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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Introducing - ta da! Jane Leopold Quinn

Introducing myself - Jane Leopold Quinn!

I think I'll follow Rose's lead and introduce some of my books with six sentences.  No one was more surprised than I was when I first started writing and discovered that I was writing erotic romance.  I knew it was all in my mind all those years.  I just didn't know I could "say" those things aloud - on paper - on the screen.  Turns out I could and I did. 

I've written mostly M/F romance, but have branched out to M/M, ménage, and F/F.  My books are time travel, historical western, and contemporary.  I guess I can't narrow myself down to one genre.  More fun this way.

Okay, here are some covers and samples of my work.

In a small New England town, Gil falls for an older woman. Faye, recently widowed does not know how to deal with this man's passion…
What would it be like to massage those thick muscles stretching across his shoulders? He’d worn jeans and a T-shirt that showed off his well-toned chest and muscular arms to perfection.
He caught her staring, and their gazes held for an endless moment. She saw interest in his eyes. Her heart fluttered in her breast. Licking her lips and looking away in dismay, she feared she sent him the wrong message with all her furtive gawking.
Ancient Ties is a time travel to 2nd Century Roman Britain, one of my favorite time periods. Janney and Marek have fallen in love. Have you ever fantasized about the eroticism of making love with a hunky man in the dim, steamy confines of a Roman bath? Live the fantasy when Marek carries Janney to the baths in his villa...

      From her position lying back against his chest in a hypnotized state, eyes narrowed, breathing shallow, she watched his hands slipping over and around her breasts. Her tongue scraped her upper teeth. She hadn’t known before how much pleasure there could be in watching him squeeze and play with her. She arched up into his hands. Even well acquainted with his lovemaking, she still marveled at what he could do to her body. Uncontrollably, she stretched again, offering even more of herself. “Ahhh, God.”
Pres was waiting for the mail order brides, spotted one, and immediately wondered why she seemed cranky. The only plan Isis has is to open a library in this tiny Western town. She does NOT want a husband.
Pres lifted her in his arms, pivoted, and they went down together onto the cushion of thick grass. Her soft body above him, then under him, her lips open, he got lost in the craving of her. He ate at her mouth, controlling her head in one hand and working on the buttons of her tunic with the other. Opening them, he splayed a hand over the full lift of her breasts, round and firm, just the way he liked. Womanly and fine, he couldn’t get enough of her. He trailed his lips down her neck, nipped and licked, his tongue laving her collarbone.

Welcome to the wonderful writers of Exquisite Quills.  I hope you enjoy the diversity of our work!
Jane Leopold Quinn
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Rose Anderson said...

I like how to move through different types of stories. And I agree, it is more fun to mix it up!