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Monday, July 18, 2016

Wash Line Monday!

Our Monday meme shines a light on apparel. From Regency to Steampunk, and everything in between, we dress our characters to reflect the story we want to tell.

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that describes what your heroes, heroines, or bit players are wearing. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Dressing our Characters on Exquisite Quills' Wash Line Monday!   


Anonymous said...

The Image of Her by Lorna Peel

On Saturday evening, Matthew parked his car at the side of the cottage as Rachel came out and pulled the front door closed. She was relieved in a way that this would be an internet-free evening. They were going to walk the mile and a half to her parents’ house for the retirement party, then get a taxi back to the cottage.

“You look great.” He kissed her. “All new?”

“Yep.” She laughed, glad he always noticed what she wore. "Went on a bit of a spree yesterday.”

The pale blue strappy dress and jacket had been very expensive but wouldn’t date. God, she was beginning to sound like her mother.

“The formal end of my wardrobe is a complete disaster.” He sighed. “There’s either my ‘clergyman suits’ or this one.” He pointed at the brown suit. “At least I can jazz it up with a colourful shirt.”

“Well, I think you’re gorgeous.” She brushed imaginary dust from his shoulders and kissed him.

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Claire Gem said...

From new release A TAMING SEASON: A Love at Lake George Novel, on KindleCountDown Deals NOW!

Zoe was surprised when an hour later, Medina said she was ready to go shopping. She soon realized Medina was on a mission—to outfit Zoe for her fling. Every time she picked up a sweet feminine sundress, a pale pink tee shirt, or baby blue shorts, the corners of Dina’s mouth turned down. Pastels, she told Zoe, were out of the question.
“You don’t want to look all soft and feminine, Zo. You aren’t going in for a long-term catch here,” Dina insisted. “You want to show off what you’ve got. Get in, have fun, and get out. Before you get hurt.”
When she said that, Zoe’s heart did a little flip in her chest. That’s exactly what Jade had said.
Share your body with him if you want to. But don’t trust that boy with your heart.
Can I even do that?
“I’ve never tried separating the physical from the emotional, Dina. I don’t know if I can.”
Her friend turned on her, planting one fist on her cocked hip. “You can, and you will. You have to. You’re not ready for anything else, and we both know it.”
Zoe scowled down at the stretchy, jet-black tank Medina was holding out to her. “And what am I supposed to wear on the bottom? Painted on pants? It’s too long to even put a miniskirt under it.”
Medina slammed one hand against her forehead and muttered an oath in Spanish. “Sweetie, this is a dress, not a tank top.”
Oh. My dear. Short. Very short. This thing will barely cover the cheeks of my ass.
“We’re not talking love here. We’re talking lust. Here, try it on.” Dina thrust the hanger into Zoe’s hand. “You can’t catch a lover if you don’t put your wares on display.”

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Janis Susan May said...

from THE FAIR AMAZON, a traditional Regency romance

The older ladies’ planning had been perfect. From Sir Trevor’s viewpoint he could see both young women with ease. The differences between them were blatantly obvious, as was their surprise. It was all the two elder ladies could do to keep from grinning.
The moment she realized what was happening, Miss Wintersea had stood and turned, realizing too late that her lack of inches was in this case a distinct disadvantage. Regrettably, to scramble back into the too-tall chair was too undignified an action to be considered, so she simply stood there as if it were what she really wished to do.
What Diana really wished was to be far away at the moment. Her gown, an airy, highly-trimmed confection of purest white, complimented her dark looks and gave her a nearly exotic aspect. By comparison to the other lady, it also was obvious that it had come from a less than premiere modiste; even worse, the fashionable profusion of lace and floss knots made her look almost as if she had suffered an unfortunate collision with a bag of feathers.
Startled, Georgina stopped short and unconsciously presented herself in the most flattering aspect. She was clad in a gown so simple it might have been called severe. The underdress was of the palest gold satin and topped with a gauzy overdress of cream randomly shot with gold threads that winked faintly in the light. Around her neck was a single enormous citrine borrowed from her godmother; smaller citrines flashed in her ears. Her guinea-gold hair, its pure color emphasized by the gold of her gown, had been let grow long for the convenience of pinning it out of the way and had not been cut; now it was piled into a simple corona like a crown around her head, with only a few careful tendrils allowed to fall about her face. Pale and cool and elegant, she could have been a fairy queen, or even a real queen, if any of them had such exquisite taste.

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Michele Drier said...

SNAP: I, Vampire
Book Nine of The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles
Now, I never gained any weight. My face never added any wrinkles. My skin was always clear. Pale, because I was never in the sun, but no marks or scars. I made myself a mental note to try spray tan during the summer for a mild deception.
And I’d bought a computer program. All of my clothes were scanned in and bar-coded. Elise and I would go into the dressing room...huge with clothing racks, shoe racks, drawers full of lingerie, sweaters, tops, scarves. I’d pick out an outfit and it would show up on the massive monitor, superimposed over my body. The program allowed me to turn around so that I saw all angles, plus Elise had scanned in hair styles.
Once dressed, she’d do my make-up. Easy-peasy, fast and accurate.
Shopping was an experience. I had a video taken on my phone as I slowly turned so that I saw all sides as well as how the clothing moved with my body. When it came to casual clothes and lingerie, I ordered online, knowing that they’d all fit.
Jean-Louis’ daily clothes routine gave me the style I needed for the coming night.
Today—one language habit I couldn’t change was the constant use of “day”, but everybody involved with SNAP used this—was going to be a work day, judging from his suit. I chose a simple soft wool dress, long-sleeved, knee-length, scooped neck, in a hunter green, and matched it with soft, soft knee-length short-heeled black leather boots.
Some chunky gold jewelry and I was ready for work at home or for meetings in the office.

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Alicia Hope said...

From CAFE BIRDS: A FINE CANARY SANG, book 5 in the Cafe Birds chick lit series (complete series also available as a boxed set).

Inside the violins faded, replaced by Chicago’s romantic 'You’re the Inspiration', as the chauffeur opened the back door of the car and a vision in ivory lace and satin emerged, to a round of awed gasps.
Flicking the sheer blusher veil over her face, revealing as she did so a pearled and beaded Alencon lace Juliet cap, Grace made her way slowly, regally, up the steps, which had been covered with a length of carpet and strewn with rose petals.
The fitted bodice of her A-line gown featured lace over a satin sweetheart neckline, and the scalloped edges of the long lace sleeves ended just above her knuckles. The lacy edge of her mostly sheer circular veil trailed behind the gown’s court-length train, and her driver hurried to gather it and follow her up the stairs.
When she lifted the front of the voluminous skirt, her audience glimpsed a pair of embroidered court shoes, and as she turned to thank the driver and take something from him, they spied the back of the gown’s lace bodice and the gathered satin ruffle at the waist.
Megan gave a drawn-out whistle and murmured, ‘No surprises there, the look’s all Princess Grace,’ while the others merely stared as the bride entered the ballroom.
In one hand she held a simple lily of the valley ribboned bouquet, and in the other, a gilded birdcage. Two gleaming wedding rings were tied in a silver bow at the top of the cage.
‘Oh!’ Caitlin gasped, ‘she brought Sweetness!’
‘You mean to say,’ Nita whispered to no one in particular, ‘her only attendant is a CANARY?’
Megan rolled her eyes and muttered drily, ‘We shouldn’t have expected anything BUT at Grace Kelly Winterbottom’s wedding!’ (or for the boxed set)