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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Kiss Wednesday

It's  First Kiss Wednesday!
Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.
Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do for First Kiss Wednesdays.  In the comment box, give us a maximum of 300 words of the first kiss of a published work or a work-in-progress and one link to your website or blog or Amazon Author Page. 
Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)


Rosemary Morris said...

Extract from Tangled Love set in England in the reign of Queen Anne Stuart 1702-1714.

“‘Am I your love?’ Amazed, unable to conceal her bewilderment, Richelda stared at Viscount Chesney. He had never before indicated he loved her.
‘You would be easy to love, Richelda. You do not mind me calling you Richelda, do you?’
She opened her mouth to say no but he spoke first.
‘This is the right time to ask you something, but first forgive me for not being able to resist temptation.’
One firm hand cupped the back of her head. The other pressed her toward him. She laid the flat of her hands against his muscled chest and pushed hard. He drew her closer. His mouth worked unique magic against her own before he kissed her sensitive neck.
Dizzy with delight, Richelda wanted to rest her head on his chest and accept more from him, but she knew she must not for propriety’s sake. ‘You are not a gentleman, release me.’
He ignored her protest.

Tangled Love is available from:
And elsewhere.

Maggie Le Page said...

This excerpt is from my novel, A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING. Here, Becky and her boss, Matt, are having a race--who will mark twenty student essays first? Matt is checking who's winning . . .

Matt hovered in the doorway—again. “I’m on fifteen. How about you?”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Not telling. And don’t think I don’t know your game, Buster. You’re trying to psyche me out with all these updates. It won’t work, you know.”

“Pity.” He walked over to me, hovered, picked up an essay. “Hey, you’d better double-check this one. I think the grade’s wrong.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “That won’t work, either.”

Jules, curled up on the desk beside my papers, opened one eye and looked at Matt.

Matt reached out and scratched Jules behind the ears. “So you’re the secret weapon, eh? What’s your name?”

“Jules,” I said.

Jules rose, stretched, and moved closer to Matt, smooching under his hand like the traitorous beast he was.

I shook my head in disgust. “Jules has loose morals and very bad taste in people.”

Matt grinned. “Unlike you.”


He crooked a hand around my neck, bent close, and brought his lips down on mine in a breath-stealing, tongue-probing, fiery French kiss. A kiss that lasted just long enough to render me swollen-lipped and aching with need.

My body might be treacherous and weak, but that didn’t mean I was about to let him win his marking contest.

I drew in a shaky breath. “Reckon you must be worried if you’re resorting to measures this desperate.”

He laughed, chucked my chin, and headed for the door. “You’re a hard nut to crack, Becky J.”

Want to find out who wins? Buy A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING from Amazon

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Brit Blaise said...

This is the first kiss from Dance with a Lawman Coming soon from Ellora's Cave by Brit Blaise M/M

Shad anticipated Lee’s reaction to his intimate touch would be to pull away, or worse, knee him in the balls.

He didn’t.

When a rustling in the leaves revealed what he’d been waiting for, Shad pressed ahead. Lee’s mouth opened as he started to speak. At that precise instant, Shad kissed him.

He plunged his tongue into Lee’s mouth, tasting the whiskey, lemons and sensual heat. For a moment his conscience bothered him, until Lee’s tongue moved against his.


Lee surrendered, encouraging him. Shad groaned inwardly as unbridled passion shook him to the very core.

So sweet and drugging, the tang and sensations caused a disturbance for which Shad had no frame of reference. While he didn’t do it often, he had his fair share of intimacy. This kiss seeped into his soul.

Could he face this head on?

What should have been a simple act took him out of control in a dangerous situation. He lost himself...

Danita Cahill said...

Excerpt from Mist, a Supernatural Romantic Thriller.

I look up into Kevin’s familiar gold-brown eyes. “I’m okay.” At this precise moment, with him standing guard, I really mean it.
Kevin turns to leave. He stops. Hesitates. Spins back around. He leans down into my open car door and kisses me full on the mouth. His lips are warm and firm against mine.
“Oh,” I say when he draws away. “What was that for?” My lips tingle where his touched mine.
“For luck.” Kevin vanishes behind me into the mist. His headlights spear into the fog then disappear as he turns his patrol car around and speeds away.
Kevin knows I don’t believe in luck. But the kiss was nice. The lip tingling spreads, sending pleasant ripples through my body.
Very nice.

Danita’s author page:

Danita Cahill said...

I tweeted today's link!

ML Skye said...

From A Magical Affair, a modern romance with magic and fantasy, by my alter ego Skye Ritchey, I'm sharing a hot smooch between Romy and Heath.


Jarvin nodded toward Romy. "Everything is prepared, you can begin anytime." He melted into the background, leaving Romy and Heath alone.

She angled around and grabbed his hips, pulling them flush against hers. "Mmm. You're excited, hot and ready, aren't you?" Her hand worked between them, her palm cupping his erection. "Wanna get out of these jeans and inside me?"

Heath put his arms around her, sliding his hands down to grab her ass. "What do you think, Rom? I'll bet you're dripping right about now. I'd slide in, quick and smooth." His head lowered, and his mouth caught her lips.

The kiss turned steamy and spun out of control. She'd planned this whole fantasy fulfillment, set around their favorite holiday, and he fell a little more in love. The addition of Stacie—someone Romy trusted implicitly—only added to the depth of his affection. Stacie held the top spot on his list of options, if he'd ever had an opportunity to choose.

Now he didn't have to, because Romy more or less presented her as a gift.

Romy eased back, breaking the kiss. "Whoa. Almost got carried away there." She met his gaze, smiling. "Close your eyes and give me a five count. One of your biggest fantasies is about to begin."


Such a fun book to write and my first ménage. Thanks for reading my snippet.


Silver Publishing

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Thank you!

Regina Kammer said...

From “The Pleasure Device,” a historical erotic romance, published by Ellora’s Cave, and book 1 in the Harwell Heirs series. This is the first kiss between our hero Nicholas and our heroine Helena. It is also Helena’s first kiss ever and really not something a debutante should be doing with a man she barely knows! The setting: a dark garden at a ball during the London Season of 1879.

“Is it nice?” Helena asked eagerly.
Nicholas felt his burgeoning arousal grow more insistent. “Is what nice?” he said, stalling.
“When you kiss Lady Foxley-Graham.” She shifted again, ever so slightly, but enough that her hand touched his. Her bare, ungloved hand.
Every nerve in Nicholas’ body came alive at the contact. “It is very nice,” he choked.
Her fingers, delicate and soft, threaded through his. “Will you…will you tell me what it’s like?” Her eyes widened at the prospect of merely listening to him tell her about kissing.
Nicholas swallowed hard. “When two people kiss you don’t just feel it on the lips.”
“No?” she asked ingenuously.
“No. You feel it…other places.” As if on cue, his cock twitched to full stand.
“Like where?”
His body ached from self-restraint until he could bear it no longer. He bent his head and brushed his lips against hers, his heart thrilling at how wonderfully soft and warm she was.
Helena flinched a little in surprise, a reaction that only encouraged him, his determination to explore emboldening her. Nicholas pecked gently at her upper lip, then the lower, then repeated the motion more languidly. She placed her hands tentatively on his shoulders, holding herself steady before sliding her hands around his neck drawing herself more closely to him. An eager pupil, she mimicked his tasting of her by eagerly tasting him back, her sighs of desire natural, instinctive. When he tantalized her with his tongue, she opened her mouth for him, letting him plumb her depths, letting him take his pleasure with a rumbling growl, mewling her yearning approval. She was an absolute natural at the game.
He pulled back, panting, incredulous. “That was your first time?”
“Yes.” She was breathless. “I felt it.”
“Felt what?”
“Felt the kiss in…in other places.”

Synopsis and all buy links (one with another excerpt) available on my blog:

Jean Joachim said...

From my new FREE book, HIS LEADING LADY.
Penny bent her head and kissed his neck. “Hey, quarterback, how about me? Am I chopped liver?”
“Hell, no. You’re the finest, tenderest filet mignon ever,” he said, returning the kiss. Standing, he grabbed Penny, lifting her up into his arms. “Time for bed.” He carried her into the bedroom and closed the door.

Jana Richards said...

This is a first kiss between Dani and Zach in ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID, Book 3 of the Left at the Altar series:

“I haven’t forgotten your kindness when I saw you last. My mother told me how considerate you were to her and Camp as well. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. But I really didn’t do anything.” Her heart pounded so hard she was sure he could hear it.

“It meant a lot to me. Listen, there’s not much time. I wanted to ask you–”

“Zach! Who’s at the door?”

Dani started. She knew that voice. Chantal.

Zach visibly shuddered at the demanding tone in his ex-fiancé’s voice. His blue eyes implored her.

“Please, play along with me. I’ll make it worth your while.”


“Daniella, help me, please!” he whispered.

How could she say no to a handsome man asking for her help?

“Okay, but–”

Before she could articulate a question, he pulled her into his arms, his mouth descending on hers. Dani was too shocked to object. For a full ten seconds she remained rigid and unyielding. Then she relaxed slightly, sighing at the sweet sensation of his lips touching hers. Her hands seemed to move on their own accord, first exploring his muscular chest, then winding around his neck. Her body trembled as it molded itself against his.

“Dani? Is that you?”

Chantal’s voice doused the pleasant awareness. She stepped back with a jolt, shocked that she’d been so intimate with someone she hardly knew. She cringed. And in front of an audience, too.

Zach put his arm around her waist, pulling her against him and kissing her cheek. “Just follow my lead. Please,” he whispered urgently in her ear. Dani looked up into his eyes and saw his desperation. Without thinking, she gave an imperceptible nod. He grinned and turned to face Chantal.

“I was just saying hello to Daniella.”

Chantal looked her up and down. “Since when do you say hello to Dani by sticking your tongue down her throat?”

I hope you enjoyed the snippet!
Jana Richards

Tina Donahue said...

This is from Seven Sensuous Days - Book Four in my Appointment with Pleasure series - available March 5.

More info:

Tessa, an escort, has just arrived at Logan's estate for a seven day stay he won when he bid on her at an erotic auction.


At the bottom of the polished wood steps, she stopped and turned to him. He hadn’t budged. The sun lightened his hair, while deepening the gold in his skin, making him even more appealing.

Her legs went unsteady.

“You’re here to do whatever I want,” he said, basically repeating her words. “Isn’t that right?”

It was, so she nodded, aware of her suddenly sprinting pulse.

“Excellent.” Pulling her luggage, Logan joined her, then slipped his hand beneath her hair to cup the back of her head. Tessa didn’t resist what she knew was coming. She wanted it badly. The same as he seemed to. She saw it in his beautiful eyes, felt it in how he brushed his mouth over hers.

Oh god. Every inch of her came alive, the rasp of his coming beard weakening her body. She moaned gently at the warmth and softness of his lips.

The sounds she made didn’t push him over the edge. His kiss didn’t ravage, it explored, his tongue slipping into her mouth, satisfying her in a way that touched Tessa’s soul. He tasted fresh, minty from toothpaste. He was a large man and could have taken advantage of her easily, discounting all that she’d wanted as mere nonsense.

He didn’t.

For minutes, he simply enjoyed her as she enjoyed him, their kiss finally growing heated, deep, and wet, just this side of wild.

Logan finished before Tessa was ready for that, pulling his mouth free.

By the time she was able to open her eyes, he was already regarding her with earnestness that went beyond mere sex. He’d been moved too. Tessa saw it. Felt it. For some reason it made her shy instead of daring.

She murmured, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled. “I’m hardly through.”

She teased in return. “No?”

“No. Take off your clothes.”


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”


FB Fanpage:
Amazon author page:

site angel said...

From High Concept:

The air crackled with tension. Zach had nice eyes. Very blue, the bottomless kind of blue that sucked a guy in. Beck ran his tongue inside his upper lip. He itched to run a finger down Zach’s cheek, trace the golden stubble along his jaw. Taste his skin. This continual want drove him crazy. “So, then, coffee?”

Zach’s gaze dropped to his mouth and dragged up. In slow motion, Zach leaned in. A hesitant brush of lips over Beck’s. Scared to break the spell, he froze. An honest to God kiss. Initiated by Zach.

Another brush, and the heat of Zach’s hungry mouth closed over his in a hard masculine kiss.

Oh, damn.

Memory of their kiss two years ago avalanched him, the kiss he’d forced on Zach in a haze of alcoholic disinhibition. But this time, Zach wasn’t pulling away. In fact, he was angling for more, pulling Beck in with a firm hand on his shoulder.

The pressure and sweetness of this kiss stole his breath. A hot tongue invaded his mouth, bringing with it the familiar taste of after dinner mint and the more exotic flavor of Zach’s desire. Beck hooked his hand around Zach’s neck. God, the pleasure of soft hair and warm skin.

And oh, this was good. Bumping noses, sharing each other’s breath, fitting their mouths together. Zach’s fingers played over Beck’s hair, tickling his scalp. A shockwave of arousal lit up nerve endings from his mouth to his groin.

More. He slid his arm around Zach’s waist, leaving a tantalizing space between them.


He jerked back, heart taking off like a bullet. Panic erupted in a jittery tide. He forced himself to look around. Parking lot. No guns. No people, in fact. On the street, a car backfired once again and roared away. Heat filled his cheeks. “Jesus. Sorry.”

Amazon Author Page: Whitley Gray--

Jane Jamison said...

Just a little "kissable" tidbit from my book, CAPTURING CAROLINA (Mountain Wolf Pack 2), a Bestseller in Menage and Multiples. ADULTS ONLY

Thanks for letting me share ~ Jane Jamison -

Enjoy the excerpt -

“So it’s a…dinner?” She’d hesitated to use the word date.

“Yeah. But first, I want a taste of dessert.”

“What dessert?”

“This one.” Jesse yanked her to him.

His abrupt move took her by surprise. She couldn’t manage anything more than a quick inhale of air before he had her chin up and ready for his hungry mouth. He crushed his lips to hers like a man who hadn’t had a meal in years.

His kiss was rough and hard, with no room for her to balk. Yet she didn’t want to resist. Not when he felt so right against her.

Instead, she clung to his shirt, her own hunger eating at her to satisfy it. The heat, the sizzle, the whatever-it-was that was between them raked into her, blasting at her like a cannon of sexual need. She rode the wave of desire, arms wrapped around his neck, opening her mouth for his tongue. He gave it to her, flicking it around to gather her flavors, then was gone.

When he turned her loose, she staggered and would’ve fallen if Charlie hadn’t grabbed her.

“Hey, I like sweets, too.”

Charlie’s mouth ravished hers, taking her breath away. Her body responded, awakened by their assault and setting up a throb that heralded an immediate rush.

He tasted wild and manly, with the snap of energy-lighting between them as fast as it had with Jesse. His kiss pulled at her, making her want more of it, more of him. She had to get onto her toes to strengthen the kiss, running her hands to lock behind his neck. The kiss deepened with him nibbling at her lip, then tugging it in only to let it go. It was like riding the top of a tidal wave, then plunging deep into the ocean to be swept away by the undertow.
Yet he, too, turned her loose way too soon. She whimpered, a sound she’d never made before.

*Excerpt revised for posting.

Get your copy of CAPTURING CAROLINA at

B.J. McCall said...

Dragonfire 4: Covenant by B.J. McCall

This scene is between my dragon shifter hero and heroine. Bryne doesn’t know that Via, the beautiful female he’s just met is his intended mate.

Byrne rubbed his hand along her neck. "I want to tempt you, Via."
She stepped back and shifted. Her shift wasn't as quick as Byrne's change, but the speed with which her body reformed to human surprised her. She stood before him, naked and waiting for his reaction.
His gaze raked over her. "You're something, Via. You heat my blood."
Her heart thundered as he walked up to her and cupped her face. His palms were hot.
"I liked the way you touched me, Via." His voice was husky and heat poured off his skin.
"Do you always live so dangerously?"
"Are you always so cautious?"
She led an ordinary life. That lick to his belly was the most outrageous thing she'd ever done. "It's not my habit to pluck my lovers out of the air."
He laughed, softly. "Maybe tonight we both got lucky." His body-heat brushed her skin, then her breasts were pressed to his chest. Bellies and thighs met in a fiery touch. "You feel it too," he said. "So damned hot." He slanted his head and kissed her.
Lost in his sensual heat, she molded her mouth to his, kissing him back. Her brain spun and she tingled, everywhere. He moaned, deep in his throat and slid his tongue into her mouth. She shivered as Byrne pulled her into his arms of corded muscle. His hard bodied alpha male strength was too compelling to resist. He shuddered and broke the kiss. His breath was ragged. "Via."
Heart pounding and blood sizzling, she clung to him. "Is it always like this? For you?"
"Never like this. Spend the night with me?"

Marie Lavender said...

From LEATHER AND LACE, a romantic suspense.

She threw up her hands. “Well, it’s not every day that a cop pays for private sessions with an exotic dancer.”
“No, I suppose not.” He frowned. “It’s not like I make a habit of this either. In fact, other than in a professional capacity, I’ve never paid for the services of someone like you.”
“Someone like me? Are you implying that I’m a prostitute?”
“No, I never said that.”
“Then, why did you hire me? Is this a trick to get me to testify or something?”
“No. Just calm down.”
“Calm down?!” And then with a swift move, he had backed her up to the wall, placed a palm on either side of her, and smothered her protests with his mouth. His lips were slow and questing on hers, but hesitant to invade further.
Her heartbeat quickened and she parted her lips in response. When his tongue touched hers, she remembered the exchange of money. She hadn’t been hired for this too. She shoved at his overpowering chest and finally, he eased back.
He lifted a brow in response. “It’s a little too late to fight me, isn’t it?”
She lifted her chin a fraction higher, aware that her response had been telling. “You didn’t hire me for this. It’s not in my contract. And I don’t give away my favors freely.”
“This is just a job.”
“I was hoping it could be more than just about the job.”
“You thought wrong.”
“Maybe. We’ll see.”

Charity Parkerson said...

Charity Parkerson
"Incurably Wicked"

He was too close. Her heart automatically responded by racing up a few beats. His fingers went from gripping her arm to rubbing a slow circle on it. She didn’t think he was even aware of the motion, but she couldn’t concentrate on anything else.
“Close your eyes.”
She obeyed his soft command without question, because she simply was incapable of not doing it.
“Pretend it isn’t me,” he whispered. She jumped slightly in surprise when his lips touched hers. She opened for him willingly when he sought entrance. Pretend it isn’t me. She could no more do that than she could fly to the moon, neither did she want to. The taste and the feel of him sent a fire searing through her. It spread like a wildfire. She was caught in its inferno. Spreading her hands wide across his chest between them, she enjoyed the hard planes of his chest. She brushed upward, encircling his neck with her arms. He closed the final inch between them, bringing their bodies together until they touched from hip to chest.

Debra Jupe said...

From Echoes in the Wind - a romantic suspense

Eric and Darla inadvertently meet on the beach. Eric is bothered because she's wearing another guy's coat.

He glided his arm around her waist and dragged her to him, fitting their bodies together. Shane’s jacket slipped from her shoulders again, but she was no longer cold. Eric held her tight, letting her know she couldn’t escape even if she wanted to.

In a split second found her insides quiver with need. Her hands automatically floated over his chest until her fingers linked behind his neck. She drew his head down. Their gazes connected.

A corner of his lip lifted, his eyes glittered with a knowing tease. Then his mouth closed over hers. Her mind froze. His lips were firm as he kissed her hard and hungry. His tongue filled the inside of her mouth, stroking, teasing, tasting her with a fierce explosion, carrying her away with his desire. His grip tensed around her.
There would be no barriers with this man. He wouldn’t allow it.

Internal heat roared in faster than the storm earlier, searing into every single one of her pores. She craved more. The musky scent of his skin, his mouth, the tobacco taste, the way he held her. She wanted all of him.

Abruptly he broke the kiss and took a step backward. Darla looked at him, blinking in confusion. Disarmed—naked. Her mind whirled in a jumble of uncertainty. She lifted a hand and touched her burning lips.

His gaze skated across the darkness, and then returned to her with a wicked smile.

He picked up the coat and brushed away the sand. His eyes twinkled as he wrapped the jacket around her. “Don’t know about you, but I’m overheated after that.”

With a step backward, he flicked his gaze to her one last time before he turned to disappear into the night. “Sleep tight, luv.

Tony-Paul said...

SHADOW LORD is the first book in the Second Species series, about the group of people who became the origin of the vampire legend. In this very short scene, at his brothers' coming-of-age banquet, Marek the hero meets Lily-Magda,the woman he'll love forever:

Pulling a silver of meat from the bone, he offered it to her. After a slight hesitation, she opened her mouth, allowing him to place it on her tongue. She chewed, swallowed, and ate the second piece he held out also. She selected a pitted cherry from a bowl of fruit next to the fowl, but as she started to eat it, Marek caught her wrist, bringing it to his mouth.
“I’ve a particular weakness for cherries.”
He bit the little fruit off the stem and released her hand, chewing enjoyably and wondering why she blushed so. She was smiling easier as she picked up another cherry, rubbing it across his lips and smearing them with juice. He ate that one, too, and for several minutes was content to sit there and eat the fruit from her hand. Her fingers became stained and he licked the juice off them, his tongue lingering against her fingertips. He laughed as the flavor of her flesh filled his mouth. When he kissed her, he could taste her own sweetness under that of the cherry juice.

Tony-Paul said...

VAMPIRES ARE FOREVER is set in Ireland and is about a different kind of vampire, the dearg dul. In this scene,set in 1929, Karel Novotny, definitely the most inept vampire in existence, woos Brigid Flannery:

“Brigid, do you like me?”
“O’ course I do.” She turned a coy gaze on him, actually
fluttering her lashes.
“Well, I like you.” He found he was suddenly
“I’m glad o’ that.” She looked amused.
“No, I mean I like you... More than like really.” He’d
always considered himself so masterful when it came to
speaking, but suddenly he couldn’t say what he wanted to.
“I... I’d like to kiss you.” He placed a hand on her neck,
thumb stroking gently up and down the soft surface of her
“Do you know what I like?” Her eyes met his without
“What?” He was startled by that direct stare.
“A man who does somethin’ instead o’ just talkin’ about
it.” She shut her eyes, pursing her lips... those luscious,
pink lips...
So he pulled her toward him, leaned forward and kissed
her. The damned brake lever was in the way and he had to
clamber onto the seat and somehow lean over it to reach
her. As he pressed his lips to Brigid’s, Karel was silently
cursing the designer of the Stutz and wishing he had put the
bloody thing anywhere else. He lost his balance, falling
forward so he was partially reclining on the seat as well as
on Brigid, his free hand braced against the inside of the
Vampires Are Forever
passenger door. Well, the brake lever would keep any
action below his waist from happening, anyway, which,
considering the way he was feeling about the girl, might be
a good thing. In the midst of the lustful feelings trying to
erupt, he had to stifle a desire to laugh. Hell of a condom...
all iron and steel and hydraulic tubing.

Toni V.S. said...

In this scene from THREE MOON STATION (Three Moon Book 1), Tritomitian Deep Space rancher Sar Trant takes Katy, his bought-and-paid-for bride to her new home. On the trip, which is by ox-drawn wagon, they share breakfast. This novel is available from Class Act Books:

He accepted another slice of bread, liberally smeared
with jam. He bit into it. As Katy began to laugh, he turned
toward her, brows raised.
“You’ve got jam on your chin.” She picked up the
napkin, steadying his chin with one hand and wiped away
the sticky red streak. As she straightened, he caught her
hand and pressed a quick kiss against her palm.
“Thank you.”
“Y-you’re welcome.” She settled herself again,
looking down at her hand as if expecting to see a lip-print
in the palm. Why did he do that? Was that the way
Tritomitians showed their gratitude to women, by kissing
their hands? She had no idea how these people acted or
what they did to express themselves. Slowly she touched
the tip of the napkin to her palm as if she could wipe
away the memory of the warmth of his lips as easily as
she’d removed the jam stain and knew she couldn’t. It
made her feel very odd.