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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Peek!

The Sunday Peek is an opportunity to get a buzz going for your soon-to-be released or re-released novel.  

Post a tempting 300-word snippet from your most recent endeavor. Be sure to add your website/blog link, a release date if you have one, and one link to where your other books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.
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Erin OQuinn said...

This work is just days old, so I hope it fits today's category THE DUNDEE LAW is the tale of two men, a police detective and a mysterious man who calls himself Burns.
“Put on your kilt and make love to me.”

Thomas leaned very close to Burns and looked into his face, hardly believing what the man had just said.

The words “make love,” first of all, set his heart to racing as though he’d just run ten miles. And to hear Burns asking for it, playing the sub, astonished him.

They’d fucked—what? Three times? Four at the most. Each time, Burns had aimed his dick straight at Thomas’ asshole.

And Thomas, normally the dominant partner in the few relationships he’d sustained in his life, had willingly surrendered. In fact, he’d immediately begun to crave Burns’ long and insistent cock, falling across the bed and arcing his ass damn near into the man’s face without a glimmer of remorse.

It seemed like every moment with Burns was destined to turn his world upside down.

He lowered his head even more and murmured into his lover’s mouth. He was just drunk enough, and ramrod horny enough, to play along with the game.

“I told you, Burns. Aon fhear … no man … has felt the blows from under me kilt.”

“I’m glad. I want to be the first.”

“Then lie still while I prepare you for the invasion of Clan Fitzgerald.”

Burns threw his head back onto the bed and closed his eyes, his hair spread like a dark halo on the pillow.

“Och, Thomas Fitzgerald. Go slow. Be merciful.”
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Sarah Marsh said...

Surrender: Coalition Mates 4
*releasing Oct 13*

Adult content warning!! Enjoy at your own risk ;-)

“Are you cold, love?” he said in a low whisper as he ran the back of his fingers lightly up her arm, leaving goose bumps in their wake.
Sally had learned in one of her classes that Sirotians had a type of pheromone control that was frequently used in their seductions. Initially she’d disregarded the possible effects, thinking that she had superior self-control and it wouldn’t affect her, but as Arkenon’s warm, spicy scent became stronger and stronger, all she wanted to do was roll around in it…and on him. So much for her super self-control. Her policy of lying to everyone, including herself, was once again coming back to bite her in the ass.
“Hmm, yeah…cold. I am a little cold now that you mention it,” she answered, unable to stop the shiver that rolled down her body and settled firmly in her now-very-wet pussy.
“You can lie to us both, little one, but I can smell your desire,” he answered with a throaty low laugh. “If I were to run my hand up your thigh right now under this beautiful dress, I know I would find your pretty little pussy dripping with honey just for me.”
Sally’s legs almost buckled as she imagined him doing just that and then pushing her up against the elevator wall and fucking her hard and fast. She knew that when the doors opened and Benic stood there taking in the scene before him that she hadn’t come anywhere close to masking the look of desire on her face. Damn it! She needed to come so badly Sally was starting to shake with the lust that was overtaking her. She assumed that this overwhelming feeling could only mean that Arkenon was cheating and using his Sirotian pheromone mumbo jumbo on her, freaking cheater. But as she turned her head and saw his heavy-lidded look and felt his massive erection straining against her thigh, she thought that perhaps he was turned on enough that he’d forget their terms and just fuck her already. Might as well try, right? After all, he was still a man, and most of the men she had experience with would cut just about any corner when it came to getting a little action. Now it was time to see if she could give his self-control the little shove it needed.

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Livia Quinn said...

From Thunder Point, book 1, Storm Warning release day, Oct 19

..something brushed the front door. She whirled. The apparition on the other side of her front door froze the breath in her lungs.
Starkly back lit by the storm’s intermittent light, was the dark shadow of a man. A menacing form, it moved back and forth like a shadow boxer. Her scream was absorbed by a loud blast of thunder as she dove to the floor, her eyes locked on the cabin’s entrance. In the flickering light the phantom’s raised arm looked like a coiled snake about to strike.
Crab-walking backwards toward the couch, she glanced around for a weapon. Her eyes locked on the fireplace implements. She seized the iron shovel and scurried toward the door, sliding down against the wall under the front window. She was close to hyperventilating. Had he seen her?
Her lungs were gripped by an invisible fist. Calm. She had to calm down or he’d be able to hear her heart pounding against her chest. Even with the storm outside, her blood thumped in her ears. Her breath came in noisy pants.
Broken glass spilled from the door’s window pane near her feet and her fingernails dug into to her palms as she gripped the iron tighter in a batter’s grip. Sliding up the wall behind the door, she flattened her body against it as more jagged pieces of glass fell to the floor. All her attention was on the hand reaching through the opening.
Unlocking the door.
Turning the handle.
Like a seasoned batter aiming for the strike zone, Brenna timed her attack. As the large figure stepped across the threshold she swung, the shovel connecting with a sickening whap against his forehead. With a grunt, he staggered out the door and down the porch steps to lie still in the heavy downpour.

Jude Knight said...

These are the first 300 words from my current WIP, The Prisoners of Wyvern Castle. It will be published as a novella in Hand-Turned Tales, a book of short fiction I'm publishing as a permafree just before Christmas.

As soon as he said the last words of the blessing, the fat priest stepped towards them, a broad smile on his face. "May I be the first to congratulate your graces?"

But the man to whom Linnie had just been joined ignored the outstretched hands and whirled around to advance on Lady Wyvern, who stood behind them.

"Very well. I have done what you demanded. Where is she?"

"Penworth, your manners." Lady Wyvern scolded, but the Duke of Penworth ignored her tone and spoke over the rest of her complaint.

"You promised to return her if I married Graviton's sister. Well. We are wed. I want her back, Lady Wyvern, and I want her now. was trying to make sense of it all. The duke had been forced to this marriage as well? By a threat? But to whom? Surely not... not his mistress?"

She stole a look at her half-brother, Baron Graviton, who was openly amused. "Send the boy back to his rooms, Margaret, and my sister with him. His treasure is there, is it not? Oh do not fret, vicar. You will get your fee and your portion of the wedding breakfast."

The duke fastened on the bit of news about his treasure. "My lady is in the tower?" He headed for the door, but walked straight into the chair that Lady Wyvern had been sitting in, sending it careening across the stone floor, and himself stumbling, arms outstretched to catch himself until he tripped over another chair and fell heavily.

"Wait until someone can lead you, you fool," Lady Wyvern said, impatiently. Graviton laughed out loud. "Mad, see to your husband," he advised.

Lin ignored the hated nickname but obeyed the command, kneeling beside the young man stretched out on the floor. "Are you hurt, your grace?"

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