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Friday, August 28, 2015

First Lines Friday!

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Janice Croom said...


Chapter 1
There are some days I'd love to bottle up and save: the day I graduated summa cum laude, the days I married and divorced my ex, and if everything worked out, today.

Death of an Idiot Boss available on Amazon

Janice Croom web site

Iris Blobel said...


Sarah snuggled against him as their legs intertwined. Closing her eyes, she let her other senses take over as his hand glided up and down her spine, while she ran her fingers along his chest.


Donna Cummings said...

From BAD EX KARMA, contemporary romantic comedy:

There’s nothing quite like the female bonding experience of trying on clothes to make you wish you were a man.

For the hunter/gatherer types, shopping is probably a lot of fun. But when it comes to a dinner party where Bad Ex Karma might be lying in wait so it could finally give your date a huge unexpected wallop after you'd let your guard down—well, that adds a little extra sartorial stress to the mix.

Amazon Buy Link

Colleen Myers said...

From MUST REMEMBER, releasing November 2nd 2015.

The trucker didn’t hesitate. He hammered a punch to the dude’s temple and knocked him out cold. One hit. Bam.
Holy shit!
My stomach dropped. I covered my mouth and backed up until my butt hit brick.

Anne Stenhouse said...

Mariah's Marriage - the opening:
London 1822
Mariah Fox stabbed a long pin through her straw bonnet, attaching it to her upswept mass of ash-blonde hair. She tied the ribbons beneath her chin, drew back capable shoulders, and stepped into the street.
Mariah's Marriage is on amazon UK and amazon US

Nancy said...

From Once Upon A Dream

This had to be one of the craziest things she’d ever done. Sitting in the seat beside Jason as they rolled into town she was beginning to have second thoughts.
“You’re thinking again,” Jason said without taking his eyes off the road.
“Are we crazy?”

Contemporary Romance, Cowboy Romance,

Sophia Ryan said...

SIN CITY ALIBI is out! This erotic romance is filled with sex, love, romance, suspense, and a happy ending. It is a stand-alone book, no cliff hangers. At TWRP, it’s only $3 today! Here’s the first three lines of Chapter 13.

At Matt’s protracted silence, Dani lifted her head from his chest and looked at him, waiting expectantly for his response. He kept his eyes glued to the ceiling, but she could see in their depths the shadow of the dark secret chained inside his heart. “Matt?” she asked softly, prompting him, her chest going tight at what his hesitation meant, instinctively knowing she wouldn’t like his answer.

Wild Rose Press
Other Sophia Ryan Books

Savanna Kougar said...


Prologue ~ The Dance Club

[Chrontropolis, six months earlier]

“You are such an incorrigible flirt.” Wendra smiled coquettishly, batting her eyelashes like the women she’d seen Zent with four years ago, when both their lives had been wonderful, and sweet with promise.
He rumbled a playful laugh and swept up her hand. He squeezed affectionately, his emerald green eyes dancing as he drew her closer.

Blurb/Excerpts/Link [Ebook and In Print]: ~




Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Sherry Ewing said...

Today's beginning three lines come from my latest medieval romance, A Knight To Call My Own by Sherry Ewing

Beauty's thundering hoof beats resounded, as the horse galloped across the strand, and left no doubt as to the urgency of her rider. Clumps of wet sand marked Lynet’s passage and gave evidence to just how far she had traveled. The distant voice of her guardsman calling her name was all but lost between the powerful roar of the ocean waves crashing into the shore and the dissonant emotions that filled her mind, causing tears to flow freely down her cheeks.

Sherry Ewing Website & Blog

Click here for Sherry Ewing's Amazon Author Page

Jana Richards said...

Here's the first lines from Chapter Four of ONE MORE SECOND CHANCE. The ebook version is on sale for .99 cents until Sept. 3:

The next day, during the noon hour, Alex walked
through the halls of Lobster Cove High School, looking
for Julia Stewart’s office. The curious glances of
students and teachers followedhis progress, and he was
pretty sure his presence here would be the topic of
conversation in every coffee shop in Lobster Cove
within the hour. He knew they all wondered what he
was doing at the school.
He was wondering that himself.

Thank you!
Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Erin OQuinn said...

First lines from chap. 15 of THE CHASE, an M/M novel about mending fences, chasing dreams:

“Hmmm?” Brew was floating on the sensation of having his lover’s big hand stroke his hair, smooth his forehead, memorize the outline of his face with his finger.
“How many guys d’you think you’ve, um, been with?”
“You mean fucked, or sucked, or…”

Andrea Cooper said...

Cursed - Book 1.5 Legends of Oblivion series (ebook currently #Free) Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance

Call me Cursed, for that is what I am. I am Brock Rashwe, son of tree elves, brother to the wind, earth, and water. Among my Elvin people, I became the Vaer--The Bringer of Death--an abomination released from a vampire's bite. Yet, Celeste is my blessing through my curse, the light in my darkness.

Stephanie Queen said...

From Beachcomber Baby by Stephanie Queen

Shana hated that Dane could make her uncomfortable with just a look. Not the kind of discomfort that came from trepidation or embarrassment. The kind of discomfort that was all about need.