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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist.

In comments, tempt us with
a snippet, 300 words or less, from your older works. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

What better time to read a Halloween story?
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Tom turned to Angie and pulled her to him. The feel of his breath on her skin heated her core. To have a male touch her, hold her, even though he only put his hands on her shoulders as he dropped a kiss on her cheek, did something to her. His smile was genuine and it sparkled in his eyes.
"Goodnight, Lissy, thanks for sharing Mommy with me and for letting me help with your pumpkin. You did a great job," he called up the steps.
"You're welcome. Night," Lissy called back.
"Goodnight, Angie. See you tomorrow." He opened the door and left.
Angie leaned against the door and tried to decide if Tom Meyers was real or had she imagined him. **Thirty-seven, single, two kids, and under those clothes, he's a hunk. This isn't happening to me.**

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Barbara Mikula said...
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Barbara Mikula said...
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Barbara Mikula said...

Here’s a snippet from Calleigh’s Collar, Book One of The Le Club Series by Skye Michjaels
My first book – on sale at Amazon for 99 cents! Check it out.

“That’s all I heard, Steele. No more details, just that she thinks this is a ‘men’s club.’ She was talking to Paula Greenley, the editor of Ocala Country Life, you know, the local who’s-who and see-and-be-seen glossy rag,” Trent Redding, one of the ten owners of Le Club Laurel Oak, told his partner, Jason Steele. “Oh, by the way, she thinks you’re a hunk and wondered why you never asked her out.” He chuckled. “Said she’d be willing to stand on her head…”
Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala, although not just for men, was a very private BDSM club catering to just ten members, two of whom were currently having a drink in the library of the three-story Victorian this Saturday afternoon. Although the property was held in a limited-liability partnership, Jason Steele, an attorney, had been the front man putting the project together, and he had worked closely with Calleigh Roundtree, the project architect. Although there had been definite sparks between the two during the prolonged drafting of the plans and specs, Jason had been cautious in carrying the relationship forward, the privacy of the club being his main concern. He just was not sure if Ms. Roundtree would be into spanking and kinky sex.
“Yeah, well…I walked around with a hard-on the whole time we were working together. It’s damn difficult to concentrate on electrical wiring, outlets, and water lines when the architect has a gorgeous J.Lo ass,” he groused. “So, what part of ‘confidential’ doesn’t she understand?” Steele frowned, one slashing, dark eyebrow raised over smoky gray eyes. Jason was six two, with dark hair just beginning to gray at the temples, and many women had told him they liked his one quirky dimple, his killer body, and his broad shoulders tapering into long, powerful legs. “She wants to see the finished project, does she? That can be arranged. I wonder how she would like being a submissive.”
“Just be careful, Steele. We don’t know the lady’s personal preferences,” Trent returned.

Barbara Mikula said...

Sorru for the above glitch but there were errors in the formatting - Skye Michaels

Susan Macatee said...

From 2009 historical vampire romance release, Sweet Redemption.

Stained glass windows filtered patterned sunlight into the sanctuary of a church. Jon stood at the altar raising the host. Then he took the cup into his hands.

He startled awake, realizing he still lay upon the field, clutching a dead body. He pushed away and rolled over. A tall, thin man, with dark hair flowing loose over his shoulders, stood over him.

"Get down you fool," Jon hissed.

The man glanced around, and raised his arms. "There's nothing to fear, sir," he said in a guttural accent. "The battle's over."

Jon glanced around, noting the eerie quiet. "The Rebels pulled out?"

"Yes, sir."

He squinted up at the strange man. He wasn't in any kind of military uniform, but dressed head to toe in black, a large slouch hat half obscuring his pale, clean-shaven face.

"Who are you?" Jon asked.

"My name is Reverend Arnwolf."

"Reverend? Are you an army chaplain?"

"Nein. I'm a civilian visiting from Austria."

Jon slowly sat up, hoping he wouldn't be shot down for his efforts, but Reverend Arnwolf continued to stand without harm. Jon pushed his protesting body onto hands and knees, before he cautiously rose to his feet.

He surveyed the ruined field in the eerie light. Bodies lay scattered, a few missing limbs. Blood covered portions of the field. "My men..."

"Are all dead," Arnwolf said.

"How do you know?"

"Trust me, Captain. If you want to survive, you'll come with me."

Rosemary Morris said...

Extract from Tangled Love
Prologue - 1693
By Rosemary Morris

Before long, they drew rein on the brow of a hill. Father pointed at a manor house in the valley. ‘Look at our ancestral home, Field House. The Roundheads confiscated it soon after the first King Charles’ execution. Richelda, I promised my father to do all in my power to regain the property.’ Grey-faced, he pressed his hand to his chest. ‘Alas, I have failed to keep my oath,’ he wheezed.
Richelda not only yearned to help him keep his promise to her grandfather, she also yearned to find the gold and jewels legend said her buccaneer ancestor, Sir Nicholas, hid.
She waited for her father to breathe easy before she spoke. ‘If we found the treasure trove you could buy Field House.’
‘Ah, you believe Sir Nicholas did not give all his plunder to Good Queen Bess,’ he teased.
‘Elsie told me legend says he hid some of his booty in Field House,’ she said excited by the thought of a treasure trove. ‘In his old age, when Sir Nicholas retired from seafaring, is it true that he put his ship’s figurehead, Lady Luck, in the great hall?’ she asked by now less shy of him.
‘Yes, for all I know she is still above a mighty fireplace carved with pomegranates, our family’s device.’
‘I would like to see it.’
‘One day, perhaps you will. Now, tell me if you know our family motto.’
‘Fortune favours the brave.’
‘Are you brave, my little lady? Will you swear on the Bible to do all in your power to regain Field House?’
To please him, she nodded.

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JoAnne Myers said...

From "Murder Most Foul" a detective/mystery

Harmon realized Derek was one of the last people seeing the teenagers alive. The Agent walked the short distance to the cornfield. Slipping under the crime scene tape, he visualized the fear the two victims underwent that warm autumn evening. Haunting the residents, and deterring children by order of police and parents, the now restricted area was off limits. No more rabbit shooting as Jackie and others had enjoyed as youngsters. Now the only things inhabiting this dark eerie place were weeds and wildflowers.
Theorizing the killer was a serial murderer, some felt the suspect chose this remote town known as “the gateway to Ohio’s scenic wonderland” as his hunting grounds. Others thought the killer a drifter, using the town’s cargo trains for coming and going from this picturesque community after killing the teenagers . Committing mayhem on other unsuspecting families elsewhere. Most thought, believed the killer a local. Someone so average, so ambiguous, no one would suspect him or her, of being the culprit.
Harmon sighted in on the nearby saloon. Originally the Depot Hotel, the pub went through employees like water through a sieve. It was a joint where beer bottles and pool- sticks did more fighting than anything else.
Crossing the tracks, Harmon went inside. Decked out in a tight Niagara Falls T-shirt and black jeans, the bar girl, a Marilyn-Monroe-look-alike, noticed the dapper investigator at once. “You’re the Federal Agent that's been snoop’n around?”
Harmon put on his best “Joe Friday” smile. “Yes, ma'am, and I understand you worked the nightshift on October 14?”
“All night” She grinned and offered the agent a free cup of coffee, then walked the length of the bar refilling the brown ceramic cups of her multiple customers.


Kelley Heckart said...

This short excerpt is from my first book: Of Water and Dragons weaves together the Roman history and Celtic lore of ancient Britain to create an unforgettable story of love and sacrifice.

“How could this happen, Taran? Where are all the soldiers?”
“It happened just before dawn. I was in the stables. Most of the soldiers were called away to a neighboring villa.” He paused, catching his breath. “I heard screams coming from the house and then…flames. There was nothing I could do.”
Ambiorix felt his heart rise inside his chest, choking him. “Valeria?”
“I…I’m sorry. She didn’t make it out of the house.” Taran shifted his gaze, looking down at the ground.
The world seemed to spin and the vision of the burnt, blackened house loomed before him like a wide black maw. Behind him, Fiona started screaming.
“The poor babe! The poor babe all burned up, too!”
He lost all control. “Speak to me, woman! What babe? What are you talking about?” He shook her hard and slapped her cheek, the loud crack piercing the thick mist and rain.
Her eyes cleared and she looked up at him. “Why, your babe, sir. Valeria, she was with child.”
He turned away, his legs buckling beneath him, and was violently ill. Shaking, he turned his face upward, letting the rain cleanse his invisible wounds. They had killed his wife and unborn child, but it was the unborn child who reached out to him from the smoldering ashes. He imagined the tiny fingers grasping on to his large, callused hand. Cursing, he pounded the earth with his fist, the vision fading into a black abyss; and with it any hope of peace.