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Friday, June 12, 2015

First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with
the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Cora said...

Flickering shadows danced on the walls and barely lit the floor of the damp passageway. Carefully, Ixchel followed the Old Itza, watching for scorpions among the rocks.

“You must do everything I say," the Old One said as he stepped into the dark void in front of him, “for it is only once in a baktun that this ritual is repeated.”

Dance the Dream Awake:

Cora Ramos Blog:

Maggie Le Page said...

From THE TROUBLE WITH DYING, a Women's Fiction read with lashings of suspense.


I feel vulnerable, and emotional, and trapped. I’ve felt like that for days, but this time it’s different.

This time it’s about my husband.


Amazon -

Visit Maggie -

G W pickle said...

I sit without talking. Her image waits for me to speak. Tears burn my eyes as they mist over. I wipe them away with my uniform sleeve. My throat constricts, forming a lump that makes speech impossible. I stare at what she once was, young and beautiful, remembering how she died, how much I loved Emma, and how I killed her.

This is my first few opening lines from SENTI. It is available online at Amazon, in EBook or paperback

Andrea Cooper said...

Crap, Kade had called the cops! She bit back sour acid. Her uncles wouldn’t willingly go to jail again.

Stolen Hearts Book 1 - Romantic Suspense from Chapter 41

Donna Cummings said...

It was the first time we hadn't had good sex.

In fact, it wasn't just "not good". It was bad.


Kim McMahill said...

The unmistakable haze of smoke filled the valley below. Snow covered the ground and weighed heavily on the pine boughs lining the highway, ruling out a forest fire as the source of the dark billows. The old rancher rolled down his window despite the bitter cold, and inhaled deeply. The air smelled of fire, death, destruction.
Buy on Amazon at

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Erin OQuinn said...

Brand new yesterday, my gay erotic thriller HUNTER'S POINT begins here:

Rory Drummond was satisfied. Well, almost. His cock was quiet, for the moment. An hour or so ago, the depths of his ass had stopped singing to heaven like a choir. If he did not roll over and watch the firelight play on Alejo’s cheekbones, if he just lay perfectly still …

OmniLit (PDF and ePub formats)

Erin OQuinn said...

Compelling! Thanks for sharing. :~)

Alice Orr said...

A YEAR OF SUMMER SHADOWS. Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series Book 2. Mark & Hailey's Story.

Chapter One First Lines.

Hailey Lambert had been ordered to appear. Virginia did things like that. She gave orders. Hailey had a feeling Virginia might be afraid nobody cared enough about her to do what she asked if she didn't make a command out of it.

Available now at B00ZBOTH5O

J.M. Maurer said...

Seeking Love (Emerging From Darkness Book 1)
by J.M. Maurer

The worst day of my life started out like any other. When I opened my eyes this morning, I was excited and brimming with happiness, exuberant even, fully ready to take on the day. Then without warning, a vortex of darkness swirled around me, taunting me with its thick black smoke rolling in from all directions, sucking the life right out of me. It was a cruel reminder of just how quickly life could change—in a flash, in a heartbeat, in one last breath.

Amazon US:

Seeking Redemption (Book 2) is also available

Anne Stenhouse said...

Daisy's Dilemma by Anne Stenhouse releases 16th, now on pre-order price.
London 1822
“He comes as a conquering hero.”
“What?” Daisy Longreach lifted her chocolate coloured gaze from contemplation of a hothouse peach to her companion’s more sanguine stare. “Who comes?”

Daisy's Dilemma amazon UK US

Susan Macatee said...

From opening of 'Love Letters' series Civil War romance novella, Cole's Promise.

Cole Manning crouched behind a fragrant, flowering bush, the sweet, cloying smell mixing with the scent of pine. Pistol at eye level, he peered through the forest for any sign of a Confederate patrol. His squad stayed behind him, out of sight, their rifles on the ground by their sides, per his order.

Margo Bond Collins said...

The worst thing about vampires is that they're dead. That whole wanting to suck your blood business runs a close second, but for sheer creepiness, it's the dead bit that gets me every time. They're up and walking around and talking and sucking blood, but they're dead.

LEGALLY UNDEAD (a Daphne du Maurier Award finalist) by Margo Bond Collins:

Sophia Ryan said...

6 DAYS OF YOU by Sophia Ryan

“You can come visit, but we won’t be having sex.”

Not exactly the thing a girl wants to hear from her boyfriend after suggesting that the two of them spend their week-long fall break together in his dorm room and make love for the first time.

Yet, that’s exactly what mine said—and that was after fifteen minutes of me trying to talk him into letting me come up to his college at all.

Wild Rose Press
Other Sophia Ryan Books

“Although the events are focused on the span of six days, the author packs in plenty of surprises for the reader, and the chemistry between the two characters is well developed with a nice bit of heat added.” – 4 STARS, THE ROMANCE REVIEWS

Savanna Kougar said...


Prologue ~ The Dance Club

[Chrontropolis, six months earlier]

“You are such an incorrigible flirt.” Wendra smiled coquettishly, batting her eyelashes like the women she’d seen Zent with four years ago, when both their lives had been wonderful, and sweet with promise.
He rumbled a playful laugh and swept up her hand. He squeezed affectionately, his emerald green eyes dancing as he drew her closer.

Blurb/Excerpts/Link [Ebook and In Print]: ~




Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

D'Ann said...

Coming soon from my WIP:

While sitting at a 4-way stop, R.J. Hadley drummed his fingers against the steering wheel, keeping tune with Maura Whittaker’s new hit. Idly, he glanced to his left. And stared. A hot blonde in a bright yellow convertible sat next to him.

Adriana said...

“Ah,” Jen sighed, easing down her husband’s cock. “My favorite cock.”
Engulfed in her heat, Brett beamed up at Jen as she settled herself on his length.

Rose Colored Dreams (Swinging Games #14)

Mona Karel said...

FROM: A Question of Honor

She knew that walk. With a slight hesitation in one leg, he prowled like a wounded predator, conditioned to succeed against the most dangerous game of all...After the battle, he’d unwind with a drink and a woman. The drink would be strong and straight. The woman would be bosomy and not too bright. He’d very likely spend more time with the drink than the woman.

Available now:

Helen Henderson said...

A Friday First From Dragon Destiny -

Branin faced the brown dragon with no defense except clenched hands against Drak’s teeth, claws, and fire.

Want more? For excerpts, a free read of the first chapter, and distribution list, visit

Dragon Destiny - For a human, a dragon form comes with more than just the freedom of the sky. Available at Amazon.

Dee Ann Palmer said...


Having routed the bullying youths and watched them disappear, Rowan du Veau, who called himself the Dark Knight, turned Cheval and rode back out of the castle bailey and onto the fields where his men had set up his pavilion. Tired and sweaty, he slid off the horse and gave the reins over to his squire.

Inside the cream colored tent, he stretched his arms out to his sides so his armorer could remove the restrictive suit and the hauberk he wore under it.

Available on Amazon, Nook and Smashwords

Carolina Valdez said...

Opening to HANGIN' WITH MY WINDOW MAN (gay erotic romance)

A freight train roared through Century City, where there were no trains. Thirty stories above the ground, the window washers' gondola lurched. Boon Andrews grabbed the railing as one of the cables at Johnston's end broke free. Instead of remaining taut, the safety cable stretched almost full length.

Jude Knight said...

He rode for what seemed like hours, letting the horse pick the way much of the time while his mind went over and over the horrors his wife had told him. His wife. His gentle, kind, comfortable wife who had made his house back into a home, gathered his daughters into her heart and made him happy.

A Baron for Becky, on presale. Links at