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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist.

In comments, tempt us with
a snippet, 300 words or less, from your older works. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Susan Macatee said...

From 2009 Civil War time travel romance, Erin's Rebel.

When he arrived home and entered the parlor, the scent of fresh pine and wood burning in the fireplace greeted him.

Jenny, wearing a forest green frock, stood by the tree lighting candles set in the branches. She wore her hair in a braided ring around her head with a black ribbon hairnet for adornment.

“Lighting the candles so early?” he asked.

She gasped and turned to face him. “You scared me, Will. Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

He grinned and slid onto the settee.

Her hoop-lined skirt spun about as she turned her attention back to the tree set atop a side table. “The lights are so lovely. I just want to sit here and stare at them all day.”

“I would have thought Mrs. O’Connell would be here with you. I haven’t seen her since early this morning.”

“She took Amanda for a walk.” She turned from the tree and took a seat beside him. “They came back all covered with snow. They had a snowball fight.”

Will smiled as a picture formed in his mind of Mrs. O’Connell and Amanda throwing snowballs at each other.

“Now she’s helping Tillie prepare the meal.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“Says she can’t stand sitting around all day. Seems she’s bored.”

“Well, she’s used to working hard. After being pampered for so long, I suppose she wants to get back to the life she knows.”

Jenny smoothed her skirt, then crossed her hands over her lap. “I’ve been talking to Miss Erin about what it’s like in camp...”


“It just got me to thinking. It sounds so exciting. The soldiers marching off. The battles... She told me she assisted the surgeons at Gettysburg.”

“That she did.”

Charmaine Gordon said...

Help Wanted by Charmaine Gordon Book 3 in the River's Edge series

Steve and Sally Atwood have some big adjustments to make when they move to River’s Edge. Steve has lost his career in the corporate world and finds work painting houses. Sally flings off her apron and pursues her lifelong dream to be a reporter in the small town with a big heart, where the motto is ‘Kindness to Strangers’.

Afraid he is losing Sally to a more exciting world, Steve panics, but despite Sally’s lecherous new boss, together they rediscover all the love of their thirty-five years together and the excitement that brings.





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Savanna Kougar said...

Santa Baby, Several Stars Away

A Short Shapeshifter Erotic Romance

Here's the first kiss between my heroine, Kaily, and her hero, Dylan.

To Kaily, it felt as though Dylan deliberately prolonged the moments before their lips touched because it increased his pleasure, and because it heightened her to a burning want.

His mouth alighted on hers, the sensation feathery. Then, he rested his lips on hers softly yet firmly.

The texture of his mouth, and the wintry coolness thrilled through Kaily, awakening her body, all of her senses—passionately blistering her insides.

Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner, she thought.

Gradually, beautifully, his kiss deepened, his mouth becoming a large dominant force on top of hers. So dominant, she could only succumb, and wish for more.

So much more. Please...oh, please.


Excerpt, Buy Links at ~

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side Romance