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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stellar Reviews!

We all know great reviews validate the story crafting we do. While single review sentences can say a lot, sometimes we'd like to share more. That's exactly what this meme is about! 

In comments, share up to 200 words from a terrific review. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

Coming Out of Hiding
E. Ayers

Oh! What a good book!

I just loved this book. A unique subject paired with excellent writing, you can't go wrong! Thank you, Ms. Ayers, for choosing such interesting subjects and making all your characters so believable that they almost seem to jump off the page!

Sensual and sweet

This book is unlike any romance I've read. It tackles a subject you wouldn't expect to see in a romance, but it works, and makes the characters relatable and very human. Some scenes are quite graphic but at the same time the story is sweet and tender. I got sucked in and couldn't put it down.

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This book is has been written for the mature reader.

Lisa Carlisle said...

Books and Beyond Fifty Shades gives 5 STARS to Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle - as well as the entire Chateau Seductions series.

“Lisa Carlisle does a fabulous job going through parts of Antoine’s life that were never discussed in previous stories. Through Darkness Rising, we learn why Antoine is the compassionate person that he is, and we learned what made him that way.

I loved the struggle for Antoine after he first was turned into a Vampire/Gargoyle hybrid. He could have turned and became a monster, yet, he was able to keep as much of his humanity as he could. That is what makes him so loveable throughout this series.”

Anne Stenhouse said...

Bella's Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse
Review by Anne Stormont

This is a historical romance and it's set in Georgian Edinburgh. And with this novel I'd say we're sort of in Jane Austen meets Bridget Jones territory. But as well as the history and the will-they-won't-they romance, there's also a mystery at the heart of this novel. It's an enchanting story and the author gets the tension level just right. There's a great cast of characters from Bella's good friends and her lovely aunt and uncle to her horrid mama and menacing pursuer. Being an Edinburgh native, I loved all the references to places I know and was impressed by the author's attention to the details of the city's development as its New Town was being established. Best of all though was Bella herself. Bella is no wimp. She's resilient and feisty in the face of scandal and suffering and in the face of a real threat to her personal safety. She makes informed choices and she does what's right even when it puts her at risk. Five Stars *****

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Erin OQuinn said...

Sometimes a straight-from-the-heart reader review can work a miracle. This one for NOBLE, NEVADA made me see my book in a whole new light.
Learning to love and forgive yourself is hard. Erin O'Quinn's beautiful tale of love found in Noble, Nevada does just that. It lets us follow along with two wounded characters who, together, find a way to mend their hearts and lives. The story is beautifully written and touches the heart. It gives you hope that all hurts can heal. Another great ready by an AMAZING author.
#gay #romance #action- #suspense
Love hurts. Let it also heal.
Noble, Nevada

Barbara White Daille said...

A Rancher of Her Own by Barbara White Daille

5 blue ribbons from Romance Junkies

"A heartwarming tale, A RANCHER OF HER OWN, the second book in author Barbara White Daille's THE HITCHING POST HOTEL series, is an emotion-packed, sexy contemporary romance, which is sure to touch the hearts of its readers. I enjoyed watching the romance develop between Pete and Jane as they struggle with the powerful chemistry that keeps pulling them together. The children take the appeal of the novel to a new level, especially Rachel, who suffers from her mother's neglect and wants nothing more than a mother of her own. Her happiness at being included in the wedding activities with the women is so heartwarming while some of her scenes will elicit a giggle or two as she believes she knows what's best for the other children and has no problem expressing it. I also loved Jed's machinations to get his granddaughters married off while still keeping them closer to home.

"As a huge fan of Ms. Daille's inspiring, heartwarming novels, I always look forward to her next book. I have never been disappointed by any of her works and this one is no exception as she takes readers from heartache to joy in a small town setting with all the risks, tears and laughter along the way. This story demonstrates once more why Ms. Daille is one of my favorite authors. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today! Definitely a must read!"

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A Rancher of Her Own

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Thanks, EQ!

Sherry Ewing said...

Today's 5 Star review comes from my first time travel entitled For All of Ever: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time Novel.

"Thanks a lot, Ms. Ewing! Another night (or day, actually) of finally getting to sleep at 4:30 a.m. I couldn't put the book down because I just couldn't wait to see how it all ended. As with your first book, which was excellent, I fell in love with all of the characters. I felt like I was the mother of all of them, up to and including, giving advice as if they could hear me! Your books transport me to another place and time that is exciting, full of mystery and intrigue, and most of all love! In today's world, that is truly a gift. Keep the books coming!" by Book Fanatic, an Amazon Customer.

Sherry Ewing's Amazon Author Page

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Jude Knight said...

A Baron for Becky - one of 12 reviews so far.

If you want a different kind of Regency tale, this is it. Different in a good way...told from the perspective of a gently-reared woman, raped just a few days after her 15th birthday and thrown out by her father as "ruined." Becky, our heroine.....and she is a heroine.....lived the next nine years with the most courage and dignity I've ever beheld in a novel. I'm in awe of her. You may think my opening lines foreshadow a sad, gloomy downer of a story but it's nothing of the sort. This novel was utterly absorbing and I could not put it down.

As reviewer Penny Black says, this is something of a triangle. The Marquis of Aldridge, a secondary character, is strongly featured during the first half while Hugh, Baron Overton, comes into his own during the latter half. Hugh is anything but pleasant when he meets Becky, but she's a remarkably strong heroine and Hugh is essentially a kind man. All three characters are very likable.

This novel is well written, the plotting is excellent and the characters are very well developed. And the historical details! My word, Ms. Knight didn't put a foot wrong in this regard. She got the facts straight, and something I really liked....she gave us details but didn't bury us with them.

Stephanie Queen said...

"Beachcomber Baby was a great read, and has certainly inspired me to go back and get the other five books that Stephanie Queen has written."