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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stellar Reviews!

We all know great reviews validate the story crafting we do. While single review sentences can say a lot, sometimes we'd like to share more. That's exactly what this meme is about! 

In comments, share up to 200 words from a terrific review. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity, EQ!

My review comes from my comic YA urban fantasy/romance AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE:

An Elfy on the Loose reminded me of A Wrinkle in Time from it's complex world-building to its intelligent dialogue.

An Elfy on the Loose centers around the relationship between Bruno and Sarah, but it's so much more than just a teen romance. Barb Caffrey weaves together multi-layered characters (including Bruno, Sarah, Roberto and Dennis the Dark Elf), magic, elfs, humans and the ultimate adventure: falling in love. I laughed, cried, gasped and gripped my e-reader tightly. I was completely enthralled.

Link to Amazon:
Link to my blog:


Barb Caffrey

Peggy Jaeger said...

Skater's Waltz
by Peggy Jaeger
"Love can be found staring you in the face in the guise of a good friend! This story tells of one such love with a mystery mixed in.I am so glad that I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I will be recommending it to others to read! I absolutely could not stop reading it once I started. Thanks, Ms. Jaeger, for writing such a fantastic book!!!! Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!"

I love this!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Dangerous Deceit by Romy Gemmell - British Regency

This is an excellent read which takes us back to the romance, excitements and pleasures of Regency society. The writer is obviously thoroughly at home in the period's history and morality and acutely aware of the repressions that contemporary women had to suffer. Her central character, Lydia, shares that awareness and, while remaining polite, circumspect and fully conscious of the role expected of her, shows a refreshing and entertaining independence.

The interactions between all the characters are minutely observed by the writer. Their dialogue has real authenticity, they're all drawn with wit and economy and there's a constant awareness of body language and surreptitious glances which reveals exchanges other than those being spoken. In fact, there's so much more going on than the surface reveals (hence the title). The episode where Lord Sheldon rubs salve into a bruise on Lydia's shoulder is understated, discreet, and very sexy.

In the background and, indeed, influencing the development of the plot, is the figure of Bonaparte and the activities of French and English spies, all of which adds to a tale which captures and transmits the ethos of the period. And there's even a guest appearance by Lord Byron. Regency romance at its best.


Erin OQuinn said...

Are you ready for bareback riders, passion in the time of St. Patrick? A hardass former Roman soldier who’s turned his back on love…and the cheeky man half his age who tries to change his mind.

Alex Akira of Rainbow Book Reviews calls this #MM series “driven and scorching, but somehow never losing the romantic intention; lusty without losing the love… a savory, silky, succulent feast of a story. [The Iron Warrior series] is male/male romance at its best. Both of the leads are brilliantly manly, each holding attractive qualities that captivate the imagination.

“In a word—dazzling!”
#gay #erotic #romance #adventure
Warrior, Ride Hard
In U.K.
Warrior, Stand Tall
In U.K.
On SirenBookStrand

Elena Kincaid said...

UNSHATTERED by Elena Kincaid:
Anna has had a heart breaking life. When life totally went wrong, she decided to make a new life for herself. She got in her car and drove. When she got to Silver Cliff, she knew she was home. She never thought she would ever trust another man let alone fall in love with one. Until she meets Nathan.

Nathan has been burned by all the women in his life. Ever since he has chosen to burn up the sheets of other women. When he goes home to start his life over again, he finds himself half in love with Anna before he even gets there thanks to his cousin. Now, all he has to do is find out how to get her to fall in love too.

They start their new lives together and figure out how to survive when their past lives threaten their new ones.

This is the first book of Ms. Kincaid's that I have read, and I plan on reading more.


pilgrim said...

By Bike Book Reviews on May 11, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Oh my, where to start! This book was such an enjoyable read for me, and I couldn't put it down! The storyline is inventive and the writing is brilliant! The relationships in this book are so well defined, and I swear if you don't gasp and say "OMG" at least once, you aren't reading the same book I did!

First we meet ancient vampire Alisdair and his assistant Edgar, you can tell right off that poor Edgar has it bad for the sexy Vamp in a kilt (if that don't put a droolworthy pic in your head, I don't know what will ;p), and Alisdair knows it, what will he do about Edgar, and the couple that he chooses to slake his bloodlust? (and if you don't think those scenes are hot OMG)

Bruce and Jules are at a wedding when they meet a captivating man in a kilt, can he convince them to play, and what will be the end emotional result for this couple, seeing as how Bruce would rather be with the memories of the one who holds his heart, than with his wife it seems!

Jeffery is the one that holds Bruce's heart, and he feels the same, but can they be together and if they are, what does that mean for Jules? I have to say, I fell in love with Jeffery right off the bat, and the way the author navigated this love story and the people involved was brilliant, and didn't get confusing once!

I can't tell you what happens, all I can tell you is to be ready for the unexpected at every turn, this one is truly a masterpiece! Thanks Kathy, for allowing us to experience the magic that is this book!

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Thanks for this opportunity!

A Season for Killing Blondes by Joanne Guidoccio

From The Romance Reviews

Good chick-lit/suspense stories are tough to find, but Ms. Guidoccio does an exceptional job in A SEASON FOR KILLING BLONDES. This book is like sitting around the table with your Italian relatives and hearing them tell a good story from the old country…you know, except that this is set in modern Canada and is told in Gilda's first person perspective. The entire cast of characters were just sketchy enough that any one of them could be a viable suspect, from jealous cousin Sophia to the dramatic Sicilian mamas, the not so zen yoga instructor or the "mean girl" family of blondes.

I liked that this wasn't your typical story about a woman taking matters into her own hands to investigate a case, especially since Gilda really just bounced ideas off of people and hired someone to do the undercover work. She also wasn't your typical 26-35 year old MC, and at 51 her life experience and thoughtfulness toward others set her apart. Although this book can't be considered a "romance" by any stretch of the imagination, it was a well-written, character-driven murder mystery that genuinely had me scratching my head until the very end wondering who dun' it!?

JoAnne Myers said...

The Crime of the Century- May 1, 2014 Reviewer Brittany Hale from BTS Magazine

REVIEW: 4.5 Stars

Written in third-person omniscient the narrator tells the story of two missing teens, their murder and the effect it has on their small town. With believable antics, ranging from police corruption, unconventional parenting, unreliable witnesses, satanic rituals, love triangles, hypnosis, forensic profiling, this novel doesn't lack in believability. The crime occurs in the 1980's without the popular DNA evidence, police have to rely on circumstancial ecidence to solve this horrific crime and bring those responsible to justice. The possible errors in previous methods of crime solving are brought to the attention of the reader, as a town is ripped apart by the disappearance of the teens. Although, I would have liked the novel to switch from a detected narration of the facts to a story where I could connect with the characterfs, it was consistent throughout the whole book. Well written and researched, The Crime of the Century, is an engrossing fictional true crime novel.

Jo Anne’s Postings:

Ruth Kaufman said...


Kaufman’s strong second Wars of the Roses Brides romance (after At His Command) is set in York, England, in 1460, against the backdrop of the Yorkist bid for the English throne. Sir Adrian Bedford is determined to reclaim his ancestral home and restore his family’s good name and fortune. Joanna Peyntor, the only female member of the glass painters’ guild, inherited her father’s passion and glass workshop but faces frequent prejudice. Both the appealing protagonists have significant financial woes, siblings willing to ruin them, and hostile acquaintances wishing to use their bodies. When Joanna proposes a marriage of convenience, admitting that “a man’s protection would be valuable,” Adrian eventually accepts, insisting on a rigid contract, as “this marriage is a business. ... [T]his installment thoroughly surpasses the first, maintaining suspense and building the reader’s hope that Joanna and Adrian’s mutual respect will grow into love.

Veronica Scott said...

Most fun review I ever had, for STAR CRUISE: MAROONED:
"Warning: This books is not recommended for petulant billionaires. You might relate to petulant guests who end up dying.

For the rest of you: Grab this book and read it at once. It’s a fabulous story. It starts off like a sci-fi rom and ends like a heart palpating Sci-Fi Adventure.

I couldn’t put the book down. The world Veronica creates is superbly believable. They land on a beautiful planet so the cruise guest can enjoy a lovely day on the beach. Unfortunately, obnoxious mega-wealthy cruise guests, randy crewmembers, and venomous native animals are not the main problems of the day. That would be something far more dangerous.

Meg is everything I love in a heroine. Specifically, under pressure, her brain not only works, but works really well. And she doesn’t fall under the spell of a guy just because he smiles at her.

Red, the hero, was once a member of special forces, and even he is impressed with Meg’s ability to think and survive when matters go south. But we soon find out he’s been smitten with her since he saw her at a mixer a few weeks before. In fact, he signed on as a crew member just to be around her, but he can’t seem to make any headway.

When trouble begins, matters between them start to change. Together, they try to save the guests. Best not get too attached to the wealthy spoiled guests for a lot of them die. Honestly, the fact anyone survived is amazing given all that Veronica throws at them.

It’s not often that I become so engaged in a book that my heart actually races, but while reading this book, my heart thumped double-time for the last quarter section of the book.
Final Warning: If you have a heart condition, you probably shouldn’t read this book either.
Since I lived, I give this book 5 stars"


Anne Stenhouse said...

Tina Williams has posted a lovely five star review of Daisy's Dilemma in several places. Goodreads is one:

Jun 16, 2015Tina Williams rated it 5 of 5 stars
Delightful Regency Romance

This is another charming Regency Romance by Anne Stenhouse and a must read for fans of the genre. It contains a young heroine in turmoil about what she needs in a suitor and a hero who is not only intent on protecting her from her own folly but also from a nefarious scheme against her. It has a diverting plot, with many twists and turns, with intrigue, deception and danger and much personal drama.

I feel much appreciated. thank you Tina.

Daisy's Dilemma Anne Stenhouse is available from many online stores. Here's amazon US and UK

Karen McCullough said...

Review for A Question of Fire by Karen McCullough:

"Wow! Ms. McCullough has penned a wonderful suspense with this book. There are several interesting plot threads to keep one guessing throughout. What is most interesting about this novel is that the real mystery is not who the killer is, but where the evidence is hidden. This becomes apparent when the reader figures out rather quickly, who the real villain is. However, the search for this information Bobby found winds through the entire story, making the reader want to solve the mystery. When the hiding place is revealed, the readers will be surprised, wondering why they didn't see it before.

"Primarily a mystery/suspense novel, there is however, enough romance to keep fans of that genre interested in reading on. A bond forms between Cathy and Peter that grows through all the danger they face until it bonds them tightly. Another interesting relationship, though not a romantic one, also develops between Cathy and Danny, who is a young boy on the verge of manhood, needing the guidance of a strong adult.

"This is a well-written story, full of detail and action that will keep one entranced from beginning to end, and wishing the story could go on forever. Ms. McCullough proves again that she is a rising star in the writing world, and this reviewer eagerly awaits her next work."



Melody Jerva said...

5 star review on Amazon!

Once you start reading Ella’s Gifts you won’t stop until it’s finished!

This novel is very well written and moves at a quick pace with ‘straight to the point’ detail. The main character Ella is very likeable and the actions of the serial killer well thought out making it difficult to guess who it is until the end. (The use of Mr Kelly’s Alzheimer’s was very interesting) I can definitely see a sequel to this novel being written.

Anonymous said...

A Long Trail Rolling
Lizzi Tremayne

Angela Oliver, Booksellers NZ Reviewer: An impressive debut from a New Zealand (ex-American) author.

“A Long Trail Rolling” takes the reader on a journey to the wild west, to the trials and conflict faced by the enterprising souls determined to tame it and make it their home…a romance, a western, and an adventure story, all rolled up into a compelling read…This is an independently published title, and as such lacks a little of the glossy flare that comes through the big established printing houses. It should not, however, be judged on the quality of the cover but on the quality of the writing – which is of high calibre. I don’t normally read romance, and I’ve never before read a western, but I devoured this one and am hungry for more.