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Friday, July 3, 2015

First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

Seems it's the fourth line that hooks it. LOL So here's three.

By E. Ayers

Sunday morning, Ingrid awakened to an envelope with a note that had been slipped under her door.
There is something I must do before the cattle drive south. Taking a few men with me.

I know you can't wait to read that fourth line!

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Peggy Jaeger said...

Skater's Waltz: by Peggy Jaeger
Madison Square Garden, NYC
Cole Greer jogged down the arena steps, eyes focused on the ice and the skater gliding across it. The music blasted a sixties tune about a secret agent and the beat was as fast as the speed of the lone skater.
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Marianne Rice said...

From FALSE START--Book 1 in the McKay-Tucker Men series

“We need to talk.”
Startled by the deep growl, Meg Fulton looked up to the towering stack of testosterone filling her office doorway and cursed the butterflies that fluttered in her stomach.

She straightened her posture, ran her hand through her thick hair in an attempt to put all the strays back in place, and then reached for the lapels of the suit coat that wasn’t there.

Erin OQuinn said...

The opening lines of chap. 17, "The Voice," from a romance-adventure titled THE KILT COMPLEX:

Alex stood over the prone body in the sand, surrounded by rotting and peeling boat keels, the ghosts of Auchmithie. Swearing, he prodded the man with his boot. “I have every reason to beat you senseless, let the dog chew lawyer guts for breakfast. Talk, you bastard.”

A trilogy of a scot and a cop, on my author pages:

Iris Blobel said...


Markus DeLeon stood in front of Tyson and stared at him. The guy looked good in a tuxedo. A smile tugged at his lips, though, when he saw Ty’s hair.
Markus cocked a questioning brow. “The hair?”


Erin OQuinn said...

Well done! Love this!

Andrea Cooper said...

VIKING FIRE - historical romance

"I renounce Father for this." Kaireen threw the elderberry gown. Dressed in only her liene, she glared at the new gown crumbled on the stone floor.

Rose Anderson said...

The Leonardo Chronicles
Sharing our secrets not only brought Ellie and I to complete understanding of our dual natures, but the nature of one another as well. As a result, we spent our intimate moments like the epicures of ancient Rome — engaged in complete sensorial experience of our mating and the contemplative wonder that came after.
It had become our custom after these sublime engagements to talk while still wrapped in each other’s arms, for it was then that our minds harmonized best.
Main Blog~Calliope'sWritingTablet

Barbara White Daille said...

A Rancher of Her Own

June might be a great month for a wedding—if you liked weddings—but as he had reminded Jed, it was also a busy one on the ranch. Too busy to spend an afternoon or even a few hours playing assistant to a perfectionist photographer.

Yet he’d returned for another day of taking Jane’s directions, and this time, he’d looked forward to that more than he should.

A Rancher of Her Own - July 2015

A Rancher of Her Own

Barbara White Daille

Anonymous said...

Loving the first lines so far!
This is from my contemporary romance The Antique Love, which is set in London. (You can probably tell the setting from my first lines :) )
"The rain was bouncing down in fat, dirty drops on the pavement when Penny left the shop. She put her ancient leather briefcase over her head and made a quick splash over the road to the pub opposite. A welcome blast of warmth and the delicious waft of home-cooked food met her as she pushed open the door."
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Paty Jager said...

Spirit of the Mountain (Native American Historical Romance)
Paty Jager

The drowsiness Wren felt moments before vanished as she peered into Himiin’s blue eyes darkened with desire. Heat scorched her body, tremors awakened her lower regions, and excitement fluttered her heart.
He found her.

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Thank you for this opportunity!

Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War time travel romance, Erin's Rebel.

When Captain Montgomery had escorted Erin O’Connell to her tent early in the morning, Jake took notice. But more important than that, he must confront her about where she had planned on going last night.

After getting her the position of camp laundress two weeks before, he’d been feeding her information about officers and plans for troop movements.

Jana Richards said...

Good afternoon! Here's the first lines of my recently contracted novella CHILL OUT, part of the Candy Hearts Valentine series from The Wild Rose Press to be published in time for the holiday next year:

His breath was hot on her face. Renata moaned as he licked the shell of her ear, his wet tongue rasping over her sensitive skin. Blindly, she reached up to touch his smooth hair, his soft beard, his wet nose…

Wait. His what?

Jana Richards
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Mickie Sherwood said...

From my just released mainstream romance, Templet's Tasty Tails.

Booker awakened to the glorious feel of Erika's satiny skin against his body. Her form spooned into his. Snuggling, she grooved her hips in deeper, triggering highlights of their torrid lovemaking to flash through his mind.

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Loved sharing.
Mickie Sherwood
~~Sweet, spicy romance – a heartbeat away! ~~

Helen Henderson said...

Magic imprisoned Dylan’s soul, but not his will. Love released both.

From Imprisoned in Stone:

Maerva opened eyes to a darkness, not only of her room, but of the soul. The sense of a presence held her motionless, even though she knew no entry was possible through the closed door or shuttered window. Air whispered over her skin as if someone touched her cheek.

Available at Amazon. For buy links and a free read of the first chapter of this action- and romance-filled fantasy, steer a course to Imprisoned in Stone excerpt page.

Jude Knight said...

Start of Chap 15 of A Baron for Becky (She was a fallen woman. How could the men who loved her help her fall on her feet?)

He rode all afternoon, though it felt longer. He let the horse pick the way much of the time while his mind went over and over the horrors his wife had told him. His wife. His gentle, kind, comfortable wife who had made his house back into a home, gathered his daughters into her heart and made him happy.