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Monday, June 16, 2014

Wash Line Monday!

Our Monday meme shines a light on apparel. From Regency to Steampunk, and everything in between, we dress our characters to reflect the story we want to tell.

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that describes what your heroes, heroines, or bit players are wearing. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

This is from my spanking new release! WITH THIS RING I'll post the URL as soon as it becomes available.

Two weeks later, Julia helped DeeDee into a wedding gown. The Renaissance design done in an antique white was perfect on DeeDee. And the tiny inset panels of mossy blue-green brought out the color in DeeDee’s eyes. She spun around in front of the mirrors, checking the dress from every angle. She knew it would be beautiful on her, but to stand there with the dress on, gave her the most glorious feeling.
Cody’s mom insisted on the wedding being held on the ranch, and Chrisy got involved the minute word filtered from Karina to him. She didn’t care. It was insane, and the only thing she had to do was say I do. Then it would be over. Karina would be her maid of honor, and Cody’s brother would stand for him. Just simple is what she told Chrisy, and he swore he’d keep it very small. She didn’t believe him, not for two seconds.
As quickly as she had slipped into the gown, she slid out of it and went back to work. She had clients who also wanted the perfect gowns for their weddings.

E. Ayers said...

This is also from WITH THIS RING. I thought you might get a kick out of it! Chrisy is a guy and he's a bit of the peacock within the fashion industry. This is at the wedding on the ranch. So putting him in a black suit...
You decide. :-)

“You look very nice.” DeeDee admired the black suit that Chrisy wore with a black leather bolo tie and plain gold slide.
“Thanks. I feel like an undertaker out of some western movie.”
Karina dissolved into giggles. “We could have braided your hair like they do to horses’ tails.”
Chrisy shot her an evil glare. “Don’t even consider it. I’m wearing a buckle that won’t allow me to bend at the waist without giving myself a Heimlich.”
DeeDee frowned. “Cody wears buckles that are bigger than that.”
“He’s taller than I am.”
DeeDee rolled her eyes. “You do look very handsome. The style suits you.”
Chrisy frowned. “It’s totally lacking color.”

JoAnne Myers said...

Wash Line Monday by Jo Anne Myers:

This snippet is from “The Hunter’s Bride,” one story in my anthology “Loves, Myths, and Monsters,” 11 fantasy tales laced with mystery, intrigue, danger, and unsuspecting love.

Once he was out of the room, Daphne sniffed and got a whiff of a familiar odor. “Hello, Theo,” she said, standing. “Still wearing Red Door.” The sounds of feminine voices peaked Daren’s curiosity, but he continued checking his messages.
Advancing, dressed in all black attire, Theo scanned the messed-up rug. “I suspected you were in town. It was you who killed Agnes?” Daren took notice at those words, and closed his cell phone. He edged closer, peering around the corner, concentrating on the conversation, the quarreling women oblivious to him.
“Yes, with Daren being the only suitable Alpha Male in the area, I had to get that job somehow. Plus as you can see, I got the boss too.” Daphne growled deep in her throat. “And you killed Caitlin. Why? She was no threat to you.”
“Every female’s a threat, you know that! Including you.” Theo's sapphire eyes turned cat yellow, shocking Daren, as his brows lifted and his eyes enlarged. “Me getting rid of Daren’s wife by making it look like an accident didn’t pan out like I thought, but before I leave town, I wanna make sure you don’t get him either.”
“I always knew it would come down to only one of us.”
With no further notice, Theo growled and pounced at Daphne, her feline metamorphosis instantly taking place in mid-air.
Unfortunately, Theo found out at once Daphne was a formidable foe, for she changed simultaneously. Daren raced into the room, grabbing his gun, as the catfight escalated The Hunter’s Bride further into the rear of the house. The mewling and banging sounds of an all female fight penetrated the walls, demolishing the home room by room as the fight escalated into the back of the house.


LULU in print


Barbara Mikula said...

This is a scene from my WIP, Vaughn's Awakening, Book 2 of the NEW Black Dahlia Hotel series. My heroine and her friends are at the new, luxurious Black Dahlia Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach.
for a BDSM conference. They have dressed for the mixer on the first night of the convention at the hotel.

Vaughn had decided to wear a black camisole dress that was trimmed in lace that skimmed her figure in a flattering way with a pair of moderately high heels. She didn’t need to tower over everyone she met if she could help it, but she sure wasn’t going to the mixer in flats. She had curled her blonde streaked hair and it cascaded over her shoulders. Alexa chose a very short, tight red dress that had good deal of spandex and clung to her curves like glue with high black heels that had sexy red soles. Cindy wore a sub wear dress of purple silicone that had criss-cross straps across her back and matching high heels. All in all, they looked pretty fabulous if she did say so herself.
When the girls entered the lounge they were greeted by several friends from the club including Devon Blackthorn and Cassie Bainbridge and their husbands. Devon, who was ready to bounce off the walls with excitement as usual, was petite with a pleasingly curvy figure and short red hair cut in a pixie style. She had definitely toned it down since her marriage to Sy Blackthorn. Apparently she no longer had a need to seek attention. When Vaughn had first seen her at the club her hair was spiked with industrial strength hair gel, and her fingernails and toenails were painted a vibrant purple which matched the streaks in her hair.
Cassandra Bainbridge, also recently married to a Dom who had moved to Savannah from Atlanta, was a well-known jewelry designer and had a mass is golden, blonde-streaked ringlets that stood out around her head like a lion’s mane. She usually tamed it into a French braid. Both couples had apparently met the year before on a Golden Dolphin singles cruise. The whole story about that cruise was not generally known.

Stephanie Queen said...

Here's a wash-line snippet from my romantic comedy suspense novel, The Hot Shots:

“Stop right there!” She yelped and looked around in sudden panic. “We need to get out of these filthy clothes before we ruin this place for the shoot tomorrow.” The decor, of course, was off-white and expensive lighting and video equipment abounded, so it was no wonder she felt protective of the space. If they messed this up now she’d kill Chauncey Miller before Azzam did. There would be little time to fix things before her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the morning. She needed this little adventure with Paranoid Scotland Yard Guy to be over soon. Of course it would soon be over. He would call David and he and Chauncey would go off and chase the bad guy and she’d go back to her office and kill Grace. She kicked off her shoes as she peeled off her jacket. Then she stopped as she realized he was watching her. And he was not following suit.
“Well?” she asked.
“You need to take your muddy clothes off too. We can’t let a drop of dirt ruin this set.” She waved her hand in an arc indicating the expanse of the room. It was gorgeous and she’d decorated it and set the stage for her pilot TV show. Her pride started swelling.
“I don’t suppose you had in mind what we might replace said muddy clothing with?”
She hated that he had a very good point. The swell of pride popped. She scowled at him. He grinned and began undressing.
“Leave your underwear on,” she told him hastily, and wondered when she got to be such a chicken. He unnerved her. She firmed up her voice and added, “I’ll dig up some towels. My client won’t mind if we use the guest bathroom. We can shower and even wash our clothes.”
“I’m relieved.”
She didn’t bother scowling again, but turned away from him and pulled off her shirt and skirt. With her mucky clothes rolled up in a bundle, she scurried barefoot down the hall. His now familiar bark of laughter followed her. She felt lucky that he couldn’t see her face turn pink as she slammed the bathroom door behind her. It felt like an empty gesture since Sherlock could probably pick the lock. She puffed out a breath of exasperation.
Maybe the danger was over. Maybe it was just beginning."

Anna Markland said...

Snippet from THE ROVER BOLD scheduled for publication later this year. Characters are in a Viking longboat.
Cathryn studied the scenery, trying not to let her eyes wander to Bryk, who held firm to the tiller at the rear of the vessel.
The task of keeping the heavy boat steady in the winding river seemed effortless for him. He wore a knee-length shaggy cloak the color and texture of sheepskin, pushed back off his shoulders to reveal a faded red lining. It was fastened at the shoulder with a pin held captive in an elaborately decorated gold circle. A woolen braid similar to the one on her scarf edged the cloak. Someone had fashioned the well used garment with love.
A crimson shirt had replaced the one he had torn apart. Tight pants clung to his muscular thighs, a narrow leather belt snaking its way through the loops at his waist. A large pouch made of some animal skin hung from it. She suspected the key to the iron padlock that secured the chest lay inside. The buckle was ornate, silver perhaps. An enormous sword sat on his hip that she would have difficulty lifting. She recognized the hilt of a familiar dagger tucked within easy reach.
His shins were wrapped in strips of braided fabric which disappeared inside calf high leather boots fastened with toggles.
Perched atop his head was a rounded helmet with chain mail hanging from it to protect his neck. Metal flaps covered his ears. But the studded metal mask encircling his eyes and covering his nose were the most menacing aspect. A zigzag pattern had been hammered into it, the oval eye slits transforming him into a creature of myth, a bird-like raptor. She was relieved he hadn't worn it the night they’d met. She’d have died of fright.
He was the embodiment of every tale she’d ever heard about Vikings—a battle-ready barbarian. The helmet must weigh a considerable amount, yet he showed no sign of discomfort.

James D said...

This is from the sixth book of my Dream Series, "Dream Reunion" -

We make it home without further incident, but I have to go right back out again. I’d like something new to wear for the New Year’s Eve party we’re going to tomorrow night. Major Dennings, the liaison officer Brian works with at the Pentagon, is hosting it, and I want to look as good as I can for Brian.

On a whim, I ask Grace if she wants to come help me. “Shopping for clothes? Duh, of course I’ll go,” she says. I suspect she thinks she can talk me into buying something for her while we’re out. I also suspect she’s right.

Once we’re at Nordstrom’s, Grace keeps trying to steer me towards dresses that are entirely inappropriate. They’re either cut too low, too tight or too short. She picks out one in particular that I physically shudder at when I imagine it on me. “Come on, Grace! Not even Gretchen would wear that!”

Oops. It just slipped out. I know I’m beet red, and Grace is staring at me, waiting for an explanation. “Who’s Gretchen?”

“I’ll explain when we get home,” I say with a deep sigh. I have to tell it now, don’t I? “You need to see the pictures to really appreciate the story.” But before that, I still need a dress. We finally reach a compromise. The dress is strapless and bright red, almost scarlet. It goes just past my knees, and has just enough of a neckline to show off my emerald.

And maybe I won’t be the only one at the party in a red dress. Maybe she’ll be there. Maybe the sight of me wearing the outfit she’s always got on in her dreams will put a scare into her. It’s worth a shot. Besides, after I try it on, I have to admit, the dress does look pretty good on me.

E. Ayers said...

It is live on Amazon!

E. Ayers said...

Hope you grab your copy of this book.

E. Ayers said...

Wow! I could picture him. Yes, menacing. I love your tales!

Marie Lavender said...

This is from UPON YOUR HONOR:

He smiled slightly. “I will have someone bring it. The Charleston Hotel is very elegant. I’m sure there’s a nice gown in there somewhere.”
“As opposed to the others I have?”
He lifted a brow. “Why are you so contrary? You look beautiful in everything you wear. I only mean that it’s a very nice place, and I am certain my mother dressed for the occasion as well.” He shook his head and turned away.
She watched him leave. She felt terrible that she’d taken him to task, but she was all out of sorts these days. Keeping secrets was hell on the soul.
She did indeed find a decent gown in Gabriel’s mother’s trunk. It was lavender silk with a matching shawl. The shawl felt cool against her bare shoulders. She also found some matching kid gloves that fit her just right. She looked at her reflection in the small mirror in the room and decided it was good enough. She briefly considered pinning up her hair, but decided against it. She settled by pulling it up halfway with a pair of matching combs. Chloe was not a vain person, but she did wonder how Gabriel viewed her. He was such a mysterious man.
By the time she appeared on deck that evening awaiting Gabriel’s escort, he was already there. He was conversing with some of the crew, almost giving instructions. She smiled. He really would make a good leader. When he saw her come up on deck, he finished his speech then sauntered over. He was dressed appropriately in black trousers and matching jacket, with a white dress shirt and a black cravat. He looked good, handsome indeed.
“You look well,” he managed though his smile did not quite meet his eyes.
“Thank you. As do you.”