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Sunday, April 20, 2014

NEW! The Sunday Preview

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E. Ayers said...

Considering I just reached the end a few minutes ago... I'm excited. (What a wonderful way to face Easter Sunday. BTW, I saw the Easter Bunny going through the neighborhood.) I think this one will be titled WITH THIS RING. It's got a wedding to remember!

She put her nose to one of the glass doors and tried to see inside. It was nothing but a dark hole, but it would be her dark hole. Four big windows fronted Main Street and four more fronted Elm Street.

"It's been rented," a deep male voice said from behind her.

Her stomach and heart collided as her hot coffee sloshed from her cup and dribbled over her hand. She turned and faced the voice. It came from a man who must have been her senior by at least ten years. Piercing blue eyes were partially shielded by a black Stetson.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Cody Montgomery, at your service." He lifted his western hat with his left hand before sitting it back on dark hair that showed signs of silver. "We're you looking for a piece of property?"

"Mr. Montgomery? I'm Deanne Drayden.” She licked the spilled coffee from the back of her hand and winced at the tender pink spot. “We're to meet here tomorrow at nine a.m." She took in the custom-cut black wool suit that covered his well-portioned frame and had already noticed that he wore no wedding ring.

"If you want to see it now, I'd have to get the keys, and we won't have any light inside."

"Tomorrow will be fine." She glanced at her watch. "I'm supposed to be someplace in about three minutes."

"Then I won't keep you. See you tomorrow."

She nodded and scurried away. He looked about as out of place as she felt in a small town. Delicious thoughts of Cody Montgomery ran though her mind, but too many years in the fashion industry taught her that the good-looking men were either gay or players, and the players didn't play with women like her.

Please visit my Amazon web page and consider some of my other contemporary romances that are just warm enough to produce delicious thoughts.

Anonymous said...


This is from my recently released debut novella A Haught Date.

The sudden irresistible urge to do something totally out of character seemed to come out of nowhere. It was true she had wanted this man since she saw him, although she couldn’t believe he had actually followed and waited for her. Could she save him from these women in the hall? Unlikely. Did she want to? Hell yes.

She wanted this man. Not forever—the typical plan never seemed to work for her—but for right now. She deserved it. She deserved him. He wanted help, and she knew what that was like. How could she turn this down? She couldn’t.

She reached up, put her hand on the back of his head, and felt like she should say something. “Thank you for waiting for me,” she said, but she doubted anyone but him heard her.

Could she really kiss a stranger in front of all these salivating women? She licked her lips as she admired his mouth, excited anticipation running throughout her body. She looked up. The dare in his piercing gray eyes and the grin on his lips helped her glide past her nervousness. She pulled him down and placed a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth, then retreated. She went to kiss him again. This time she wanted to kiss the closed-mouth smile off those firm, supple lips. She tasted his bottom lip, taking it between hers to see if she could elicit a response. He tasted like bourbon and something minty, and she felt an insatiable hunger for him, wanting him more in that moment than she could remember ever wanting anything. As she touched her tongue to the seam of his lips, he opened and sucked her tongue into his mouth. She fisted her hand in his hair, not wanting this hot kiss to end or this captivating man to move.

Released April 15, 2014
Amazon -
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Jude said...

"Just grab the knot on the rope, push off with your feet. When the rope stops to swing back, let go.” Robby patiently explained to Becca.
Becca stood on the edge of a rock cliff at what seemed like miles above the mocking lake.
"Are you fucking kidding me?" She glared at Robby.
Strong, young muscular arms reached around her, taking her hands in his, placing both sets on the rope knot, his on top.
His voice vibrated in her ear. "Just hold on."
With those words, she soared across the lake with Clay's firm body plastered against hers. At the point the rope hesitated to swing back, Clay pried her hands from the knot, plunging her down. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, holding it. His fingers intertwined in hers as they hit the water together. Like a bullet, she shot downward, the water covering her head. His hands released her as her body spun like a swirling top. Her eyes still closed, she felt hands around her waist stopping her motion. Upward the two bodies floated to break the water at the same time.
Becca took a deep gulp of air. Opening her eyes, face to face with a smiling Clay, her hands rested on his broad shoulders, his hands on her waist. Treading water together, she couldn't help but let a large gush of laughter escape. Clay joined her, pulling her into him. Hugging his neck, fully aware of their bodies intimately melting together, she let the water pull them apart and looked into his eyes. But his eyes were looking down.
"I think your suit got twisted." A wicked smile played around his mouth.
Jerking her head down she saw while not exposed, her swimsuit top revealed most of her right boob. Releasing Clay's neck, she adjusted her top as he held her, watching with a spark of amusement flashing in his smile. When she felt everything back in the proper place, she looked up at him, narrowed her eyes.
"Enjoying the view?" She admonished him.
His sexy smile always knocked her in the stomach. "Yes, I certainly am."
With no warning, he licked the water from her neck. Smacking his lips, she felt delightful sensations rising. Wiggling out of his embrace she started swimming for the beach. She could hear the water splashing behind her. He never overtook her, although she knew as a strong swimmer, he could at any moment.
When she figured her feet could touch the bottom, she stood, marched up the beach to her blanket. Grabbing her beach towel she plopped down, glared at Clay finishing his walk towards her. Reaching her he stood dripping wet, water glistening off his golden tan torso. With the sun behind him, she could barely see his face, but his electric blue eyes flashed wickedness.
"Want to go again?" The challenge spiked his tone.
While his offer was tempting, her awareness of her body still trembling from the strong feelings his touch produced in her prevented her from accepting.
"Later. I want to get some sun." She laid back, closed her eyes, gripping the blanket at her sides to ease her shaking.
"Okay, later then." He stepped over her head, leaving drops of water in his wake. She forced herself not to turn her head to watch his beautiful tight ass walk away.
Release April 22, 2014

bettye griffin said...

From my WIP, LOVE WILL GROW (the final book in my Love WIll series, following the prequel LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELING and the novel LOVE WILL FOLLOW:
“Was there something you didn’t want to say in front of Dillon?” he asked.

“Yes. His father is deceased.”

“And you are his mother?” At her hesitation, his eyebrows shot up. “Ms. Taylor. Did you give birth to, or legally adopt, Dillon?”

Nylah swallowed. “I’m his legal guardian. His mother was my sister. She died, also." She dreaded having to say the words aloud, but knew she had to. “Yes. They died in the Maynard Street fire.”

She waited for the familiar three-tiered reaction, and she wasn’t disappointed. First came recognition, then sorrow, finally sympathy. She’d seen the same response on the faces of whomever she’d been required to tell over the years.

She hated it.

“I remember,” he said slowly. “Dillon is the infant who stayed with his aunt that night. It ended up saving his life.”

“I’m the aunt. His mother was my younger sister. He was just ten months old at the time, too young to understand what happened or have any memory of his real parents. Since then he’s been with me, and I’m the only mother he remembers.”

“I understand. I’m sorry.” Marc Samuels kept his expression stoic, but he couldn’t remember the last time he felt so embarrassed. Gary, Indiana, had many a tragic story in its history — unfathomable crimes like gang shootouts at funeral services — but he’d never forget the Maynard Street fire in which two generations of a family lost their lives. They lived on the second floor of a two-family house, and their new neighbors on the street level moved their belongings in during the night so that no one would see their belongings, a common practice in high-crime areas. Someone propped a mattress against the kitchen stove, and the force of its weight pushed a gas burner to the on position. The fire that ensued after the new tenants left to retrieve more of their belongings quickly engulfed the wood-frame house, killing the five people who slept in the apartment upstairs.

The resulting investigation determined that they had all awakened and tried to escape, but were overcome by the thick smoke. Forensic testing revealed that they were all dead before the flames reached them. Killed were a couple in their late forties, their daughter, son-in-law, and their fifteen-year-old son. The only survivors of the family were another daughter, who lived in Merrillville; and the infant son of the daughter and son-in-law who perished, who had spent the night with his aunt.

Marc felt like he’d inserted not just his foot, but an arm, too, into his mouth. The beautiful woman opposite him seemed in obvious mental distress as she relayed the devastating loss she suffered. No wonder she hadn’t wanted to discuss it.

Sometimes he hated his job.
LOVE WILL GROW by Bettye Griffin, coming late spring 2014

Mickie Sherwood said...

Cherished Moments - Sweet Romance - Released April 19, 2014 at

The evening was hot and humid—true South Louisiana weather. Nonetheless, Jordan continued to dance away her troubles. Soon, the denseness of the crowd intensified the temperature. When the tempo of the music slowed, relief rushed over her. This ballad presented the perfect opportunity to sneak off the dance floor. Now she could catch her breath. Jordan strategically mingled at various tables, leaving a few cordial words at each one. With polite gestures, she worked her way from the crowd's core. Beyond the music stage, she spotted a sweet shady spot.

While she imagined herself seated in the space, someone groped her from the rear. Shocked, Jordan jumped. Simultaneously, the person pinned her arms in front of her. Jordan panicked—her body was being held against her will. Movements restricted, her attacker flipped her around with ease. He pressed his face against hers, and then moved his lips backwards until they rested upon her ear.

"Calm down, Senator," he said gruffly.

The sound of the male’s voice made her cringe. “Luther. Are. You. Insane?" In her unflattering position, Jordan tried constantly to escape without garnering attention. However, the fifty-year-old, former boxer was much too strong. He crushed her body against his.

Alcohol oozed from Luther’s pores and irritated her nose. His arms were locked so tight, that she found it difficult to breath. When she finally inhaled, his stale odor filled her lungs.

"What’s this all about, Luther?” She struggled and pushed against him.

"Ah, Jordan. I just want a dance." Undoubtedly inebriated, his words were jumbled together.

Luther forced her to take a couple of awkward turns. Using brute force, he gyrated his chunky body into hers. Jordan felt battered by his assault. Turning her head, she looked into his blood shot eyes. There, she saw callousness in the depth of his soul.

Thanks for this opportunity ExquisiteQuills.