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Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuesday Reviews!

Choose the best one-liner from a review (a single sentence) and share in comments. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Margo Bond Collins said...

TAMING THE COUNTRY STAR by Margo Bond Collins:

"Taming the Country Star is a fun, witty little gem from Entangled Bliss, that has all the themes I love, as well as a great depth for a novella-length story."

Susan Sofayov said...

DEFECTIVE by Susan Sofayov

"For anyone who has ever wondered what they really wanted in life and if they’d be able to overcome the obstacles in front of them, no matter how steep -- you need to read this book. For anyone who ever thought they were broken, and need to be fixed -- you need to read this book."

Anonymous said...

"The realities of life, love and self discovery that are presented in this highly character driven story are exceptional."

Judy Baker said...

Ghost Thunder
"The unconventional romance was an interesting twist."


Jillian said...

"Here There Be Witches is a great YA read filled with snappy dialogue and more importantly, a wonderful message of tolerance and acceptance.”

Donna Hechler Porter said...

" I was delighted by the strong characters whose secrets are slowly revealed layer by layer throughout the book; they pulled me in emotionally as if I was there and lead me all the way to the end."

Alicia Dean said...

"Like Gillian Flynn novels (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects) this book takes the reader to the edge of the cliff, teetering on toes, and then grabs you back to safety."

Only 99 cents!

Roe Valentine said...

Tights, muscles, dancing...yum!

Anonymous said...

"I was sucked into this one just like the first.”

Son of Dragons Book 2 Legends of Oblivion Fantasy/ PNR
Buy link:

Bea LaRocca said...

From a review of Worth Waiting For Dare to Dream 3
Available at
Also available at Amazon and I-Tunes Books.
The wholly-crap-he's-the-man-of-my-dreams but I'll never have him story just did it for me.

Peggy Ann Craig said...

Hi, new to your blog and jumping right in!!

5 STAR Review for On the Mountain:
"I have since read three books and my mind is still on this book. This is an amazing read. "