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Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Heat!

The summer heat is on. Today's meme highlights sensual, sizzling, and scorching moments that make us swoon when we read them. All desire begins in the mind. Make us want...your book!  In comments, share a snippet no larger than 300 words.

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E. Ayers said...


"I have no interest in living in a tipi and being your squaw."

"Squaw? What is squaw?"

"Is not that the term for wife?"

"I've never heard it." He took her hand in his. "I do not know how I will do it, but I will build you a house."

His words sliced through her. She was tainted. Being a widow was acceptable, but being a woman who thought she was married…only to find out her husband had other wives… Was her life now reduced to marrying a red man? Tears welled. Except she didn't see Many Feathers that way. She leaned against his shoulder and cried.

He put his arm around her back and tucked her to his side. "I will never hurt you."

The warmth of his tender embrace warmed her. She gazed up at his face and discovered his dark eyes were staring at hers. "It is more than that. I don't know how to tell Adie."

"What are you talking about?"

"To lie with a man."

He laughed. "I do not lie. I tell truth."

"Nein." She rubbed her forehead with her fingertips. How could she tell him? A warm flush ran from her chest to her cheeks. "No. One word, two meanings. To be with a husband..."


She leaned away from him. "I cannot talk about it."

He took her hand, and they walked to a spot behind the barn. She had never felt so alone with a man since her time in San Francisco. She wanted to run to the safety of the house, but part of her didn't want to let go of his hand. Her insides knotted and her mouth went dry.

He leaned her against the barn and put his hands on her shoulders. "I do not have the words in your language. So I will show you."
Available as a Kindle Unlimited

Rosemary Gemmell said...

The Aphrodite Touch by Romy Gemmell - first novella in The Aphrodite and Adonis series set on Cyprus. Contemporary with a touch of fantasy!

Donas caught her in his arms and raised her half out of the water. She glanced into his confident blue eyes and, without a will of her own, Carla rested her head against his smooth chest. It was such a sensation of safety that she could have remained there forever. She realized he had carried her back to shallower water. Gently standing her on her feet, Donas reached out a hand and smoothed her hair. Hardly daring to breath as their bodies touched, Carla stared into his eyes and time stood still. Then his lips replaced his hand, tracing the lightest trail of kisses down to her bare neck. She almost cried out in pleasure at his touch and all thought ceased. Every part of her body was in an agony of desire as she longed for his lips to claim her mouth.

“We must return to the others, sweet child.”

His words drifted to her from far away. “Must we?” she whispered. At the sound of her own words, Carla’s eyes flew open and she gasped. What on earth was she doing with this stranger, when her beloved man must hardly be any distance away? How could she?

Romy Gemmell

Mary Magdeline said...

One Dance with a Stranger - by Mary M. Forbes. Contemporary Romance.

Outside the lightning streaked around rapidly, looking as though it would hit the ground with every flash of light. The thunder roared and cracked with intense fury. The rainfall made the yard look like a pond. Emily’s heartbeat quickened. She felt as though the lightning was searing her. Cravings ate at her with consuming hunger. Wade’s hands were still holding her arms. She felt as though she would explode at any second. Darkness slid over her vision.
“Go into the house and get into the hot-tub. You’re going to catch a chill.” Wade leaned over to give his instructions into her ear. “I’ll put the horses away,”
“No.” Emily couldn't stop the desire licking through her any more than she could stop the rain outside.
The rain was coming inside the stable entrance. She was standing in mud. She was caked in mud. She didn't care. There was only one thing consuming her mind at the moment. Her need was much too strong to deny any longer.
“No?” Wade asked cautiously.
His hands dropped to his side. He moved back slightly, watching her with wary eyes. She laughed. Wade looked maybe frightened?
Her eyes, hot with hunger, moved over his body. He hadn’t worn his jacket. His white shirt was soaked. She could see his flesh tone, his muscles and the hair on his chest with tantalizing intensity. He looked erotic and she ached. Her eyes darkened and she looked into his strained features. She brought her tongue out to lick her lips as water continued to drip down from her sopping hair. She reached up to unfasten her jacket. She flung it to the floor. Wade seemed sculpted from stone. He didn’t move.
Then she laughed again, finally feeling excitingly alive. She couldn't understand what demons were possessing her and she didn't care. She would get satisfaction right now. She flung her arms around his neck trying to pull him down. He didn't budge. Standing on tiptoes she reached his lips. They were closed.
“Please, please don’t deny me now....”

Available: - Author Central

Gemma Juliana said...

To Kiss A Leprechaun by Gemma Juliana - Fantasy Romance Novella

Lorcan knelt down and took Aine in his arms. Her face was very pale and tinged with blue. Long thick copper hair fell away over her shoulders. Thick copper lashes hid her jewel-like aquamarine eyes from him, but not for much longer, he hoped. A light dusting of pale freckles sprinkled across her nose glowed like pixie dust. Her lips invited him…
He felt almost like a thief in the night, stealing a kiss without permission. It would be so much better if she were conscious and aware, partaking in The Kiss with him.
But she had agreed to kiss him, reluctantly. If this was the only way to get her back to the land of the living, he’d kiss her ceaselessly until her eyes fluttered open.
Menw, the weeping woman, the shaggy dog and the fairy guard all encircled them in the golden glow of the forest, as Prince Lorcan took his soul mate Aine into his arms.
As his mouth neared hers, he felt the softness of her cool lips give way beneath his firm, warm lips. The Kiss began with only Lorcan giving it life, but as he focused his energy on infusing her with life and love, it became passionate and searing. Her body slowly awakened to him, and her consciousness returned. She seemed to know what was happening, and became responsive to his lips.
Her eyelids fluttered, and then open slightly. Two sets of eyes, pale blue and deep green, merged and melded into each other. Soul magic was exchanged.

Thank you for reading the excerpt!

D'Ann said...

Lily's Summer Cowboy:

Without analyzing it, he did what he’d been aching for, cupped her face in his hands and placed his lips over hers. With gentle pressure, he urged her mouth open. With a little sound of acquiescence, Lily complied. Darting his tongue in and out of her mouth, Will tasted her until she gasped.
With his passion rising, he pressed closer. The blanket fell from her shoulders and she lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck. Will grasped a handful of her wet hair and tipped her head back. Removing his mouth from hers, he nibbled his way along her neck, sucking a little.
Lily moaned.
Will’s cock stood at attention.
He wanted her bad.
But not in the back of a pickup like a horny teenager. Reluctantly, he released her and stepped back.
With wide eyes, she touched her fingertips to her mouth. “Wow.”
“Is that a good wow?” Will grinned. He knew it had been a good kiss.
Color flooded her face. “Yeah.”

Lyndi Lamont said...

Here's an excerpt from Alliance: Cosmic Scandal one of my science fiction erotic romances:

After dinner, Myrek led Khira to the sofa. He’d barely been able to keep his hands off her during dinner. He’d found her attractive from the first, when she wore her plain doctor’s clothing and a minimum of makeup. Tonight she was stunning in her brightly colored gown and with black outlines around her lovely brown eyes, making them even more dramatic.

“I’ve called a team meeting for tomorrow morning to brainstorm ideas for finding a cure for this blood disease.”

He put a finger over her full lips. “I didn’t ask you here to discuss work.”

Her brows rose a little. “Then why did you ask me here?”

“Don’t you know?” He moved his hand to her neck and leaned forward to capture her mouth, touching his lips to hers lightly, then with more pressure. She relaxed, opening her lips to allow him better access, as her arms circled his waist. He traced her bottom lip with his tongue then delved inside her mouth. She tasted like paradise, the flavor of the fruit they’d eaten for dessert mingling with the sweet palm wine and her own intoxicating taste.

He ran his hands through her thick silky hair and down her back, pulling her closer. She arched her back and pressed her breasts against his chest. Sheer physical need pounded through his veins and pooled in his groin.

Amber Quill Press

Author's website: