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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Kiss Wednesday

It's  First Kiss Wednesday!
Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.
Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do for First Kiss Wednesdays.  In the comment box, give us a maximum of 300 words of the first kiss of a published work or a work-in-progress and one link to your website or blog or Amazon Author Page. 
Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)


Jennifer Lowery Kamptner said...

“Alana…” He growled.
“No regrets.” She pulled out all the stops. Who knew what tomorrow would bring? All she desired was here and now. He’d started something that night in her hut and she wouldn’t be able to rest not knowing what it was like to make love to this hardened mercenary.
“No regrets.” He pulled her against his body and brought his mouth down on hers.
His lips ravaged hers, angry and demanding. Trying to scare her. Well, he could try, but she wasn’t easily scared. She returned the kiss with equal fervor. The rest of her life scared her. This didn’t.
She clutched his shoulders and pressed herself fully against him, fitting her curves into his contours, wanting to feel every inch of him. He slid his hands under her shirt, rough against her sensitive skin, making her shudder. Heat from his body poured into hers, warming her like a furnace.

This is from my debut book, Hard Core. Thanks so much for letting me share! This was my first time on First Kiss Wednesday :)

Charmaine Gordon said...

Charmaine Gordon 1/29/14 8:40 EST

He began with little kisses all over my face, neck, ears and my mouth reached for his, lips parted. Somewhere deep inside I warned myself to know when to say no because he must have majored in making out while I majored in survival skills. His hardness against my thigh told me what he had in mind but so far he didn't try to go under my dress for easy access where I tingled and my belly hurt with desire.I prayed he wouldn't go there on his own or at best ask my permission. Oh Tom, I caught my breath with the yearning for him. Don't spoil us before we've begun.
The porch door banged open and his brother Pat and my best friend Shelley handed over two glasses of champagne saying, "Happy New Year, you two."

Saved by the ball.

What fun sharing Charlie's first kiss with you. Thanks.

The book is Reconstructing Charlie

James D said...

This has to be just as weird for him as it is for me. “You’re not–not angry about it?” he stammers. “I mean, I understand if you are.”

Angry? Not at all. Freaked out? Yes, very much. But not angry. “No. Why should I be? I’m–I’m flattered, I guess. I didn’t think anyone dreamed about me like that.” If I hadn’t seen it, I never would have believed I was a part of anybody’s romantic fantasies.

“You’re…” I don’t know what he was going to say, but whatever it was, he thinks better of it, takes a second to make sure he gets this right, “…really beautiful and smart and friendly too, why wouldn’t I dream about you?”

Wow. He’s got it bad. He’s had it bad for me for a little while now, obviously. And he’s being so sweet about it. I do the only thing that makes sense right now, without even thinking about it. I lean close to him and I kiss him, very gently, on the lips. He’s really surprised at that. I am, too. “Hey, you know something? That’s the nicest thing I think anybody’s ever said to me.”

From DREAM STUDENT (book 1 of the Dream Series) - or

J.D. Faver said...

This kiss is from BAD HABIT, a romantic suspense. Angel Garcia has located the runaway witness and is trying to protect her. They are in his motel room. When they went to bed, each was clinging to opposite sides of a king-size bed.

The next morning, Angel awoke feeling warm. He opened his eyes and found that he had Teri Slaughter in his embrace. He raised his head slightly and saw her pretty face nestled on his shoulder. She was curled on her side with all her luscious female parts pressed up against him. Only a thin cotton gown separated her warm skin from his. Her arm was flung over him and one leg curled across him in a very intimate place.
So this is what heaven is like.
He remained motionless as he watched Teri sleep. Her translucent skin resembled the inside of a shell. She smelled good like lilac and vanilla and clean woman. It was probably some lotion or whatever she used on her hair.
She stirred and Angel knew he was going to have a full-fledged erection by the time she woke up. But he couldn't bear to push her away and make a run for the bathroom. Her lips opened and she stretched, settling again. Her thigh pressed against him and he resisted the urge to touch her. He concentrated on breathing in and out. Slowly he lifted his hand and pushed a strand of hair off her forehead. She slid her palm across his chest and embraced him. Unable to resist, he touched his lips against hers.
She responded, kissing him with amazing passion. Her hand slipped behind his neck and pulled him closer.
Angel threw away his resolve and kissed her, returning her passion with an intensity that surprised even him.
She kissed him with her eyes closed, but when she opened them she didn’t pull away.
He leaned over her, gazing into the aquamarine eyes.
She closed her eyes again and arched toward him for another kiss.

BAD HABIT by J.D. Faver

Rose Anderson said...

A kiss from Loving Leonardo by Rose Anderson
Setting the stage: Newlyweds Nicolas and Ellie share a new intimacy.
I worked up a thick lather and bathed her — a different experience from washing Thomas’ angled planes. I wrung the sponge out over her shoulders several times to rinse long after the suds were gone, just because I liked the sight of water cascading over her skin. Her bones were delicate, the soft wispy hairs at her nape sprung into dark curls, reminding me of the ballerinas of Edgar Degas. I was struck by the desire to kiss the column of her neck. I told her so.

She turned to me in surprise and our eyes met but no words were exchanged.

I rose and stepped from the tub. Reaching a hand to her, I helped her out on the rug then took the Turkish towel and patted her dry with trembling hands. It was never the brandy that caused last night’s tremor. It was her.

She stood with her back to me covered in gooseflesh. How fine her bone structure was. Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg painted a back such as this in his Woman Standing in Front of a Mirror. My hands glided up and down her damp warm arms, and the gooseflesh smoothed away. Because Ellie was so slight, I had to bend to kiss her shoulder. She was a swan covered in the finest down, and my lips overjoyed at how soft they found this experience. I kissed her neck, sweeping my lips to her ear where a small gold-and-garnet bob dangled from a tiny hole. I took it between my teeth and lightly pulled, stretching the lobe as it followed. Releasing it, I traveled on to the line of her jaw. With her pulse against my lips, I could almost hear the blood as I passed over her jugular. She turned in my arms. I bent to kiss her.
Sample this and all of my books’ 1st and 2nd chapters for FREE.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting us share!
Danita Cahill

Excerpt from Love at First Click – A Bellham Romance

In an instant, his gaze changed from friendly to scorching hot. Without further warning he pressed her body up against the door with his, and held his face within a breath’s whisper of hers. His shrouded eyes locked with hers.

His spicy aftershave and the male musk of his skin surrounded her. Her breath caught, and her mind grew fuzzy.

He moved his face closer, one micrometer at a time.

Her lips strained to reach his.

He kept her pinned in place against the door, making her wait. His eyes were dark. Dangerous.

She ached with the waiting. Her lips quivered. Her body trembled with need. Finally, his lips touched hers. She tried to lean in closer, to lose her mouth in his.

Still he held back, restraining her against the door with his long, lean body.

A whimper escaped the back of Heather’s throat.

As if it were the sign Joel waited for, he gave her what she was aching to have – his mouth, full and firm on hers.

New release, Love at First Click, available as eBook or paperback:

Catherine Kean said...

Did Rexana resent having to kiss him before a crowd? Or did she disagree that their marriage was one of consent?
Her gaze darkened with challenge, and Fane grinned. Clever little fig. She dared him to kiss her with all the passion simmering inside him. Dared him to show himself as a lusty, boorish oaf. Dared him, before the priest and hundreds of witnesses, to show himself as a fool.
She dared the wrong man.
He raised her hand to his lips. He felt the tremor run down her arm, heard her quick inhalation. She watched him through half lowered lashes. With the grace he had learned from watching the king’s courtiers, with the civilized restraint he had learned years ago, he pressed a kiss to the back of her fingers. Once. Twice.
As though pulled by an invisible string, she tensed. Expectation flared in her eyes. Laughter bubbled inside Fane. She thought he would bite her again? This time, he deserved more than a cursory taste. This time, he wanted more.
He smiled, pulled on her hand, and drew her to him. Her fingers brushed over his tunic as she resisted, a slight, sinewy turn of her body. Before she could wriggle away, he leaned forward to cup the back of her head. Anchoring his fingers into her veiled hair, he kissed her soundly on the lips.
The crowd murmured and clapped.
As their lips met, she jumped. A startled rasp came from the back of her throat, as though the contact was not at all what she anticipated.
What did she feel? Astonishment? Pleasure?
He drew back, and her shuddered breath rushed over his mouth. Her tongue darted between her reddened lips, as though to fully explore the taste of him. Or to savor it.
“Another?” he murmured.

Gilli Allan said...

FROM TORN. Jess & James have spent the day together as friends. She has no intention or expectation of their relationship becoming anything more. They are sitting by the fire, she on the floor in front of his chair.

He was looking down into her upturned face, his mouth compressed, dark brows drawn together.
To lighten the moment, she said, ‘You’re looking very serious.’
‘I’m feeling serious.’
She felt vulnerable and exposed in this position, unnerved by the intensity of his gaze as it travelled the short distances from her mouth to her eyes to her hair then back again. Jess made as if to turn her head away but his hand against the side of her face prevented her. There was a short sigh, and in the whispered breath of it, she thought she heard, ‘Oh, shit,’ as his face moved down towards hers. Consideration of whether or not this was a good idea became instantly redundant.
A first kiss which plunged too rapidly into the sloppy mash of tongue wrestling could be a complete turn-off. This experience was entirely different. At the instinctive level her response kicked in with a rush of pleasure. On the rational level her brain registered nothing but the taste of him, the feel of his mouth moving over hers, the slide of his tongue between her lips, between her teeth. This all consuming sensation could go on and on....
But he pulled back abruptly. ‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered breathlessly.
‘Stop bloody apologising.’ Needing no more hint than his open armed gesture she scrambled up from the floor and in the next moment was in his lap, her arms around his neck. From that moment every inch of the other’s face was an open canvas to kisses, soft nibbles and licks; his lips on her eyelids, her ear, her nose – hers on his cheek, on his brow, on his chin. But they returned, mouths coming together again and again, for that particular and exquisite exploration. And this time her mouth was as fervent as his...

Andrea Cooper said...

Here's mine from Viking Fire - a Kindle Daily Deal 99cents until Feb. 2

His kiss became gentle and sparked a craving inside her for more. His mouth opened, offering her to taste secrets within. She slackened against him as his tongue played across her lips, stroking them and numbing her thoughts. He did not force his way further, but ended the kiss with her lips yearning for his.
Then he stepped back.
She gasped, horrified.
Her hands were clutched his hair and she jerked them away as if he scalded her.
“Your lips and eyes speak of your love.” He beamed at her frown. “Now I am sure of your passion for me.”


Wareeze Woodson said...

This is from Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman/ ebook
She twisted her chin from his grasp and answered, “Because I said no!”
Adron caught her to his chest and lightly touched the telltale pulse at the base of her throat. “Wrong. I want you because you want me as well. The delicious little throb in your throat gives you away. You feel it too, so don’t lie.”
Softly kissing the pounding vein in her throat, he trailed kisses to her mouth and covered her lips with his in deepening exploration. She couldn’t think, couldn’t move, she could only drown in the sensations created by his embrace.

D'Ann said...

from Shot Through The Heart:

He brushed a strand of hair off her cheek. His fingers were gentle, and she tipped her head toward his caress. He slipped his fingers behind her neck and brought her lips to his. The kiss, like his touch, was tender.
She splayed her fingers across his chest. Under them, his heart pounded. Derrick’s mouth urged hers open, and their tongues danced together. He lifted her so that she straddled his lap. She pressed against him until his erection rose against her belly. A longing so fierce it rocked her took Laramie by surprise.
She reached for the buttons on his shirt. Snapping them open, she stroked his chest. Fine hairs slid under her fingers, and she traced them to his waistband. She teased him by running her fingertips along the rigid length of him.

Bronwen Evans said...

This is from A KISS OF LIES
She kept singing as she stroked his neck and let her fingers trail toward his chest, feeling the leashed power beneath his skin. Normally she was wary of strong men, but something in his abject helplessness gave her the courage to stay within his reach.
She felt his muscles relax, and she lowered her head to whisper in his ear, “Shush, everything is going to be all right. You’re safe. I’m here.” And she kissed his cheek as she would have kissed a child in distress.
She felt him stiffen at the touch of her lips. His head turned until his lips touched hers. His eyes were still closed, and his breathing was regular.
She became a statue, too afraid to move lest he wake and find her mouth upon his.
Then his lips fluttered over hers, so lightly it could have been her imagination. Unlike the rest of him, they were soft, and then she could feel herself sinking into their warmth.
With no warning he deepened the kiss, and an altogether different type of groan escaped from deep within his chest. His arms reached for her and he pulled her on top of him, her thin nightdress just a flimsy barricade against the heat and power of his body. She could feel him hardening against her stomach as his tongue swept into her mouth, seeking, conquering, and finally chasing away his demons.
She fought the panic and the need to struggle. Would he hurt her? She would bear it as she always did with Peter, because she was too scared to wake him. She could lose her hard-won job. She should not have entered his room. What if he dismissed her after only one night?
She gritted her teeth, prepared to endure his touch.
But his startling kiss was like none she’d ever experienced before. It was full of tenderness, gentleness, and longing—things Sarah had never experienced in her husband’s bed.
She closed her eyes and gave herself over to his kiss. For the first time she welcomed the arousing sensations besieging her as his lips moved enticingly over hers. Her body grew suddenly warm, her skin flushed as with a fever, and yet, oddly, she shivered under his expert onslaught. Surprisingly, she was aroused. After everything she’d endured in her husband’s bed, her body recognized the difference in Christian’s touch. Her breasts swelled, becoming heavy, full, and tingling; waves of heat fluttered and curled in her belly, and lower as well, right between her thighs. Her breath seemed to be suspended, even as it mingled with his.
Her husband had never made her feel this way. The only thing she’d ever felt for her husband was revulsion.
His mouth continued to languidly explore her, his tongue sliding into her mouth and tickling her moist interior, penetrating and withdrawing and encouraging her to return the favor. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and he groaned. Of their own accord, her fingers entangled themselves in the silky hair that curled at the nape of his neck.

Marie Lavender said...

This is from UPON YOUR RETURN.

He grasped for her hand and lifted it to his lips. “Perhaps we will meet again, Mademoiselle...”
Like a perfect gentleman, she thought, and was grateful he hadn't done something impulsive.
“Oui, Monsieur. Perhaps we will. I bid you farewell, Capitaine Hill.”
He released her hand, and she turned to go, but with a sudden tight grasp of her wrist, he reeled her back. Crushing her against the wall of his chest, Grant covered her lips with his. It was too late to pull away for he held her against him and Fara was lost in the sensation of his kiss.
Lord, if she'd found the man aesthetically pleasing, his kiss was so much more. She parted her lips on a sigh as he burned her, igniting a fire deep inside in her body.
She had no time to respond to him completely though. Before she knew it, he'd set her away from him. Gasping for breath, she searched his eyes, expecting to see something akin to triumph. There was only brightness. The deep and dark charcoal she'd witnessed before turned soft and subtle, appearing as the land when the sun comes up and light spills to the ground, staining every surface and contour.
Fara cleared her throat again, aware that propriety should have mandated she slap him, but she couldn't muster the will to do it. “Goodbye, Grant,” she whispered as she made her way down the gangway to the ground below. Pierre assisted her into the carriage and she turned to stare up at the tall figure of Grant Hill. She wondered if he really was pleased to see her go. Certainly a kiss like that could only mean the opposite.

Tina Donahue said...

Hi, all -

This is Tessa and Logan's first kiss from Seven Sensuous Days - book four in my Appointment with Pleasure series from Ellora's Cave - coming soon!

On an impulse she didn’t want to resist, Tessa got ballsy and pushed to her toes. She leaned toward him, her breasts not quite snuggled against his chest, though close. Her pussy a whisper away from his cock. She sensed he had an erection and wondered when he’d gotten hard. When she’d mentioned eating? Probably.

She murmured, “I’m your prize, remember? I’m here to do whatever you want.”

With that promise, she eased back.

Logan’s complexion had darkened with desire. His strong body tensed with his obvious struggle for control. If he’d had his way,

Tessa guessed she would have already been naked and spread wide while he mounted her on the walkway, bringing himself pleasure.

With more self -control than most men had, he remained where he was and said, “Sounds good.”

“Yes, it does.” Because he’d taken what she’d said seriously. He was allowing them to get to know each other. Pleased, she headed for his house.


At the bottom of the polished wood steps, she stopped and turned to him. He hadn’t budged. The sun lightened his hair, while deepening the gold in his skin, making him even more appealing.

Her legs went unsteady.

“You’re here to do whatever I want,” he said, basically repeating her words. “Isn’t that right?”

It was, so she nodded, aware of her suddenly sprinting pulse.

“Excellent.” Pulling her luggage, Logan joined her, then slipped his hand beneath her hair to cup the back of her head. Tessa didn’t resist what she knew was coming. She wanted it badly. The same as he seemed to. She saw it in his beautiful eyes, felt it in how he brushed his mouth over hers.

Oh god. Every inch of her came alive, the rasp of his coming beard weakening her body. She moaned gently at the warmth and softness of his lips.

The sounds she made didn’t push him over the edge. His kiss didn’t ravage, it explored, his tongue slipping into her mouth, satisfying her in a way that touched Tessa’s soul. He tasted fresh, minty from toothpaste. He was a large man and could have taken advantage of her easily, discounting all that she’d wanted as mere nonsense.

He didn’t.

For minutes, he simply enjoyed her as she enjoyed him, their kiss finally growing heated, deep, and wet, just this side of wild.

Logan finished before Tessa was ready for that, pulling his mouth free.

By the time she was able to open her eyes, he was already regarding her with earnestness that went beyond mere sex. He’d been moved too. Tessa saw it. Felt it. For some reason it made her shy instead of daring.

She murmured, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled. “I’m hardly through.”

She teased in return. “No?”

“No. Take off your clothes.”


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”


FB Fanpage:
Amazon author page:

Anonymous said...

Mine is from Dark Innocence, second book in the Dark Series. Releases on Jan 31st! Amazon pre-order link at bottom of post...

With horror, I turned as Dante got out of his truck, slammed the door and stalked to us.

He wore a pale-green shirt stretched across his muscular chest and arms. The faded blue denim covering his legs hugged his thighs and made my mouth water.

My sister—god bless her condemned soul—stepped in front of me.

“Move outta my way, Ella,” Dante growled.

My fearless sister got right in his face, as much as she was able to considering he was more than a foot taller than she was. “You’ve hurt her enough. Get in your truck and go home, I’ve got this.”

“Oh, that’s rich.” He laughed. “You’ve got this? How fucking convenient.” His eyes smoldered with anger and he stepped into the finger my sister pointed at him. “Where in the hell have you been for the last two months when your sister was puking her guts out because she’d drunk too much, or took too many pills? Where were you when she let those assholes use her? Where were you when she woke up in the middle of the night screaming ’cause Lizbeth haunts that fucking house you moved her into?”

“That’s enough, Dante!” I yelled and stepped in front of Ella to glare up at him.

His rant made it seem like he cared about me. My stupid girl hormones couldn’t keep up. Either he wanted me or he didn’t.
Unaffected by my anger, he pointed at me. “And you,” his nostrils flared, “are the most infuriating woman I’ve ever met. You drive me fucking crazy.”

He cupped the back of my head and yanked me against him. Before I could ask what in the hell he was doing, he grabbed my hair, pulled so my face tilted up and smashed his lips against mine.

Amazon pre-order -


Lori Ryan said...

Hi! Here's the first kiss from my newest release, Ever Hopeful. You can find the buy links and more about me here:

Cade watched Laura as she turned toward him and couldn’t resist any longer. She looked...peaceful. Like she’d finally given in to the idea that it was safe to want more in her life.

He lowered his head to hers, pausing just the slightest bit to let her stop him if she wanted to. He didn’t know how he’d stop this now, but if she wanted him to, he’d find a way.

Cade brushed her lips with his, the barest touch. Just a whisper of a kiss, but that whisper sent arousal screaming through his body. His hand threaded through Laura’s hair and pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss. For one second, his heart froze while he waited to see if she would pull away or kiss him back.

Margaret Carter said...

This is from an early scene in my vampire romance PASSION IN THE BLOOD (Amber Quill Press, also available on Amazon in print and e-book):

“Damn it, I was sure I could override your will after I drank from you.”

This man she’d known all her life wasn’t human. Grabbing tight onto the assurance that she had some inexplicable immunity to his mind control, she reached for the door latch. “No, you can’t, and you can’t keep me here.” She’d hitchhike or walk all the way across the river and into town rather than stay in his clutches.

“What gives you that idea?” He pushed down the lock override button and seized her by the arm.

Her brittle calm shattered. She flailed out with her free hand to claw at his face. He caught that arm, too, and pinned her to the seat. She writhed and bucked against his hold. He seemed to restrain her with no effort, motionless as a figure of stone while she struggled.

She started to scream. He covered her open mouth with his. Before she could draw a fresh breath or think of biting him to fend him off, his tongue darted at hers. She tasted his bittersweet flavor. Again heat flooded her. Her muscles went slack, and she melted under his assault.

His fierce onslaught gentled. He nibbled the corners of her mouth and grazed her lips. Her tongue eagerly welcomed the strokes of his. Her heartbeat accelerated again, not from panic this time.

When he raised his head to stare at her, she imagined a glint of red in his silver-gray eyes. “Now will you please be quiet?” His gaze softened. “I would never hurt you, Cordelia. My feeding didn’t cause you pain, did it?”

She reluctantly shook her head.

“Just the opposite, in fact, isn’t that true?” His voice held a hint of smugness. “Remember, I could sense your reaction. You can’t claim you didn’t enjoy it.”

Carter's Crypt:

E.Ayers said...

First real kiss from my not too hot but very sexy Valentine story.

Ask Me Again
by E. Ayers

"A kiss and just a kiss, right? You're not going to do anything else."
He found her timidity endearing. "No, just a kiss."
He pulled her close, and lowered his mouth to hers. This time she responded, soft and sweet. The taste of pineapple lingered on her lips. He deepened the kiss, slanting his mouth over hers. He kissed her again and again. It felt good, all the way to his groin.
Her soft sigh spoke volumes. He trailed kisses from her cheek down the length of her neck. With her intake of breath, Rob realized he was doing more than he'd promised, and if he didn't stop soon, he wasn't sure he could. He forced his lips off her tender skin and whispered, "Will you play your flute for me?"
Her face still flushed from their kiss, she nodded, and left the kitchen. She fitted the pieces of her solid silver flute together. Then she pushed a button on the remote and turned off the soft classical music that had played in the background during dinner.
"Anything in particular that you'd like to hear?"
He shook his head, sat on the sofa, and watched her roll the flute under her lips.
"Okay, you asked for it."


Paty Jager said...

What a great idea! Thank you for letting us share!

Secrets of a Mayan Moon - An Isabella Mumphrey Adventure by Paty Jager

This is the first kiss between Anthropologist Isabella Mumphrey and Latin DEA agent Tino Constantine.

“I did not think you were a boy, even before I saw the long braid down your back.”
“Thanks. But I know my body isn’t appealing.” She sighed, drawing in a deep breath and letting it out slowly.
Her skin was soft and slicked with rain. Drops clung to her wide, full mouth. He couldn’t draw his gaze from her lips. Knew he shouldn’t let the lure of her unhappiness and pheromones get to him, but he lapsed.
And leaned in.
Brushed his lips across hers.
Her eyes opened wide, and she stared into his. Curiosity replaced the surprise.
He pulled back, but kept his hand cradling her jaw. He smiled. It had been a long time since he’d locked lips with someone so innocent. Her emotions swam in her eyes. Uncertainty, curiosity, longing. Her lips remained partially open accommodating her rapid breathing.
Tino drew her face to his. “Do you wish another kiss?” He stared into her eyes, felt the racing of her pulse where his hand rested under her jawline and the puffs of her warm breath on his lips.
“Yes…” Her eyes fluttered closed and she leaned closer.
He chuckled, marveling at how easily she could be seduced. The thought also soured his disposition. Would she be this easy for someone else? Say Dr. Martin? Or a drug lord?
Groaning, he released her and sprang to his feet. She nearly fell face first in the mud, but he didn’t move to help her up. If he touched her again so soon, he would kiss her, again. Neither one of them could afford an emotional entanglement. Especially him.
She rose to her knees, sputtering. “Why you hypocrite!” Her cheeks flamed a deep red like the scarlet macaw. “I can’t believe you…you…” Her features twisted. Anger filled her tear glistened eyes.

Jeana Mann said...

This is from my new release "Intoxicated", a steamy contemporary romance.

Jack didn’t turn around until they reached the end of the hallway. The only light came from the red exit sign above the back door which cast a devilish red glow on his angular features. She leaned against the wall, legs shaky more from nervousness than liquor-induced intoxication. She’d never done anything like this before – never dreamed of doing anything like this. Jack stopped and turned to face her, staring with an intensity that made her stomach flip.
One second passed, then two, dragging by with leaden feet.
In a flash, like two opposing magnets, their bodies snapped together. His lips crushed against her mouth and his hands cupped her face. Any thoughts of Brian dissolved in the sensation of being pressed against the wall by a tall hunk of manly perfection. Soft lips caressed and demanded. Her willing mouth opened to receive his kiss. Bearded stubble raked her chin as he pushed her back against the wall. A moan of pleasure escaped them both when he slid his hands upward to hold her breasts.
The sensation of helplessness that happens just before a disaster, of being out of control and powerless to stop it, overwhelmed her. It was like driving a car on ice, unable to steer but committed to the ride.

Charity Parkerson said...

"A Splash of Hope"
Charity Parkerson
Their gazes held as he stood. He moved slowly as if he feared she might spook if he moved too quickly. He lowered his head, pausing an inch from her, giving her a chance to back down. When she didn’t, his lips touched hers tentatively. She deepened the kiss before he had the chance to change his mind. He made a sound of approval, and a chant began inside her head, drowning out all other thought. She should not be doing this. This is Adam. She couldn’t do this, but it was Adam. The same Adam she’d wanted from the moment she laid eyes on him back in high school, even though she knew she shouldn’t. He was a bad boy. He was a man you wouldn’t bring home to your mother if they knew his real profession, but she had no mother, she reminded herself as she dug her fingers into the waistband of his jeans, desperately trying to undo the button.

Maria K. Alexander said...

This is from my contemporary romance, Untangle My Heart, currently Free for Kindle through Feb 1st. Enjoy!

He took another step toward her until he stood directly in front of her. “You mean a lot to me. I’d do anything I could to help you.”

She nodded in acknowledgement, not sure she could trust her voice to speak with him all but touching her.

“And you’re wrong about not having a claim on me.”

His hands found their way to her waist. Her heart thumped and she knew she should pull back, wanted to pull back. But his blue-gray eyes held her in a hypnotic state and she couldn’t move.

He slid one hand under her tank top, making light circles with his fingers as he moved even closer to her. Momentarily dizzy, she swayed and grabbed his hips for support. With his other hand, he caressed her cheek, pausing at her lips, which he rubbed with the slightest of pressure from his thumb.

“You’re all I can think about.” He leaned in to trail light kisses along her jaw. “All I want.”

Then his mouth claimed hers, and she found herself sliding her hands up his smooth chest and around his neck. She moved closer until there was no space between them, and the hard planes of his body meshed with the softness of hers. It couldn’t have felt more right…or more wrong. Her head told her to stop, but her body was in control and wasn’t ready to stop…not yet.

Jody E. Lebel said...

"If I knew then what I know now I would have put clowns on my wedding cake." Renee Rose/PLAYING DEAD

Renee became a tangle of emotions as she stood by the bank of
elevators. She felt terrible for Liz, but she also felt safe with Anthony. Safe
and something else. Something more primal.
“I’m so glad you were here,” she said softly, leaning against
the wall. Neither of them had summoned the elevator yet. She allowed
herself the intoxicating pleasure of admiring his broad shoulders. His silky
black hair curled over the collar of his pale green shirt, which stood open at
the top. She could see the hollow of his neck and foolishly thought about
kissing it.
Anthony took a step closer and placed his hand against the wall by her
head. “You mean as a man or as a cop?”
Delicious shivers ran the length of her arms. She might need CPR if this
lasted much longer.
She stood statue still, barely breathing, her heart thumping in her chest.
She parted her lips, but no words came out. Anthony touched the pulse at
her throat. “Your heart is racing.” He smiled. “Why is that?”
“You’re so damn close, I—” but she didn’t get to finish. His mouth found
hers, gentle and tentative and teasing. Renee closed her eyes and moaned
softly, succumbing to the heat that melted her knees. She leaned into him,
feeling the hard length of his body. The sound of a door opening and voices
down the hallway brought her back to her senses. She jumped and let out a
small cry. Anthony straightened and pushed himself away from her.
“It’s only a good night kiss from a party guest,” he said, laughing at her
Flustered, she turned and punched the up bottom on the panel.
“I think I need the down button.”
“Yes, you surely do,” Renee said, fanning her cheeks with her hand.