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Thursday, June 18, 2015

*NEW* Follow Me, Follow You!

Today's meme is all about making connections through social media follows. In comments, share your social links: Facebook, Twitter,, Google+ etc. Authors, add one buy link and website/blog link to the rest, then scroll through the participants and do some following yourself!  Have fun!

Share your participation with a ready-to-go tweet.
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E. Ayers said...

I'm an active tweeter and I love to retweet as long as it doesn't sound too kinky. LOL Most of my followers aren't those readers!


And catch me on my blog! I often just comment about life or growing up.

Crazy Painter Art said...

I blog as the Aimlesswriter;
and my fb page is;
Twitter tells me I'm at my follow limit. :(
....and then there's my pinterest addiction.

Erin OQuinn said...

If you like #gay #romance #action #mystery, those are my usual hashtags on my Twitter site @erinoquinn_erin

No need to natter on about the rest, which you should find here:

One link? My newest, a #gay #thriller
HUNTER’S POINT: A Scot and a cop … and a killer

P.J. MacLayne said...

Facebook has been stealing my follows, and I'd sure appreciate a few more. I write paranormal romance and mysteries. Here's the link to my page

And one buy link? The first book of my mystery series is on sale for 99¢

Michele Zurlo said...

My FB:
My Twitter: @MZurloAuthor

One link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Babette James said...

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Find my sweetly sexy contemporary romances at Amazon:

Website & Blog:

Newsletter with book news and subscriber only giveaways:

Twitter: @BabetteJames

Facebook Profile: Babette.James

Facebook Page: BabetteJamesAuthor



Sela Carsen said...

What a great idea!
My shifter romances can be found on Amazon at

You can find and connect with me on
FB profile:

FB page:



And please sign up for my newsletter so you can be notified of any new releases, contests and giveaways!

I look forward to connecting with all of you!

Anna Durand said...

Here are my links:


Buy link for my new book:

Savanna Kougar said...

Love shapeshifters? Wanna know what life is like in a shapeshifter town? Join us at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS~ ***Turning into Your Wildest Desire***

Kim McMahill said...

My blog is called Embrace Adventure and it can be found at I blog about books, travel, adventure, gardening, and just about anything I find interesting. I try to follow back and I do retweet. You can find me at @kimmcmahill Thanks!

SueBee said...

I'm Susan Behon and I write contemporary romance.


Twitter: Follow me!
Facebook: Like me!
Goodreads: Follow me!

Amazon Author:

Buy links for my books are on this page!


Martha O'Sullivan said...

What's Better Than White-hot Contemporary Romannce with an HEA Ending? 3 of them! The Chances trilogy by Martha O'Sullivan

Find her on the web at:


Rose Anderson said...

My Main Blog -Calliope's Writing Tablet
Amazon Author Page

Stop by, there's always something happening!


Hywela Lyn said...

If you enjoy a sweet to spicy romance set on a distant world or among the stars, you might enjoy my 'Destiny' series.l I also write the occasional fantasy, including a free 'short read' on my publishers site:

I would really appreciate some more followers on my blog as I had to re-do it thanks to a blogger 'glitch'.
It's - I feature my own posts but also host for several blog tour companies so feature a lot of other authors as well.

Thanks for the chance to share, I will look up some of the other links and follow.

James D said...

If you ever wondered what it might be like to step into other people's dreams...

My Facebook page
My website -
My Amazon Author Page

stanalei said...

I think this is a great idea, Rose. Thanks for setting it up. Below are my links for anyone who'd like to follow

Twitter – @StanaleiFletch

Facebook link

Blog link

Website link

Goodreads author page

Join personal newsletter

and a link for the latest release Proving Ground:

Lynn Crain said...

This is a wonderful thing to do! Here are all my links...thank everyone in advance...I appreciate it! (Website is currently under construction, please use blog.)

Lynn Crain said...

Okay, I've got to did you get the links clickable? Mine were in Word but when I copied them to paste here, they weren't. Thanks!

Lynn Crain said...


But people can follow you on Twitter and that will help with your ration. So just keep a list of who has followed you and the moment you can, follow them back.

Rose Anderson said...

I've sent you an email how-to, Lynn.

Jana Richards said...

Happy Thursday! Thank you for sharing our links today. I write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and historicals set in the WW2 era. Here's my links. Thanks in advance for follows and likes:

Amazon Author Page
Newsletter Signup

K. Lynn said...

Check out my site for my releases

Follow me on Twitter

Check me out on Google+

Follow me on GoodReads

Check out my author page on Amazon

And for a gender bender read, check out my latest novel release from Torquere Press - His Womanly Ways

Aimlesswriter said...

Thank you Lynn!

Alicia Coleman said...

Thanks for sharing links today. I write contemporary and paranormal romance.



Facebook Profile

Facebook Author Page