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Monday, October 20, 2014

One Line Monday

This new Monday meme is about perfect sentences: the single line we read that makes us say, damn, that's good!

In comments, tempt us with a single powerful sentence from your novel.
Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

Amazon International Buy Links.
Available as a Kindle Unlimited

My skin is darker than yours, but it is only skin.

This is a tale of an American Indian and the woman who falls in love with him. Amazon USA Store:

Maggie Le Page said...

From A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING, a rom com with hints of serious.

His laugh was harsh. "My mother wouldn't know responsibility if it came full packaged with instructions."

A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING is available at the usual digital outlets, including:
Amazon -

Visit Maggie Le Page at her Facebook page -

Susan Macatee said...
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Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War vampire novella, Sweet Redemption.

He startled awake, realizing he still lay upon the field, clutching a dead body.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

From my latest, Wooing the Librarian...

He might be a preacher, but he was still a man. A great, hungry, lonely, randy man.

Available here

Lyndi Lamont said...

Great line, E.

Lyndi Lamont said...

Oh, now that catches one's attention.

Lyndi Lamont said...

From my werewolf romance, Ilona's Wolf: A Fairy Tale Romance

The wolf looked at her, golden eyes gleaming, mouth open, showing off large, sharp teeth.

Available here:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

From Royal Regard, now available for pre-order.

"Sir Satyr, I'm sure, charter member of the Order of Rakehells, pledged to lead me down the path to depravity."

ReGina Welling said...


From Rings On Her Fingers; a sweet, mystery romance.

The angles and planes melted then multiplied like a double exposure in a photograph so that overlying the medium's face was one Julie would have known anywhere.

E. Ayers said...

OMG! We all have family that can be applied to!

E. Ayers said...

LOL Love it!

E. Ayers said...

Oh, my!

E. Ayers said...


E. Ayers said...

Oh, that seems creepy and intriguing.