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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's  First Kiss Wednesday!
Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.

Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do.  In the comment box, give us your best kiss from a published work or a work-in-progress in a maximum of 300 words. Be sure to include one link to your website/blog and one buy link. 

Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)

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Susan Macatee said...

First kiss from my American-Victorian romance novel, Cassidy's War.


He glanced toward the doorway. Although it was open, her mother no longer hovered there. Had she left to allow them privacy? Lifting Cassidy's chin between his fingers, he tilted her face forcing her to look at him. "Cassie, I know I didn’t do right by you all those years ago, but if you'll allow me to help...?"

She frowned. "Help? Help how?"

He leaned down and pressed his lips against her soft, warm ones, tasting her sweetness and the salt of her tears. He moved slow, keeping his gaze on the door.

After a moment, she softened in his arms and responded to his kiss, shooting delightful sensations to his groin. But he had to take this easy. He released her and gazed into her eyes.

He wanted to warn her about Madison but couldn’t chance revealing his knowledge about the doctor, even to her. He glanced back at the doorway in case Mrs. Stuart or someone else lingered.

Cassidy drew in a deep breath and wiped her eyes.

Rosemary Morris said...

Wednesday 12th March
Tangled Love
Rosemary Morris

A Historical Novel set in the reign of Queen Anne Stuart 1702 -1714

Viscount Chesney knelt on one knee. ‘Your wish is my command, but please allow me to continue. I hope you believe I am not a man to marry merely for a fortune. In truth, everything about you appeals to me. You will honour me if you accept my proposal. Although this sounds vain and self-seeking, I have much to offer you and do not think you are repulsed by me.’
She peeped at him through her lashes, remembering her instinctive response to his kisses and caresses. Her blood coursed through her veins singing with desire, but she was not to be so easily carried away on a tide of lusty desire by any handsome gentleman.
Chesney smiled. ‘I believe I will enjoy sharing my bed and board with you.’
Surely he had not read her mind! ‘What of me, my lord?’
‘What do you mean?’
She thrust her chin forward. ‘Do you think I will enjoy sharing my bed and board with you?’
His lips twitched with obvious amusement. ‘I shall endeavour to give you no cause for complaint.’
Richelda stood. ‘I am not the innocent you think I am.’
His expression darkened. He clasped her shoulders a little painfully. ‘What do you mean by that?’
‘In future, will you expect me to remain faithful to you and pretend not to know if you keep another mistress such as Mrs Purvey?’
Taken aback, he regarded her in silence.
‘What have you to say, my lord?’
‘My lady, it is not fitting for you to speak of Mrs Purvey to me. However, since you spoke of her, allow me to reassure you. In future she will not trouble you and I shall not visit her again.’
Hard-eyed, she met his gaze. ‘It is all very well for you to be cross with me, but your affair with her was…was…ill-done.’
He lowered his eyes. ‘Will you not forgive my human frailty?
She bunched her fists. ‘A poor excuse, my lord. For my part I declare what is sauce for the gander should be sauce for the goose.’

Tangled Love is available from: MuseItUp Publishing – Amazon – Barnes and Noble – Smashwords – Omnlit – Coffeetime Romance and elsewhere.

Barbara Mikula said...
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Barbara Mikula said...

CHLOE’S RESCUE By Skye Michaels
M/F Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance – Heat Level: Sextreme
Once they were through the door he pulled her into his arms and crushed her mouth with a kiss that bordered on brutal. When he came up for air she was whimpering. “This is what I should have done nine months ago.”
Chloe gasped, and he took possession of her mouth again. When she was all but boneless he said, “The groveling and begging are over. This is where the Dom part starts.” His big hand reached down, covered her mound and squeezed through the thin fabric of her dress. “I want this. I want you.”
“J. J. wait…”
“I’m done waiting. I know you still want me. I can feel it in every muscle of your body right now.” He crushed her mouth again. Then he leaned back and looked directly into her eyes. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk woman. I have nine long months and a lot of sleepless nights to make up for—not to mention some unkind words I’d like to take back and some hurt feelings I’d like to soothe.” At his words a frisson of nerves ran up her spine.
This was the man, the Dom, she remembered—the unapologetically alpha male who took what he wanted and brought her unimaginable pleasure as he did it. This was what she had missed. She had to be strong and in control on the job—she carried a gun for heaven’s sake. But in her bedroom she found that she liked to be dominated—by him. “Admit you want this, Chloe. I need the words.”
“I may want it, but I don’t want to want it, J. J.” She was still struggling with her anger and hurt feelings. They had certainly not yet been smoothed over.
“That’s good enough for me. Unless you stop me cold right now, this is going to happen.” He glanced down into the melted chocolate of her eyes as though to give her one last chance to extricate herself from his arms before he swung her up and started for the bedroom.
Other books by Skye Michaels available on, and
The LeClub Series: Calleigh’ Collar, Kelly’s Challenge, Anne’s Courage, Paula’s Commitment, Madison’s Choice and Belinda’s Crown
The Golden Dolphin Series: Ivorie’s Surprise, Harper’s Submission, Violette’s Vibrato, and Cassandra’s Revenge, Pandora’s Box and (coming soon) Hannalore’s Treasure
The Black Iris Club Series: (coming soon) Kaylin’s Pursuit, Chloe’s Rescue
The Horsemen Series: The Appearance of Impropriety
WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SKYEMICHAELSBOOKS Fan Page for covers and first chapters

E. Ayers said...

Yes, first kisses are so special, especially for a newborn. From A RANCHER'S WOMAN.

After Malene gives birth, there's a bit of excitement in the house from the female children. Many Feathers goes to Malene and her newborn daughter and paves the way for two of the younger girls in the house to follow him.

Adie closed the door behind her, and he opened it. With the door open, there was a slight breeze in the room. Without it, the room was stifling hot. He opened the window wider and moved the curtains out of the way.
There was a pitcher and basin in the room and he rinsed his hands off before coming back to Malene's bed. The baby slept beside her. He picked the red-faced bundle up and cuddled her in his arms. He touched her cheek and watched as she turned her head. "She's a bright red baby. I thought she would have pale skin like yours."
"According to Alisa, she will in a few days." Malene spooned some soup to her mouth. "Who did the cooking?"
"Clarissa. Lydia was trying to keep her boys quiet. Do you not celebrate a birthing?"
"I've never heard of such a thing."
"Have you chosen a name?" He watched the infant scrunch up her face and move a fist near her mouth.
Malene swallowed. "Sophia."
"What does that mean?"
"It is just a name, but I think it is lovely."
"Like her mother." He touched Malene's cheek. "Sophia. It sounds like the wind coming through the pines."
He took the child near the window and began speaking in his language. He held her away from his body and sang. He asked for blessings on the child and her mother that they live full and happy lives. He kissed Sophia's head, then found her toes hidden in the cloth, and kissed them. Each time, he asked for a blessing. When he was done, he discovered he had an audience.
Clarissa came to him and smiled. "She's so pretty."
Virginia jumped to get a better view.
"Virginia, go wash your hands if you want to hold this baby." He passed the infant to Clarissa and helped Malene with her tea.
A USA Today Recommended Read

D. Ryan said...

From Kiss Me Goodnight by Michele Zurlo:
Dylan held the door for me, which led to a hallway behind the stage. He grabbed my hand, holding me back when I would have followed everyone else through the door into the main room.

I cocked my head and gazed up at him.

“You liked the show?”

“Very much. I’d even see it again.” I still think they need some backing vocals. “I especially liked the last song. That’s where you took the name for your band?”

He nodded. “I wrote the song a few years ago.” His eyes clouded over the tiniest bit, a combination of nostalgia and melancholy.

I was about to ask him if he was okay when he tilted his head down. The right moment had finally come. He was going to kiss me. My lips tingled with anticipation. My senses came alive, attuned to every molecule of this moment.

He pulled me against him, holding me so I could feel the hard length of his thighs (yes, thighs, you perv) against mine. But that wasn’t enough. Taking one step forward, he moved my back against the wall. Throwing caution to the wind, I gave in to my urge to run my hands over his chest. I broke my gaze from his, putting off a moment I knew would blow away every kiss I’ve ever had.

You don’t think I’ve set my hopes too high, do you?

From Michele: Okay, so that teaser doesn't quite include the kiss, but the lead-up is the important part, right?
Kindle Link :

ML Skye said...

Today I'm sharing a lip-lock between Shyler and Marsh from Shyler: Finding Home, a Furlough 99 novella from Ellipses Press, Ltd.


Shyler reached out and grasped his hand. "My rules?" She held firm, her grip unrelenting.

Marsh rolled his eyes and hauled her forward. "You should really just hand out an instruction manual when you meet people."

Their faces only inches apart, Shyler held his gaze. No room for negotiation with her.

He sighed. "Fine. Give me the highlights."

Shyler let out a relieved breath. "We do this once. Here. And it doesn't leave this room, er… suite. Ever."

Marsh considered her for several moments, trying to decide if she would cave. He had a feeling she wouldn't.

He nodded. "Done." His lips snagged hers and he maneuvered her toward his bedroom.


She'd probably made the most stupid, rash decision of her life…but Shyler didn't care. Marshton Grey infuriated and challenged her, but she really liked him. Not just the looks, the guy had a brain to match the primo physique. She loved smart men.

And god. Damn. The man could kiss. A mouth made of sin moved over hers, sending her blood pressure out of orbit. Tangling with Marsh might not be intelligent, but he had her revved and ready and she needed to scratch the itch. Way too long since she'd hooked up with anything more than a battery operated device.

She'd worked hard. Solid. Non-stop. She didn't have time for a full-blown relationship. But sex—physical release—counted as absolutely necessary and vital to maintaining balance in life, unless someone became a monk or did some other new age deal like meditation. Shyler had no desire to don scratchy robes, and meditation would drive her mad. She didn't have the patience for it.


I hope you enjoyed the preview.

Available here: Amazon


Please stop by my blog for more snippets
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Thank you for reading!

Anonymous said...

First Kiss from Playing for Keeps

First Kiss

When the moment had passed and our chuckling died down, an uncomfortable silence ensued and I began twisting the keys franticly between my fingers. The air between us became charged with electricity that was hard to ignore. After a while I looked up and my eyes collided with the full force of his green dynamites. They bored into me, seeking out the very depths of my soul. I was spellbound.

Slowly he reached out, covering my restless hands with his. My fingers stilled as he pulled me toward him. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew what was happening but my brain had completely short-circuited, unable to command my legs to move me out of his magnetic grasp. Desire flared in his eyes as his head slowly began its descent, bringing those tempting lips down to meet mine. I gasped as his mouth covered mine, the sensation that coursed through my body was one I had never experienced before. His tongue darted out and he ran it along my bottom lip, coaxing my lips apart. I moaned and leaned into him, opening my mouth to his sensuous invasion as he deepened the kiss. Our tongues tangled together as his hands slipped around my waist, pulling me more firmly to him. I could feel his budding erection against my belly and heat coiled in my stomach in response.

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