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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New! Better Left Unsaid Wednesday.

Our Wednesday meme highlights those thought bubbles over our characters' heads. Do they say one thing and think another? Do they inwardly muse, ponder, laugh, fret, jeer, doubt, rage etc?

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that describes what your heroes, heroines, or bit players are thinking. If you are unable to post thoughts in italics, wrap their thoughts with *   * so they're easy to spot. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Elaine Violette said...

From A Kiss of Promise: “Martin,” she finally breathed. “I-I, I never expected to see you. Richard…” she swallowed as the story she must tell him, formed in her mind. “I have come with my brother. He is here to handle some business affairs. He is in there.” She pointed past the gates, in the direction where Philip had disappeared. “He wanted to look at the items at auction. He preferred I wait here.”
She was amazed that she could utter even a sound or put a sentence together. She’d believed she could fall no further, yet she’d become worse than disgraced, she’d become a shameful liar. Would he believe her? She continued, the words invented as she uttered them. “My maid is over there, on the bench.” She waved a hand, thankful the bench was now fully hidden by the crowd moving forward.
“I have thought of you often. And to see you here, I’m speechless. Are you…how was your voyage? How long have you been in Boston?”
She realized that he was as tongue-tied as she and just as shocked at their meeting. Somehow, she needed for him to leave her. Her prayer had been answered only for her to realize how futile it was. As soon as she’d spoken her brother’s name, only seconds before, she had regained her senses and her purpose. She could not involve Martin, not now. Phillip would return at any minute. She feared his reaction if she saw them talking. She had to complete her mission alone and deny her dreams.

Maggie Le Page said...

This snippet is taken from A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING by Maggie Le Page (that's me!). Becky and her boss, Matt, are in a lift that has just jerked to a halt between floors. They're trying to work out how to escape and Becky's claustrophobia is kicking in. Enjoy!


He opened the flap. “Oh.” The bare wires stared out at us. “That’s a bit inconvenient.”

Inconvenient? It was a damn sight more than a bit bloody inconvenient. My chest constricted. I took several deep breaths, trying to stay calm.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still make your lecture. We’ll find a way out.”

“Super,” I said, but my heart wasn’t in it. This lift looked impossible to Houdini out of.

“Hey!” I said, suddenly excited. “I’ve got my mobile.”

“Excellent.” He patted my back as I ta-dah’d it out of my bag.

Our enthusiasm was short-lived, though: no reception. I dropped my useless scrap of technology onto the floor, slumped against the wall, closed my eyes and tried to magic myself to the Greek islands. Or anywhere. Just get me out of here.

No genies came to the rescue. I opened my eyes and we were still in a metal box, stuck in limbo I-don’t-know-how-many feet in the air.

Matt reinspected the buttons. Nothing. I inspected the ceiling. No CCTV.

“This is ridiculous,” I said through gritted teeth.

How were we going to escape? Because we would, right? Cold fear trickled down my spine. We had to. I couldn’t take much more of this.

A quick scan of the elevator’s fitness certificate confirmed it was serviced and good for another six months. Funny. I turned my attention to the roof, looking for the trapdoor you see in the movies. Not that I particularly fancied surfing on top as the lift went into free-fall, but if we were about to free-fall I didn’t fancy being in here, either. Surfer or cave-girl? I felt dizzy with the enormity of the choice.

But there was no trapdoor, so no choice. Absurdly, I felt disappointed.

I faced the doors again. This was it. Our one and only exit.

Only not today.


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B.J. McCall said...

Moonlust by B.J. McCall

He carries a gun. She’s on the run. First impressions are better left unsaid.

Ry didn’t need trouble, especially the female human kind, but fate had changed his plans and her smile was like a tractor beam drawing him to her. She was so utterly feminine and so fragile looking, walking away wasn’t an option. “I’m Ryland Graham. Mind if I sit down?”

Her gaze searched his face, assessing him, and she smiled. “Please do, Mr. Graham.”

“My friends call me Ry.” He pulled out a chair and took a seat.

She stuck out her hand. “I’m Mary Smith.”

Her hand was cold, her touch brief, and she was lying. The scent of fear clung to her and her hand trembled as she picked up her glass and took a drink.

“I know we just met, but would you have dinner with me? The hotel has a great restaurant. Or there’s an Italian place down the block.”

Her gaze flicked to the window, then back to meet his.

Ry smiled. “I’m only in town for the night and I’d really like to have dinner with you.”

“Are you staying at this hotel?” Her come-hither smile slammed through him. Ry would have liked to think she was as captivated by him as he was by her, but he knew better. His training and his years on the job told him she was playing him, using him to get out of the bar and out of sight.

Mary was human and up to her ass in trouble. As a sworn officer of the Federal Paranormal Criminal Unit it was his duty to direct her to SFPD and walk away. But that wasn’t going to happen. If she had dragons to slay, Ry was buying a sword. “I’m on the sixth floor.”

ML Skye said...

Today I'm sharing an unspoken conversation between Lucy and Zapf from Creative Ink, my upcoming summer release and first book of the Black Unicorn Comics universe, by my alter ego Skylin O'Thomas.


Lucy glanced up and spotted Chelle making a beeline for Brian. Her eyes narrowed and she thought of several ways to maim and kill the other woman. Chelle often forgot she'd put Brian into the ex category, but only when convenient. Like now.

::Whoa. Dial it back, Luce. I'm feelin' the hate all the way over here. Brian knows the score. Wait for it…::

Chelle trapped her prey by the water cooler. "Brian, how about lunch?" She lifted a hand and smoothed away a non-existent speck of lint from the well-defined chest of her quarry. "We can go over the new promo for Xavier." She added the flirty eyelash thing she liked to whip out on him.

Lucy gritted her teeth and her monitor flashed again.

::She shoots…::

Brian stepped back and shook his head. "Not today, Chelle." He lifted his blue gaze and leveled it directly at Lucy. "I've got plans for lunch."

::Oh snap! Someone's gonna score and it ain't Miss Thang. You go, girl!::

Lucy bit back a laugh, but couldn't suppress the delicious little shiver Brian's words caused.

::Think about it. You live five minutes away. Lovely day…a lot you can do in an hour::

Lucy shook her head and keyed a quick reply. ::Shut up::

Zapf grinned while he typed his next missive. ::Aww, come on.
You know he's hot for it. Give him some, babes::

::Shut. Up::

::Plenty of time for wild monkey sex. Just saying::

Brian sidestepped Chelle and slowly made his way toward Lucy's desk.


Brian's eyes did a slow once over, making Lucy hot and leaving no doubt what he wanted to feast on during lunch.







Brian stopped at the edge of her desk and lifted a brow.
Her fingers furiously typed out a message.

::Taking a long lunch, Z Man. Later::

She closed the window, grabbed her bag and practically ran out the door with Brian.


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