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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Kiss Wednesday

Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.
Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do for First Kiss Wednesdays.  In the comment box, give us a maximum of 300 words of the first kiss of a published work or a work-in-progress and one link to your website or blog or Amazon Author Page. 
Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)


Jane Leopold Quinn said...
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Jane Leopold Quinn said...

First Kiss from A.Y. Stratton

His heart pounding, Nathan sat straight up on the couch. Silence and then another scream, a scream so loud Nathan thought someone was dying next to him on the couch. He snatched his weapon from under the pillow, flung off the blanket, and bolted toward the bedroom.

Kate was sitting up in the dark sobbing, “No, don’t shoot, please don’t shoot!” over and over. Nathan re-engaged the safety on the gun before he set it on the nightstand and then he reached for her hands, pulled her to his chest, and slid into the bed beside her.

“Shh,” he whispered, as he settled the covers over both of them and enfolded her in his arms. “It’s all right, sweetheart, I’m here now. We’re both safe.” He wasn’t sure why he had called her sweetheart, but it sounded soothing. At least he hoped it did.

For sure he’d never, ever had to lie in bed next to a sexy woman or any woman while she was screaming. He turned her face to his chest and wrapped his arms around her.

Gradually her screams became sobs and then whimpers. Her jagged breaths slowed and evened out. Nathan stroked her hair and breathed in and out when she did.

Lying there was torture. He feared she would notice his arousal, but he didn’t dare stop holding her and soothing her, touching soft hair that smelled like those little purple flowers blooming on his grandmother’s bushes in the spring.

Lilacs. Or were they called lavender?

When he could tell she’d finally fallen asleep, nestled peacefully in his arms, he knew sleep would not return for him. His mind was building scenes of her on the beach in a bikini, or maybe no bikini. He rested his lips on her forehead. It wasn’t a kiss exactly and pushed the dream from his head.

BURIED SECRETS by A. Y. Stratton
Witnesses to murder, bound to secrecy,
denying their desire.

BURIED HEART by A.Y. Stratton
A perilous quest. An ancient Mayan codex.
Jealousy and desire.

Lexi Post said...

A first kiss from Synn to Rena in MASQUE by Lexi Post

Her gaze shifted to his eyes and for a moment they revealed such heartbreaking anguish that all sexual heat fled and her stomach tightened into a sorrowful knot. He shuttered his gaze and smirked. “Were you looking for something?”

Confused, and more than a little distracted by the man’s emotions and his highly defined pectoral muscles, one of which had a fist-sized dark spot, she grasped for logic. “Yes, the sunset.”

“Ah, then you are just in time.” He stepped to the side, bowed and swept his hand toward the battlement. “It’s ready for you, my lady.”

She searched his eyes for any sign that he made fun of her, but found only sincerity. “Thank you.”

She stepped up to the place next to him as indicated and gazed across the town. As she suspected, the ocean was a few blocks past the shops and it glittered red as the setting sun shimmered off its dark surface, its waves lifting and lowering the dazzling color as it moved.

“This is breathtaking.”

“Yes, it is.”

His tone made her glance up, and she found him staring at her. She swallowed.

He released her hair from its clip and the breeze swept it from her face. She couldn’t have looked away from his eyes even if the sun had turned green.

He cupped her jaw with his hand. “You are exquisite.”

Her breath hitched at his words, but her mouth parted as his face drew closer to hers. When their lips were but a breath away, he spoke again. “You are made for passion, Rena.”

She let her eyes close, his words shooting pure desire through her, and then his full lips were upon hers.

Barbara Mikula said...

Here's the first kiss from Cassandra's Revenge by Skye Michaels available on

Cassandra’s Revenge by Skye Michaels - Book 4 of the Golden Dolphin Series – Coming in November
M/F - BDSM/Erotic Romance/Contemporary/Heat Level: Scorching

Once in the theme room, Beau closed the door and turned to Sandy. He took her in his arms for a searing kiss. She whimpered when he lifted his head. He dropped his voice into the Dom range and said, “Strip and assume the position, sub. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for days. I don’t know what it is about you that intrigues me so much, but I’m going to find out.”

Sylvia said...

Here's the first kiss from The Christmas Bride by Sylvia McDaniel available from Amazon

“I think you’re afraid. And you don’t want anyone to know that the fearless Eugenia is scared.”
“Nonsense,” she said, her voice soft and breathless.
“Then prove it to me, Eugenia, show me you’re not afraid of my kiss.”
She reached up and hesitantly kissed his lips. He pulled her into his arms and laid his mouth over hers. He kissed her with all the loneliness he’d hidden pouring from his heart onto her lips. He kissed her like a man dying of thirst. He kissed her like he couldn’t get enough of her.
After a startled moment, she wrapped her arms around him and clung to him as his lips claimed hers, made her his in every sense. He wanted her to know exactly what she was getting into if she married him. He wanted to leave her panting and restless with desire for him.
Abruptly he broke off the kiss, his body tense, and his loins tight. Slowly she opened her eyes, her breathing raspy, and her lips swollen.
She pushed away from him walking deeper into the yard. “Damn it, Wyatt Jones. You had no right to kiss me. You had no right to…”
“You kissed me,” he reminded her.
He couldn’t restrain his smile. He’d accomplished exactly what he’d wanted. Eugenia Burnett was a woman filled with passion she’d hidden away. He’d hopefully just unlocked her desire and left her wanting.
“Honey, come back here and I’ll soothe that hurt,” he promised his voice low and sensual. He wanted her back in his arms. He wanted a second kiss. A second opportunity to show her the passion between them.
“The hell you will. Go home, Wyatt. Go back to your ranch and leave me alone. I don’t want to get married.”

David Russell said...

First Kiss from 'Explorations' by David Russell

Their dark outfits made a spectral blend, poised to melt into each other. The non-verbal was sustained, as they mentally undressed—first each other, then themselves, down to their bathing suits, at the water's edge, ready for the plunge.


She gave him a sustained gaze. "Hmm, hope I'm not being intrusive. I've been keeping an eye on you in the swimming pool for some time. You're looking really good now—got into swimming well . . . must admit I was a bit worried about you before . . .”
"I just had to come in the water with you. And then, when I saw you at the art class, I was just dying to pose for you. I was secretly longing for the model not to turn up so that I would have my chance."
Janice unbuttoned Cedric's jacket, felt his shoulders and his chest. "You've got your body in trim and you can really carry yourself in trunks. Clothes look good on you, but your height of fashion is around your loins."
* * * *
Elation welled up in them both. Chemistry and magnetism made their chain-reaction, slowly edging their heads towards one another, lips meeting eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, chins, each other. Two deep-drawn breaths were held for an ecstatic clinch with tongues. Her hand rose to his crown, massaged him through that full, drawn-out embrace.
His left hand unbuttoned her jacket, feeling her shoulder pressing from waist to hip. Breeze-like, his right raised her skirt, to rest on her thigh as high as was aesthetic at that moment. Her centre took the signal, hips pressing forward. The two of them had dived and surfaced in love's stream. Aquiver, they drew back.
"You're so lovely," he panted, "I want to see you undressed."

Savanna Kougar said...

This FIRST KISS is from my flash-scene novel that is now being formatted for Indie publishing. Originally it was written day-by-day as a free read.

"His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth"

Sylva felt herself pulled upwards in a gentlemanly manner. Tempted to use her own skill to flip him into the mud puddle, she decided his impressive reflexes would take her down with him. Keeping her muddy hand, he drilled his gaze down to her soul, then used the rope to force her closer. The brilliant glints in his eyes had her wondering what color his eyes were. Damn it to hell, she should knee him in his arrogant, okay, handsome groin, and make a run for it in her *tip me over* heels. “Planning to hogtie me, whoever you are?”

Zeke had never felt so savage for a woman. He didn’t think it was because she now belonged to him. Her womanly fragrance, like warm honey and blooming sage, filled him up more than a prime steak dinner. Her face was what a man dreamed about when he rode the land for days at a time, lonely. Her lips were made for a man’s pleasure. Her hair tumbled beautifully. His bride wasn’t from around these parts if she didn’t know him, for damn sky certain. “Zeke Dhurago Vintorr, from the ranch, Sunrise Two Rivers.” He jerked her flat against him.


Sylva collided with his rock-solid chest, the buttons of his vest, his holster belt and a bulge she would call Sears’ tower impressive. His rope held her prisoner as his mouth dived for hers, capturing. Forced backwards over his impossibly strong arm, Sylva felt herself kissed with such raw passion, she was stunned at first. When her own passion surged wildly, she hooked her fingers in the wide leather of his belt, and kissed him back, measure for measure. Her blood turned to fire. The tightened loop around her shoulders suddenly felt damn erotic. But hell! What was she doing?

Happy holidays, Savanna

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ ~

Susan Macatee said...

This is from my Civil War romance, The Christmas Ball.

Her sharp intake of breath sent his gaze to her face. Her full lips parted and a blush colored her cheeks. He ran his hand down her arm and took her hand. It was work-roughened, the nails broken, but small, making her seem vulnerable and frail. She’d had a hard life by her reckoning. He wanted to do something for her, to help lighten her workload.

To his surprise, she lifted his hand to her face and kissed the back of it. The softness of her lips on his knuckles sent a shiver through him.

“Miss Brewster,” he said. “This isn’t a good idea.”

She drew in a deep breath. “Doc Ellison, I’ve longed to do this ever since I first set eyes on you.”

She reached up and circled his nape with her hands, drawing his face to hers. Standing on her toes, she kissed him.

He stiffened for a moment. This wasn’t right. But her sweet lips on his, sent his own tingling and he couldn’t resist her no matter how hard he tried. He wrapped his arms around her back, drawing her close.

She murmured in satisfaction, her moans urging him on. He deepened the kiss, pressing his body against hers. Her lips parted to give him complete access to the velvety inside of her mouth.

He hardened in response to the softness and scent of her body. His impulse was to undress her, so he could feast on her woman’s body under the male clothing. His breath hitched and he pulled away a bit.

She reeled, her eyes opened wide. Apparently she’d been as affected by the kiss as he. He reached out to steady her, then his fingers grazed the buttons of her sack coat.

The Christmas Ball available from The Wild Rose Press


vicki batman said...

The first kiss from "Twinkle Lights" at Amazon:

“Your Majesty,” he opened my car door with flourish, “your carriage awaits.”

After slipping inside, I pulled the door to and sent the window down. “Thanks, Cameron. I couldn't have done this without you.”

His cute, boyish grin flashed at me and made my heart gasp. “The other families helped.”

“Them, too.” My gaze transferred to him, something difficult to do because I sensed embarrassment staining my face each time I did so. Can he read my innermost heart?

When he grinned, cheery crinkles lifted the corners of his eyes and mouth. Cool. Maybe my feelings are being reciprocated. Maybe we can see each other afterward.

He bent and pressed a kiss to my hair. Stepping back, he waved a bye.

Surprised, I released a small, pleased, “Oh.”

Somehow, in my lovey-dovey, drug-induced nirvana, I shifted the car into gear, flapped my hand in response, and managed to drive without crashing into light poles or trash cans. At the lot's exit where I determined I was safe from his view, I touched two unsteady fingers to my temple. I could still sense his kiss
there. The disturbed hair strands rustled against my cheek. As an aah raced through my veins, a whirlwind swished through the space between my body and my feelings. With my mouth shaped in a sappy, girly-girl grin, I turned the corner for home.

May your Christmas tree be merry and bright!

Anonymous said...

Here's the first kiss from my contemporary romance, CLEAR AS DAY, available now.

She wiped water from her face, sucked in a breath against her pounding heart, and peeked around.


She must be sun-dazed. Nate? With a beard? Hair curling over his ears? No way. Just because a familiar slouchy fishing hat topped those unruly, sun-bleached blond curls and just because this guy possessed the same deep-water tan and footloose taste in clothes as Nate with his electric blue Hawaiian shirt, bright orange swim trunks, and beat-up deck shoes didn’t mean—

“Hey, babe. Now that I’ve finally caught your attention, how about a hug from my girl?” He opened his arms. “Am I coming in after you or are you coming out?” Only Nate’s voice held that mellow
timbre like chocolate for her ears.

“Nate! What…” Giddy delight flushed over Kay, clearing her shock. She dashed from the water and into strong arms, a wonderful hug, and a better kiss that launched her mind into a blissed-out whirl of oh, yes and why?

The oh, yes won out until the need to breathe forced them apart.

Nate gave her a long look, his usually easy gray eyes holding a new, simmering heat.

Wow. Whoa.

His slow hands followed the trail of his roving gaze: gentle tracing of cheek and lips, gliding across hips, waist and ribs, and grazing over her breasts to cup and caress. With his tender, simple touches, he stirred the warm desire of her daydream into full need. She shut her eyes, soaking in the unexpected pleasure. Oh, yes.

“Damn, I missed you.” He settled his mouth back on hers.

Jade Belfry said...


This is from my first book, A Perfect Dom.

Release date: December 31, pre-sale on now!

He hesitated. Time slowed and he watched her eyes blink and then close tight, waiting for him to kiss her. That was his undoing. She’d probably been kissed hundreds of times, and yet she still closed her eyes for his kiss.

He touched his lips to hers.

His mouth was shy, not pressing too much or demanding too much of her. He was gentle and light. A sweet kiss. First kisses usually are. Sometimes they are slow and fumbling and end as quickly as they begin. She tasted of her tea and something else distinctly her. It was nice, but he rushed through their first touch before his spinning mind caught up with him. This restrained kiss was good, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t a real kiss. It certainly wasn’t what they were here for.

He was a good son, sure. He had proper manners and treated everyone with respect. But those manners were getting in the way here. He was holding himself back. If he was going to do this, he needed to let go.

He pulled back just a second to take a quick breath before he returned to kiss her again. He had some doubt. Would he be able to pull this off and actually become a Dom?

Then her felt her move. Her arms found their way blindly across his shoulders and brushed into his short hair. She pulled him closer, letting him know that he had her permission to go further. That was the last push he needed.

With a growl he took control of her lips, capturing her mouth and making it his. Her lips against his felt good and sweet, yet at the same time purely sensual, like tasting warm caramel in the middle of soft dark chocolate.