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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Peek!

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Peggy Jaeger said...

First Impressions
Release date 9/23/15 The Wild Rose Press

“I really like when you do that,” he said, a heartbeat later.

“What? Talk about your bruised ago?”

He shook his head, charmed by her teasing. “When you laugh. And smile. I really like when you smile. Especially at me.”

Her blush deepened. “Pat...”

Without thought, like he had in his office earlier in the afternoon, he dipped his head down. With her hands still in his, he gently tugged her closer, and watched her eyes widen as he moved in.

He gave her a second to resist, to pull back. He thought she might.
But she didn’t, so he did what he’d been dying to do all day. Hell, since they’d met.

With her caramel-colored gaze boring into his, Pat kissed her.
A brief touch, barely a whisper of contact is all it was, but Pat’s insides imploded when her mouth settled against his. His hands still held hers and when he pulled back to stare at her face, two things happened simultaneously and almost made him lose his mind.

First, Clarissa trailed her tongue over the area he’d kissed, moisture wetting her plump lips. A shot of pure want bulleted through him when her lips glistened in the dim lighting of the doorway. At the same time he felt a tug on his hands and in the next second, Clarissa’s arms were wrapped around his neck, her hot, sweet mouth plastered to his.
He couldn’t think. Wouldn’t have been able to answer a question if asked. All he could do was feel. Stretched up against the length of him, up on her toes, Clarissa molded her body to his while her mouth pressed against his. His hands went around her waist, up her back to push her in even closer, their bodies separated from one another only by the width of their clothes.

Pat’s hands pushed against the butt he’d been fantasizing about minutes before, clutching it. It fit his palms as if it’d been forged for his hold. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

My just published adult romance from Luminosity,
combines romance, mystery, and paranormal elements. It’s my tribute to the Gothic tradition.

Here is an excerpt:

“Life and death are just different sides of the same coin.” He pressed her fingertips against his lips.
“I think you’re paying lip service to a viewpoint you feel requires your loyalty.” Her voice sounded unsteady.
His fingertips lifted her chin and gently turned her face toward his. “I think maybe you’re right. You’re very perceptive about people, aren’t you? It’s okay. You don’t have to be shy with me.”
She felt her cheeks flame. “Tell me about yourself,” she said quickly.
His piercing midnight-blue eyes met hers squarely. “You really don’t want to know.”
She sensed his inner conflict and turmoil. “Yes, I would really like to know you.”
“You’re so sweet and lovely.”
The next thing she knew, he was leaning over and taking her into his arms. She wanted to give in to the need she felt for him, but her sensitivity warned her it would be a serious mistake. She reacted by pulling away from him, but he pressed closer. The pads of his thumbs rubbed erotically across her lips. Then he held her head with his hand and bent his face over hers. His fingers caught in her hair as his lips, warm and firm, pressed against her own.
Her heart was beating wildly as she withdrew from him. Surely, this was not right. Awareness of her vulnerability was more than a little frightening. He sensed her resistance and allowed her to move away.
“You were going to tell me about yourself,” she reminded him in a breathless voice.
“There isn’t much to tell—unless you want to know about the people I’ve killed in the name of patriotism.” His look was unreadable.
She felt the hum of sexual tension between them. She had always liked blue eyes in a man and his were such a deep, dark blue she felt as if she were drowning in them.
He pulled her against him, his mouth coming down on hers. This kiss was not as gentle as the previous one. He did not merely press his lips against hers but kissed her deeply, hungrily, possessively. His mouth was warm and moist and tasted of beer, tobacco and virility. She sought to break free, but this was the man of her dreams. Even if she hadn’t told him, even if he didn’t know that she had dreamt of him just as he had dreamt of her, somehow it was there between them. The connection, the need, the passion was very real. They were linked together in some primeval way that she could not hope to understand.

Jacqueline Seewald


Juli D. Revezzo said...

This from my newly released fantasy romance, set in medieval Ireland, DRUID WARRIOR'S HEART (Celtic Stewards Chronicles, Book 2). Available at Amazon and

“My brother came home with such fascinating stories when he studied with Father Ciaran.” Ruth smoothed her skirt and stared into the distance. “I suppose they lodged in my imagination along with Mother’s tales.”
Isaac snorted. “Where they are more romantic than real life. Take my word on that.”
“How many have you fought in?”
He studied his nails but she had most of his attention. He willed her to come closer, and scolded himself for it. You can’t ravish her yet. “This will be my twentieth.”
Her breath caught in her throat. She knew he didn’t speak of border wars, religious wars, or clan skirmishes. “It need not happen,” she said.
“Is that so? How can you tell?”
“I won’t let it.” She touched the knife at her belt. “My father’s blood has been shed. It’s enough to strike a balance.”
He gazed up at her through the dark night. Did she prophesy? Or was this a mere hope? Damn Cyreth for being inside when he needed a clear reading on the situation!
Maybe she would speak more. He took a chance and asked, “What balance would that be? What do you see?”
She took a breath and let it out, waving her hand through the air. “I see little. A battle.” After a moment’s silence, she shook herself. “But it’s no more than Mother tells. Whether or not it comes, who knows?”
“What if it did?” he asked.
“If it does,” she said, angling her chin, “what does it matter? I can’t stop it.”
The moonlight glinting off her eyes accentuated her innocence. He rose to see them better, but still maintained his distance. “No. But you can minimize the damage.”
“As if that’s as easy as kissing you.”
Isaac blinked and did as she asked.

Juli D. Revezzo:

Andrea Cooper said...

THE GUARDIAN - Historical Romance Novella

His grin caused a dimple to deepen in his cheek and her knees to weaken.
“Just for the night. You’ll be gone by tomorrow.” She stopped past him and outside. She couldn’t allow him to get too close to her. I’m already about to weep like a young child when their father goes off to war knowing, somehow they will never return.
Black clouds darkened the sky. Kaden sauntered towards her and her heart sprinted. The rain fell so hard and fast they were soaked in moments.
Too overjoyed to run inside the cabin, she shouted and laughed. Kaden swept her into his arms and swung her around. Her black hair loosened from the movement and the rain.
When they stopped spinning, both of their clothes clung to them. His muscled chest, arms, and legs made her want to run her hands over them. To remove the barriers between them. One night for her to cherish. I know his lovemaking will be better than even his cooking. Heat raced through her body.
Their breath came in gasps and she could not tear her gaze from his full lips when his arms felt so right around her.
He dipped his head and brushed his lips against hers, sending shivers of desire coursing through her. I-I cannot. I must not yield to my passions. I will be no man’s property. Never again!
Before her body and heart betrayed her, she tore away from him and ran inside the cabin. Thankfully, the rain helped mask her tears. She could not take another ripping of her soul.

Erin OQuinn said...

A WiP I'm calling BURNS TOO DEEP...the first 4 short chapters are featured on my Man in Romance blog. A Police Scotland detective and a mysterious Scot are sharing a drink (296 words):
Was it the potent whiskey, or the far more potent sexuality of his companion? Thomas leaned forward, and Burns’ voice was husky in his ear.

“’Tis a name to take to bed tonight, one to practice over and over … and then to sing, loud and long, forever.”

Burns leaned back in his chair as though he hadn’t spoken at all and put the glass to his lips, a kind of brittle yet transparent barrier. Thomas felt as though the man, much smaller than he, had sunk a fist into his solar plexus and then retreated to a neutral corner to survey the damage.

By now, silence between them had become almost a kind of conversation. The deep quiet that pervaded their small space now seemed to grow louder as Thomas sat drinking, both his whiskey and the sight of the man in front of him.

He had not been looking for sex when he met Burns, and he still was not. What he felt was … he tried to explain it to his numb mind … he felt a kind of invasion into his most private soul, almost as though he was spreading wider and wider, begging for more and more and more, needing to explode, crying for release.

“Aye, damn it. A poet. Even if your name is not Robert, you are my Bobbie Burns.”

Burns’ gaze seemed to tear a hole straight through him. “Are you sure?”

He met the soulful eyes and tried his best to smile. If I flee from thee, Bobbie, ’tis only because I’m running from meself.

His mouth refused to form the words, even as it moved in a furtive smile. He raised his glass again. “Here’s to music from the heart.”

“Aye, Thomas Fitzgerald. And a harp in every arse.”
The link to start the chapters is

D'Ann said...

Coming Soon!
The Daughters of Clem Jamieson:

“Need help?” A deep male voice inquired. “Although I was enjoying the show. You kicking that tire was especially entertaining.”
Shiloh gave up. She dropped the wrench and turned to glare at the unhelpful commentator. Her mouth dropped open when she recognized country music superstar Dillon Travers. Handsome beyond words with cynical green eyes peering at her from under the brim of a black Stetson. Full lips curved into a half smile. A jade colored shirt with pearl snaps and snug Wranglers screamed sexy. His low heeled cowboy boots somehow made his legs look longer than they probably were.
Wearing her work uniform, a red patterned shirt tied under her breasts, short denim skirt and brown cowboy boots, she felt like Daisy Duke. Had he seen her panties when she’d bent over to pick up the tool? Heat climbed up her cheeks. She hadn’t expected to find anyone on the lonely country road, much less a man too sexy for his jeans.
She found her voice. “You’re Dill—”
“Yeah, yeah. Let’s just skip all that, okay?” He reached for the forgotten lug wrench and applied it to the impossibly stuck bolt. As if it were brand new, it turned. He didn’t even have to strain. Before she blinked, he placed the spare on the axle and began tightening the screws. With each turn of the tool, his shirt pulled tight across his shoulders, muscles working under the fabric. Shiloh swallowed.

Jana Richards said...

CHILL OUT is part of the Candy Hearts Valentine series of novellas from The Wild Rose that will be released in January and February 2016. Here's short excerpt:

“Dylan wasn’t just my brother, he was my best friend, and in some ways, he was like a father. When our mother died, he petitioned the court to make him my legal guardian so I wouldn’t have to go into care. He made sure I studied, pushed me to apply to med school, helped me with expenses.

“He sounds like a wonderful big brother.”

His lips curved in a sad smile and Renata’s heart ached for him.
“He was, and I know he’s going to be an amazing father. I want this animosity between us to end. I want my brother back.” His voice cracked. “But I’m not sure he feels the same way. I said some ugly things…”

“Perhaps, with the baby coming, he wants to mend the rift between you as much as you do.” She hoped she was right.

“Maybe. I’ll find out tomorrow. I’m going to phone Dylan and try to arrange a meeting.”

“It’ll work out. You’ll see.”

He leaned toward her, the corners of his eyes wrinkling with his smile. “I appreciate the pep rally.”

“Well, I was a cheerleader in high school. Rah, Rah.”

He laughed softly, then cupped her face with his hand, his thumb idly stroking her cheek. Her breath hitched at his tender touch.
“Thank you for making this easier for me, Renata.”

He leaned in and her heart pounded in anticipation of his kiss. When his lips touched hers, a firestorm of longing ignited inside her. She strained toward him, needing his kiss, needing to heal his pain. His lips parted against hers, and she opened her mouth eagerly, reveling in his taste as his tongue danced with hers. The world faded away, and nothing existed for her except this man and all the tenderness she felt for him. It felt so right to kiss him, so perfectly, completely right.

Thanks for reading my excerpt:
Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Mona Karel said...

Thanks so much for your continued support. This is the start of

A Question of Honor: A Stormhaven Love Story
Mona Karel

She knew that walk. With a slight hesitation in one leg, he prowled like a wounded predator, conditioned to succeed against the most dangerous game of all. Even limping, his reactions would be instantaneous, his balance superior. By itself, his body would be a weapon. He’d be the best man to have on your side in a battle. After the battle, he’d unwind with a drink and a woman. The drink would be strong and straight. The woman would be bosomy and not too bright. He’d very likely spend more time with the drink than the woman.
Sydney Castleton let her mind drift through bitter thoughts and buried memories as she waited for the man who proclaimed danger with every step he took toward her. He was no different from the men who’d worked with her father: soldiers of fortune, whose luck could run out at any minute.
What trouble had her sister gotten her into this time?

Mona's Place

Monica Stoner said...

well dang where did that Amazon Buy link disappear to?
Guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. Sorry

Elaine Violette said...

REGAL REWARD, Book One, Blackstone Brother’s Saga, Regency Romance. Pre-order available now on Kindle. Launch date, August 27th. Is Marielle, York Blackstone’s captive prize or his pawn in his obsession for revenge?
“Where have you taken me? You must let me go. And where is my dog and her pups?”
“When your tongue wakes up, it chirps and flutters like mother birds skittering in the grasses to find food for their young,” York teased as he brushed aside her tousled curls.
“I beg your pardon,” Marielle hissed, pulling herself away from his grasp.
“Hush and save your strength for more productive exercise. Your dogs are safe and have been well behaved on our journey. Braum’s left us many times through the night’s ride to scramble our tracks. He’s has the dogs in tow. I suspect he’s become accustomed to the extra weight and may even have grown attached to his cargo.”
The hint of satisfaction in his voice only increased Marielle’s irritation. She grumbled something unintelligible as they rode up to the porch of the small cottage.
Meanwhile, Braum rode up behind them, dismounted and tethered the horses while Martin stepped out on the porch, his eyes widening in wonder when he spotted Marielle.
“Well, big brother, I’m not certain whether your night’s journey was a success or not, but it sure looks like a heap of trouble to me. Could it be you’ve found us a maid to tidy up the place?”
“Not a bad idea,” York chided, “but I’m considering other plans for this prim package.”
Marielle tried to protest but before she could utter a sound, York lifted her up into the younger brother’s arms.
“Ah, light as a feather yet well rounded if my arms do not deceive me,” Martin said, grinning.
“How dare you. Put me down!”
“She’s a hot spark of fire too. Where on earth did you find her?”
Visit my website,, and sign up for my newsletter to hear about other releases.

Charmaine Gordon said...

When Double Becomes Single by Charmaine Gordon
Before that awful night, Sharon Michaels had never even driven herself at night… eaten at a table for one… or made plans on her own.

Alone after losing her husband – her rock– she’s left with a business to run, a great son and his wonderful wife and children – far away in Denmark, a bad son and his nasty wife, and two teenage grandchildren she barely knows.

Step by step, she finds her way into the world of singles and learns to Survive and Thrive!

Available in all eformats and amazon and B&N paperbacks

Kate Hill said...

Hungry Novice by Kate Hill
Released Date: July 24, 2015
Erotic Vampire Romance

Blair, the arm of his linen shirt slashed and dark with blood, circled yet another black-clad vampire. Their fangs were bared and silver daggers glistened in their hands. Two others lay unconscious on the dusty floor.

Blair and his opponent lunged at each other, their blades moving in a silver blur. Within seconds, Blair managed to disarm his opponent, who fled.

May had expected Blair to follow. Instead he turned to her, his blue eyes blazing. Breathing heavily, he strode toward her. Sweat and blood glistened on his face and neck. If the situation hadn't been so grave, she would have thought him savagely arousing, but his anger was almost tangible.

"What the hell did you two think you were doing?" Blair said, his voice almost a growl.

"We were following a lead about hunters, Sir," William replied, standing at attention, though he refused to meet Blair's gaze.

"Were you?" Blair snapped. "Go outside, William, and wait for James and Giacomo, who should be here directly."

Anger flashed across William's face. "James, Sir?"

"Yes James. If not for him coming to me, you'd probably be dead right now. Don't even think about saying another word, William, because the mood I'm in, you still might end up dead. Get out of my sight."

Again William lowered his gaze. "Yes, Sir." The novice left the building abruptly.

To avoid Blair's glare, May glanced around at the bodies. "We expected hunters, not --"

"What were you thinking?"

Her stomach clenched. He had a right to be angry, but she did as well.

"After five years, don't you think I'm capable of taking care of myself? I was holding my own, Blair, and --"

His anger faded a bit, replaced by genuine concern. "May, do you have any idea who these people are?"

Sarah Marsh said...

Surrender: Coalition Mates 4
*To be released in October*

Seduce me with words.
Inspire me with passion.
Blind me with longing.
Break me with need.

Bind me with love

Sally Owens was content to spend her life hiding in plain sight, as long as no one got too close or tried to wrestle the reigns away from her that is…
When she goes out for a night on the town to troll for the new Mr. Right Now, getting kidnapped and shipped out into space was NOT what she had in mind. But above all else Sally is a survivor and she soon comes up with a plan to thrive in this new world.
Arkenon Quinn, Courtesan Guild Master on the planet of Sirus, is informed that one of the new human refugees wants to join the Courtesan Guild and he was of course curious. However, when he meets the audacious and beautiful Sally he finds himself signing up to be the one to mentor her against his better judgement. What he could never have anticipated was how quickly this fascinating creature would steal his heart and force him to do something he’s never had to do before- chase a female.
Will Sally’s painful past keep her from finding a future with the man who’s like no other she’s ever met? Or will she have the strength to place her body and soul in Arkenon’s extremely capable hands?

Blog Link:
Buy link for the rest of the Coalition Mates series:

Reggi Allder said...

Hi, my release date for Her Country Heart is 8-17-15, in kindle and in paperback.
Stop by Goodreads for a chance to win a free book; contest open until 8-23 for US, CA, AU and UK
******************************HER COUNTRY HEART*****************
Ever wonder what happened to your high school crush?

Why is Amy Long attracted to the only man who can prevent her from achieving her dream?
Amy needs a fresh start. After years of living in the city, she returns to Sierra Creek to run her grandmother’s farm. Does she belong in the small town?
Cowboy Wyatt Cameron doesn’t think so. As half owner he’s promised to sell the farm and send Amy packing back to the city where she belongs.
What can she offer to change his mind?
Will sparks fly without breaking a heart?

CHAPTER 3 excerpt
“Granny told me your last words to her were ‘I hate this place and I’m never coming back.’” Wyatt ran his hand over his chin. “You have no idea how much your words hurt her.”
“That’s not fair. I was a teenager. I didn’t understand what Granny had. What I had.”
“How often have you visited since you left? Once a year? At Christmas time? Did you ever ask how the apple business was doing?”
“These last few years Granny needed and wanted your help. But she’d never ask. And you were too busy with your own life to care. You weren’t here for her then. Don’t keep the place out of guilt now. It won’t do her any good. Soothe your regret some other way.”
“How dare you?” Amy reeled from the shock of his words. “What do you know anyway?”
“More than you think.”
She winced, recalling her struggle to feed her son and pay rent; especially after her no good husband took the little money she’d been able to save and walked out. All he’d left her to remember him by was the swollen lip he’d given her and the huge bill he’d run-up on her credit card. Even so, Wyatt was right. That was no excuse. She should have helped her grandmother.
Deep in her own thoughts, she jumped when he cleared his throat.
“Wyatt, I’m not going to argue with you.” She squared her shoulders and glared at him. “I’m keeping the farm. I’m a quick study. When I make up my mind to do something I do it. No one can stop me.”
She threw the dish towel she’d been holding on the kitchen table. “I’m going to keep and run the place. I will succeed. So help me, or get the hell out of my way.”

Buy links Amazon

Remember the Goodreads contest is running until 8-23-15
Thanks for taking a look. : )

Peggy Jaeger said...

Jana - woohoo to candy hearts girls!! I think I'll put mine up the next time this meme rolls around!
Peg Jaeger

Stephanie Queen said...

From Beachcomber Baby by Stephanie Queen
a romantic detective story

Shana hated that Dane could make her uncomfortable with just a look. Not the kind of discomfort that came from trepidation or embarrassment. The kind of discomfort that was all about need.
She watched him—stared really. He sat across from her in their special semicircular booth at the Lucky Parrot, leveling that look at her. She kept herself still. They were partners, for pity’s sake, not lovers.
She flipped her middle finger at him.
It was extreme, but she was extremely out of sorts.
He grinned. It was the whole-enchilada grin—the one that crinkled the corners of his irresistible hazel eyes and made him look vulnerable in spite of his invincible persona. She resisted lunging across the table at him to either grab him around the neck and strangle him breathless, or to grab a fistful of his hair and kiss him breathless. Her nostrils flared.
He grinned wider and she watched his full, trumpet-player-sensual lips move as he said, “What’s the matter Shana? Nothing on the menu interests you?”
“I don’t eat crap.” Two could play at innuendos.


Jude Knight said...

First 200 words of the first chapter of A Baron for Becky

Aldridge never did find out how he came to be naked, alone, and sleeping in the small summerhouse in the garden of a country cottage. His last memory of the night before had him twenty miles away, and—although not dressed—in a comfortable bed, and in company.
The first time he woke, he had no idea how far he’d come, but the moonlight was bright enough to show him half-trellised window openings, and an archway leading down a short flight of steps into a garden. A house loomed a few hundred feet distant, a dark shape against the star-bright sky. But getting up was too much trouble, particularly with a headache that hung inches above him, threatening to split his head if he moved. The cushioned bench on which he lay invited him to shut his eyes and go back to sleep. Time enough to find out where he was in the morning.
When he woke again, he was facing away from the archway entrance, and someone was behind him. Silence now, but in his memory, the sound of light footsteps shifting the stones on the path outside, followed by twin intakes of breath as the walkers saw him.

Jude Knight said...

First 200 words of the first chapter of A Baron for Becky

Aldridge never did find out how he came to be naked, alone, and sleeping in the small summerhouse in the garden of a country cottage. His last memory of the night before had him twenty miles away, and—although not dressed—in a comfortable bed, and in company.
The first time he woke, he had no idea how far he’d come, but the moonlight was bright enough to show him half-trellised window openings, and an archway leading down a short flight of steps into a garden. A house loomed a few hundred feet distant, a dark shape against the star-bright sky. But getting up was too much trouble, particularly with a headache that hung inches above him, threatening to split his head if he moved. The cushioned bench on which he lay invited him to shut his eyes and go back to sleep. Time enough to find out where he was in the morning.
When he woke again, he was facing away from the archway entrance, and someone was behind him. Silence now, but in his memory, the sound of light footsteps shifting the stones on the path outside, followed by twin intakes of breath as the walkers saw him.