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Monday, May 25, 2015

I Love Loglines!

A logline is the story’s concept boiled down to one or two sentences. Need some good examples or a how-to?
Try this one and that one.

In comments and in 30 words or less, share your novel's logline. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Anne Stenhouse said...

My debut Mariah's Marriage will shortly be joined by a continuation, Daisy's Dilemma. Here's a log-line for Mariah's Marriage:

How innocent was the sword thrust that made Tobias an earl?

amazon UK and US kobo

Anonymous said...

An Irish emigrant and an RAF pilot - will their love survive the horrors of World War Two?

Into The Unknown by Lorna Peel

Amazon US -
Amazon UK -
Others -

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Dangerous Deceit by Romy Gemmell

Will innocent Lydia survive the lies, spies, and tangled web of deceit in the British Regency of 1813 to find love with enigmatic Lord Marcus Sheldon?


Georgie Lee said...

Lady's Wager by Georgie Lee

An independent heiress and a stubborn Viscount stake their hearts and their futures on a wager.

Mariana Gabrielle said...

Royal Regard, by Mariana Gabrielle

When Bella Holsworthy returns to England after fifteen years roaming the globe, she finds herself in a locale more perilous than any in her travels—the Court of King George IV.

Kathy Otten said...

He survived the war. Now his reason for living has come down to one last self-less act.
After the Dark

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

They come from different centuries but learn that love is timeless.

Ancient Ties, an erotic time travel romance due out May 28! Now available for pre-order -

Jane Leopold Quinn -

Kate Hill said...

When a desperate demon meets a human looking for her wild side, not even the fires of hell can keep them apart.

Frenzied by Kate Hill

stanalei said...

Proving Ground by Stanalei Fletcher

Her only hope of saving the town, maybe even the country, is pinned on the man who broke her heart.

Maggie Le Page said...

The Trouble With Dying

Ghost meets The Sixth Sense - a story of life, death, and the spaces in between.

Available on Amazon -

Maggie's website:

Carole Avila said...

DEATH HOUSE by Carole Avila

An obstinate teen succumbs to fear when facing a demonic creature that is out to destroy her, and she must choose to save lives or save herself.
Death House at Amazon:

* * *

EVE’S AMULET-BOOK 1 by Carole Avila

An irresponsible woman is swept 165 years in the past into romance and gunrunning, but she must return to the present before she changes the future for everyone.
Eve’s Amulet-Book 1 at Amazon:

Lena Hart said...

Nina can't get enough of Gabe. But Gabe's keeping secrets...

(Book 1 in The Queen Quartette series FREE for a limited time.)

Maggie Le Page said...


Wrong man. Wrong time. Can two wrongs make Mr. Right?

Available from the usual digital outlets, including:
Amazon -

Maggie's website -

Aimless Writer said...

She was a runaway bride. Now she's back, in trouble and he's the only one she can trust to save her life.