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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday 13!

All across the internet people play a Thursday meme called Thursday 13. We'll play too!

In comments, tempt us with
a snippet up to thirteen sentences long. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

This book will release in April.

By E. Ayers

Drexel picked up his water glass and took a sip. “I found the woman I want. She just doesn’t seem anxious to fill a house with children.”

Melissa cocked her head and looked at him. “If you’re in love, why are you having dinner with me?”

“She doesn’t know I’m in love with her. I think if I told her, she’d run in the opposite direction. I figure it’s going to take time for her to realize it. And maybe I need to know more about her. Besides, my life at the moment is complicated, and I can’t just say hey, I love you and I want to marry you.”

“But if you know her, you can.”

“Maybe I don’t know her well enough. How do you tell another person that you’re interested in them?”

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Anne Stenhouse said...

Here's a snippet from Mariah's Marriage by Anne Stenhouse

Mariah increased her step and left the safety of the pavement without sufficient attention. A loose pig charged towards them and she backed instinctively, catching her foot against the kerbstone and falling into the arms of a passing stranger.
“I say, sir,” Peter began, but his blustering was quelled into silence.
Mariah was dimly aware of him holding back while the stranger lifted her from danger. The strength flowing from her rescuer calmed her nerves and she lay against his chest for a long moment. It was not until she realised he was struggling to keep laughter at bay that she wriggled to be free.
“My escort is right, sir,” she protested. "While I thank you for rescuing me from an inglorious bump, I am quite able to stand.”
"I regret that very much,” the stranger said and his voice held warmth Mariah was sure must draw others to him. "However, I cannot allow my baser instincts to take advantage over such a fortuitous meeting.” He repositioned her on the flagstones keeping hold of her elbow for a moment or two.

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Jacqueline Seewald said...

THE BAD WIFE, a romantic mystery suspense thriller begins with these thirteen sentences:

“Must be fate,” a deep, masculine voice said.
Kim Reynolds dropped the head of lettuce she’d been examining and it rolled across the floor.
“Didn’t mean to startle you.” Mike Gardner’s voice was like a caress.
She looked up, taking in his rugged looks. “I didn’t expect to run into you in the produce section of the supermarket.” Kim did her best to ignore the frisson of attraction she felt in Mike’s presence.
“I’m not stalking you,” he said.
“I never thought you were,” she said.
He gave her a small smile that implied he didn’t believe her. Then he scooped up the head of iceberg lettuce and handed it back to her. “You nearly decapitated it.”
“You would think that way,” Kim said.


Victoria Adams said...

From my NA contemporary romance – A Guy and A Girl

As John handed out booklets, Coach Henderson walked to the back and stood next to his daughter and her friend. "Checking out the new recruits?"

"I must say, Mr. Henderson, you've got some prime beef here." Kendall smiled. "I wonder if I can talk Mom into doing shirtless shots on photo day?"

Chelsea's father shook his head. "This is not a stable for you to pick a stallion from." He herded them to the door.

"Oh, but Dad, we just want the basics. You know, goals scored, assists, telephone numbers, married or available?" And anything else you got on Cute-butt.

"Out. This is serious hockey business."

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Susan Macatee said...

Opening from Victorian romance novella, The Physician's Irish Lady.

Chapter One

April 15, 1867

Keara Fagan gripped the small cloth satchel against her chest and peered at the passengers boarding the open third-class car, as the engine spewed steam outside the Philadelphia station. An old woman clutched two unkempt children to her breast as a burly man with wild hair and beard settled beside her. Another man took the seat opposite, his clothes and partially shaven face covered in soot.

He caught her gaze and smirked, revealing yellowed teeth. He patted the empty seat at his side. Keara shuddered and turned toward the ticket booth. She hadn’t yet purchased her ticket, wanting to first view the third-class accommodations. She’d traveled in worse conditions by ship but couldn’t abide sitting so close to strange men for the length of the journey. Glancing toward the second-class car, she noted the passengers seemed better dressed and a bit more genteel. The men appeared well-groomed and respectable, a few escorting women who they assisted onto the train.

Keara bit her lip. She’d never been treated well by any man, even her own father. She scanned the fares posted on the ticket booth and sighed. Second class cost more than she could afford.

Erin OQuinn said...

First kiss … from COWBOYS AND KILTS. The shy Scot is untried as hell, and Hugh finds himself teaching another man the fine art of kissing.

He cupped the chin and brought Guthrie’s face to within an inch of his own… Only a touch at first, a brushing of lips, a tongue running along the wide mouth, still shut, seeming not to yield....

So softly it seemed to be almost unspoken, Hugh finally broke their long silence. “It’s okay. Open for me.”

He found a small opening and breached it, sliding his tongue inside, and then his cock decided to try bursting from his suit pants. He moaned, and Guthrie opened his mouth wider. Hugh cupped the man’s jaws and entered his mouth, deep, his tongue searching the inside, slicking its way deeper. He pulled out a little, lingering on the bottom lip.

In a frenzy of need, he sank his teeth into the flesh of that lip, savoring the soft rush of blood, licking it clean, speaking into the wounded mouth. “Suck my tongue. Will you?”

The voice came low. “Call me Graeme.”

“Suck my tongue, Graeme.”

Janice Seagraves said...

As she went from tent to tent, hunting down the few veggies, fruit and other types of food that she could digest, she caught glimpses of the Zeeman following her. She tensed. What does he want with me?
She stalked completely round one of the tents to come face to face with him. Now’s my chance. “Why are you following me?”

“What? I don’t know what you mean.” He took a step back.

Maya grabbed a fistful of his dark brown robes. “Yes, you do. You’ve been dogging my steps from moment I set foot on your planet.” She suddenly noticed that the young man was bigger than she’d thought. His chest was deep and his shoulders broad. His arms were larger than Bobby’s and he worked out. And here I am, holding him by his clothes.

He stared at her hand. “I like you and want to get to know you. If you were one of my people, I would woo you.”

She realized his robe wasn’t made from the rough, homespun fabric used by the common Zeeman. Is he a clan lord? Maya loosened her grip on the silky material. “Who are you?”

He moved back and swept his arm down in an elaborate bow. “My name is Vach Namaste of the Namaste clan. It would please me if you remembered it.”

With a flutter of his robes, he hurried away, weaving through the crowd. It wasn’t until he had disappeared that Maya realized that he’d been speaking to her in English.

Matrix Crystal Hunters:

Rose Gorham said...

It's You & Me, Baby -- A Romantic Suspense, novella

“I’m truly sorry for you and your mother’s loss, Brad, and that Rebecca will never know her father,” Janet Sanderson said with quiet dignity, “but if you’re waiting for me to breakdown and cry, it isn’t going to happen.”
Brad Temple shook his head, winced, rubbed his forehead, and pleaded, “We need to talk, how about giving an old friend a cup of coffee and a couple of aspirins?”
She glared, and snapped, “Old friend―an old friend wouldn’t have done what you did.”
“Martin was the one who turned you out,” he said loosening his tie.
“After you told him I was carrying your child!”
Brad looked startled, then snapped in turn, “What the crap are you talking about?”
Either he had no idea what she was referring to or he was a damn good actor. “Martin dumped me because you told him we had sex and I was carrying your baby. I couldn’t believe you made up that story; I thought we were friends!”
“And you believed him?”
“I didn’t want to but he went into great detail about how you cried, and told him we had too much to drink and we only did it that one time, and how sorry you were. He made it sound so convincing; hell yes, I believed him!”
“The bastard,” Brad growled, took a deep breath, and said, “Martin told me he kicked you out because he found you in bed with another man.”

Anonymous said...

'In silence, Papa held the shaking girls tightly, watching the scene below. By the light of the fire and the mob's torches, they saw my mama's other sisters and brothers thrown into a heap near their mother, whose lifeblood already stained the ground in a dark puddle.
'In stunned disbelief, Papa saw peasants from their own manor in the mob. When a big, burly man chopped off the Count's head with his own jeweled dress sword and paraded it about before the mob, the crofters roared. The quaking youths hiding in the trees clung to each other, choking on their tears. Mama's sister pulled away from Papa's arms and he let her go, thinking she needed to be alone. He held Mama for long minutes while they waited for her sister to return.
'A movement far below them at the edge of the house clearing caught their attention. It was Mama's sister, running out of the wood and straight for the manor, into the thick of the mob. She managed to stab two of those nearest to her father with her sheath knife before she, too, was killed.'
Aleksandra felt Xavier's arms tighten about her when she stopped talking and he swallowed hard.
'Mama fainted in his arms and he held her until she awoke. For the rest of the night, they sat wrapped in their cloaks, their backs against a tree on the frozen ground, watching the activity about the smoking manor and the barns.'

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