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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Preview!

The Sunday Preview is a chance to post a juicy 300-word snippet from a work in progress or to help get a buzz started for your soon-to-be released novel. Be sure to add your website/blog link, a release date if you have one, and one link to where your other books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.
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E. Ayers said...

Everyone loves a romantic wedding and a courtship to go with it! In June, I will be releasing several books. This is from WITH THIS RING. (UNEDITED)

Cody Montgomery had tried marriage - twice! It's left him with seven children, and none of them are biologically his, but he loves them. The oldest is seventeen, and the youngest is a set of twins, age six. It's tough to be single and the father of seven children. And just how does a single father talk to his daughters about those "important" things when he doesn't really want to admit his daughters have vaginas?

From: WITH THIS RING by E.Ayers

[Cody said,] "I should take you home before Gloria thinks I'm keeping you all night, and we ruin our reputations."
DeeDee raised her eyebrows. "You have a reputation to protect?"
"I most certainly do. I've been the role model of upstanding single parent with teenagers in the house."
"Yes. And apparently it hasn't done me much good. Which is why the hall closet upstairs now sports the biggest box of condoms I could find. I say nothing, but they are slowly vanishing one by one."
"Oh dear. Do you know which child?"
He nodded. "Let's say one admits to a certain amount of activity, but I also suspect a son. I'm presuming that I'm supplying their friends, too. That or somebody is spending way too much time having sex."
DeeDee giggled. "I wish my mom had been as open minded."
"I'm not really, but I don't want one of my children diseased or pregnant. I had a long discussion one night about condoms and their proper use after dinner. Let's just say a salt shaker was used for a purpose it was never intended."
He grinned. "I used a disposable one, the kind you take on picnics. And yes, I tossed it."
"That must have been awkward."
"It was at first. I've had a difficult time talking to my girls. I had the five oldest ones at the table, but once I got started everyone was fine." He took a sip of his cognac. "Once everyone got over the embarrassment, we talked about everything. It took the taboo out of sex."

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Jessie Clever said...

What happened to Richard Black, the Duke of Lofton? In the last installment of the Regency romance Spy Series, we'll pick up where the last story left off, at the unexpected death of one of our heroes. But what really happened? Find out in Summer 2014.

From To Save a Viscount:
London August 1815
He had grown so accustomed to the sound of gunfire that he did not hear the shot that was meant to kill him.

This would have worried Richard Black, the Duke of Lofton, if he had had time to think on it. But as the situation inherently required immediate action, prolonged and abstract thinking on the subject was neither prudent nor wise. So he refrained. Instead, he wondered who it was that smashed into him at incredible speed, sending him tumbling backwards off the walk along the Thames and into the bitter, black water below.

He had been meeting his contact there along the water at an unholy hour, and darkness had lain all about him. The exchange had gone as planned, and he now held the knowledge that he knew would prove key to his current assignment with the War Office. But as the inky water of the Thames closed over his head, he wondered if he would ever get that information to the necessary people.

And then as the last of the light disappeared, he thought of Jane, his wife. His Jane. He did not think of her in specific instances or certain memories that lay in his mind. He thought of her in pieces. Her smell. Her laugh. The sound of her hair as she brushed it at night. The way she always laid her hand on top of his whenever they should find themselves sitting next to one another.

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JoAnne Myers said...

Here is my Sneak Peek from "Twisted Love, available later this month. OUTLINE FOR TWISTED LOVE

The End of Autumn-To keep from paying child support for his three children, Rodney Williams, plots with his parents to kidnap his estranged wife, 25-year old Autumn, in broad daylight. This 2011 crime shocked the small community of Logan, Ohio.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing-In 2011, 53 year old Russell Strothers, and his teenage accomplice find their victims through Craigslist and strike with calculating and deadly force.

A Senseless Killing-This 2010 case uncovers how a 40 year old likable barmaid was lured to her death after she rejects her young admirers sexual advances.

The Death of Innocence-This 2011 murder case involved 4 year old Marcie Willis, and her evil stepmother 25 year old Cheryl, from the small bedroom community of The Plains, Ohio.

The Girl Not Forgotten-This cold case took 26 years to solve, but brought justice for 13-year-old Holly Buford, and put serial rapist, 40-year-old Stanley Snead, behind bars.

The Possession-When 29-year-old Valerie Harris severs the penis of her sexually abusive father, it makes national news in 2007.

Home Town Hero-When deaf students are murdered in the prestigious Rose Brick College of the Deaf in 2008, everyone is shocked when discovering the killer is one of their own.

The Spell Caster Murders-When 42 year old Fortune Teller Sally Vu and her 21-year-old daughter Veronica are discovered murdered and physically desecrated, in 2001, evidence points to revenge and a spell gone wrong.

All For the Family-In 2003, as a way to erase her 22-year-old husbands criminal past, 19 year old Molly Abbott devises a ghoulish and desperate strategy.

Thicker Than Water?-When 52 year old Jenny Michaels is found dismembered inside her burned out home in 1996, officers find the crime more confusing than a jig saw puzzle.

Mail Order Murder-The last thing the beautiful Russian mail order bride Anna dreamed of in 2001, was being murdered by her controlling and older American husband.

Where’s Christopher?-When four year old Christopher Ellis goes missing, numerous excuses and an odd odor emanating from the backyard in 1991, raises eyebrows.