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Monday, February 16, 2015

One Line Monday!

This new Monday meme is about perfect sentences: the single line we read that makes us say, damn, that's good!

In comments, tempt us with a single powerful sentence from your novel.
Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

Wedding Vows Book 2
by E. Ayers

“I hope that when that day comes, you will never degrade your granddaughter by placing her in such a position because Julia will be my wife.”

Chris Redding said...

Waking up next to a dead guy can ruin your whole day.
A View to a Nerd
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Susan Macatee said...

From time travel romance, Erin's Rebel.

If only she could cross that stream and find herself back in the twenty-first century.

Erin OQuinn said...

From Fire & SIlk (M/F historical romance), Flann trying to explain to the virgin Mariana "the ways of a man":

“A man cannot help how his passions seize his body, he has no control at all; for God makes him wear his desire on the outside.”

Rose Anderson said...

Hermes Online by Rose Anderson. An award-winning contemporary online lover affair.
I want to make love to you until the lines between us blur and you take my soul completely.

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Laurie Boris said...

“Sex is overrated—five minutes while you’re staring at the ceiling making out the next day’s shopping list in your head.”

Estelle, from Don't Tell Anyone

Erin OQuinn said...

Ouch, Laurie, that character does not have the right lover. :) Great line!

James D said...

From "Waking Dream" (book 5 of the Dream Series)

“Dad, you’re not living on borrowed time!” There, I said it. “Just because – God, Dad, this is so hard! But you need to believe it. Just because your parents died early doesn’t mean you have to.”

Margo Bond Collins said...

From SANGUINARY by Margo Bond Collins

But something about him sang to me, like a tune just out of hearing, almost recognized, a song of protection and death—and I wanted to dance to it, almost as much as I wanted to escape it.

Vamp Writer said...

From "Immortal Relations" (1st of the 3 Immortal Relation Series)

The pain was unbearable, I writhed and shuddered on the table, sucking in breath, making a noise like AHHHHHH...UMMMMMM, while my veins stood out all over my body as my back arched and I continued to writhe.

Anonymous said...

From ONLY YOU a contemporary romance by Lorna Peel

It was well after two in the morning when Jane eventually went to bed, and all she could see when she turned off the light was Badly-blond Bloke’s red-rimmed eyes travelling up and down her body.

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Gilli Allan said...

From TORN - a contemporary, and unconventional, love story, by Gilli Allan

She had only the haziest memory of what he actually looked like; more importantly, did he use a condom?

Connect to me (@gilliallan)

Gilli Allan said...

From TORN - a contemporary, and unconventional, love story, by Gilli Allan

She had only the haziest memory of what he actually looked like; more importantly, did he use a condom?

Connect to me (@gilliallan)

Veronica Scott said...

From Mission to Mahjundar (A Sectors SF Romance):
"What would I, a blind exile from backwater Mahjundar, do in your outworld?"

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Decadent Kane said...

From Tempting Clover

Why did he always save the bad ones?

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Sharleen Scott said...

Caught in the Spin
by Sharleen Scott

With a mental shake, Tallie reminded herself she was on the clock and her job description didn’t include libidinous ogling of gorgeous men.

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Andrea Cooper said...

Stolen Hearts Book 1 - Contemporary Romance suspense.

Maybe squeezing in a theft before dinner wasn't such a good idea.

Jana Richards said...

From ONE MORE SECOND CHANCE, about Alex Campbell, the new, good-looking doctor in town:

"I hear women from all over the island are making up diseases just so they can be examined by him."

Jana Richards
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darlene deluca said...

From Something Good, contemporary romance:

He'd known she could turn out to be psycho. From day one he'd had plenty of warning signs – her quick come-on, her history, the trailer park – but he'd chosen to ignore them all. This was his own damned fault.

Charmaine Gordon said...

To Be Continued by Charmaine Gordon

What next for the future was on her mind and it did include the not-as-young-as-she-thought-he-was man who entered her more than once last night and was about to enter her home as if he belonged here so when he mentioned business
Beth stiffened her jaw and said, “It was my baby from the beginning so what’s in it for me?”

To Be Continued
in Audio, Paperback, and Kindle

Iris Blobel said...


"One miscalculation, an error in judgment as he’d sped down a hill that had left his mother without useful legs, spending her life in a wheelchair now"

Thank you :-)

Erin OQuinn said...
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