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Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Heat!

The summer heat is on. Today's meme highlights sensual, sizzling, and scorching moments that make us swoon when we read them. All desire begins in the mind. Make us want...your book!  In comments, share a snippet no larger than 300 words.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Rosemary Gemmell said...

From The Aphrodite Touch by Romy Gemmell - first novella in my Aphrodite and Adonis series!

Intrigued, she followed as he led her down the age-worn theatre steps toward the rock-cut tombs and caves. No one else was about in the blistering heat. Climbing down the stone steps, they soon were inside one of the gloomy, cool chambers. It was a welcome respite from the sun, but she would not want to be down here for long, as she had never liked enclosed spaces. She turned to tell Jamie as much, but paused at his expression in the gloom.

“Come here.” Jamie took Carla's hands, pulling her against him.

“I've been longing to do this for a while.”

His lips gently found hers and he kissed her softly at first. Then, as she responded in the ancient, secluded surroundings, his kiss deepened. She pressed herself closer to him, her senses ignited by his intensity. This reminded her of the Jamie she fell in love with, whose kisses had awakened a depth of passion in them both, and this one she wanted to keep for as long as possible. Her lips parted at the delicate touch of his tongue and her breasts strained against him through her light cotton shirt. His hand smoothed her hair back from her face and then he was kissing her neck and her lips again, exploring her mouth as though it was the first time.

All formats from Tirgearr Publishing: (and kindle form Amazon)

Romy Gemmell:

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

He didn’t waste any time. Through eyes barely open, he watched her lashes close, watched her lips part. He kissed her softly. With light touches and delicate sips, he tasted the sweet stickiness of the apple on her lips.

She didn’t respond. It wasn’t a rejection. It just wasn’t a response.
He braced his hands on either side of her shoulders, holding himself off her breasts so the only place their bodies met was their lips. It took all his control to go slowly.

At first she didn’t touch him. Then at the same time she began to kiss him back, she placed her palms on his chest, their warmth and pressure highly arousing. She slid her arms around him and slowly pulled him down on top of her.


He took that for permission and rolled to his back, taking her, draping her over his body. He wrapped his arms around her, one hand cupping her head lightly, giving her the opportunity to break away if she didn’t like it. She stayed, and he deepened his kiss. His tongue explored her mouth, claiming her, delving into her welcoming and passionate response.

Her moans rose sweetly from her throat, then became deep growling noises. Her hands cupped his face, held him. She massaged his tongue with hers. His cock surged in response.
He rolled again putting her beneath him and slid his thigh between hers.

Her body quivered, her hips undulated, pressing upward against his.

He moved his fingers to the buttons of her sweater and flicked them open one by one, spreading the sides to reveal a pretty white lacy bra with, thank the good Lord, a front clasp. Her eyes opened, met his with an erotic, pleading gaze. The clasp easily opened, and her full, pale breasts spilled free.

From A Promise at Dawn -

Daryl Devore said...

From my erotic contemporary fantasy - Capri's Fate.
(yes, I kept the heat low.)

"Kat promises that—Ahhhhh!" With the speed of a ninja, Capri threw the cellphone into the air and reached into her tank-top to pull out the invading moth, which fluttered deeper into her top. "Get it off! Get it off!"
Thall grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up and over her head. The moth flew away.
"Did you see the size of that thing?" Capri placed her hand on her chest.
Thall's gaze moved from her eyes to her bra covered breasts. "Maybe we should remove the bra. You know, just to be sure there are no monsters inside."
"Uh, no. We have to find my cell."
"Oh hell no." He reached for her shoulder strap.
"My cell is my lifeline to the world. Cut it and I go into withdrawal. If you don't want to meet corporate bitch Capri, I suggest we find it." She glanced around the sand, but couldn't distinguish anything in the fading light.
"You're kidding?"
She raised one eyebrow.
"Fine. I'll find the darn cell." Thall crawled on his hands and knees in the general direction that she threw it. He waved his hand above the sand, hitting rocks and sticks, but no luck in finding a cell. He rolled onto his back and stared up at the star filled sky. "Kat, text Capri. Please."
The only sounds were the gentle lap of the water on the shore, and the soft snickering of Capri. "Kat! Come on. I've got a hot chick on a secluded beach. Cut me some slack. Text Capri."
Ring. Ring.
Thall reached up next to his left ear and picked the cellphone out of the sand. "I found it."
"Now come and get your prize." Her voice was as smooth and sultry as the July evening.
Capri's Fate

Erotic contemporary fantasy


What's a woman to do when a voice follows her home and makes mad, passionate love to her?

Corporate business woman, Capricious Gray, is dragged to a sex toy convention by her best friend. Once a shocking, mysterious disembodied voice helps her with her purchases, it follows her home. Passion ensues, leaving Capri torn between lust for her fantasy lover and the desperate need for reality in her life.

Thall, son of one of the Fates, harbors the irrepressible need to be with the woman he's desired from afar for years. In order to make her his, once and for all, he must help Capri get past her fears, including the fear of what he represents - a fantasy.

Can fantasy become a reality for these two lovers?

Buy Link

Blog –


David Russell said...

“Darling, we’re going to do a rehearsal for our plunge into the ocean of love. I love my body, angel and I’m pretty sure you do yours—but you could probably make more of it with a bit of encouragement. I always get erections, delicious tingles when I put on my bathing suit, and I think you’re the same about your trunks, darling…”
Blushing, Hector nodded in eager agreement. She continued, “It’s like getting dressed and undressed at the same time. The feeling of a clinging costume is a mirror image of being embraced by a beautiful sensual, tactile partner.”
She reached down to the pile of outfits and found a pair of black retro trunks, which she handed to Hector. “Now, into the bathroom with you and put them on, while I prepare a nice little surprise.”
Hector quivered with his shoelaces, zips and buttons. He felt great, the trunks were just right, his erection felt intense, but looked aesthetically subdued. He knocked at the door, “come in,” came the reply.
Before him was the catwalk beach belle—in that same costume which he had first observed at a distance from his window. Going to close up was such a turn-on. Eyes were gorged, shoulders merged, waists were clasped. She ushered him towards the bed. “Lie down,” she said, gently, but firmly. He could not resist such an instruction. She lay down beside him, then on top of him. They had a long drawn-out kiss, their hands caressing the edges of their costumes. Facing sideways, Hector began to take down her left shoulder strap. A gentle smack on the hand stopped him in his tracks. She pushed him away slightly, they both got into a sitting position.
(From 'Seductive Semaphore' in 'Dreamtime Sensuality')

Dreamtime Sensuality Antho - Devine Destinies

Michele Drier said...

SNAP: All That Jazz, Book 8 of The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles

For a moment her arms were trapped above her head and Nik used this opportunity to nuzzle her breasts. She let out a small huff of air and he pushed her back onto the bed. While he was undoing her jeans, she managed to get his tie off and began unbuttoning his shirt.
He stripped her jeans down and stopped. She hadn’t gone shopping but she was wearing matching bra and panties that she’d picked up in Paris a few months ago. She’d kept this one apricot silk and lace set apart, waiting for a special occasion and there wasn’t any more special than now.
She watched Nik’s eyes as they grew dark with lust and longing. “Do you like this?” she said waving at her lingerie.
“Oh, yessss...” He gave a slight hiss and leaned over to pin her to the bed with such a deep kiss she lost her breath again. His hands found the front closure of her bra and with a flick it fell away. Not letting her lips go, his hands brushed a path to her nipples and when he pinched them, she moaned against his mouth. He moved then, edging his way down her body, licking and kissing until her skin was on fire.
His mouth covered her and he licked and sucked until she felt an orgasm building. “Wait, wait,” she gasped. “I want you inside me.”
He didn’t raise his head, but kept the pressure on until she came, crying out, “Oh god, oh Nik,” as the waves washed through her.
As she lay there willing her heart to stop pounding, she felt him move and watched him through heavy-lidded eyes as he stripped off his shirt, pants and boxer briefs. “As you can see,” he said, “I intend to be inside you. For now, for later and forever.”

Anna Durand said...

INTUITION (Book 2, Psychic Crossroads Series)
by Anna Durand

Her hand lighted on his arm and she soaked in the heady warmth of him. Her fingers caressed the firm ripples of his muscular body, tracing the lines up his arm and onto his back. Before he left, she yearned to etch him into her memory. Fear crunched her heart in its icy fist. The vision. Tesler. Blood slicking her hands. Pain searing her chest. His pain. His blood.

He might not come home this time. Remember.

She explored him with both hands, relishing the contrast between hard muscle and tender flesh. As the fabric of shirt rasped across her palm, a shiver raked through her. Even through the barrier, his heat spread into her palms. It poured into her body, dousing the tension, disintegrating the fear.

"Go," she murmured. "I'll be okay, and Sean needs you more than I do right now."

His body tensed. His muscles undulated, igniting a tingle in her hands. It unfurled through her body in a blistering, aching wave that tightened something deep inside her. Oh God. She gnawed her lip, battling the urge to drag him into the house. Slam the door. Jam the deadbolt. Fall on her knees and beg him to stay here, with her.

He whirled around and crushed her against him.

His kiss consumed her in a fiery torrent that scorched away reason and doubt. Her body wilted against him as his lips sparked firecracker explosions inside her. Every ounce of his passion and anguish rushed through her mind and body, a gift of sensation that stole the breath from her. The world gyrated around her. A delicious ache washed through her body. Her legs quivered, on the verge of buckling. Heat flushed her skin. Her chest heaved. Oh David.

Lyndi Lamont said...

This is from Marooned a steamy pirate romance.

"There is, perhaps, one solution to this dilemma. I could claim you as my share-and-a-half from the Sea Rover." He let go of her hands and pulled her to him, one arm around her waist. His other hand grabbed hold of her hair and tugged her head back. She looked up into his face and saw that his eyes were green flecked with gold. They glittered with anger and desire.

Her hands were pressed to his warm chest and her stomach against his groin. She felt his hard fleshen rod and a strange warmth crept over her body. It spoke of anticipation and need.

"Your share-and-a-half? What does that mean?"

"When a ship is captured, the quartermaster catalogs the goods on board, then it is divided evenly among the crew. The captain receives a share-and-a-half. You would be mine."

He is the one. The words rang through her mind.

"What would you do with me?" she asked, her voice suddenly husky.

"I know what I'd like to do," he said, as his mouth descended.

His lips touched hers, lightly at first, then with more insistence. She waited for the revulsion, but it never came. Instead a languorous warmth spread through her.

"Open your mouth," he murmured against her lips.

"Why?" she asked, just before his mouth closed on her lower lip, sucking on it gently. She gave herself up to his expert kisses, not even objecting when his tongue stole inside her mouth.

Her hands roamed over his chest, enjoying the feel of warm skin and firm muscle. When her fingers grazed one flat male nipple, he groaned low in his throat. Ah, she had found one way to pleasure him.

Amazon link

E. Ayers said...

From my newest River City Novel, CAMPAIGN

He savored her. The tingle of his own need spread to his chest as fire burned in his loins. He wasn’t ready to give into his own desire.
He sat her up and slowly moved her robe from a shoulder and then off her arm. Every movement he made was done with tiny kisses. He lightly sucked on the inside of her elbow, down to her wrist, and then kissed her palm and nibbled on each finger. He repeated the moves on her other side.
When he had removed her robe, he lowered her and rolled her onto her tummy, exposing the graceful curves of her back. He undid his belt and yanked his shirttails from his pants. His fingers fumbled with each button like an unskilled child. As he shed each article of clothing, he hurled it towards his closet until he was naked.
Tiny kisses were planted down her back and then down both legs. She was precious to him and he loved being able to kiss her like this. Ignoring the burn that developed deep inside him, he continued.
She rolled over, wrapped her legs around his waist, and wiggled until she took him. He exhaled. Her legs gripped him with unbelievable strength. Her arms wrapped his neck and held him tight. Suspended off the bed, she rode him. Wet walls gripped and released in a syncopated rhythm. His mind blurred, leaving him with nothing but sensations. First came the hitch, then the clench, and then the spew in an explosive shot that traveled his length.
Available as a Kindle Unlimited

Andrea Cooper said...

Here's my excerpt from Viking Fire - historical romance between a feisty Irish lass her betrothed-a Viking.

“The bedchambers are upstairs.” She pointed. “Lead the way, then, my lady.” He grinned. His smile did not falter her resolve to be rid of him, instead she stomped each foot on the stone steps. She showed him the larger one first.
“Our room.” She waved her hand as she stood at the threshold.
He moved passed her and into the room. Surveying the goose-feathered mattress, he turned back to her. “’ Tis the first you admit we marry.”
“No. I said no such—”
He crossed the distance to her. He pulled her in his embrace and she went rigid. She opened her mouth to scream, but as she drew a breath his lips crushed hers. Tingles of warmth crept from inside her to the tips of her toes. Her mind raced demanding she be free, while her traitorous body melted in his arms. She wished she had brought her dagger with her.
His kiss became gentle and sparked a craving inside her for more. His mouth opened, offering her to taste secrets within. She slackened against him as his tongue played across her lips, stroking them and numbing her thoughts. He did not force his way further, but ended the kiss with her lips yearning for his.
Then he stepped back.
She gasped, horrified.
Her hands were clutched his hair and she jerked them away as if he scalded her.
“Your lips and eyes speak of your love.” He beamed at her frown. “Now I am sure of your passion for me.”

Amazon Buy Link:

Elaine Hopper said...

This is from COOKING UP A STORM by Ashley Ladd

Before a word came out of Jonah’s mouth, Rique had an epiphany. As he recalled Fiona’s warning, his heart threatened to burst. “You’ve been watching us. Everything. Everywhere.”

Several seconds later, Brooks blanched. “You saw us together. Intimately, I mean.”

Leaning closer, Jonah nodded. “Yes. You gave your signed permission, and this is my private island which means it’s governed by my rules.”

It could mean Rique’s life if he left. With his heart feeling as though it was beating in his throat, he pleaded, “Please don’t kick us out. Our love lives are our choice and should be private.”

He watched a deep flush crawl up Brooks’ neck and into his cheeks as Brooks begged.

“Please don’t hold it against us. We didn’t plan to fall in love. It just happened. We haven’t hurt anybody.”

Fall in love? Shock and wonder filled Rique. So Brooks felt the same way he did. Giddiness replaced the dread born moments before.

Brooks loved him. And he loved Brooks. He reached over and put his hand on Brooks’ shoulder. Then he turned and faced Jonah. “I won’t apologize for loving this wonderful man. And I won’t stop loving him. If it means we can’t be together then I’m torn whether or not I still want the position.”

He couldn’t believe he’d just said that. Damn my heart!

When Brooks squeezed his hand and tilted his chin, light refracted off his glasses and made his pupils look fractured. “Ditto. No disrespect intended, sir.”

Laughing heartily, Jonah slapped the table, causing a few sheets of papers to float to the floor.

Is the man crazy?

Blushing, Jonah gave them a shy smile. “Don’t apologize, and please call me Jonah. I loved watching you. I wanted to join you. I came as much as you did.”