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Monday, July 13, 2015

It's Back! Summer Heat

The summer heat is on! Today's meme highlights those moments that uptick our pulse or make us swoon when we read them. As all desire begins in the mind, here's an opportunity to make us want...your book.  In comments, share a sexy, sensual, sizzling, or scorching snippet 200 words or less.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page. Have fun!

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Peggy Jaeger said...

by Peggy Jaeger

“You taste like sunshine,” he whispered against her skin. “I’ve been dying all day to touch you like this, Moira. Just feel you.” He nibbled his way across her collarbone. “Just taste you.” His tongue flicked into the hollow of her throat. “Just have you here, with me. Now.” His mouth pushed against the bodice of her dress, pushing it down, exposing the skin under it. He pushed her breast up and out over the top and took her hardened nipple into his mouth. When he started to suckle, Moira gasped, and arched her back, pushing herself up fully into his mouth, giving him all the access he needed and demanded.

She felt the lower part of her body grow restless with a need that had her writhing against his lap. She could feel how hard, hot and ready he was against her leg, and she shifted so she could straddle him. When he moaned into her breast, she kissed his neck, felt the pulse pounding there and discovered a power she never knew she possessed. Her hips started a subtle grinding motion against his pants. Tingles of pleasure shot up through her body as she felt how ramrod hard he was against the most private and sensitive part of her.

Peggy Jaeger said...
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JoAnne Myers said...

"Love's Curse"

“When I said inspect you, I meant it.” He started at her ankles. Slowly he worked his way up her bare legs now shaking so badly her tight miniskirt quivered. “Nice calves. You’re a jogger, I can tell.”
“And you’re a sex addict, like Lloyd.”
“And curiosity killed the cat,” he said, feeling her inner thighs all the way up to her thong.
She trembled with forbidden pleasure, finding his large strong hands inviting. Her nipples hardened. “I’ll have your badge for this,” she whispered.
He leaned in and sighed, “No one will believe you; you’re a murder suspect.” Then he placed his hands on her firm buttocks, and, caressing her hips and back with both hands, he blew on the back of her soft, highly fragrant neck.
“You’re a bastard,” she moaned, turning over to give him better access to her oh-so-willing front.
“Yes, but the ladies love me, anyway.” He unbuttoned her white silk blouse to suckle her breasts. “And you will too.” They locked lips. The kiss was long and hot. But both were so engrossed, neither knew they had an audience.
Karla kissed him in return and slid her hands up his shirt and onto his sweaty skin. He then reached under her skirt and ripped off her moist panties. She in turn unzipped his jeans, which allowed them to bump buggies against the lockers.

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Desiree Holt said...

FORWARD PASS By Desiree Holt
When Joe’s tongue came out to trace the seam of her mouth everything in her body went liquid. Her pussy throbbed, her nipples sprang to life and a desperate hunger gripped her. The soft glide of his tongue was like the touch of velvet, coaxing her to open for him, to accept him. When he slid it between her lips she welcomed it, opening wider for him and letting her own tongue begin a dance with his.
They stayed that way for what seemed forever, exploring each other’s mouths, tasting, licking. The scent of his cologne still tantalized her nostrils and invaded her senses. Everything faded away for Shay except this incredibly sensuous contact. This was not a voracious kiss but more like a testing. A sexy little dance where neither partner was sure who would lead. As his tongue swept in slow glides, touching sensitive nerves, she hummed with pleasure and explored his taste the same way. Back and forth, faint erotic music a counterpoint in the background.
When Joe finally lifted his head enough to break the contact he stared at her, shock written on his face. Shay locked her gaze with his. Who should speak first? What should she say? What could she say? She’d just exchange a totally erotic kiss with Joe Reilly.
Joe Reilly!
Shay was trying to unscramble her brains when Joe dipped his head again and this time there was nothing light or gentle about the kiss. It was a predator’s kiss, ravenous and claiming. His tongue was a slither of flame burning the inside of her mouth everywhere it touched. He didn’t wait for her to offer her own tongue as she’d done before. Instead he tugged it with his teeth and closed his lips around it, sucking it hard.
Her responses were primal, an explosion of the need that building for years.
One of his hands slipped down to her arm then eased beneath her t-shirt. His warm palm cupped one breast, this thumb rasping over the hardened tip. The heat of his body permeated hers, surrounded it. A moan floated in the air and she wasn’t sure whose it was, exactly.


Erin OQuinn said...

Today I'm still introducing folks to my 4th Gaslight Mystery, THIN AS SMOKE, the one in which crime writer Dashiell Hammett makes a rather startling appearance. Here's a touch of Michael and Simon, the 1920s PIs with an attitude ...

When they entered [the flat], Michael desperately wanted to continue the rare bonhomie he and Simon were enjoying. But he had not a clue how to do it. Their romantic life was so on-again-off-again, he’d damned near forgotten how to seduce the man.

~If only I could just walk up to Simon an’ take him in my arms, without his snarling or bolting, I’d bite his pouting lip, then his earlobes an’ nipples, before he could fight me off. I’d throw him to the floor an’ take him, hard, while he arced an’ rocked an’ trembled, all the way up, letting me explode a mile into his sweetness…~

That was the way their relationship had begun, and Michael now sorely regretted his too-eager dick. If only he’d allowed their companionship to grow more naturally. If he’d believed the man’s disgust with brash sexual contact and understood his need for subtlety. If he’d figured out Simon’s craving both to submit and to dominate. If he’d showed immediately he could be an honest friend. If only…

Standing in the middle of the drawing room, looking into Simon’s aqua eyes, he felt guilty and almost bashful.

All four gaslight mysteries are on my amazon author page:

Sophia Ryan said...

Yowza! Getting to read all these hot scenes makes me look forward to Mondays! My scene is from DIRTY LITTLE SECRET.

A prep-school princess’ secret affair is exposed, forcing her to choose between the trappings of her privileged lifestyle and the love of the bad boy who’s oh-so-good for her.

“I really enjoyed this book…the story was well written and engaging.”

“This is the line, Angel,” he said, his throat moving hard to swallow whatever was making his voice rough. “Once we cross it, there’s no stopping. Be sure.”

I met his blazing gaze unashamedly, not wanting to hide the desire pulsing through me. “I'm standing in front of you in nothing but my panties with my hand on your dick. Does it look like I want to stop?”

His hand cupped the back of my neck, his thumb gently brushing my cheek. “I need to hear you say it. Tell me what you want.”

“Can’t you tell?”

“Say it. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding between us.”

I slid my hands up the hard muscles of his stomach, his chest, his wide shoulders, my mouth following with kisses and licks. Through it all, he stood tall, tense, as if he were trying not to feel what I was doing to him, trying not to give in until I said the magic words.

I looked into his eyes, my hands on his head, my fingers curled in his thick hair. “I want you, Nick Spencer,” I said, not in a hesitant whisper, but in a low, bold tone that could not be mistaken. “I want this.” I dropped a hand to his hard cock and caressed it through his boxers. “I want you to fuck me with it. Is that clear enough for you?"

Wild Rose Press
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Jana Richards said...

Here's a first kiss from my contemporary romance HER BEST MAN. Sarah and Will are on a cruise ship and pretending to be married:

Will pulled Sarah into his arms. If she had been wearing socks, his kiss would surely have knocked them off.

His mouth covered hers, and heat instantly enveloped her. A sizzle of awareness traveled through every nerve ending in her body, as if she'd just been zapped by a bolt of lightning. The moist heat of
his mouth, the sweet taste of his tongue on hers, the intoxicating scent of his aftershave, all combined to turn her legs to rubber and her brain to Jell-O.

She was so hot. Any minute now she'd spontaneously combust.
Even the backs of her knees were sweating. She was spiraling, falling, spinning out of control. All she could think was that she wanted this feeling to go on forever. Brad's kisses had never made her feel like this.

The sound of Gary loudly clearing his throat brought Sarah back to reality. Will ended the kiss. The expression in his blue eyes mirrored the shock she felt herself.

"I apologize," Gary said. "It's obvious the two of you are very
much in love. I'm sorry I bothered you, Sarah, but you can't blame a guy for trying."

Jana Richards
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Sarah Marsh said...

Talia's Match: Coalition Mates 2
Ash pushed Grae over toward the far side of the bath, to where
they both knew that Talia would be able to watch them if she ventured
toward the doorway, which they were counting on. On the first step,
the water only came up to mid-thigh, just low enough to give their
Talia a good show.
Talia was fighting with herself on whether or not to give in to her
raging lust and inch closer to the bath when she realised that her legs
had already decided, and all she had to do was peek around the corner
to see the prize. She wasn’t quite prepared for what she saw when she
did, however—the two most beautiful men she’d ever seen in all their
naked glory. Human men were simply just not made that way, or at
least none of the naked men she had ever seen. They looked like two
Greek Gods playing in the water.
Ash had embraced Grae from behind and was kissing him fiercely
while stroking the other man’s huge, hard cock. She could see Ash’s
hips slowly grinding into his lover, making Grae almost desperate for
a faster pace.

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Melody Jerva said...

Ella's Gifts - Romantic Suspense (PG13 snippet - it gets hotter later in the book)

Her hands found their way into his hair. She could see his pulse beating below his ear. She needed to taste him. She slid her tongue across the skin of his neck and nipped gently with her teeth. He let out another low groan. His hips pushed her back into the counter. She felt his need pressing against her belly. Rett lifted her up onto the counter, her legs automatically circling around his waist pressing him to her heated core. Her need increased with every move he made. The tip of his tongue tasted the flesh at the top of her breasts. His hands skimmed up her thighs and stopped at the bottom of her lacy panties, tracing the edge. The man was driving her wild as she tried to catch her breath. Tiny goose bumps covered her skin. His hands traveled up to frame her face and he pulled her into another soul wrenching kiss. Ella's fingers dug into his back. She was completely lost in him. His musky scent invaded her senses.
The sound of the oven timer going off, barely registered. He pulled his lips away and pressed his forehead to hers, leaving them, both gasping for air. "Saved by the bell."