Novel
Going on Kindle Countdown July 18!

Reboot. Restore to an earlier time.
It was happening.
Jason turned, cupping her face. His hands smelled vaguely like leather and oil, a strangely appealing, masculine scent.

Book Trailer
A Taming Season

Barbara White Daille said...

Sharing a snippet from Cowboy in Charge, my new release:

**I’d be better off without you.**

Layne’s voice had cracked on the words but she’d stood firm, her arms crossed over her chest and her chin held high. Her eyes were bright, not with the softness of tears but with the hard flint of anger.

Amazon Author Page

I'd love to have you visit me at:

Barbara Brett said...

Barbara Brett

This snippet is from SIZZLE: Where the Boardroom Meets the Bedroom by Barbara Brett

"You're an extraordinary woman."

"If I weren't, you wouldn't be so interested in taking me to bed, would you?"

Neither spoke, but words were unnecessary. They were two of a kind, creatures who had fashioned themselves in the image of their own wants and needs. They understood each other as no other person on earth could...

Amazon author page:

Anne Stenhouse said...

The opening of Bella's Betrothal is dramatic, I hope:
>Dalkeith 1826
"I trust, Ma'am, you will not scream."<

Bella's Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse

Savanna Kougar said...

R-Snippet from RED LIONESS TAMED, a shapeshifter sci-fi novella.

Draxen brushed his fingertip around her peaked nipple. The shape of her breast, her rigid nipple, was stunning to his eye beneath the silky fabric.

With her strength returning, he trapped her wrists in one hand, even as she attempted to deny him. Every male instinct compelled him to bind her to him.

Through the month of July you can purchase RED LIONESS TAMED at Smashwords for 25% off. ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run On the Wild Side of Romance

Frank H Jordan said...

Wolf stood by the bed, bare to the waist, staring at his unexpected visitor. At his questioning frown, she tilted her head and said, ‘Well … we are married. Sort of.’
He grew very still and fixed her with an intense, dark-eyed gaze before saying slowly in a deep, gravelly voice, ‘Works for me.’
As he moved toward her, she reached behind and turned off the lights.

THE MODEEN FACTOR, book 1 in the series by Frank H Jordan, & currently on sale at all retailers :)