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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Kiss Wednesday

Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.
Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do for First Kiss Wednesdays.  In the comment box, give us a maximum of 300 words of the first kiss of a published work or a work-in-progress and one link to your website or blog or Amazon Author Page. 
Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)


E.Ayers said...

This is the first kiss between Adie and Frank in my western historical (1895) A Christmas Far From Home which is available in Sweetwater Springs Christmas an anthology of sweet heart-warming stories by New York Times best-seller Debra Holland and Friends.

Adie put her hands on Frank's big shoulders and smiled back at him. "Ja. It is Christmas Eve. Our first one together."
He leaned down and touched his lips to hers.
The most amazing tingly sensation ran through her entire body. She had dreamed of this moment for years, wondered what it would be like to feel his lips on hers, and now it had happened. It was better than anything she had ever known. When his lips parted from hers, she had to catch her breath. "That was the most wonderful Christmas present I have ever had."
"Then I will kiss you, again, so you never forget."
He held her tight and kissed her for the longest time. She forgot how to breathe, and her knees weakened. She clung to him as he held her against his body. Her body warmed. Realizing they were kissing in the open made her push away from him. Heat flowed from her chest up to her cheeks.
He chuckled. "I've never kissed anyone like that."
"Neither have I." She grinned. "I like being kissed."
"I like kissing you."
Malene coughed.
Adie looked over her shoulder at her sister and felt the flame that covered her cheeks.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Realizing it was a big risk to escalate things, still, she lifted her hand to his face, sliding her fingers through his beard. She moaned at how much silkier it was than she’d imagined a man’s beard could be.

He stiffened, blinked once in surprise.

She grazed his lips with her thumb. Smooth. She traced the sculpted lines. He bit at his lip, his tongue swiping her thumb. She gasped, and her rapidly thumping heart told her to kiss him.

Suddenly, there was a wild look in his eyes, a questioning look.
God, she’d made a fool of herself. He didn’t feel the same powerful pull. “Oh.” Panicking, her heart pattered wildly. She was lightheaded and hot.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

The sexy growl from deep in his throat took her breath away. The spark snapped into a full-on explosion, and she found herself flat on her back, those soft, smooth lips open to cover hers. His tongue speared inside her mouth, and he kissed the living daylights out of her.

Leaning on his elbow, he cupped her head with one hand, and petted her body with the other.

Her lips opened in a gasp at the streaks of pleasure racing from her breast to her belly, and lower. Eagerly, he filled her mouth with his sweet, thick, rough tongue, pumping, tracing and thoroughly exploring every corner in devastatingly sensual glides. She didn’t know where her heat ended and his began.

She moaned, suckled his tongue passionately, gripping the strands of his beard. When his kiss took her more fiercely, she slid her arms around his shoulders, stroked fingers through his hair. She circled his nape and pulled him toward her, straining upward, wanting to feel his chest on her breasts. That solid, magnificent chest. Shaking, she gripped his robe, fingers creeping underneath.

This is from my erotic M/F, Mercenary Desires. In Egypt, Rowdy is hired to rescue Sara from a kidnapping.

Barbara Mikula said...

It's finally release day for Cassandra's Revenge - The Singles Cruise- Book 4 of the Golden Dolphin series by Skye Michaels available on

College sophomore, Beau Bainbridge, stood high school senior, Cassandra St. Clare, up on senior prom night and she never heard from him again - until 15 years later when she runs across him on a BDSM singles cruise on the Golden Dolphin. He doesn't recognize her, but she recognizes him! Our Southern boy, Beau, is in for a rough ride, and Cassie is just the Southern girl to give it to him, bless his heart.

Cassandra’s Revenge by Skye Michaels - Book 4 of the Golden Dolphin Series – Coming in November
M/F - BDSM/Erotic Romance/Contemporary/Heat Level: Scorching

Once in the theme room, Beau closed the door and turned to Sandy. He took her in his arms for a searing kiss. She whimpered when he lifted his head. He dropped his voice into the Dom range and said, “Strip and assume the position, sub. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for days. I don’t know what it is about you that intrigues me so much, but I’m going to find out.”
“Yes, Master.” She proceeded to remove her dress and high heels and dropped to her knees with thighs spread. He gently moved her knees a little more. He could see it made her uncomfortable to be so open to him. Before the night was over, he planned to have invaded Ms. Sinclair’s private space multiple times in every way he could think of.

Neil Plakcy said...

Before Aidan realized Liam was moving, the big bodyguard was right next to him, his arms wrapped around Aidan, his lips on Aidan’s lips.

Aidan hadn’t kissed anyone but Blake in years, and it had been a long time since Blake had really kissed him. Liam’s lips were chapped and his beard was rough, but there was such passion in the kiss that Aidan’s head spun.

With his big hands, Liam pulled Aidan close, their bodies meshed together, and Aidan felt the smooth leather of Liam’s vest, the heat rising from his bare chest.

Aidan understood the meaning of the word swoon. He felt light on his feet, his heart racing, all sensation gathered at those points where his body met Liam’s. Those lips! Pressed against his own, at first confused, now yielding, his mouth opening a little against the assault. Inhaling Liam’s scent, Liam’s arms wrapped around him, pulling their bodies close.

Marcia James said...

The following is the first kiss of my secondary hero and heroine in Sex and the Single Therapist, a romantic mystery. The couple, Ryan and Leslie, had just started to date eight months before, when a traumatic incident estranged them. To read an excerpt from this and my other books, please visit: Thank you to the Exquisite Quills blog for this chance to share this First Kiss!

The warmth of her hand against his lips was unbearably erotic. Ryan pressed a kiss to her palm, and her pulse stuttered. “Give me a second chance,” he urged. “We can start slow, get to know each other again.”
Mischief lit her eyes. “Or we can finish what we started.”
Leslie grabbed his ears and tugged his face to hers, and when their lips met, Ryan saw stars. Control shattered, he pulled her into his arms and feasted like a starving man.

Sweet heaven. Leslie trembled at the taste of his warm mouth and the feel of his long lean body. If she didn’t get horizontal with this man immediately, she might instantaneously combust.
They fit together like an erotic, 3-D puzzle. The only things between them were a few pesky pieces of clothing. It was time to rectify that situation.
Without breaking the kiss, she ran her hands over his chest and fumbled with his shirt buttons. Leslie had two undone when he groaned and stopped her fingers with his.
“Leslie...” Ryan was breathing hard. “Wait...”
“Why?” With the lower part of his body still pressed hard against her, she knew he wasn’t disinterested.
“You know I want you. God, I want you. But, we can just date until you believe this isn’t just sex.” Ryan touched her cheek. “I want to show you how special you are to me.”
“You just did.” Leslie smiled, her heart so full it hurt. “And you are dumber than a box of rocks if you think I’m letting you walk away tonight.” She went back to work on his buttons.
With a half-laugh, half-groan, Ryan kissed her again. How had she made it through these months without him? She savored his taste as he swept his tongue inside to tangle with hers.

B.J. McCall said...

Kela’s Guardian by B.J. McCall
Kela, ordinary woman turned vampire hunter, is saved from a pack of fanged females by Ansara, a guardian who serves the warrior angels. Their first kiss takes place at her apartment. Ansara has promised he will keep her safe from the creatures of the night.

How long have you been a guardian?”
Ansara set his empty glass aside. “Using Earth time as a measurement, it’s been centuries.”
“You’re immortal?”
“I can die only at the hand of a demon.”
“I was hoping you were invincible.” Kela finished her wine and set the glass on the end table. “The vampires had me. If you hadn’t shown up, I would have died, or worse.”
Ansara clamped a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. “You’re not alone in this battle.”
For the first time since this ordeal began, Kela had someone who didn’t think she was crazy. Someone to stand by her side. She buried her face against Ansara’s chest. The rhythmic beating of his heart soothed her as much as his words.
You’re not alone.
She’d lost her parents, her fiancé and her best friend, but now she had a guardian.
Kela slid her arms around Ansara’s neck. She needed the warm contact, the physical connection to another being. Maybe she just wanted to make sure he was real. There were far too many hours when she’d doubted her sanity.
Ansara wrapped his arms around her, providing the strength and security she needed. The heat of his skin penetrated her tired muscles and all Kela wanted to do was to remain in his arms.
Ansara kissed her forehead, his lips hot against her cold skin.
Seeking his heat, Kela tilted her head and pressed her lips to his. Heat flashed through her, firing muscle and bone, searing every sensual sensor.
He tightened his hold and deepened the kiss.
His size and strength fueled a desperate fire. A needy moan tore from somewhere deep inside her. Drawn to his heat and strength, Kela wanted Ansara. She needed him to banish the cold and the fear dwelling in her soul.
She pressed her breasts to his chest, her invitation obvious.
When he raised his head, ending the kiss, Kela opened her eyes. She expected the heat in his eyes, but not the set of his mouth.
“You’re exhausted,” he said. “You need sleep more than sex.”
“Sex helps me sleep.”

“Don’t tempt me, Kela.”
“Guardians can’t have sex?”
“Let’s not talk about sex,” he said, stripping her down to her underwear.
Kela hoped he’d change his mind, but he tucked her into bed and pulled the blanket up and over her shoulders.
“So guardians do have sex?”
A grin touched his lips. “We have all the necessary equipment.”
Kela’s Guardian is published by Ellora’s Cave

Fiona McGier said...

In "For The Love Of His Life", famous action movie actor Raul Roderick is used to legions of groupies following him everywhere, and he rarely takes only one at a time, though he never wants to see any of them a second time. Now he's been sent to a town so remote there aren't any groupies, and his drug suppliers are far away. He's spent so much time alone he's actually found there is a real person inside of him, and that real man has fallen in love for the first time in his life...with a woman who says she can't believe anything he says because he 'lies for a living".

--They are on a picnic--

Raul tried to pay attention to her, but kept getting distracted watching the sun shine off of her long curls, as he imagined being able to bury his nose in her hair and breathe in her smell. His eyes must have looked unfocused, or Veronica noticed his lack of response to her words.
"Hey! Are you bored? I get the feeling you're not listening to me at all."
"I'm listening. I hear words...but I'm not paying attention to what you are saying."
"Why not?"
"Because all I can think of is how much I want to kiss you again. Your lips were so soft and warm. I want to taste them."
Veronica leaned back away from him slightly, "Why?"
"Because you're all I think about. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about when I'm going to sleep. I dream about you all night...but in my dreams I call you Nee-ca."
"Everyone else calls me Ronnie..."
"I don't want to use a name that everyone else uses. I want to have a name for you that's just mine. To show you how special I think you are."
Veronica shook her head, smiling sadly, "That's just because I'm the only woman you've been seeing lately. You're going through withdrawals since you don't have your usual legion of female groupies throwing themselves at you. You'll get over it when the rest of the crew gets here and people start treating you like the important movie star that you are."
"I don't want to get over it. I've never felt anything real for any other woman except my Mom. But what I feel for you is growing stronger every day that I see you, and spent time with you, and learn from you how to be a better man. I don't want that to stop."
Veronica stared at him, "Really?"
Raul felt his pulse racing at the thought that she was sitting still next to him, so it was only a matter of him leaning forward just a little bit and their lips would touch. So he did.
Veronica leaned into the kiss and closed her eyes. Raul closed his also, enjoying the soft, warm caress of her lips. He lingered over that first kiss, and she opened her mouth slightly to sigh. He covered her lips with his again, and boldly licked at her mouth. She opened it even more to allow him to explore her mouth, and her tongue met his and caressed him back.
Raul groaned. He balanced himself with one hand on the ground, and raised the other one to caress the side of Veronica's face, his fingers moving back into her hair to feel the silky strands that really were as soft as they looked. Their kiss grew in intensity, the passion of the moment possessing them both.

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Cornelia said...

Calin rolled his tongue across his lips, leaving them slick and wet.
She tilted her chin up. Energy pulsated in her, increasing
as fast as her heartbeat. He leaned his head closer. She could barely breathe.His smooth lips touched hers. She slid her hand from his
shoulder to the nape of his neck and clung tightly, tangling her fingers in the short strands of his hair, pressing his lips harder onto hers. She tossed her head back. In response, he grabbed her tighter. She parted her lips, opening to his tongue’s velvet touch.
Her heart raced as he plunged his tongue inside her mouth.
She shut her eyes, consumed by his scent, the sound of his breathing, the intoxicating taste of scotch on his tongue and the heat of his muscular body bracing her. The roof of her mouth tingled as he swept his soft tongue across it. She reached for his tongue with hers and they tangled and twisted together. He withdrew his tongue nearly out of her mouth, then darted it
between her lips, plunging deep. She melted in his arms, drunk with fiery pleasure from the long, thorough kiss.
From - Ever So Bonnie A Vampire by Cornelia Amiri