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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Kiss Wednesday!

Sorry for the late start to today's First Kiss Wednesday, folks. I admit to too much reveling last night. The First Kiss Wednesday is up and running now. ~ Rose
Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.
Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do for First Kiss Wednesdays.  In the comment box, give us a maximum of 300 words of the first kiss of a published work or a work-in-progress and one link to your website or blog or Amazon Author Page. 
Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)


Rose Anderson said...

From Enchanted Skye - a story about a Selkie and an unbreakable and potentially deadly charm.

In this scene, two strangers are brought together by magic. Or is it simple chemistry..and maybe a little scotch?
It felt good to be held and time passed in his comforting arms. Lifting her head from his chest, Jenna met gentle eyes as golden brown as raw amber, and for the first time she realized the arms that held her belonged to a very handsome, very desirable, man.

Alex tenderly brushed damp hair back from her face. In an instinctively natural move, he found himself kissing her temple before he realized what he was doing. That she didn’t reject him filled his heart with unfathomable joy, so he kissed her again. Kissing her eyes closed, he settled more on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. Tipping her chin slightly, he found her lips and lingered there. To his delight, she pulled him closer and her lips parted. His tongue pressed on and found hers. She met his kiss with a hunger that surprised him. Both enflamed now, their kisses grew urgent.

Neither registered it might have been the scotch talking when her fingers delved under his shirt to caress his bare ribs, but Alex was certain she was enjoying this intimate moment as much as he. His hand ran along her side from bare knee to flannelled shoulder and back again, the last pass dipping under her borrowed shirt where he reveled in the warm satin roundness of her breast, his grazing palm and rolling fingers eliciting small whimpering sounds in the back of her throat. It made him hard as steel to hear it. He kissed and nipped along her jaw to her collarbone until her head went back and she breathed hot at his ear. Beside himself in wanting her, his hands lightly dallied over the smoothness of her inner thigh before sweeping ever-higher with each passing caress.

Kaye Spencer said...

This tiny teaser is from my contemporary cowboy m/f erotic novella-length romance THE DANCE. The heroine, Janae, has secretly fantasized about the hero, Owen (rodeo clown/bullfighter), since he moved into her apartment building a month ago. After an embarrasing introduction in which Janae passes out, lingering for a few minutes in twilight awareness, she comes to, and it isn't long before her fantasies about being with Owen become reality.


[Owen] "If I’m not man enough to take care of you, then we need to call it quits right now.”

[Janae] “You’re talking of our nonexistent relationship in future terms.”

He pulled her up with him when he stood and before the blanket touched the floor, she was in his arms, the heat of his mouth burning her lips as he forced his tongue into her mouth. His cologne filled her senses, and her body ached to feel his bare skin on hers. The kiss seemed without end, and she clung to him, his hard cock pressing against her, begging her to take him deep inside her. Her head started to swim and her knees buckled. She collapsed with a sensation of floating through air and landing gently on her back. The sound of his voice brought her back to her senses, and she opened her eyes to see his smiling baby-blues.

“You almost fainted.”

“You nearly smothered me.”

“Then I haven’t lost my touch, but we’re in the wrong position for the touching I have in mind.”

His teasing grin and beckoning eyes brought her upright and into his arms again, with her swoon of a moment ago forgotten. She wanted to consume him with kisses; cover his body with caresses...


The Dance -

Mary Marvella said...

She closed her eyes, soaking in the night sounds and scents. An image formed in her thoughts. Broad shoulders, tanned arms. Warm brandy flavored breath caressed her face as a man’s heat touched her. Firm, moist lips touched hers. Her breathing became fast and shallow. All her daydreams and fantasies became one overwhelming need as her lips responded to the kiss. Strong hands touched her cheeks, caressed her neck, then held her shoulders. His woodsy scent intoxicated her.
If this had been real, Sarah would’ve stopped the hands that moved to her waist.
Had Peter come back? He never smelled woodsy. No, she was dreaming the sexy dream. She wouldn’t open her eyes and wake up. Her phantom lover smelled like William. Her heart raced when he kissed first one cheek, then the other.
“Sarah!” His voice was low as he moaned her name over and over. “I’ve never felt this way before, Princess.” His lips were gentle when he kissed her mouth. “My Sarah.”
“William?” The dream was too real. No. A man was kissing her. “William!” Her body wanted to continue what her mind knew shouldn’t be happening. “Stop.” William’s scent surrounded her.
“Sarah, are you all right?” The hoarse voice startled her. William’s broad hands bracketed her face as she leaned against the brick. Her chest hurt as she tried to regain control of her breathing. Her eyes focused on the face she had always found comforting. William looked as confused as she felt.

Mary Marvella said...

Good kiss!

J.D. Faver said...

In my romantic suspense, BAD KARMA, the second in my Edge of Texas series, Zach is a little gun-shy after being rejected by the first woman he ever seriously fell in love with. Now a lovely stranger moved into the beach house next to his. He has mixed feelings about befriending her, but she's recovering from an injury and he takes her for a swim in the bay.

“Okay, pokey. Come on.” Zach held out his hand and they waded into the surf together. He pulled her out into the water, watching to make sure she hadn't bitten off more than she could chew.
She ducked under the surface and popped back up, the water spangled on her eyelashes.
Zach kept close to her, responding to some strong signal she kept giving off. Save me!
He snorted and ducked under the water, bobbing back up with a clearer head.
He was reading her signals as something personal when, in fact, her neediness was something she’d brought to the island with her. It came along as part of her personal property, like a bed or table. It had nothing to do with him. Skyler Danforth didn’t need Zachary Bailey.
But she did need saving. From what, he didn’t know.
Zach set out swimming with long easy strokes, leaving the beach behind. He kept glancing back to make sure she stayed close. Sky did better in the water than on dry land. She swam in his wake, her slender arms slicing through the water with grace.
He had to admire her style, or maybe he just had to admire her. Zach drew to a stop and she paused beside him, treading water.
Sky laughed; the sound echoing off the water with the chug of shrimp boats as counterpoint. “This is wonderful,” she gasped.
A gentle swell lifted them, pushed them apart, brought them back together. Sky reached out toward Zach and he responded. It was probably reflex, but Zach drew her into his arms, aware that the atmosphere between them suddenly changed.
Skyler gazed into his eyes as he drew her closer. Her eyes strayed to his lips.
Damn! How much can one man take?
Zach lowered his head and before he could make contact, she kissed him. He relished the way she melted against him. Her arms circled his neck as the next swell lifted them.
A war of emotions raged inside Zach. He was very much in the moment, aware of the luscious body crushed against him, of the soft lips pressing his and the taste of her mouth as he invaded with his tongue. But he heard a small voice telling him not to get involved with this woman. She offered way too many opportunities for heartbreak.
His arms ignored the message from his brain, gripping her tight and willing the kiss to go on and on. Skyler’s legs wrapped around his waist and he thought he’d reached Nirvana. Good thing the water was still cold. Otherwise he’d produce a huge erection.
She’d probably be back on shore by now if she got a hint of how she was affecting him.

BAD KARMA is available exclusively on Amazon

Lyra Marlowe said...

My New Adult paranormal "Ghosts in the Graveyard" will be on sale tomorrow from Taliesin Publishing. Henry Lake has been brutally dumped by his girlfriend and lost his job. His landlady arranged for him to be the new night watchman at Cherry Hill Cemetery, but on his first night he sees what he assumes are people trespassing. The first couple he sees are dressed as a very old-fashioned bride and groom.

The groom leaned in to kiss her again. The bride seemed unsure. Not reluctant, exactly, but like she’d never been kissed before. It was like he was teaching her about kissing and being kissed right there in front of me. It was kinda sweet. And kinda freaky being the audience for something like that.

“You have to leave,” I said again. I grabbed the man by the satin-covered shoulder.

And then what happened was—

You’re gonna think I’m crazy. I don’t blame you. I was sure I was crazy. I was absolutely dead sure I’d just snapped and gone right off the deep end. Driven mad by grief and wouldn’t Stacey and her asshole lover have a dry refined chuckle about that? But I wouldn’t care because I’d be in a soft cell somewhere.

What happened then was that I became the man in the white tie and tails.

I don’t know how else to explain it. One minute I was Henry Lake, Night Watchman. The minute I touched him, I was Jeremy Upton, New Husband. I could feel Helen’s lips against mine. I could feel her trembling in my arms. I knew she was nervous. I’d never had a chance to hold her this close before. Never had a chance to kiss her this way. I slipped my tongue between her teeth, and she stiffened, took a deep breath through her nose. I waited, patient, until she relaxed. Moved my tongue gently within her mouth. She moaned against me, shivered again. It wasn’t protest.

Kathy Wheeler said...

In the first of my Bloomington Series, Quotable, Genna Lyndsey is a brilliant introvert who uses obscure quotes to keep people from getting too close. It works for almost everyone. Available at Amazon and Smashwords. a

He encroached her personal space to make his point—certainly not for the sweet fragrance of wild honeysuckle. He breathed deep.
“Oh.” He saw her steel herself against the surge of emotions assaulting her when she turned and met his angry gaze. The stiffening of her spine, the deep pools of her eyes, color indiscernible under the night sky. Her gaze measured him intently through the black sturdy glasses. “‘I cannot think well enough to be intelligible,’” she whispered, her delicious mouth parting slightly. It was all the invitation he needed. He blamed the wild honeysuckle.
Without so much as a second thought, he moved his mouth over hers in a slow deliberation, allowing her almost ample time to step back should she have wished. It didn’t matter that the door was to her back and she had nowhere to step back to.
Definitely, the wild honeysuckle. It drove him wild with desire. Just the feeling of her timorous nature kept him from devouring her outright, tempting as it was. His tongue touched her lips in a feathery motion, drinking in sweetness so pure he wanted to fall to his knees. He pulled her slight body into his.
A sharp pain hit his leg. He grunted and broke the kiss, making the break as painful as the pain in his leg. He glanced down. She’d dropped everything she’d been holding, her hands clutching the front of his shirt. Her cheeks were flushed. With hunger? Need?
She seemed at a loss as to what to do next. He stifled an urge to smile, irritation dissolving for the moment.
He grasped her hands gently, surprised by the rising desire to safeguard her. Resisting the appeal to reclaim her mouth, he tugged them from his shirt. Kneeling down, he gathered the spilled belongings. Just as he suspected, he’d been besieged with books.

christina tetreault said...

From The Billionaire's Best Friend, book 4 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series

In one motion, Nate wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her closer. The sudden physical contact caused his heart rate to rev like the engine of his brother’s prized Corvette. “Bullshit.”
With his hand still wrapped around her wrist, she took a step away from him. "Soon you'll go back to wherever the military wants you. We may never see each other again. The past doesn't matter."
"Like I told you the other night, Lauren. I am not leaving." He focused on removing the anger from his voice.
A cynical smile formed on her face. "You left the marines? Yeah, right. They mean more to you then I ever did." The anger he'd heard before diminished, but sadness took its place.
Nate reached out his free hand and touched her cheek. "That's not true, and I'm no longer on active duty." The warmth from her skin managed to penetrate through the calluses on his hands. "I'm in the reserves now. Last month I graduated from the FBI Academy in Quantico."
Lauren's eyes flew open. "You're an FBI Agent? Seriously!" Her voice hit the next octave.
Surprise and shock trumped anger any day of the week. "Yeah, in the Boston field office."
"Wow, that's..." The awe in her voice trailed off. "That doesn't change anything." She took a step back, and his hand fell away.
With the increased distance between them, again the sunshine he'd felt bathed in a moment ago disappeared. "I don't believe that." In two steps he closed the distance between them. Before she could move again he made his move. He let his lips brush against hers.
Home. The word lit up in his head. Regardless of the years gone by, he belonged right here with this woman. He always had. Amazon (BN) KOBO) (Smashwords) ITunes

Michelle Grey said...

From my contemporary romantic mystery, Unspoken Bonds:

Garrett chose that moment to turn around. His eyes captured hers and guilty heat rushed to her cheeks. Rachel crossed her arms, but unfortunately that drew his focus to her chest. Why hadn’t she put a robe on over her nightshirt? Why, for that matter, was she still standing here?
His eyes reconnected with hers, and she felt the tsunami of energy from across the length of the pool. Garrett tossed the towel onto a nearby chaise and walked toward her. Prowled was more like it. Dangerous. Predatory. Was he upset she’d followed him? Or was he still angry from his phone call?
He spoke first, which was good because her mouth had gone completely dry. “You should probably go back downstairs.” His quiet words and dark energy captivated her as he advanced. “I’m giving you fair warning.”
Rachel stood rooted to the spot, oblivious to everything except his approach and the flutter in the pit of her stomach. Garrett stopped mere inches from her and the tiny hairs on her arm stood at attention, his pull magnetic.
“I came up here to make sure you were okay. I knew the phone call had upset you.” Her simple sentences sounded breathless to her own ears. She closed her mouth, not because she didn’t want to say more, but because of the way he was watching her lips move.
Then, in the next heartbeat, there was nothing but his lips on hers, hard and intense. His arms snaked around her, crushing her to him. Strong hands pressed into her back causing a thousand sparks of sensation to burst through the thin shirt separating their skin. Moaning, Rachel opened her mouth to his onslaught, as the flutter erupted into flame.
She gasped and Garrett deepened the kiss, plundering her senses. Hot and wet, his wicked tongue danced with hers. For minutes, or hours, she clung to his powerful biceps, barely hanging on in the sensual riptide.
Just as suddenly, his lips were gone, leaving hers cold and raw. If his hands hadn’t steadied her, she might’ve stumbled. She couldn’t catch a breath or a thought. Kissing Logan, her only real experience, had never rendered her speechless. Not even close.
She shook herself and dared a look into Garrett’s shadowed face. His eyes, a deep stormy green, seemed to register surprise for a split-second before he quirked a defensive brow and stepped back, his voice hard. “You should’ve listened to me.”

Find it at amazon:

Charity Parkerson said...

Chained by Desire
Charity Parkerson
releasing Jan 24th with Ellora's Cave Publishing

When he still didn’t respond, she boxed him in with her arms. “Pretend I’m not here,” she dared as she swooped in and covered his mouth with hers. Unable to take her challenge, he hauled her body against his and deepened the kiss. With one arm locked around her waist, he buried the fingers of his other hand in her hair. He held her in his control. His teeth sank into her bottom lip before he sucked it into his mouth. Their tongues met and an explosion of heat burst to life in between them. Spinning he shoved her against the wall and pushed his knee between her legs.
She groaned and the sound brought him back to reality. Tearing himself away from the temptation of her mouth, Liam backed away from Kylie. He ran both hands over the short bristles on his scalp. He released a long weary sigh. He was too tired for this complicated shit.