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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Peek!

The Sunday Peek is an opportunity to get a buzz going for your soon-to-be released or re-released novel.  

Post a tempting 300-word snippet from your most recent endeavor. Be sure to add your website/blog link, a release date if you have one, and one link to where your other books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.
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Margo Bond Collins said...

From Opposing the Cowboy

That warm, spicy scent surrounded her again, and she surreptitiously tried to breathe it in.

He smelled unbelievably good.

“But if I’m going to be your cover every time you see him, I think you should tell me what happened.” His breath stirred the strands that had slipped out of her ponytail, tickling her ear.

“Later. I don’t want him to hear me.” Leaning forward, she tried to catch a glimpse of Darrell. The bastard.

“Exactly how much of a date do you think we need this to be?” Jonah’s lips brushing across her earlobe as he whispered startled a gasp out of her—and even better, distracted her from looking for Darrell.

“Um…maybe we should go.” Accepting Jonah’s suggestion might end up being more than she had bargained for.

“Or maybe we should show him what he’s missing.” With one smooth motion, Jonah lifted her half into his lap so that her back rested against his broad, strong chest. Brushing her ponytail out of his way, he ran his mouth across the nape of her neck—a light, shivery touch that wiped all other thought from her mind.

A tremor ran through him as he sat back in the seat, pulling her even closer. He might be pretending to be her date, but LeeAnn could feel the very real evidence of his arousal against her thigh.

I shouldn’t encourage him. He’s only in town because he wants to find a way to allow an oil company to tear up the land I love.

But it might be worth any trouble later if it gave her jerk ex even a moment of dismay to see her with someone else.

A wicked smile flashed across her face. “Okay. For show,” she said, then turned in his arms to kiss him.

Margo Bond Collins' website

Margo Bond Collins' Amazon Author Page

Erin OQuinn said...

From THE DUNDEE LAW, sequel to BURNS TOO DEEP: Two men have been parted far too long.
He’d told Thomas, “I need you.”

He’d really meant, “I need to fuck you.”

I need to fuck you senseless and then start all over again. I need to strum that bloody harp inside your ass and sing my songs to your fat, pretty cock…

But when his gorgeous companion swept him into his arms and carried him like a rag poppet, Burns felt for the first time in his life like a man being seduced, instead of the other way around.

Thomas was not one to take the sexual initiative. But tonight might start something different.

Burns began to imagine the possibilities of a lover who could truly fly. Thomas had the wings. He just needed the sky.

He relaxed and let the man put him gently on the bed. He looked into Thomas’ heavenly blues and spoke low enough that his lover had to bend close to hear.

“Och, lad. Undress me. Then put on your kilt and make love to me.”

#gay #erotic #fantasy #mystery

Marie Laval said...

ANGEL HEART, Regency, mystery and dashing French hero
by Marie Laval

I hope you'll enjoy my snippet!

Who did the woman think he was to summon him to her room like that? A lackey, probably. His lips twisted in an angry snarl as he climbed the stairs two by two. Madame Norton might live in a ramshackle manor house on the bleak, windswept Devonshire moorland, but she was still a Beauregard on her mother's side and a member of the English gentry by marriage. He should have followed Martin's advice and stayed at the club a while longer.
He walked down the draughty corridor and drummed impatient fingers on her door.
‘Who's there?’ A timid voice answered from behind the door.
‘Saintclair. Did you want to talk to me?’ His tone was short.
The door opened just enough for Madame Norton to peer through.
He exhaled sharply to control his rising temper. ‘Are you going to let me in or shall we talk in the corridor?’
She opened the door wider and he strode in.
‘Is there a problem?’ He looked down at her. Barefoot and swamped in an old dressing gown, the woman hardly reached his shoulder. He wondered what she wore underneath, if anything. His pulse quickened and a sudden rush of heat coursed through his veins. He stuck his hands in his coat pockets.
She stepped back and folded her arms on her chest.
‘You said you would be back early, yet you left me waiting here all day.’
Her icy tone did nothing to cool his blood. In fact it had just the opposite effect. He took a deep breath and walked to the fireplace to put some distance between them. His lips stretched in a thin smile.
‘Sorry. I got…distracted.’ He shrugged. ‘I did arrange a carriage and a driver for us. We're leaving for Lyon on Saturday.’

Jacqueline Seewald said...

DARK MOON RISING is a Southern Gothic romance from Luminosity, available in all e-book formats and now in print as well. It has received Five Star reviews on Amazon:

Here is an excerpt:

“Life and death are just different sides of the same coin.” He pressed her fingertips against his lips.
“I think you’re paying lip service to a viewpoint you feel requires your loyalty.” Her voice sounded unsteady.
His fingertips lifted her chin and gently turned her face toward his. “I think maybe you’re right. You’re very perceptive about people, aren’t you? It’s okay. You don’t have to be shy with me.”
She felt her cheeks flame. “Tell me about yourself,” she said quickly.
His piercing midnight-blue eyes met hers squarely. “You really don’t want to know.”
She sensed his inner conflict and turmoil. “Yes, I would really like to know you.”
“You’re so sweet and lovely.”
The next thing she knew, he was leaning over and taking her into his arms. She wanted to give in to the need she felt for him, but her sensitivity warned her it would be a serious mistake. She reacted by pulling away from him, but he pressed closer. The pads of his thumbs rubbed erotically across her lips. Then he held her head with his hand and bent his face over hers. His fingers caught in her hair as his lips, warm and firm, pressed against her own.
Her heart was beating wildly as she withdrew from him. Surely, this was not right. Awareness of her vulnerability was more than a little frightening. He sensed her resistance and allowed her to move away.
“You were going to tell me about yourself,” she reminded him in a breathless voice.
“There isn’t much to tell—unless you want to know about the people I’ve killed in the name of patriotism.” His look was unreadable.
She felt the hum of sexual tension between them. She had always liked blue eyes in a man and his were such a deep, dark blue she felt as if she were drowning in them.
He pulled her against him, his mouth coming down on hers. This kiss was not as gentle as the previous one. He did not merely press his lips against hers but kissed her deeply, hungrily, possessively. His mouth was warm and moist and tasted of beer, tobacco and virility. She sought to break free, but this was the man of her dreams. Even if she hadn’t told him, even if he didn’t know that she had dreamt of him just as he had dreamt of her, somehow it was there between them. The connection, the need, the passion was very real. They were linked together in some primeval way that she could not hope to understand.

Andrea Cooper said...

CAPTIVE HEARTS - Book 2 Hearts series Romantic Suspense

“You’ve gone soft.” Tommy frowned down at her. “Seven months of no training, just pining away, and I throw you off your feet in seconds. You’re off your game.”
“I’m not pining.” Even if she had sat on the couch with ice cream or a store bought bag of cotton candy most nights. Sometimes both.
“Try again.” Tommy held out a hand to her.
Why not? She could still beat Tommy if she concentrated. Plastering a pained expression on her face, she accepted his hand. When he relaxed his guard to help her up, she jerked his arm forward and kicked him in the shin. But her timing was off, and his upper body landed on top of her instead of beside her. His hands slammed on either side of her head as he caught himself. She definitely was not going to let him live this down that she’d gotten the upper hand, for once.
Instead of scowling at her, like he usually did, something flashed in his eyes. Admiration? Desire? No, couldn’t be that. His breath of vanilla and mint washed over her, and she couldn’t stop staring at his mouth. Had it always been full with a dimple on the side of his cheek when he smiled?
“Guess I took you by surprise that time.” She forced her eyes from his mouth to stare into his gold-flecked brown eyes. “Maybe you need to up your game?”
Without a comeback, he lowered his head and brushed his mouth across hers. Tingles spread through her. Before she could react, he pulled away and stood.
“Now who’s off?” Tommy smirked and his dimple deepened.
Obviously she was. Tommy didn’t like her, not in a romantic way, he couldn’t.

Annette Drake said...

Snippet from Death Goes to the County Fair - An Ogallala Mystery

Release date: Oct. 15, 2015

The swaying of the small wooden boat rocked the dead man’s head back and forth on indifferent shoulders. His blue eyes bulged from their sockets in his mottled face. His thick tongue hung halfway out of his mouth.
“Turn this damn ride off!” Sheriff Cletus Butane shouted before spitting thick brown tobacco juice onto the dying grass.
A carnival worker scurried to the control panel of the Love Moat amusement ride and hit the off switch. With the power cut, the corpse stopped rocking. His ride was over.

Babette James said...

Tempting Tessa - His Girl Next Door #3
Coming soon for Pre-order

Renting this tiny bungalow might not have been such a brilliant idea after all.
As another icy draft ruffled Tessa’s notebook pages, she groaned and wrapped the comforter tighter around her. If Native Americans and Colonial settlers had survived New Jersey winters, so could she. But it was only December 29th, and she still faced January, February, and March. Her optimism was getting a little frostbitten.
Really, until two nights ago, the weather had been cold, but a few extra layers of clothing and blankets along with her tiny space heater did the trick.
Another gust shook the house, rattling windows and snapping at the plastic sheeting like pattering snare drums. Pretending she was in a rustic cabin in the woods or a romantic Parisian garret was failing tonight. All her usually rampant imagination dredged up this time included ice floes, igloos, and mad scientist experiments in cryogenics.
She was just plain cold.
Back in August when she’d blithely signed the lease for a year, the incredibly cheap rent was a budget Godsend and a sign her crazy promise to herself to follow her dream of going to college and to write for one year was the right decision. The peaceful neighborhood and unspoiled view from the backyard and screened-in porch across the marshland to the Great Bay more than made up for the shabby state of Mrs. Fogarty’s old shore house. Even the town’s name of Mystic Island had felt inspirational.
Now, the truth was clear—the rent was so cheap because no one in their right mind would live here.

Babette James Amazon Author Page

Peggy Jaeger said...

by Peggy Jaeger“Have you ever been friends with a girl before?”
she finally asked. “Friends?”
“Yes. Friends.”
“Have a beer and shoot some pool friends? Or the kind with benefits?”
She laughed out loud, shook her head and grinned. “Have you ever been friends with a girl without having sex mixed into the equation?”
“Not since I was sixteen,” he admitted and then felt his neck heat. “Why?”
She cocked her head again. “It’s no secret I’m attracted to you, too. I think my reaction to the way you kissed me proves it.”
“Why am I hearing a ‘but’?”
Her lips twitched at the corners. “But I don’t jump into bed with a man because I’m attracted to him.”
“I never thought you did.”
“Good to know.”
He cocked his head. “So, what’s being friends got to do with anything?”
Clarissa sighed and settled back against the
“Can I be honest?”
“I would hope so.”
“I’ve been hearing about your reputation with women since I moved here, and I’m not looking to be the flavor of the week.”
He stared at her for a second as hurt washed through him. “When you say honest, you don’t pull any punches.”