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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Genesis of a Book - Lost and Found by Jane Leopold Quinn #equills


In my story telling, I find myself obsessed with small towns. I was raised in one, went to college, and taught third grade in one. Then I moved to the big city. Chicago. At that time years ago, I couldn't wait to leave my small Iowa town. Now, apparently, I'm yearning to go back home. Five of my thirteen books take place in a small town.

Lost and Found, from Ellora's Cave is my sixth small town. Birchwood Falls was created, populated, and designed by me. I even drew a map. As you can probably see, I'm a better writer than artist. But I was committed to this project and plan a series of B Falls stories.


Hunky Marine Marc Rahn enlisted after his high school graduation to escape the pain of his parents’ fatal car wreck. Now on leave after eight years and multiple Middle East deployments, he returns to his small hometown to put to rest his suspicions that the “accident” might actually have been anything but.

What he doesn’t expect is an intriguing flash of a pierced nipple from a new neighbor on move-in day. The breast’s owner, Phoebe Barnes, is a beautiful young jazz singer who plans to make it big in the music business. Her early years in foster care made her hungry for attention and fame, and she’s out to achieve both at almost any cost.

Despite their differing paths, Marc and Phoebe quickly give in to the sizzling attraction between them. But will their passion turn deadly when the person who killed Marc’s family decides two murders might not have been enough?


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Jane Leopold Quinn
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E. Ayers said...

This is in my TBR pile and I can't wait to get to it. You always write such wonderful stories with lots of what I would call the natural heat of two lovers.

Just love your map! If you saw my map of River City you would die laughing. It's a foam board with sticky notes on it for buildings and neighborhoods.

I expect we'll see lots more Birchwood Falls stories.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

I'd love to see your River City map. I wish I'd thought of a foam board. That would be fun to create, so maybe I will. Thanks for commenting!

E. Ayers said...

It's big enough to prop up behind my computer and actually see it while I'm working. With as long as the series is getting, I must keep track. Where's Market St compared to River Rd.- that sort of thing and how many blocks from Sweet Grandview to the hospital, pharmacy, or even to Riverwalk Park. And where is Jeffer's Grill located? Which house is Katie's? And where did Amy grow up. Very complicated. LOL But they are our worlds and we build them

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

I love the whole idea of a map. I originally got it from Jan Karon's Mitford books. Every book had a drawing of the town in the front. So cool.