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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Author Interview: Pamela Labud

EQ Welcomes Pamela Labud

EQ: Welcome to EQ! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Pamela: Hi!  I’ve been a huge reader since I was a kid back when there were only three TV channels and kids programming was only on Saturday morning.  Reading fast became my refuge and later, dreaming about stories I would write later on.  I started out reading the Gothic romances my mother gave me, then science fiction and fantasy.  Later, when I was grown with my own young children, I fell in love with the romance genre.

EQ: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.

Pamela: Grave Danger is the first book in my Blue Star Baby Trilogy.  Essentially the first book in a ‘post apocalyptic zombie killing love story.’  Nineteen years old, Maverick Dunne was one of a select group of babies born under a radioactive ‘blue’ star in the midst of a nuclear winter.  A ‘re-animator’ she is able to bring all sorts of nasty dead things back to life.  She is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, mutant destroyer, Daniel Wolfe.  Together they travel to the site of the first nuclear blasts to stop the development of virus created zombie soldiers. 

EQ: What has been the most exquisite moment of your life?

Pamela: I’m so blessed.  Actually, I’ve had three.  The moment I realized my husband and I were in love, and at each moment my daughters were born. 

EQ: What was your defining moment as a writer?

Pamela: The day I got the calls for my book Spirited Away by the RITA coordinator—I’d finaled in 2 categories: Best First Book and Best Paranormal. 

EQ: Pick out one of the best lines in your novel. What do you love about it?

Pamela: “Two knives, a long sword at his side, and an ion blaster hanging low on his hip—the evidence was clear and my throat dried up to dust—the love of my life was a killer.”

EQ: What are your top three guilty pleasures?

Pamela: Dark chocolate
Playing solitaire when I should be writing
Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC’s Sherlock (totally)

EQ: Which of your characters do you connect with the most and why?

Pamela: In Grave Danger, Maverick Dunne is totally me (if I were nineteen again, could bring stuff back to live and be a kickass heroine!)  She’s had a rough life but compassion still thrives in her.  (As a nurse for many years I have to say, compassion is the one thing that has guided me and I’m so thankful for it.)

EQ: What kinds of male characters do you prefer to write?

Pamela: Broken.  I like guys that need the heroine to save/heal them.  A combination of Alpha when they need to be and Beta when the heroine needs them to be, too.  Stubborn to a point, but forgiving when they need to be.  Oh and hot.  Totally hot.  (wink!)

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Michele Zurlo said...

Pam, Welcome to EQ! Thanks for letting us host your interview.

Pamela Labud said...

Thank you for having me!

Angela Drake said...

Great interview. Always nice to learn new things about my favorite authors, who also happen to be writer buddies and friends. Happy Writing!

Pamela Labud said...

Aww! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Hi Pamela, love your interview. There were so many things that made me chuckle - favorite line. I'd never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch before but your mention was the 2nd one in 2 days. I'll have to google him.

Pamela Labud said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jane! I hadn't heard of him, either, but my daughter was crazy about BBC's Sherlock. Great show and awesome actor.

Rose Anderson said...

I enjoyed your interview Pamela. I'm big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock too. :)

Pamela Labud said...

Thanks so much! I do enjoy the show. It's perfect except for the short seasons and long wait between new episodes. But, well worth the wait. I also enjoy Martin Freeman. He's been in a lot of stuff lately. I've long loved Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit. It's so great to see them on the big screen, too.