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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cassandra’s Revenge
The Singles Cruise
Golden Dolphin Four
By Skye Michaels

Inspiration for Cassandra's Revenge
I wish I knew where ideas come from.  If I did I would bottle it.  Sometimes just paging through a magazine and admiring the beautiful couples in the perfume ads, listening to a song on the radio, or driving around a beautiful area (like the downtown historic district of Ocala) can spark an idea.  Then the people are kind of in my head for a while as an idea for a story starts to take shape.

When I start a new book, I may only have a sentence or two in my mind as to what it’s about.  A girl goes on a singles cruise with her girlfriend and sees the guy who stood her up on prom night.  She has changed and he doesn’t recognize her (Casssandra’s Revenge – Book 4 of the Golden Dolphin Series coming out in November). 
When I start I have no idea where the story is going.  I just start writing:  Chapter One, and go from there.  I may get hung up along the way and slow down, but the story just keeps coming on its own.   If I’m  stuck, I may talk it out with my sister or daughter and they will make suggestions.    I have written eleven (and one-half – LOL)  books without ever doing an outline, but everyone works differently.  I may not spend the time on an outline, but I will spend it while writing.  Someone else may have the whole story outlined in detail and then just write.

I like doing a series.  You get to keep in touch with characters you have made a connection with.  My first, the LeClub Series  published by Siren Publishing, ended up to be six books set in the historic district of downtown Ocala, Florida.  They all have a horse background which is my personal favorite thing.  My second, the Golden Dolphin Series, is a spin off of LeClub, as one of my people in the first series purchased a 300 foot mega yacht and that is the background for the new stories.  It allows me to keep in touch with my favorite characters from the first stories while broadening my canvas with new people and locations.
I have to say to anyone who wants to write, just do it.  Start with “Chapter One” and go.  You can always go back and edit.  If you don’t start, you never will.  – Best of luck, Skye Michaels


Savannah jewelry designer, Cassandra St. Clare, agrees to accompany her best friend, interior designer, Devon James, on a singles cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin, a three hundred foot super yacht.  The cruise was a prize in a charity raffle at Le Club Waterfront-Savannah, a BDSM club located in an old cotton warehouse on the Savannah River, and promises to be a blast.  Although Cassandra has only been an infrequent guest of Devon’s at Le Club, she’s game to give the BDSM cruise a try.

The Golden Dolphin provides a very discreet, luxurious and private venue for BDSM cruises.  The Greek captain, Constantine Cortelis, Alexander Dragados, the Chief Mate, as well as Gregory Dempsey and Natasha Romanova are all aboard again.  And surprisingly, of course, the lovely Baxter sisters, jewel thieves extraordinaire!

Cassie is shocked to discover that the boyfriend who stood her up on her senior prom night is aboard and is apparently now a Dom.  It had been fifteen years since she last saw him.  At first she is tempted to bolt, but when she realizes that he did not recognize her, she decides to stick it out.  She would just avoid him at all costs. 

Beaumont Bainbridge finds the tall blonde stunning and wonders why she heads the other direction every time he looks her way.  He can’t figure her out.  Every other woman aboard is clamoring for his attention—just like they always do.  Beau doesn’t understand why the beautiful Sandy is giving him the cold shoulder.  Can he figure it out and maybe even warm her up?

Available on Bookstrand.Com   (coming to Amazon and Barnes and Noble in six weeks)

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Rose Anderson said...

Thanks for joining us today, Skye. We wish you great success for 2014. :)

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

This sounds like a much better cruise than the one I went on a couple months ago. ;-) Good luck with this series. ;-)

Gemma Juliana said...

Sounds like a fun read, Skye. Thanks for sharing with us here!

Kaye Spencer said...

Your statement, "If you don’t start, you never will", is the bottom line of writing, all right. The other part is, "Once you start, don't stop." ;-)

Barbara Mikula said...

Ha! As in get your butt off facebook, Skye, and get back to work! Thanks for the comments! - Skye Michaels