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Friday, July 10, 2015

First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

E. Ayers

Melissa’s heart hit the back of her throat as she spun around and faced a woman of undetermined age. Pure white hair had been plaited in two long braids and tied with blue ribbons. In her arms was a baby.

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Peggy Jaeger said...

by Peggy Jaeger

“How decadent is it to have dessert for dinner?” Moira asked much later.

Nancy said...

by Nan O'Berry

Mitzi Stancil waited for the stoplight in the center of the crossroad to turn green. The humidity had moved past comfortable just after daylight and now hinged next to pressure cooker making everyone seek shelter in the many air conditioned businesses that lined Robert E. Lee Boulevard. However, one expected this in the south, considering it was July.

Sophia Ryan said...

6 DAYS OF YOU by Sophia Ryan

“You can come visit, but we won’t be having sex.”

Not exactly the thing a girl wants to hear from her boyfriend after suggesting that the two of them spend their week-long fall break together in his dorm room and make love for the first time.

Yet, that’s exactly what mine said—and that was after fifteen minutes of me trying to talk him into letting me come up to his college at all.

“Daryl and Lily find each other and oh man if that was the best love making. Seriously I was like... Holy gees! Wow! And Wowsers!” –GOODREADS REVIEW, 5 STARS

Wild Rose Press
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Juli D. Revezzo said...
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Juli D. Revezzo said...

Passion's Sacred Dance by Juli D. Revezzo
(Fantasy romance)

Stacy tapped the pen against the documents, leaving barely visible black marks here and there on his note.

I think our family was right about you, Stacy Macken. Keep this number handy. It may be of use to you soon. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please call.
Aaron Fielding

Their conversation wouldn’t leave her mind and she knew she needed to call him.

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For more on Passion's Sacred Dance see Juli's website.

Erin OQuinn said...

Part of the excitement of THE KILT COMPLEX is Rory's madcap chase through the convoluted grounds of the Scottish Parliament complex. Here, he's standing by the Canongate Wall:

“Edinburgh is a mad god’s dream …”

Like most Scots, Rory knew the work of Hugh MacDiarmid. A few lines from one of his poems were engraved right there, damn near in front of his eyes on the Canongate Wall, on a slab of native gneiss stone.

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Desiree Holt said...

Lassoed By a Dom
It is just so fucking hot I can’t even think.

Trish Barton sighed, blotted her forehead on her arm and sucked in a lungful of overheated air.
With a sigh she hung her worn Stetson on her side view mirror, dug a scrap of elastic from her jeans pocket and pulled her thick light brown hair back into a ponytail.

Barbara White Daille said...

A Rancher of Her Own - The Hitching Post Hotel series, Book 2:

So much for worrying about the meeting between his father and Jane.

Mark had taken to her as readily as if she were his long-lost daughter. As quickly as his kids had taken a shine to her - and, if he would admit the truth, as easily as he had given in to his attraction today.

Just released: A Rancher of Her Own


Elise Covert said...

Linked Circles by Elise Covert

Nic shivered over her roast chicken. She tried to eat another bite, but Jack's hand brushed over her knee again. Her fork clinked loudly against her plate when she jumped.

"If you don't stop, I can't eat," she hissed at him with an exasperated smile.

"If you're hungry, you'll eat." He slid his hand higher.

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Susan Sofayov said...

Defective by Susan Sofayov

Grocery bags slapped against my legs, as I shuffled through the ancient lobby of our apartment building. The bags contained the ingredients for an apology, one to be delivered gift-wrapped in wine, food, and candlelight.


Babette James said...

Shock, amazement, and desire ricocheted through Katie. Matt’s hot mouth on hers, his lips, his tongue . . . They were kissing as if their lives depended on never parting.

Kissing Katie (His Girl Next Door #1)
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