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Friday, January 9, 2015

The EQ Memes

The EQ blog gives authors a weekly promo place with great visibility and offers readers an opportunity to find new favoritesWe've had well over 1000 hits since we launched the 2015 Exquisite Quills' memes last Sunday. What a fantastic week!

Who are we and why have we opened our blog to promote other authors?

An author's world can be a lonely place for many reasons. The ten Exquisite Quills authors met by chance four years ago and quickly became friends. We've encouraged and supported one another ever since. Realizing just how lucky we were to have found fellowship in this singular business, we created an online community where authors and readers could mingle and share in an atmosphere of friendship and support. 

To date, the EQ community consists of two active Yahoo and Facebook groups. Both are open to authors and readers alike. (Find our links on the left.) We have also published two holiday anthologies together and have plans for more in the future.

What are the EQ memes?

After much study we discovered the best way to move one's name into a visible place on the web is to comment. Leaving comments on blogs and websites tweaks the algorithm of the internet in your favor because it shows you're active. The memes on the EQ blog act as a daily comment place you can count on to showcases your work. Two birds with one stone, you might say. We launch the memes at 1:00 a.m. and switch them up on occasion to keep the experience fresh for all involved.

To help broaden our exposure even more, we've also added ready made tweets for Twitter in each meme. Feel free to personalize them.
This year we've gone beyond romance and are now open to all genres provided the work fits the theme of the day. We ask that participants read the details before posting and stay as close as possible to the meme's guidelines. 

The line-up for January and February is as follows:
  • Snippet Sunday
  • Wash Line Monday
  • Tuesday Review
  • Hump Day Blurb Share (Wednesday.)
  • Throwback Thursday
We invite you to join us and come back often. Subscribe to this blog for your daily reminder. Please spread the word.

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